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Another good sparring partner

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The cold never bothered me anyway
Day Roar (Famine's Dralion Form)
Well, I've been watching Xiaolin Chronicles recently and, ever since Xiaolin Showdown, Chase Young is my favorite villain of them all!!! So I figured out, why not making Famine battle him? In a nice friendly sparring of course... and here's the result!!

Chase Young © Warner Bros
Famine ©
and himself

Here's the story:
Another good sparring partner

All the time being a strong entity makes you wonder if there’s someone besides your siblings that might endure a nice sparring; even when not using the whole potential. That was the reason Famine spent so much time in different dimensions, looking for strong partners to spar… good or evil, it didn’t mattered if the black rider had no informs of a bounty over their head.

That was the reason why in that moment, the young 16 years old looking horseman was walking on a wasteland. It had been a boring time but lighting from one point to another didn’t help when trying to find strong people. And it was then that something caught his attention. A shiny golden and silver sword with a pair of blue gemstones and a guard resembling a bat.

“Well what you know?!” smiled Famine as he walked to the shiny object which was actually sparkling with golden light “What is a cutie like you doing in a wasteland like this?”

If Famine had a weak point, was his fascination for weapons. And said fascination prevented him to notice the little yellow skinned kid that ran yelling at him right in the moment he took the hilt of the sword and the kid touched the guard.

“Complete stranger! I challenge you to a Xiaolin Showdow!” yelled the kid and Famine returned to reality.
“E-excuse me come again?” asked the horseman as the kid seemed eager.
“Dojo can that be? He doesn’t seem to have any Shen Gong Wu with him” said a black haired girl and to Famine’s surprise he noticed a group there, the girl, a Brazilian kid, a cowboy guy and another yellow skinned with green glasses, and behind them a large dragon that shrinked in an instant.
“Well, according to the rules…”
“Yeah, yeah, we know” said the Brazilian kid.
“Then I wager my Orb of Torpedo!”
“Wait... I’m getting more confused by the second…” said Famine looking at the kid “Plus you don’t stand a chance against me in a showdown kid, seriously…”
“It’s been set! You cannot retreat!” argued the yellow skinned kid.
“Ok, ok, a battle you want… a battle you’ll get” sighed Famine as he looked around and tried to let the sword go but he noticed he couldn’t “Fine… I… well got nothing to wag other than my fuzzy raccoon tail” the horseman giggled as his tail appeared moving from side to side and then disappeared surprising the kids “But being serious… I guess I can wager this” Famine took a short curled blade that had several elemental symbols on the steel “It’s my elemental blade, you seem to go picking up fights so if by any remote chance you beat me, you can have it”
“Fine! The game is Xiaolin catch the flag! The first to get the Komori Sword wins!”
“So it’s named Komori huh?” Famine smiled “Ok, let’s do it…”
“Gong Yi Tanpai!” yelled the kid and Famine arched an eyebrow.
“Come again?”

And suddenly the whole area started to change much to Famine’s annoyance. The few dread trees that were on the wasteland grew larger making a pyramid with branches. Great, a kiddy game of getting a sword. The horseman sighed and looked at the kid. Once they had the complete terrain changed the kid (who was now wearing a blue suit with light blue lines on it while Famine somehow had his armor summoned) started running to the sword.

“Well what to do now?” sighed Famine and he started to jump from branch to branch.
“ORB OF TORPEDO!” yelled the kid and a stream of water rushed at Famine.
“What the…?!” yelled the horseman as the stream slammed him against a branch “Ok… so we’re having that kind of game.”

The horseman smirked and rushed again his way to the top at an increased pace passing the kid swiftly and turning around holding tightly the short blade.

“Ice blade!” roared Famine and a frozen blade covered the steal. The black rider slashed the air and the trees below him froze making the kid slip and fall “sorry kiddo, I’m a sore loser.”

The horseman jumped once more and took the hilt of the sword ending the showdown. The terrain returned to the normal look and to famine’s surprise the blue orb the kid was holding flew to his hand. The kid looked sad, and famine understood. Maybe that magical stuff was something special… he wasn’t bad like to take away something important.

“Hey kid!” shouted Famine and when the little boy looked at him he tossed both the orb and the sword at him “I don’t need these magic toys… and though the sword looks neat, I can forge one identical.”
“W-what? Are you…” started the cowboy guy.
“Just someone that know when something is important for the others” smiled Famine and walked away.

As the horseman continued walking remembering the sword and making the blue prints for it in his mind a soft voice came to him like a hiss.

“So you won and gave him his toy… Omi should be thanked”
“Magic toy, kid toy… it doesn’t matter to me” smiled Famine as he continued walking “You can appear now kid.”
“Kid?” smiled the pale skinned green haired guy wearing armor that appeared in front of Famine “You look about my age… if you were 1500 years old”
“I’m physically 6000” admitted Famine looking at the guy “Name’s Virgil by the way”
“Chase Young” grinned the reptilian eyed entity “I…”
“You were watching, I know” nodded Famine looking at Chase “I felt you and your dark aura. Though I must say… it seems by the feel of it that you’re strong.”
“Well, I sense in you a weird mixture of light and darkness” said Chase getting close to Famine “Mind to explain?”
“I’m a being of balance… good, evil… they are meaningless to me, I only care that things are in balance” admitted Famine looking at Chase’s armor and stand “You seem powerful enough, care for a spar?”
“Sparring with you?” laughed Chase “Do you honestly think you stand a chance?”
“We’ll see about that” smiled Famine. He didn’t have his armor on but even with the clothes he had right now was enough to fight a fairer showdown.

Chase smiled and gave a spring back looking at his soon to be contrincant.

“If I win, you’ll become a nice cat warrior”
“Sorry but I honestly don’t like that much cats” laughed Famine “Plus what makes you think you’ll win? I mean, I’m going to lower my power but even in that way…”
“Stop the chit chat and let your fists and feet speak, ok?” said Chase looking at the horseman.
“Finally someone understands me!” cheered Famine and in a matter of seconds he was over Chase who looked at him surprised.

The first punch made chase roll on the ground but suddenly he was again on his feet and running towards Famine. The two clashed punching, kicking and blocking at high speed as Chase seemed to enjoy the battle just as much as Famine. The guy was fast, really fast and he even used Kung fu movements that he knew for quite some time.
Soon Chase began calling out his movements and Famine quickly dodged each and every movement as he mentioned them. Some even with funny or uncleaver names.

“You know… if you call out your attacks, it won’t take long for people start dodging easily” smiled Famine as he grabbed Chase’s feet when he called an attack named ‘eagle catching bunny’.
“I see you don’t fight using any kung-fu style…” said Chase still suspended in the air.
“Oh! I do, but I like other disciplines”

Immediately Famine answered the attack landing a punch right on Chase’s gut sending him flying. The evil guy spun on the air and step on a tree shooting his body back at Famine landing a two punch hit on his chest. The rider rolled and gripped the ground turning his fingers into claws.

“Ohh! So you can transform?” asked Chase smiling.
“Quite a bit” nodded Famine “But that would make it all unfair for you.”
“We’ll see about… huh?!”

Chase couldn’t finish since Famine disappeared in an instant and then he felt the powerful kick on his side as the horseman appeared from a void. Chase quickly answered punching his chest, Famine received it jumping back and gasping a bit. That was a powerful impact; but he wasn’t going to be impressed for it. Even though he was actually impressed. He rushed at Chase and rocketed a punch at the same time Chase did and both fists clashed making a thunder-like boom to break the ground and make a crater. Famine extended an arm making a vortex, took chase’s hand and spun him tossing him at the portal. He entered and continued the battle punching and kicking as well as receiving Chase’s attacks.

For a while both continued the attacks turning times to attack and attack, Chase even managed to swap things using Famine’s portals to send him through them but in the last attack it was the black rider who kicked hard Chase from a cliff through a portal and then jumped in readying a kick. As they passed the vortex, behind them was a large Xiaolin temple. Famine rocketed towards Chase with a light charged kick as he casted a fire spell in his left hand. Chase on the other hand had a lighting getting ready in the left hand and also he began to transform into a reptilian form with a serious look in the face.

“So I see you have powers” smiled Chase.
“One or two” smirked Famine as he kicked Chase on the chest rocketing him to the ground.

The evil guy was already in a reptilian form, nearly as a dragon when Famine landed shooting fire at him. Chase dodged and wrapped his tail on Famine’s ankle pulling him and slamming him on the ground. The horseman tried to stand up but Chase pulled again and slammed hard his body on a nearly rock.

“Ok… that’s… ENOUGH!” roared Famine blasting his aura slamming Chase making him crash on an opposite rock leaving him incrusted there.

Famine panted and fell to his knee as Chase broke free and kneeled too looking at the brown haired guy in front of him. Then both smiled and stood up gasping and panting. They walked to the other and shake hands.

“You’re a mighty foe” smiled Chase “Not often I recognize other’s strength and power.”
“You are too an amazing fighter Chase Young” smiled Famine as he took a deep breath “By the way everyone knows me as Famine”
“Y-you mean… T-THE BLACK RIDER?!” shouted Chase.
“Looks like my reputation precedes me” smiled Famine “You’re great, evil, but great! I’d love to spar with you again. If you want, of course.”
“Sure, having a nice sparring partner might come in handy” smirked Chase.
“Don’t expect me to aid you unless they are more powered than you” smiled Famine as he gave a few steps to the side opening a portal “Guess I’m done here, I found another sparring partner.”
“Same here… Black Rider” smiled Chase as he teleported away and Famine entered into his vortex.

male 690,222, human 52,279, males 30,421, young 25,880, fanart 20,410, digital 15,218, armor 4,994, battle 2,171, no 1,133, chase 709, falling 460, chronicles 112, horseman 95, blur 69, movement 56, showdown 37, famine 33, xiaolin 12, chase young 3
Type: Picture/Pinup
Published: 4 years, 11 months ago
Rating: Mature

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