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Frost Heart bear gets tricked into the stocks!
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Midnights revenge! Coochie Cootchie Coo!

Carecubs second tickle torture! ^^

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Midnight bumped into ivy as he talked with her for quiet some time as she agreed to his plans because she was bred and had nothing else to do since Jake was on a caring mission Midnight went to waterfall that redemption showed her wondering if she would find him there

Wish bear finally suggested the two go to the forest of feelings beginning at the water falls to see if he didn't go there. They approached quickly upon the falls but failed to see Midnight as they were about to land.

Midnight and Ivy belong too :iconcarecub:

Redemptonheart belongs too me and wish bear belongs too Lions gate.
Midnight whistled to get there attention and started running deeper into the forest.

"There he is!" Cried Redemptionheart bearTHey both shouted as they landed the cloud car and went after him running towards him in the forest. "Midnight? Midnight?" THey both shouted as they searched vigorously for him.

Midnight ran deeper into the forest as he smiled at them chasing him he ran for a good 10m minutes when he suddenly stopped and turned around "so glade you can join me"Midnight said with a little smile on his face

Both bears stopped looking at there friend concerned. "Why did you run from us like that?" Asked Wish bear.

"Yeah we werelooking all over for you!" Redemptionheart bear said a little agitated.

"O well its not like you guys had enough of me all ready"he said angrily towards them for tickling him for so long

"Well, were sorry." Wish bear said.

"Yeah Hun. perhaps we went a tad over board with that." Confessed Redemptionheart as she gently placed her paws on his shoulders. "But now, let's go home okay and have breakfast together." She suggested.

"get off of me he sad getting away from her "You call that a little over board!"he said screaming at them "I let you pass out when u had enough you wished i couldn't you wished anything i could a done away you even turned be to a young lad!"he said screaming at both of them

Redemptionheart bear looked at Midnight sadly. "I'm sorry Midnight. I didnt' realize this experience tramatized you this much." Said the multi-colred bear.

"Yeah, perhaps we all went a little too far." Wish bear confessed.

"Come on Wish bear, its best we leave him alone." They both turned and began to walk out of the forest of feelings.

"A little!"midnight got angrier at those words as he snapped his fingers vines curled around there feet immobilizing them "A little is maybe urning me to 8 but not letting me pass out after being tickled for 6 hours"midnight grew even madder

"Hey, where did these vines come from? Complained Wish bear as she reached for the vines around her ankles.

"I'd say if serves you right after you tickled me not once, but twice Midnight." Redemptionheart bear said bravely. "So you should have taken your punishment and left it at that. Now what are you going to do with us?" She asked.

The vines grow around and attack onto there arms holding them flat so they could be nice and level "i am going to...Tickle you!"midnight smiled and pulled out a feather and put it redemption toes as the vines worked on wish bear's feet

Wish bear giggled slightly as the vines touched her toes.

"Nooo!" Screamed Redemptionheart as she started to laugh.

"why you dont like being tickled?"midngiht smiled as he tickled her feet back a forth

"the vines seemed to be working on wish bears feet all ready going in and out of her toes"

Wish bear laughed hysterically as the vines tickled her toes and struggled against the vines but found she couldn't even pull her arms back to her chest. This was really bad as she began laughing a bit harder.

Redemptionheart laughed. "I do, HAHA! But not with those Feartheres!" She said before laughing hysterically again.

"fine ill let the vines get you" ast he vines grew and quickly tickled her feet

over at wish hear the vines make it feel like a spider was crawling on her leg to tickle her

Redemptionheart bear was laughing but not anymore than when teh feather was applied this time by Midnight.

Wish bear was now laughing into hysterics as she tried pulling her legs back.

Another vine grew from one as it started to make work of her other toes of redemption heart

The vines kept tickling wish bear getting her feet ticklish

"remember vines grow so your going so have millions of them tickling you feet and i also brought lots of supplies with me!"midnight smiled as he watched the tickleing

Redemptionheart began to laugh even more now, as that vine started in on her toes as she struggled pulling against the vines with her wrists and ankles.

"STOOOP!" Wish bear screamed as she felt the vines concentrating on her feet at this point and her legs. She just hoped it would not get much worse than this.

"now now don't struggle"midnight smirked as the vines grew to there neck and started to tickled both bears necks

Both bears were now struggling more than ever as they both were now were laughing hysterically from the vines tickling them cept for Redemptionheart. She was not ticklish at all in that area as she maintained the same pace of laughter as before.

The Vines grew more thin as they went for there ribs they tickled up and down like little hairs as they tickled both sides of eah bear

"NWOOOO!" Screamed Wish bear as she thrashed her head from side to side struggling to get free.

Redemptionheart laughed hysterically as she felt the vines on her under arms but she was not thrashing out of control like WIsh bear was. She maintained some of her sanity.

Midnight watched as the vines grew to under there arms they began to wiggle tickleing them from every place midnight could think of

Both bears went into high hysterics as they felt the vines softly touch there under arms. Now Redemptionheart bear was starting to thrash her head to and fro.

Midnight kept tickling them for a good hour or so as a lot more vines sprouted to help tickle he looked at his watch as he took out two bottles of oil and threw it up and down "Now the fun begins"midnight smiled as he poured a bottle on both bears

Both bears were now laughing hysterically as the oil was spilled all over there bodies.

"Please STOP!" Wish bear shouted as the tickling continued.

"did you stop when i asked no!"midnight shouted as the vines suddenly became more ticked faster

"NOO! HAHAHAH!" Shouted Wish bear as the tickling continued.

"Please stop for her sake!" Redemptionheart begged as she laughed along with Wish bear.

"You both didn't let me go...why should i do the same for you"midnight said angrily s more vines grew and started to tickle there toes

"NOO!" Shouted Wish bear as she was now laughing hysterically. "Please! STOP!" She begged as her eyes were already beginning to water.

Redemptionheart was enjoying this, but Wish bear wasn't, not one bit.

"NOO!" Shouted Wish bear as she was now laughing hysterically. "Please! STOP!" She begged as her eyes were already beginning to water.

Redemptionheart was enjoying this, but Wish bear wasn't, not one bit.

Midnight went and got another bottle of oil and poured it all over Redemption heart maybe she would have more fun
"would you like another bottle?"midnight smirked as he asked wish bear

"NWOHAHAHAHAHA!" Wish bear screamed.

Redemptionheart was laughing, but was still finding this to be alot of fun. She hoped this would not stop as she kicked back laughed, and enjoyed being tickled.

"fine ill just pour some on your feet and neck"midnight smiled as he did so and put the rest on Redemption for the fun of it

Wish bear's cheeks were an angry red and was already starting to feel light headed.

Redemptionheart bear was laughing hysterically, but was enjoyuing every minute of it. THIS IS FUN! HAHAHAHA!" She screamed before laughing so more.

Midnight walked over to wish bear "aww your all ready going to pass out see i am fair i let you pass out"Midnight increased the tickling on both of them

Wish bear's face was now all red as she felt herself growing more and more light headed.

Redemptionheart bear was still having fun although her stomach was hurting. She loved being tickled like this since she developed the stamina to be tickled from times past with Midnight.

Midnight chuckled as he applied more oil onto redemption Ivy felt wish bears temperature rise as she remembered his story she quickly lowered her temperature for more fun

Wish bear continued to laugh and was hoping to pass out soon.

Redemptionheart bear was still having fun. "SeeE? HAHAHA! I can take it!" She mocked to Midnight as she continued to laugh.

Midnight thought wish bear would have passed out by now as he looked in his back and pulled out a feather helping tickle redemption in between her toes

"Naw! NOT THAT! HAHAHA!" Now Redemptionheart was no longer kicking back as the tickling continued.

Wish bear's went away as she continued to laugh but still hated being tickled all over like this. "Why AM I NOT PASSING OUT!" She screamed to her self in her thoughts as she continued to laugh.

Midnight tickled her in between her toes on both feet watching her laugh

The vines circled around wish bears feet and started to tickle them

Wish bear was now laughing hard again as the vines tickled her poor feet. "Pwase STOP!" She screamed as her feet flinched from the assault.

"NOOOO!" Screamed Redemptionheart bear as she continued to laugh even harder now as she thrashed her head back and forth trying to get free.

An hour later midnight reached into the bag as he pulled out a little cube that made music "dada dana dananana danana danadna!"the music played over and over faster as it went the vines dances threw there toes as if reacting to the sound

Both bears cheeks were now red, as the tickling continued. Wish bear's headache was starting to rise again, as she continued to laugh while Redemptionheart tried pulling agaisnt her restraints with all her might and managed to pull both arms slightly towards her until...

More vines wrapped around her "where do you think your going"Midnight smiled as he pulled something out of his bag that she didn't know what it was

"Noo! Please let me go! I can't take anymore tickling!" Redemptionheart bear screamed as she tried pulling her feet away.

"HAHAHAHA! Wish bear now had streams of tears going down her eyes as she now felt like she was going to pass out again.

Ivy kept Wish bears from passing out as the vines continued to tickle her intensively

"do you know what i have here?"he said with a smile

Wish bear continued to laugh as she somehow felt her body temperature drop again. PLEAAASE MIDNIGHT!!! HAHAHAHA! MERCY!" Wish bear screamed.

Redemtionheart pulled her legs up a bit to ehr chest as she continued to laugh, and just when she thought she was making some progress...

"no!"Midnight out more oil and poured the whole thing on wish bears feet he was very angry at her as he poured one on redemption and let them be tickled with the next hour

Both bears both wet themselves on there fur but the vines didn't stop tickling. "I'm sorry Midnight! HAHAHAHA!" Wish bear screamed. "I'm sorry!" She continuedto laugh, but jsut hoped the vines would not tickle her on her legs, under arms and feet at the same time. She could barely take this tickling as it was.

"IHAHAHA! WET MYSLEF!" Replied Redmptionheart bear as she was now beginning to get light headed finally.

Ivy lowered redemption body temperature she was surprised though it took this long

the vines started to grow and tickler wish bears under the legs it felt like little insects were running down her feet

Wish bear had tears streaming down her eyes. At least she wasn't being tickled on her ribs and under arms anymore and for that she was thankful.

Redemptioneheart was laughing hysterically and wondered why she was not passing out as the tickling continued. Her poor feet were being tickled, but she didn't feel the vines tickling her everywhere else like before. Were the vines slacking?" She thought to herself as she continue to laugh.

The vines sprouted from the ground and attacked onto there ribs while they tickle there feet they wigle up and down and from side to side

"Nwo! PLEASE!" Begged Wish bear as her laughter continued as her cheeks turned red. She now was growing faint again, but not from her body temperature, just simply being tickled nonstop and was now starting to get low on energy and felt relief not far off.

Redemptionheart's question was answered as shefelt the vines attack her ribs but Redemptionheart stil had plento to give unlike Wish bear. The multi colored bear struggled against thevines and tried to pull all her limbs towards her chest while she still had the energy. She was doing great till...

"hea wish bear"midnight walked over to her i got something for you he pulled out two drinks "this is instant energy for the next couple of hours"mindihgt poured it into her mouth and made her swallow it

the vines grew more and more spreading out tickling her ears they wiggled up and down

All the caffeine did was cause her a headache and caused her to use what little energy she had as she began to white out. She needed actual renewed energy, not a caffeine drink. "At last, I can fall asleep." Wish bear said as her laughing increased from the vines tickling her.

Ivy looked around as she saw a tree leaning over it was still growing but the roots were mostly disconnected she shrugged since it was going to get knock down the next rain as she took all the natural energy from it and transmitted it into wish bears body

Wish bear felt a renewed energy in her and began to laugh again. Her body was still quiet sore from laughing, but now she knew something or someone was intentionally keeping her awake forcing her to endure all this tickling. "But who?" She thought as she thrashed her head trying to get her ears away from the vines.

Redemptionheart looked over at Wish bear in shock. She was very ticklish behind and around her ears, as well as her butt, she just hoped the vines didn't figure that out as she laughed at the same pace as before.

Midnight looked threw the bag of all the items he had as he smirked this is going to be alot of fun he said to himself

The vines grew longer as they spread threw there bodies wiggling likes fast worms on them.

The poor bears were laughing hard. But thankfully for Redemptionheart none of them reached her ears yet. Wish bear jsut couldn't take it anymore. Her stomach hurt from laughing alot, and she wasn't sure how much she could endure as it hurt just for her to laugh.

Midnight took two feathers and started to tickle her sides as The vines wiggled more on redemption growing up her legs and slowly wiggle "strength and honor"Midnight giggled

NWO! NOT those feathers!" Cried Redemptionheart bear as her laughter grew more high pitched.

PWEASWE STOP!" Begged Wish bear as her laughter turned into fits of howling and crying mixed up with laughter.

Midnight smiled as he dipped the feathers in olis and continued to tickle there sides very fast "wish bear...See? How does it feel?" He said as he smiled "its not fun is it..."midnight laughed

Wish bear was howling with laughter and her ribs ached as she was forced to laugh even harder now. "Please! HAHAHA! At least give me a break!" Wish bear screamed out before returning to her laughter as her face now turned red from laughing so hard...

Redemptionheart bear's cheek were only beginning to reddened now, as she could barely breath with Midnight tickling her.

Nope"mightnight chuckled as the vines grew behind redemption ears and started to tickle here there

"Oh no!" Redemptionheart bear said as she was now beginning to laugh harder now and now her stomach was beginning to get sore.

Wish bear's face was an angry red and was beginning to heat up again and felt herself beginning to pass out again. "I hope I pass out this time." She said as she laughed.

"Im surprised you haven't pass out yet..."midnight said shrugged as ivy lowered her temperature "this is what you get"he tickled both of them for 2 feathers

"Wish bear now could not even beg as her she didn't howl anymore, only laughed uncontrollably as tears went down her face.

"Midnight please! HAHAHAHA! STOOOP!" Begged Redemptionheart bear as scrunched her feet away from the tickling vines.

"I was begging before did you let me go"he dipped the feathers in more oil and tickled both of them as something came up from the ground look to be like a flower

"No!" Screamed Redemptionheart bear. "Please!" She returned to laughing. "For our sake please stop!" Redemptionehart begged asshe tried pulling her legs to her chest.

Poor Wish bear's face was all red and she wasn't feeling too good now and as she threw up and continued to laugh.

"If i were to wish something up it would be to tickle you forever but i am a fare bear as the flower sprayed something on wish bear making her 2 x more ticklish as one started to grow at redemption side

Wish bear thrashed around more violently. She could not believe hwo all of a usdden she felt alot more ticklish. This was hellish, as her face began to change colors.

"Please stop!" Redemptionheart bear said as she felt her stomach was now going to explode.

The flower spread on redemption as she became 4 x more ticklish just because Ivy see's she is resisting well

Midnight looked at wish bear's face "wow your doing really well for a first timer"midnight smiled as he tickled them both for the next hour

Redemptionheart bear was now feeling more ticklish than ever as she began to get a little dizzy. She was no longer cocky like before. She now felt like this was finally too much for her too take as she struggled against the vines.

"A wish! That's it!" Wish bear thought to herself. I wish, HAHAHAHA!" But every time she tried, she never cold finish it, but since it was ehr only hope. she tried again anyways. "I wish, I was.."

"you cant wish anything"midnight smiled as the flower sprayed her once more the vines grew more as they wiggles they felt like tiny worms wiggling to get free as midnight had fun with there ribs

Wish bear laughed hysterically as he face was now yellow. "I WISH! HAHAHAHAHA!" She could barely say the words as Midnight and vines tickled her.

"Nooo!" Redemptionehart bear screamed as she was now struggling with all her might against the vines.

"ladies ladies calm down"midnight laughed out loud "you girls dot need to scream for me i am not that attractive"midnight laughed as he tickled there ribs in circles

Wish bear's mouth was now as open as a melon as she continued to laugh with her face now turning purple.

Redemptionheart's face was finally turning red as she continued to laugh.

The flower grew bigger again as it sprayed more on redemption

"Now lets see what other colors you turn to..."Midnight smiled as he took feathers and tickled her neck

The vines started to tickle redemption hearts bottom

The feather had no effect on Redemptionheart's neck sicne she was not ticklish in that spot. However her bottom was, and she now moved ehr bottom vigorously trying to get away.

Poor Wish bear had no chance of passing out, although she was not feeling good, she was forced to endure this. "I never should have tickled Midnight! Its all Redemptionheart'sf fault!" Her mind screamed as the tickling continued.

Midnigt ordered the vines to flip over redemption as he poured oil and her bottom and her back as all the little vines wiggles and grew

Midnight watched looking to wish bear he felt a little bad but soon remembered she didn't let him pass out or go as he took a feather and started to tickle her ribs "Why didn't you let me pass out or anything!"midnight said angrily

Wish bear could not answer as she was laughing way too hard as her face continued to change colors.

Redemptionheart bear didn't like this one bit as she felt the vines tickling her. "Nwo! Don't flup me over!" She begged, but to no avail as Midnight continued to have his way with her.

The vines grew all over there body tickling them every part of there body

midnight watched her face change colors for the next hour as he watched her face change colors

Wish bear thought her face was going to explode. Things could not get much worse as she was getting tickled everywhere.

Redemptionheart's face was now starting to change colors as tears ran down her face. "Please Midnight! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA----HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! STOP!" Redemptionheart begged as she tried pulling her arms together.

Midnight kept smiled as the vines turned more and more ticklish as it looked like a fox appeared out of no were and looked at the two

Wish bear could barely breath as the tickling continued and her face continued to change colors.

Redemptionheart bear could not take it anymore. She wanted OUT OF THIS SO BADLY! She managed to pull one arm slightly towards her but the vines restrained her in perfect position and the vines punished her by tickling her more thoroughly and faster. "NOOOO!" She screamed as the vines mercilessly tickled her.

The fox walked on all four legs and looked at wish bear other foxes came out of no were and started to tickle both of them where ever they could fit

"NOOO! STOP!" Wish bear cried as she felt there soft tails tickling there feet and under arms. Wish bear peed on her fur again as now her whole body was now changing colors along with her face.

"No PLEASE! HAHAHAHAHA! NOT FOX TAILS!" Redemptionheart screamed as the tickling continued.

Bird came flying down from the skys and starts to brush there chests and necks with there feathers they tickled them for the next hour

"NOOO!" Redemptionheart screamed as she felt the feathers on her chest. Now her face was changing colors from green to yellow.

Wish bear was laughing and howling now, her body screamed for relief, but none came. These birds just sensitized her body even more making her thrash violently again.

The vines grew back as they started to wiggle around both bodies in every place possible

Some of the vines were tickling inbetween WIsh bear's legs and since she peed herself, this made her very ticklish as she struggle against the vines tickling her there, and her back. Her back swayed back and forth trying to avoid the vines as her face still changed colors.

"PLEASE!" Screamed Redemptionheart as she continued to laugh and now wet herself again hoping the vines would not tickle her inbetween her legs as they doing Wish bear's.

"Lets see now what can me add here"more flowers popped up and started to spray on them like crazy making them them very sensitive

"NOOO!" Both bears screamed as they felt the tickling get alot worse now. They both barely had the strength to laugh let alone resist anymore. As there raucous laughter filled the forest.

Ivy renewed there energy once more as he ordered all of them to go away but the vnes "now for my ultimate weapon!"midnight laughed

Wish bear and Redemptionheart bear both begged in unison. "PLEASE! NO MORE!" They both screamed at the same time as they continued to laugh.

Midnight pulled out a jar of peanut butter and poured it all over there feet as he whistled and two bears came over and started to lick there feet

"NOOO!" They both started giggling as there feet were licked without mercy. Both bears were laughing way out of control since they had been sprayed alot by Ivy's flowers they knew nothing about. Both bears could barely breath as the tickling continued.

The torture went on with more peanut butter attracted more bears

"NOO! PLEASE! STOP! STOPP!! HAHAHAHA!" Begged Redemptionheart as the tickling continued.

"What she said! PLEASE!: HEEHEEHEEHEE!" Laighed Wish bear as the tickling continued.

"Its almost time!"midnight smiled as pigoens come down from the sky again and start brushing there feathers on them eve the tress help with there leaves foxes and bobcats come they all help midnight tickle them both

Both bears laughed at the same rate. The feathers from the other bnirds tickled more than these, but it still did the job. "PLEASE!" STOP!" They both begged as they thrashed against there restraints again.

Midnight poured more oil on them it was the last hour as he put everything he had on them and let them be tickled

Both bears were no longer changing colors but were staying a consistent red. as they laughed there asses off nonstop.

"well this is it!"midnight smiled to them "After this you will be forever changed"midnight giggled as he joined in tickling them

Both bears continued to laugh as the tickling continued. 'PWEASE! STOP!" Yelled both bears as the tickling continued as they thrashed there bodies around.

Both bears laughed there tails off as the tickling continued. They were both very surprised that they lasted this long as the torture continued as they lay helpless to do anything but laugh and cry from the tickling.

"done"the birds leave there bodies a little time after bears a little more time passed as the foxes and the vine slowly wen away and back into the ground

Both bears breathed heavily as they lay there lay there motionless hoping the vines would let them go.

The vines crawl back into there holes and it was only midnight wish and redemption

Both bears panted heavily as they tried catching there breath from this intense ordeal.

Ivy lets there temperatures rise
midnight walked over to wish bear "do how does it feel?midnight laughed at both of them

Both bears visions was blurry, but they still maintained being awake, and both had terrible headaches as they sat there dizzy still breathing heavily for being tickled eight hours straight.

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