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A blue and black female scaly monkey with long black hair with a reptile like tail running through the forest. She runs through bushes panting and moving branches out of the way with one hand. In her other arm she holding something wrapped in a white blanket close to her chest. The reptile simian hears footsteps getting closer and started panicking. The red jewel hanging from her neck starts glowing bright red. The female simian legs glowed red and form into a long snake like body.

The naga simian uses her snake body to climb up to the highest part of the tree. She watched the two men in black suits runs past the tree holding their flashlights. The naga simian hears whimpering inside the blanket. She starts to unwrapping it a little and smiled. Inside the wrapped blanket was a baby male blue naga simian. He got black stripes marking on his back down to his small short snake half body and black on his lower arms and hands.

The baby starts whimpering louder till female naga simian place her lips on his small forehead to comfort him. She caress his black hair with her clawed fingers, “Shhhh. Everything alright, my little one.” She wrapped him back up and hold the baby close to her chest. The red jewel glowed again and her snake body returned into legs and reptile tail. The simian jumped down in a crouching position on the ground. She runs in a opposite direction toward the lighted city.

Inside a fancy apartment building,  a brown feather male harpy with long blonde hair is sitting in his chair. The harpy is reading his book with his reading glasses till loud knocking disturbed him. He takes off his glasses  with his talons and looked at the door, “I wonder who that is up this late?” The harpy flies to the door and opens it. He got a surprised look on his face, “Diana?!” It was the reptile simian holding her baby close. She quickly runs inside as the harpy close the door behind him.

“Matthew, you gotta help me. They are after me and my baby.”Diana spoke in panicky voice. Matthew place his wings on her shoulders, “Diana, calm down. Who is after you and your child?” Diana look at him in the eyes with fear. “Y-you don't mean?” The harpy asked as Diana nodded.  “Your not safe here. We have to get you out of here.” Matthew spoke. They hear loud banging on the door. “They know we're here!”Diana panicked.

Matthew looked at the door in anger till he look at Diana. She was looking at her baby with a little smile and tears. The baby was cooing and reaching out toward to his mother. Diana place her forehead on his as more tears fall from her purple eyes,  “My little Hiroki...” She hold him close and whispered, “I'm so sorry. But I have to do this.”  Diana remove her necklace and put it over her son's neck.

The simian legs and tail change back into a snake body. “Diana, don't do this!”Matthew shouted. “I have to. I want to protect my son.” Diana handed the baby in the harpy arms. “I love you, my sweet little joy.” She kiss her son forehead. She looks at Matthew with sadness in her eyes, “Please take good care of him.” “Diana. Please. Don't do this.”Matthew begged.

Diana ignored the harpy and prepared herself. She bust through the door and starts slithering away holding the wrapped white blanket close to her chest. The two grey anthro wolves men in black suits starts chasing her. The naga simian slithered outside toward to an alley way. The two wolves kept chasing her and surrounded her at an dead end. Diana pressed her back against the wall.

One of the wolves grabbed her arms while the other grabbed the wrapped white blanket from her arms. “No! My baby! Not my baby!”Diana screamed and reached out, but the wolf hold her back. The other wolf starts unwrapping the blanket and and a small pillow fell out. The wolf looks at her in anger, “Where is the child?!” “I'll never tell you!” Diana hissed. The wolf growled and punched her in the gut.

Diana collapsed down to the ground coughing and holding her abdomen in pain. “Damn it! Where is the child?! Tell us!” The wolf shouted. The other wolf pulled out a knife, “She nothing,but a useless experiment like the boss said.” “Let just kill her and make up an excuse for her death. I'm tired of this bitch.” The wolf spoke. Diana look at the wolves with fear in her eyes. She closed her eyes as tears starts to leak out, “Hiroki....”

Matthew hears a loud blood curdling scream while perching on some other building roof. The harpy starts looking down with tears falling from his face, “Diana...” Hiroki started crying loudly in his arms. Matthew hold Hiroki close and comforts him, “I promise I'll protect you till I die. I promise...”
I just don't have a good title yet. so I decided to call Hiroki till I find a suitable title.

Hiroki,Matthew and Diana©Mine

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Type: Picture/Pinup
Published: 3 years, 8 months ago
Rating: Mature

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