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Gothy Rubbermouse

Cute flesh-type mouse
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Character Sheet for Megan
Meg, Nezumi, Nezumi Youjo, too many aliases to list across countless universes
Mouse (identifies as, true species unknown)
Unknown -- lost track somewhere after 500 years since first memory, and this memory implies that she'd already been alive for at least some amount of time before that
Character Description
Nezumi is a seemingly immortal, shapeshifting being of unclear age or origins, who identifies as a mouse. Usually appearing as a slightly over-curvy, female inflatable rubber mouse cub of about 10 years of age, she tends to be playful, affectionate, curious, and fun-loving, but is far older than she appears and sometimes shows it.

As far as abilities, she has control of whether she ages, can shapeshift extensively -- though she formerly had limitations of being restricted to either living things or inanimate materials, she's managed to practice past that -- and seemingly cannot die permanently. Even things that are normally impossible for most beings to recover from, such as destruction of the soul, seem to have no lasting effect -- she simply pops back into existence in the general vicinity of what remains of her corpse, which is still present after this. She can also pass on physical and mental transformation through exchange of bodily fluids -- a kiss being one of her preferred methods, by depositing saliva on the lips or within the mouth of the partner.
Generally, Nezumi is playful, childish, fun-loving, curious, and eager to explore new things, even adopting an exaggeratedly childish manner of speech. However, between her age, experiences, and occasionally the aftereffects of various incidents of mind control, she's a tad... loopy. She can be surprisingly oblivious, and sometimes shifts from her childish persona to a more mature, adult-like one or even something more in line with her actual age -- however, none of these behaviors are 'acts' or 'fronts', but simply different aspects of herself coming to the fore.

Despite being very capable of defending herself with her shapeshifting abilities, she largely abhors serious violence, and is more likely to be driven to it in order to help others than for her own sake. She particularly loathes killing, as although it's little more than a minor setback -- albeit a frightening and painful one -- for her, it tends to be an irreversible loss when it happens to others.

Likes: Games, frogs, biology, other mice, playing, being cute, undead children, new experiences
Dislikes: Getting into arguments (something she's too prone to), upsetting others, not being able to help, bullies and those who would hurt others, being bored, knowing that she will outlive nearly everyone she ever meets and may be permanently cut off from them well before that
Nezumi's history, as she knows it, starts with a single memory -- being somewhere she knows isn't home, and also knowing she can't actually get home from there, no matter how far she travels. While this implies she existed for at least some time before this, she has no memory of it, nor any serious guesses to what transpired. In the centuries or possibly even millennia since, she's lived in countless universes and had numerous experiences. She's been killed, enslaved, transformed, or mind-controlled more times than she can count, and also found friendship, love, and done what she can to do good. All in all, her past is varied and full of experiences.
Nezumi has many children scattered throughout the multiverse, some of which she actually had by choice. Beyond that, she has an odd habit of adopting people she likes as family members -- she's far more ready to take on girls and women as sisters and mothers, but has occasionally taken boys and men as brothers and fathers, as well.
Nezumi has no fixed world or setting -- she can end up nearly anywhere.
Nezumi's body shape is highly variable, and her typical form has varied over her lifespan... but whenever possible, her form is both female and a mouse. Of late, she's largely taken the form of an inflatable rubber mouse cub of apparently about 10 years of age, and generous, though not implausible, endowment. In this form, she has white rubber skin, black rubber hair, a rubbery faux-bucktooth flap on her mouth, a pink tail, blue painted-on eyes, and an inflation valve in place of a navel.
Her clothing, also, is variable, especially since she acquired the ability to create her own with her shapeshifting, but her favored outfit of late is a ruffly, frilly, black-and-pink Victorian-esque lolita fashion dress, with a pink hairbow and pink tail bow, as well as an impossibly tight-laced corset that pushes almost all the air out of her middle and into her curves, expanding them from "large but plausible" to outlandish proportions, coupled with platform-heel Mary Janes. Black and pink tend to be the dominant colors of her wardrobe, with an eye toward looking cute and childish.
Nezumi likes wearing cutesy things, like hair ribbons or tail ribbons, and will usually try to wear such things when possible.
by Nezumi
Cute flesh-type mouse
Last in pool
Just me looking like I tend to. Might replace this with a character sheet version.

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Character by me

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Type: Character Sheet
Published: 7 years, 11 months ago
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