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[Over]soul Brothers [Tahamunt]
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Mr. Rask, Esquire [Codename: Lamp]

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by xHajinn
" Damage Report for Codename-DJINN:
- Loss of residential structural integrity within the Neo-Xiphos district.
- Electrical grid and associated transformers suffered nominal harm. Utility trucks dispatched.
- Two meter-wide craters in the center of South Nui’s main cul-de-sac.
- Three cars totaled (by culprit).
- Eleven injuries, zero causalities.

CAUSE: Prominent gang ringleader.
STATUS: Subject apprehended. Awaiting trial.
VERDICT: Sustained. Minimal collateral damage.
COMMENTS (Recorded Transcription):
“Bleedin’ ‘ell. Didn’t think’a up ‘n’ comin’ recruiter would be acting the maggot in ah public venue! You’d think you’d wanna little shady when yur that dodgy! Unfortunately, he wasn’t so off his nut that’d he go ordinance-nip; so he did give the ol’ Djinn a fight! Took ‘im ‘bout an hour 'er so to neutralize ‘im which, for a bloke that knackered, is a long ass time! ‘Course, neither me nor Djinn expected the dipstick to be roided to the gills. Dat correctional facility on 55th is gunna jes’ luv his temperament, too! Now, oh digital report, if you’ll excuse me – I’m gunna have ah snap at the divvy van of cops and make sure our perp’s nice and snug.”

- Dossier -

Name: Osin Connor Rask
Honorifics: Special Agent, Lieutenant Colonel, Esquire
Codename: LAMP
Sobriquet: Derivatives and Permutations of ‘Osin’ and ‘Rask’, O’Connor, Squidhead, Cross-Eyed, Raskal, Deep C, Reutersvärd
Date of Birth (Based on Sol III ‘Gregorian’ Calendar): May 11, 1987
Height: 8’4”; 2.55m
Weight: 293 lbs; 132 kg
Species: Icosapus*
Race: Native Khmalian
Mutations (If Applicable): Dichannel Photoreceptivity (Expanded Visible Spectrum, Can Switch Between Infrared and Ultraviolet)
Gender: Intersexed Male (Binary Pronoun Preference)
Orientation: Asexual; Polyromantic
Planet of Origin: Sirius V [Hirth]
Immigration: Khmali to Zwei in 2005
Employment: Peace Operative, Incident Agent, Attorney at Law, Collateral Damage Handler for Codename: DJINN (Tahajin Grandville)
Previous Titles: Lieutenant Colonel Osin Rask of the Aquatic Marine Corps, Born Duke of Council Raskion Hive
Secondary Trade(s): Jurisdiction Warping, Commissioned Security, Self-Defense Instructor
Genealogy: Raskion
Primogenitors: Eric Nishizawa and Sampson Rask
Languages: Hirthian, Latin, English, Adapted NATO Phonetic, Deutsch
Primary Location: Xiphos, Zwei
Distinguishing Features: Facial Scarring, Aboriginal Markings
Timber (Law Enforcement Notoriety): Immaculate
Religious Denomination: Unitarian Universalism
Relational Status: Single
Epithelial Trait: Helixed Tentacles (Can Unfurl on a Whim), Quad Optics (Blinks in Sets, Rarely Synchronized), Bioluminescence, Innate/Perfect Camouflage.
Camouflage: Able to blend in with most anything and take a multitude of shapes (within his mass equivalent).
Training: Mortal Martial Arts, Firearms, Subterfuge, Espionage, Counterintelligence, Strategem Forging

- Primer -

Hindered by a particularly heavy accent and a hereditary predilection to several varieties of slang, Osin Rask actively besets his communicative affliction with sheer erudition and strategic genius; not to mention a peculiar charisma pervasive in his disposition that can sway even the most phlegmatic individual. Haling from the submerged conurbations of Khmali’s coastal metropolis (collectively dubbed ‘Schweizersäbel’), the isocapus’ expertise as a tactician was recognized at an incredibly early age. His ease of not only comprehending but manipulating intricate battle theory bequeathed both a reputation that proceeded him across the continent and the adjacent sees and a particularly swollen sense of self-importance that his fathers found...undesirable of someone in line for royalty. Their attempts to genially instill humility proving naught but fruitless (and, in some cases, making their situation worse by insinuating subservience), the supercilious cephalopod was forced to validate conscription to the local militia – where the degradation ceremony was scathing enough to slaughter those elitist sentiments. Additionally, those days brought him his first set up scars: two deep gashes along his shoulder followed by four on his visage as punishment for disrespecting a superior officer.

Adaptation was tantamount to survival within the novice corps, and the second Osin began truly applying himself was the moment he began his rapid accent up the ranks. Caught in this heavily regimented and authoritarian atmosphere, not only was his respect for his elders (regardless if there intellect happened to be inferior) cultivated – but also his oddly potent charm. For the more part, it was an involuntary tug and behaved more like a pheromone than him making grandiose alterations to his mannerisms. Sure, his gasconading days were drawing to a close as he matriculated up through the echelons through savvy and appropriate levels of veneration...and that might have had a hand in his accumulation of acquaintances – but it certainly didn’t play a prominent role! Once he finally began to recognize its capabilities, Osin terminated that unconscious, continuous flow; reserving that facet of himself for special occasions. There on end, he could feel the repercussions of this decision. Exercises became much more laborious than they once were and instructors displayed increased animosity. Had he still been weak-willed, that alone would be impetus enough for him to rekindle his charm – but his time in the Marines did manage to bolster what was once miniscule resolve. As he approached his 18th birthday, communiqués from his family ceased in favor of a genuine visit. Marveling at just how much he had grown in maturity and stature in those nine years, the patriarchs agreed that Osin had reached a ‘satisfactory level of atonement’ and permitted him privileges previously withheld. Including, but not limited to, the decision of where he wanted to take up residence.

For Osin, the choice was obvious. Despite his amphibian nature, he had never been around the denizens of the surface for much more than an hour or two for errands (and usually kept to late hours and alleyways due to apprehension). Presenting this desire to his commanding officer, in attendance at his celebration, the Corps transferred him to the surface branch in South Xiphos post-haste. Elated, Osin set aside everything in preparation for his life on the surface – and in a major capital city, no less! Night after night, he practiced raveling his tentacles into standard bipedal appendages – spending hours making sure he had the same amount of mobility and deftness with his limbs taut and bound as he did when they were slackened. Once his transfer had cleared and his flight whisked him away, Osin found himself clumped in a fair bit of cultural shock. The Zweian branch was at least ten fold the size of the one resting on the periphery of Khmali. Oft times, his contemporaries were on equal footing with his sagacity rather than in hot pursuit. He couldn’t have dreamed for a better environment (though, it did take him a bit longer to acclimate to camouflaging against such nuanced edifices). For the most part, everything was turning up for the isocapus, save one thing. Two years elapsed before he could pinpoint what that ‘thing’ was, and then it struck him in the form of a headline: ‘Criminal Mastermind Thwarted by Child; Tween Possat Now Wanted for Vigilantism.’

The general populace was unfazed – the vox populi muted, but Osin saw opportunity. Since he was already planning on approaching his marshal about being reduced to a ‘reserve member’ while retaining some of his credentials, the interim step was to collect every law digest and actuary he could lay his suckers on and crunch their contents within the fortnight. The day before the possat’s trial began, Osin barged it without even knowing the defendant’s name and forged his credentials as a lawyer. Somehow managing to finagle he way into the court, Osin reamed his faux-fingertips and less loose every ounce of his charm he had been holding back all that time. The audience, jury, even the judge was moved and the charges were promptly dropped. The only individual not affected was the possat, who sat with the most incredulous mein imaginable. The cephalopod, on the other hand, had already seen twelve steps ahead – as he tends to do. ‘If this kid plans on enacting his own brand of justice, then he’ll perpetually be at odds with the officers of the written law. If that’s the case, I’ve finally found a use for this talent I’ve been asphyxiating!’ What started out as a completely self-centered desire has since burgeoned into a rather stranger partnership (and an even stranger comradeship): Tahajin (affectionally referred to by the codename designated by the department Osin works for) would keep performing his vigil while minimizing that portion of his presence and Osin would use his connections woven in the past few years to play the role of the hybrid’s assistant, public relation officer, agent, and handler; so the authorities can at least take solace in knowing that someone of such grand affiliation is the possat’s personal surveillance.

Of course, the fact that he sometimes participates in said vigilantism is on a...need to know basis.

*** *** ***

*Icosa- = Twenty.

Christ, this guy took ages to put together! ‘Twas a collaborative effort between yours truly and a stupendous artist by the name Shout; me with the overly elaborate ideas and rough patterning and her with the splendid rendering! I sincerely recommend you offer her your patronage, as she definitely deserves it~.

Art © Shout
Design © Yours Truly

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Type: Picture/Pinup
Published: 5 years, 2 months ago
Rating: General

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