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Wrangling the family by sjs
Wrangling the family
by sjs
Assigned male comics is a creep
Theyve been caught under the twitter username thewaffles3 using images of real children, other peoples children to beet, as references and bases to draw ABDL fetish art and cub porn. why do all these...
1 week, 2 days ago
updeets in case anyone reads
same old has been going on with me. the schools online learning-portal website is finally back up and running so we are getting regular zoom classes and homework. not that i mind though ive been able ...
2 weeks, 1 day ago
Fun fact, in 2014 Yale threatened to kick out a student for being "too thin"
https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/northamerica/usa/10753141/Yale-University-backs-down-after-telling-student-to-fatten-up-or-face-expulsion.html imagine being a small, thin asian woman who r...
2 weeks, 4 days ago
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Wrangling the family by sjs
Wrangling the family
Big baby by sjs
Big baby
Round and chumby boy by sjs
Round and chumby boy
Moto-rat [cyberpunk 2077] by sjs
Moto-rat [cyberpunk 2077]
Rat-atatat merc rat [cyberpunk 2077] by sjs
Rat-atatat merc rat [cyberpunk...
Mommy-bullies on the prowl by sjs
Mommy-bullies on the prowl
personal changes by sjs
personal changes
4PM meme by sjs
4PM meme
Meta Gymrat oc by sjs
Meta Gymrat oc
Farmgirl Applejack by Evomanaphy
Farmgirl Applejack
Rainbow dash Pinup by Evomanaphy
Rainbow dash Pinup
lola bunny by walas21
lola bunny
by walas21
lola bunny v2 by walas21
lola bunny v2
by walas21
Meredith by LordMarukio
Cavalry Charge! by Varwulf
Cavalry Charge!
by Varwulf
Split bunnys by Evilthabad
Split bunnys
Francesca (Commission) by dazzlekong
Francesca (Commission)
Maru fursona by LordMarukio
Maru fursona
Kristy the Paladin by littledredre
Kristy the Paladin
Roze and Risew for Werewolfgene by adagadeprata
Roze and Risew for Werewolfgen...
New Reference sheet designs (Updated) by Fusionxglave
New Reference sheet designs (U...
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(Put this on your profile if you roleplay)

looking for people to befriend and RP with. Not very good at this though, help is appreciated haha!

profile under construction.

IRL im kind of a gym-rat. Definately not the sharpest horse in the canoe (thats how the smash mouth song goes, right?) i love cooking and baking so im 100% a househusband type guy. I excersize a lot and i own a whole horde of pet rats *squeak* :3

i have a couple male OC's that i Rp as/with and a couple of female oc's that i have for art and stuff but i dont rp as them. its mostly because i dont really feel comfortable as a male to rp as a female character.

if someone would like to rp with me as one or multiple of them i guess thatll work, but that might be... strange? i dunno, sounds strange to play as someone elses oc's with them from my perspective, but then again it has happened before so who knows. x)

i can rp with people who play as both male and female characters, though i have a preference for female ones. particularly more femdommy, mommy-kink ladies. definately like me some muscle on them too <.<  but i can be flexible.  i guess you can already tell that im pretty subby even though im a top. so any powerbottom daddy males or dommy mommy characters are 100 with me. so just leave me a note if youre interested and i can show you my characters until ive actually gotten  them posted here!
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6 days, 1 hr ago
Thanks for watching.
3 weeks ago
thankies so much for the watch yus ^w^
1 month ago
It's a possum and thanks!
1 month, 3 weeks ago
Thanks :)
1 month, 3 weeks ago
Awwh danke sweet ^_^
Do you play SL at all?
1 month, 3 weeks ago
I'll get to muscly girls someday, would be interested to study muscles in detail :D
1 month, 3 weeks ago
Thanks for the fav!
3 months, 3 weeks ago
Hey sjs whats up? if you wanna rp just message me what you like to rp, if you just feel like chatting instead thats cool to :)
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