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The beginning of new life pt.1
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The beginning of new life pt.2

The beginning of new life pt.3

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Warning: Turtlecest, language.
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: LeoxVenus, RaphxLisa, DonxPurple, MikeyxClover.
Ages; Leo - 23, Raph - 22, Don - 22, Mikey - 21,
          Venus - 22, Lisa - 22, Purple - 21, Clover - 20,
           Nari - 11,  Larota - 11, Talena - 10, Amoly - 9.

Night begins to descend ....
New York crowd went to sleep.
Amoly; Good night everybody!!!
Talena; Good night!
Larota; Good night!
Nari; Good night!
Raph; Sleep already !!!

All the children began to snicker, but fell asleep.
Well, almost everything ... Nari started to sleep but changed its position at all times, and finally woke up short of breath.
Nari; What .... What was that?

Nari noticed his mother's sleeping.
He left the room neatly away and heard the Dojo room chatting.
Nari kurkkasi the room and found his father and his father's brothers.
Mikey; Hey look at the flower is still awake. Nari!

Nari hid behind the wall.
Leo; Nari?

Nari became the Dojo room and shut the door.
Leo; Is everything all right?
Nari; I do not know.
Don; Do not you able to sleep?
Nari; No, I saw a nightmare.
Leo; Come here Nari.

Nari walked over to his father and his father's brother.
And sitting down on the floor.
Mikey; Do you want to talk about the nightmares Inari; I do not.
Raph; Speaking to can also help, Nari.
Nari; Okay ... I do not know if I can call it a nightmare, just when I had seen a vision.
Leo; Where did you see the vision?
Nari; Today when I went to sleep.
Don; What do you appeared in a vision?
Nari; This evil red eyes with no other battery wickedness and vengeance ... Also, his stand behind some of the soldiers who had yellow eyes and woke up to the peaks of this hit me.
Raph; Damn, you saw a vision Shredder.
Nari; Shredder? Who is she?

The brothers looked at Leo.
Leo; He is the enemy of our clan.

And suddenly there came a weak girl's voice.
Amoly; Father I can not sleep.
Mikey; Amoly?
Talena; Me neither.
Loreta; Same here.
Raph; Come and sit down here.

All sat next to his own father.
Don; Did you see a bad dream?
Talena; How did you know?
Nari; I also like this, but I just can not call it a nightmare.
Loreta; Same here, it was more visible.
Amoly; Yep.
Nari; What you have seen visible?
Loreta; I Thus red eyes.
Talena; Same here, and his idea was the soldiers.
Amoly; With yellow eyes.

All the girls looked at each other.
Nari; Did we see supposedly the same vision?
Loreta; It can not be possible!
Talena; Father, how can it be possible?
Don; I do not know, but I think you have the needle in contact.
Raph; Who contact?
Don; Shedder.
Leo; But how?
Don; I'm not sure.

Suddenly, their daughter stood up and flashed them from the pictures.
Loreta; Urg!
Talena; Kh!
Amoly; My head!
Nari; Urg!

The brothers went over to his daughters.
Leo; What's the matter, Nari?
Mikey; Where does it hurt?
Amoly; My head!
Talena; I can not take this!
Don; Calm down!

Eventually, the girls fainted brother's arms.
Leo; Nari!
Raph; Loreta!
Mikey; Amoly!
Don; Talena!

All the carrying girls to Don room And put them on the bed.
Girls breathe heavily.
Raph; Don! What do they have?
Don; They seem to be ... Oh, no!
Mikey; What ?! Tell now!
Don; They can see at the moment their fears and their Heartborne heartbeat slows down. If we do not do something so they might die!
Leo; What?!
Raph; No!
Mikey; We must do something!
Leo; How long have the time, Don?
Don; Approximately .... about 5 hours!
Mikey; And no, I do not want to lose Amoly!
Raph; None of us want to lose them, Don discovered how we can save them!
Don; There is one way, but it is dangerous.
Leo; We have no choice Don.
Don; I see!

Don started to do something, and all the others were waiting, until he was ready.
Don; Prepare, I call it a portal Visions!
Mikey; Hello! I would have liked to name it!
Leo; Okay Don How does it work?
Don; I have connected these two girl and you will be able to go to now their dream's.
Mikey; Cool! Who goes first?
Don; Mikey and Raph are the first, me and Leo will then follow.
Leo; Okay, let's do this now!
Don; Remember we do not know what awaits us there.
Leo; So we are ready for anything.

All you went to alternate port and ended up daughters dreams.

Loreta dream ...;

Raph; Where am I?
Loreta; Ahh!
Raph; Loreta!

Raph ran towards the sound and saw Loretan ... And the shredder!
Raph; Shredder! Let go of my daughter!
Shredder; Oh Raphael! I do not expect to see you here.
Loreta; Father!!
Shredder; Shut up! Foot Ninjas attack now!

Foot Ninjas attacked of Raph towards.
Raph went down but got up.
Loreta; Aah! Stop .... Arg !!

Raph took care of foot ninjas to the ground.
Loreta; Stop it! Aaah !! That hurts! Arg!
Raph; Let him go now!
Shredder; Or what?

Raph knew that he would not change the condition.
Loreta; Father help! Urg!
Shredder; Your father will not help now!
Raph; Loreta! you have to be angry!
Loreta; But I can not!
Raph; Yes, you can! If you do not do it yourself because then do it for me, because ... I ... I love you!
Loreta; Ah!
Shredder; Ha! What nonsense.
Loreta; You....
Shredder; What did you say? I do not belong.
Loreta; You!!! Monsters !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Red light blinded Shredder completely and he disappeared.
Raph grabbed his daughter captive.
Raph; Are you alright?

Loretan pads eyes swam back to yellow.
Loreta; I ..... I .... I love you too.

Raph smiled and said.
Raph; Now is the time to wake up Loreta!
Loreta; What?

Amoly dream ...;

Mikey; What ... is this Amoly dream?
Amoly; No!!!!!!!!!!
Mikey; Amoly!

Mikey ran toward the sound And he saw Amolyn crying.
Mikey; Amoly what's wrong?
Amoly; I .. I could not!.... I was too weak!

Mikey went next to her daughter and saw Nari, Loreta and Talena death in the country.
Mikey; Amoly you are not weak.
Amoly; Yes I am! I could not protect them!
Mikey hug his daughter.
Amoly; Ah!
Mikey; You are not weak, you are not useless, you are strong and I love you ... As much as they love you, Although they always say what they say but they still love you forever.
 Amoly; You're right, and I love you, and you, thank you Dad!

Amoly began to glow in the orange light.
Amoly; I love you dad, you're the best!
Mikey; And I love you too!

Talena dream ...;

Don; This must be Talena dream.
Talena; No!!!!!
Don; Talena !!!

Don went toward the screaming and saw Talena front of the computer.
Talena; I can not remove this if I did not remove it as soon as Shredder find us.
Don; You succeed if you just try again, Talena.
Talena; No! I'm not as smart as you, I'm sorry I sold you out.
Don; You have not let me down Talena if you do not succeed it means what you are trying now, so try to repeat the exchange conditions.
Talena; Okay, I'll try!

Talena tried many means until.
Talena; I ... I ... I did it! I can not believe this!!
Don; What did I just say, you're clever.

Talena hug Don.
Talena; You are lovely! I love you Dad!
Don; I love you too Talena.

Purple light began to glow around the Talena.

Nari dream ...;

Leo; This must be a dream place where Don said.
Nari; No!!!!!!!!!!!
Leo; Nari!

Leo ran towards the sound and saw the Loreta, Amoly, Talena death in the country .... And also Shredder.
Nari; No .. I .. I failed ... Sorry for all.
Shredder; As I said already! You're weak!
Leo; Nari!
Nari; Father?!
Shredder; How did he get in here ?!
Leo; Nari believe in yourself!
Nari; I can not, I'm too weak.
Leo; This is just a nightmare! What is here is not true!
Nari; What.
Leo; Loreta, Amoly and Talena are alive, this is just a dream!
Shredder; Do not listen to this, this is real! and you're weak!

Nari stood up and took katanas raised.
Shredder; You do not dare, you're weak!
Nari; Weak is the self that says another of the weak! And you Shredder, you're just my fear and do you know what ?! I'm not afraid of you ever !!!!!
Shredder; No!!!!!!!!

Shredder exploded into the air and disappeared.
Nari; What she just disappeared?

Leo went next to her daughter.
Leo; And since you won your fears.
Nari; You're right, I'm afraid of him and I'm ready to take him to the ground if the point he was for real!

Leo smiled and looked at his daughter.
Nari began to glow with blue light.
Nari; Thanks, Dad, I love you.
Leo; I love you too.

In the end, the turtles began to wake up when they heard the sounds.
Leo; What .. What happened?
Raph; Where are we?
Mikey; What?
Don; Did we do?
Nari; You saved us!
AMoly; Thank you very much!
Talena; We have overcome our fears.
Loreta; Thank you, father.
All hugged each other ... Until the included sounds.
Venus; What is happening here?
Purple; Is everyone all right?
Nari; You would not believe even if we told.
Loreta; It's a long story.

The brothers and their daughter began to laugh.
Lisa; I do not understand.
Clover; Me neither.

Splinter looked at the door with he loved and they both smiled.

To be continued...

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Type: Comic
Published: 3 years, 3 months ago
Rating: General

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