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My favorite Pokemon of each type

I'm pretty sure I'm dead now

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by Syntex
I'm pretty sure I'm dead now
Well here we go, did this in the past 2-3 days, needless to say I had so much fun with this <3~

Bug: Scolipede, what can I say, I love this bug, I found it as a small Venipede in PinWheel forest back in my Pokemon White game, and I absolutely fell in love with it since, it's always been a member on my team now. Awesome move set, awesome stats, amazing speed and power and it looks really rad.

Dark: Absol, I was never one for dark types, not that much dark type moves and such to begin with, then most dark types don't have good move sets, but when I had gone to Giant Chasm and found an Absol, instant love. Such a powerful Pokemon, I had no idea, and when it came with the move Me First, needless to say, we were pretty unstoppable.

Dragon: Flygon, oh god, going through the desert resort I stumbled across what happened to be a Trapinch, such a cutie, the only thing that was wrong is that he was so slow, but he rammed the Nimbasa gym right up the arsenal, I kept him around, then he evolved into a Vibrava, very useless Pokemon, but I kept it still, then I got my Flygon. My Flygon was unstoppable, awesome move set and top speed and power, as well as defense, I absolutely love Flygon and it's one of my most favorite Pokemon to date.

Electric: Raichu, it may be cliche or whatever some might want to call it, but I've had 2 Raichu's in the past, both females, both I've raised from Pichus. Raichu is a serious hard hitter on my teams, really radical power for such a small Pokemon. Focus Blast, Thunder, Iron Tail and Dig was an incredible move set and never failed me.

Fighting: Conkeldurr, admittedly, I fell in love with this beast at first sight, such magnificent design for a fighting type. When I finally got one, I realized just how amazing they are, blows all other fighting types right out, sorry Machamp, you may have been a real help to me in HG, but Conkeldurr is just awesome.

Fire: Typhlosion, I always thought was stupid, useless and cliche. One day while playing HG and SS with my little brother, he and I exchanged starter eggs, I gave him my Feraligatr's daughter, he gave me his Typhlosion's son ( not meaning to brag but my Feraligatr's daughter knew Hydro Pump, Ice Beam, Shadow Claw and Surf at level 1~ ). I raised the little Cyndaquil cause he forced me, and then I realized just how awesome a Typhlosion is if raised properly, absolutely amazing stats and move set. Plus it didn't help perk my interest when in HG Typhlosion kept showing hearts when walking around with me~

Flying: Staraptor, oh god, such an AWESOME bird! Starly was the first Pokemon I caught in my Platinum game, and since then I fell in love with it, but when I got a freaking Staraptor, all my love into this Pokemon. The design is amazing, the cry is so awesome, the moves are amazing, I mean a freaking bird that can learn close combat, that's badass.

Ghost: Giratina, since I saw the movie I fell in love with this beast. I never had him on my team, I don't ever use legendaries, but Giratina is lovely, incredible, I'm not too fond of his altered form, but origin, I usually gotta contain my orgasms, and the fact that he rules the distortion world, nnnnggggg.

Grass: Torterra, my Platinum starter, and my all time favorite grass type. Even if it had became annoying with ice types being 4x effective against him, he stood up to them, and Superpowered their asses. I love the whole concept of Torterra being a walking continent, I love the move variety of a Torterra, I love everything, I don't see a single flaw in this Pokemon.

Ground: Gastrodon, oh my god! When I found my Gastrodon as a tiny Shellos, I squeeled, how could a Pokemon be so cute!!! But my Gastrodon was UNSTOPPABLE! Nothing ever fainted my Gastrodon, even with Wifi and Wireless battles, she was amazing, and my brother still curses the day I ever found that shellos cause my Platinum team is great.

Ice: Walrein, I've never had one, but Walrein has always been a challenge for me, I've honestly NEVER beaten a Walrein with how amazingly awesome they are, no matter how hard I try. Plus I love the design of Walrein, and the defense is incredible, plus the ability Ice body + Hail, wow.

Normal: Sawsbuck is another design wise Pokemon I love, just the fact that it's name SAWS = Summer Autumn Winter Spring was pretty clever, but it changes to these seasons, and the designs for them are pretty cool.

Poison: Nidoqueen, my HeartGold goldie, she never let me down, she was incredibly strong, and amazingly defensive, grew her since a little Nidoran and I never had to put her in the PC once.

Psychic: Espeon, my god, Espeon is AWESOME! I had one when I came out of Castelia city in Black 2, and not once has he let me down, awesome moves and amazing stats, this is one kicking psychic type!

Rock: Cradily, pretty epic pokemon, so mysterious, I always adored it, not much to say about this one, I just wish I could get one, but I've never ever found the fossil to do so.

Steel: Aggron, found a little Aron while making my way to ChargeStone cave, it was so cute, cool, then I got Aggron, such a big hunk of a Pokemon, So many things not very effective against him, I loved it, and I loved my Aggron a lot.

Water: Samurott, seriously do I need to say it? I LOVE SAMUROTT! I LOVE THE OTTS! When I had first got my hands on Pokemon White, I chose Oshawott cause he was water, and only water, I didn't like the grass snake, I hate the fire pig, he just grew on me. So cute, I loved Oshawott, and I loved Dewott, but then Samurott came around, such a sexy hunk of a Pokemon! He was so great, such high defense and attack, I loved my Samurott to bits and still do to this day. My only irk with it is that they could have done a gender difference with the male and females, but I love Samurott, that's all I can say.

male 945,233, female 829,579, pokemon 136,798, raichu 5,067, espeon 2,286, absol 2,064, typhlosion 1,830, flygon 1,000, nidoqueen 652, giratina 406, samurott 356, scolipede 314, aggron 178, sawsbuck 106, staraptor 75, torterra 58, gastrodon 24, cradily 18, walrein 9, conkeldurr 7
Type: Picture/Pinup
Published: 9 years ago
Rating: General

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9 years ago
Dat Espeon <3
9 years ago
I love Espeon <3
9 years ago
9 years ago
Holy hell hun, this looks impressive! You went all out on this, I love the particle effects you added on some of these. this is very amazing.. I love the shading too D: !
9 years ago
Awwww hun, I'm glad you like it, thank you so much!
9 years ago
Walrein is quite an amazing Pokémon! You should really get one in Undella Bay during winter. I am currently raising a Spheal and my god it is already getting so awesome!
9 years ago
Spheal is a fucking cutie, especially in the anime, but I put aside my Black 2 and White games already after beating the Pokemon World Tournament, I'm playing Pokemon Conquest now and Gates To Infinity haha.
9 years ago
I just got that game as well, (gates to infinity) and I am already getting sucked into it! It was quite confusing first few times and I had a lot of questions but now I finally understand most of it. I am just sad they don't evolve on the same levels like in the normal games. :c
9 years ago
Awesome looking art Syn, kinda makes me wanna do the same thing with my favorites, though I'm not confident enough to really try ^^;
Even so, I always enjoy your work and look forward to seeing more.
7 years, 5 months ago
oh god i gotta do this....and heck yea Sawsbuck, such a gorgeous design
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