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Up Late
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Dealin with Monkey Business
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by Lig
Well here the we are with yet another new species, this time a distant cousin species to humans and of course diapers because nerdy Liger that I am I do love mixing the two. As usual with new species I'll include a codex on the species followed by a lil something for the characters themselves.

Carn, HomoCarnivora or "Carnivorous Man" are hominid species native to Earth and the closest relative species to humans though they are more distantly removed than Neanderthal. Carn originate in the northern areas of central Asia and in prehistoric times ranged to the eastern coast of the continent. Carn Biology is markedly different from that of their human relatives. Carn have virtually no body hair coverage and their nocturnal nature means they are not as resilient against UV exposure as normal humans. Beyond this the Carn are the only primate species known to have developed a variant of night vision. Beyond this their nails are thick and steardy claws useful in self defense and in by gone ages creation of primitive tools. As their name suggest they are also the most carnivorous of hominid species with meant making up 90% of their diet in ancient times and still consisting of between 75% to 80% of their diet in modern times. Their dentition reflects with with their incisors being pointed and closing in an almost scissor like fashion. Lastly the Carn are a much longer lived people with life spans typically reaching 200 years. As a consequence they mature at half the rate of a human. This slow maturation rate has been both a help and a hindrance to them in modern times. While it allows Carn offspring time to absorb a tremendous amount of information that can be accurately recalled, typically resulting in Carn with two or so college degrees under their belts by the time they are adults, this also means however that Carn tend to take longer to become reproductive. That coupled with tradition Carn population growth is slow by comparison with humans.

As a people the Carn are as diverse as humans in personality though there is a far greater sense of unity as a species among the Carn that is not seen in humans. Can have had a long and troubled relationship with humanity with Carn being hunted by ignorant humans of the past believing them to be monsters or demons of one flavor or another. Particularly the early Catholic church. The Church justified campaigns against them by branding them as demon possessed pagans as Carn religious tradition is Polytheistic with two primary gods being the Night Mother Laila and the Dawn Father Lukan. A number of Carn settlements converted to Catholicism in order to save themselves from what may well have been their end. Carn of today have spread to the corners of the Earth along with humanity though usually in an understated role. Relations with humans are mixed to say the least. Historic mistrust survives to this day and has in some cases heightened. Carn being a long lived species comparatively tend to take the long view on many things. This puts them in a position to better prepare for the future and has seen many Carn to be well off as any family that can gain a degree of wealth is likely to hold onto it and expand upon it. And as said previously their protracted childhood gives them the edge as when they emerge into the job market they usually do so with quite the skill in their given profession.

Ok then. Now onto a lil something for the characters. ^^

Teeven stretched as he sat on the couch with his lil brother Tome. It was a quite night. At about 8 at night the boys had finished their school work for the night and were now enjoying their free time together. To any human the they would have seemed boys of 12 for Teeven and 8 for Tome although they might guess younger given that Tome had opted to lounge around the house tonight with his diaper on display. Of course in reality the two were twice that in age. 24 and 16 respectively. Teeven sighed a bit as they watched an anime he hadn't seen yet but it seemed that Tome had recently been obsessed with. Tonight his mind kept wondering away with itself. His hand kept going to his forehead idlely tracing the lines of the temporary tattoo he'd taken to wearing. For some reason tonight he kept thinking about their father who had died years ago due to illness. One that had touched them both. Humans were immune to it, but could carry it. Carn got sick and 1 in 10 died. 4in 10 would suffer some kind of side effect from it and their body's severe reaction to it. Typically some form of incontinence as the illness attacked the digestive tract and bladder and having particularly damaging effects on the nerves. Something both brothers suffered from though Teeven was effected less so than lil Tome was. Teeven was jolted from his thoughts though as Tome laid his head down in Teeven's lap.

"It's almost time for mom to come home." Tome smiled up at his big brother. "You look like you were spacing."

"Heh. Sorry Tome. Guess I was." Teeven smiled and gave his lil brother's forehead a rub.

"What were you thinking 'bout?" Tome asked curiously as he closed his eyes contently.

"Dad. How we all got sick except for mom. Thinking about a lot of stuff from then." Teeven told him with a sigh as he leaned back hand still gently stroking his brother's forehead.

"I miss daddy too. It was so scary with being so sick too." Tome nodded as he sat up and then snuggled up next to Teeven.

"You think you were scared? I thought for a little while that I was gonna loose my lil brother too." Teeven smiled and wrapped an arm around Tome.

"Hehe. Well I'm still here. And I guess not much worse for wear." Tome grinned.

"Nope your just a lil crinklier than you were before. Not that you were even completely not crinkly." Teeven giggled and gave Tome's diaper a poke.

"Hehe. Hey looks who's talking. I wasn't the only one. Though I guess I'm still more crinkly than you Mr. Pull On." Tome giggled back but stopped and grinned. "Oh I hear mom pulling into the drive way!"

"Yup looks like she's home." Teeven nodded as Tome hopped off the couch and scampered to the front door with Teeven himself behind him shortly after. A moment or so after they reached the front door their mom walked in

"Welcome home Mommy." Tome greeted her cheerfully as she sat her purse aside and hung up her jacket before giving her a hug.

"Welcome home mom." Teeven smiled and then joined in on the hug.

"Aww thank you boys." Tesva smiled as she hugged her boys and stroked Tome's forehead. "So have you too had a nice night so far?"

"Uh Huh. We're watching a Tremors marathon." Tome nodded happily.

"And yes we did do all our school work first mom." Teeven told her.

"That's my boys. School work before play. Hmmm. Maybe tomorrow for school we'll go visit the Museum. " Tesva offered her sons. She knew how much they both had wanted to see the new fossil exhibits.

"Sweet! I heard They've gotten in a collection of Troodontid specimens along with a number of other Cretaceous era fossils." Teeven chimed in happily.

"Oh cool! I wonder if they'll have any recreations to go along with them I hope their more accurate. Those old raptor ones they have look so old and silly." Tome giggled.

"Well then we'll just have to see tomorrow. Why don't you two go back to your movies and I'll call you both when I get lunch ready. " Tesva told them as they walked back out into the living room just as Burt Gummer was revealing his arsenal in Tremors 2.

Both boys agreed and gave their mom one more hug each before resumeing their spots on the couch. Tesva walked out into the kitchen and gave a look over the boy's school work. Good grades as always. Not a question skipped and work shown on the math. Something any mother would be proud of as she put the school work aside and started to prepare lunch for her sons. It was shaping up to be a nice night for the family. Though Tesva would only get to enjoy so much of it with her sons. She'd need to head to bed so she'd be rested for work in the morning. Though not for much longer. She hadn't told the boys yet but she'd recently been promoted and in a few more nights she'd be able to work from home on her own schedule. Maybe tomorrow after the Museum would be a good time to tell them. After all if she told them now she'd never get them to quite down enough to get some sleep she thought with a laugh. That was her boys for her. Two bundles of love and excitement at times. Mommy's boys.

Well hope you guys liked the pic and the lil story and codex.

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Published: 4 years, 10 months ago
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