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Carmelita the Mouse - Redux Version
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Daniel the Plush Wolf/Wolfie aka Play with Me Wolfie

Daniel Wolf - Character Maker Version/Chibi Style Version
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This is what my main male maned wolf avatar furry character himself looks like after having fallen victim to the witch known as Viki herself after having attended a party that was full of excited, needy, aroused, horny and naked sex craving furries by himself. But enough about the excited, needy, aroused, horny and naked sex craving furries along with Daniel who decided to get himself naked and get into having lots of naughty and naked fun since we're not talking about this picture that's not even mature or adult rated itself my furry friends of mine, this picture is an innocent picture of my male maned wolfy wolf in the form of my own main avatar furry character Daniel himself that had attended an innocent party that was held by Viki herself that he thought was going to be fun, peaceful and friendly right before it went down and dirty while attending it with the other furries themselves but when having decided to have a cup of punch with the other furries that wanted to quench their thirst with a cup of punch for each of themselves during the party after having stripped down to wearing nothing but their own furry birthday suits for even more fun that was red hot and spicy for themselves if you know what I mean and unknown to them after Viki had spilled one of her own potions into the punch bowl itself just now or so as Daniel along with two more victims in the form of Elanor and Duo themselves as they drank the punch by themselves suddenly began to become stuffed like they were being filled with plushy materials and cotton fluff materials inside and outside themselves that would seal their fate making them gender-less and nullified of their own gender based parts and all themselves and the first to go with the other two Elanor and Duo themselves was the wolfy male maned wolf who attended the party coming in as his normal and average real live self but came out in the end as a helpless plush/plushie and plaything along with Elanor and Duo themselves for either Viki to play with along with the other two victims themselves for a good way or even a bad and/or naughty way for sure soon enough right after the other party guests or should I say the other victims have been dealt with by the witch known as Viki herself soon enough.

This was courtesy of my favorite Inkbunny friend and artist known as KolewazakiSan when KolewazakiSan allowed me to be a part of his own free art proposal event when it had ended just recently or so by itself since the familiar and certain Inkbunny artist made my own male maned wolf avatar character named Daniel to be part of his latest picture he had gotten done for sure one way or another as we speak, and also I was so happy to be a part of that Inkbunny artist and member's own free art proposal idea and event for myself one way or another for sure and I want to truly and kindly thank KolewazakiSan right now for sure and also wish KolewazakiSan a happy new year since we also reached 2016 just now or so after Midnight :) and =).

So please do enjoy my male and now plushified maned wolf character Daniel in all of his own plush/plushy glory himself until he is ready to be played with by anyone in either a good way or a bad way depending on anyone's own mood for sure, and also hopefully someday that there will be a way to undo the plushy based magical changes for all furries out there and maybe even my own dear wolfy wolf named Daniel himself someday. But at least no one knew that he had a lot of magic inside him for sure since that's a deep secret for me myself, and also at least in the end we can say that after the party courtesy of Viki the witch herself as she cleaned up, took her newly acquired plush toys with her for sure Daniel came to life in living plush form as he used a reversal spell upon himself along with the other two that became plushies themselves but had to escape naked but grabbed their own clothes and all and even some mink coats for themselves to wear upon themselves with some cloaks to conceal their identities for sure in case they were still naked and all for sure and wore them for the quiet and rapid escape back to their own homes and to worn those about the one called Viki herself soon enough for sure as we speak.

This plush version is owned by KolewazakiSan, and should not be used in an incorrect, inappropriate or illegally used way or whatever of some sort along with either being owned by me or not based upon my own copyrighted avatar based furry character in the form of Daniel himself or else there will be some pain upon those that do naughty things with KolewazakiSan's own art and my own art by ourselves and is not allowed to make fun of, rip off or whatever for sure and all art and characters by my best dear friend KolewazakiSan and me the one and only bigd33309 himself aka BigD/yours truly himself are copyrighted and trademarked by their own owners and users themselves and all other content are trademarked by the following themselves as well too. Thank you :3 and ;3.

P.S. I will upload any other pictures worked on by KolewazakiSan when I can for sure since he told me via the PM when I participated in his Free Art Proposal Event for my own male maned wolf character Daniel himself to become a plush/plushie for a picture to appear in for sure just now or so, and I do hope that you'll like the updated version picture that was done and made by KolewazakiSan for sure when I get it uploaded one way or another but I'll leave you a link to that picture that has that certain plushie in the form of my own wolf character himself just in case X3. Thanks :D and =D.

This picture of Daniel the Plush Wolf/Wolfie is copyrighted by either or both KolewazakiSan and bigd33309/BigD themselves one way or another depending on who owns this plush based character, and this picture for sure =3 and ;3.

My own male maned wolf avatar in the form of regular version format and/or plush format courtesy of KolewazakiSan and me myself ^_^.

Regular form version of my male maned wolf Daniel is officially trademarked and copyright by the BigD himself 2015

Plush version of Daniel himself is officially trademarked and copyrighted by KolewazakiSan around 2015 to 2016 the new year itself.

KolewazakiSan's Inkbunny Gallery: https://inkbunny.net/usergallery_process.php?user_id=17...

KolewazakiSan's Deviantart Gallery: https://kolewazaki-san.deviantart.com/

KolewazakiSan's Furaffinity Page for the gallery: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/Kolewazaki-san

KolewazakiSan's Tumblr Page: http://kolewazaki-san.tumblr.com/

KolewazakiSan's SoFurry Page: https://kolewazakisan.sofurry.com/

KolewazakiSan's Weasyl Page: https://www.weasyl.com/~KolewazakiSan

And the following picture that the plush version of my wolfy wolf Daniel himself was in titled by KolewazakiSan called [wip]Christmas party!: https://inkbunny.net/submissionview.php?id=993303

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Type: Picture/Pinup
Published: 6 years, 7 months ago
Rating: General

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6 years, 7 months ago
i want hug that cute plushie heheheh
6 years, 4 months ago
Oh kadeathnas X3 and XD! I knew you'd really want to hug that cute plushie for yourself right now one way or another for sure X3 and ^_^, and also go ahead and be my guest and go ahead and hug that cute little plushie itself as much as you want to for yourself right now if you want :3 and =3. I knew you'd like the little wolf plushie itself for sure kadeathnas X3 and ^w^, and most of all it will need a lot of hugs from someone like you as well too X3 and :3. Thanks for the great comment you had just left for me just now or so recently kadeathnas :D and =D, take care of yourself, peace to you, hug that plushie as long as you want to for sure and I'll talk to you and see you again real soon :3 and ;3.

6 years, 7 months ago
Aww looks cute ^^
6 years, 4 months ago
How kind of you to say that about my wolf plushie in the form of Daniel Wolf in his own plushie form himself wonghusky2 X3 and ^_^, and also it does look so cute as well too :3 and =3. I appreciate your best and great comment about my own wolf plushie himself wonghusky2 X3 and ^w^, and above all he is the cutest plush wolf himself and/or itself as well too X3 and :3. You can hug him if you want to since this wolf plushie needs as many hugs as he can get for sure wonghusky2 X3 and XD, and also he is a cute little cutie wolf himself too X3 and =3. Thank you for your best and greatest comment wonghusky2 :D and =D, take care of yourself, peace to you, take it easy and I'll talk to you and see you again soon :3 and ;3.

6 years, 4 months ago
Aww alright~ 'w';;
6 years, 7 months ago
*one of my cubs snuggles it happily*
6 years, 4 months ago
Aw! I knew that one of your own cubs would snuggle with my own favorite wolf as a cute little plushie itself thegreatkinghellguy X3 and ^_^, and also I'll be more than happy to let your cubs and mine play with this cute little wolf plushie itself as much as they can in a kind yet gentle and friendly way as our cubs share this cute little plush wolf itself and play with it as much as they can as they cuddle it, hug it and love it a lot for themselves as well too :3 and =3. Thank you for your great and wonderful comment thegreatkinghellguy :D and =D, take good care of yourself, peace to you, take it easy and I'll talk to you and see you again soon :3 and ;3.

6 years, 4 months ago
6 years, 4 months ago
Yes nelson88 X3 and ^_^. It's truly adorable X3 and ^w^, and most of all this wolf plushie itself in the form of Daniel Wolf himself is so cute and cuddly as well too :3 and =3. How kind of you to give me your best comment for sure nelson88 X3 and ^=^. Thank you very much for your best comment nelson88 :D and =D, take care of yourself, peace to you, take it easy and I'll talk to you and see you again soon :3 and ;3.

6 years, 4 months ago
*snuggle huggies*
5 years, 10 months ago
awww i want him to snuggle ^^ so cute
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