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Shapes of Man
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by Lig
Well I got watching some Eva music vid and thinking about some OuterLimits eps and well this is a result. These two are actually the same person but well I'll get into that after a bit of a Codex Entry on the species.

The Konsa are an aquatic invertibrat species native to the world of Kessis. Kessis was a high mass super earth with Ammonia taking the role Oxygen plays in an Earth Environment. The Konsa swam the coastal waters and deep trenches typically moving along the sea floor. With highly developed senses of sight and sound they were masters of their aquatic realm and their ingenuity saw their species. Travel the skies ow their world at first and then the beginnings of space. But alas it was during their first space missions that they detected their sun's increasing mass. Something haven't gone seriously wrong with their system's star it was developing into a red Giant in mere decades. Konsa scientist worked night and day on the problem trying to find a means of survival as the sun expanded seeing global temperatures rise. Eventually the Ghost Ark was purposed. A large vessel capable of sustaining the minds of their world. Millions. The most intelligent were stored aboard ship first and a lottery was held for the remaining 12 million slots. With genetic material for their own species and every other they could cataloged they set out on their sublight journey, hearts heavy with the knowledge that those left behind would perish as their sun consumed their world.

The Journey was a long one and their first stop had proven to be a bust. So did the next. Search as they might they could not find a world like their own and they had yet to find any which hosted any form of life. A Million years later and finally there was hope. A radio bubble was detected. Clearly artificial transmissions. Life! Maybe life like them? So they set course for the bubble's center and set about decoding the transmission. As the years past and their decaying vessel neared Earth two things became clear. Firstly these were not beings like them. Strange land dwellers thick with bone at their insides and as it seemed breathed corrosive oxygen rather than ammonia. Secondly was that their vessel was not traveling any further. Several storage banks had failed resulting in millions being lost to digital oblivion. The Hull was pockmarked from micro meteor collisions, and the ship's engine's were wavering. As they entered the Sol system and surveyed it became abundantly clear that nothing here would sustain them as they were. Earth was similar to their own home in some ways. Warm with oceans of liquid water but the atmosphere was much thinner and it's composition wasn't right. The planet itself was also much smaller.

It was clear they'd have to adapt to live here but their old forms weren't up tot he task. Besides that the best geneticist had died in one of the Storage Bank failures. They had no one with the skill to alter their own genes but there was an appropriate Earth Analogue. Humans had brain mass on par with their own and similar enough neurology. With some modification to their growth facilities and neural upload machines they could just as easily grow new human forms for themselves. After extensive negotiations with world leaders they were provided with DNA samples and colonization rights. Their new human forms were altered to make them distinctive as part of their arrangement. Natural silver hair and red eyes were the traits they chose to make their new subset of humanity distinctive.

Today Homo Konas Sapiens go about their lives on Earth trying to adapt to their new situation. For some it's easier than others. Many humans are mistrustful of them still unsure about these "aliens" that since their arrival have helped to jump human technology forward by decades. Many Konas have tried to adapt to life on this new world and maintain some of their cultural identity even if their biology is now radically altered.

Name: Conor Delester. (Conor is the approximate translation of subject's name.)
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Species: Homo Konas Sapiens "Konas"
Likes: Sunsets, beaches, whale music, swimming, music, and pizza.
Dislikes: Being alone, dead silence, mean people, Heavy Metal, and turnips.
Bio: Conor and his father were lucky enough to win their slots aboard the Ghost Ark. Conor's father was a cybernetics technician and now works developing cybernetics for human companies. Conor himself is a relatively kind and outgoing person glad to simply be alive. Still he does miss his mother and a close friend he was forced to leave behind. He still has nightmares about what must have happened on their world and what could have happened to him on the Journey and what it was like in "sleep storage" Beyond all this Conor is still adjusting to being human and having issues with some of the finer things such as embarrassingly enough his toileting skills. Being told it's common for Konsa his age and even adults isn't all that comforting.

Well hope you guys liked the pic and the big codex entry and character sheet

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Type: Picture/Pinup
Published: 5 years, 8 months ago
Rating: General

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5 years, 8 months ago
The thing on th eleft, oh mah gosh I love it to death o.o
5 years, 8 months ago
Thankees. ^^ I was quite happy with how the alien form turned out. Wanted something familiar yet obviously not humanoid. That way their transition from what they were to what they are now is something much bigger than just a switch from humanoid A to humanoid B.
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