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Nervous Anticipation
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An Otter's Swim Trip

Little Fox
by Lig
Took me a little while but I managed to sit down and write up a full length story for Danny here. ^^ Quite happy with it and I hope you all like it. This is the story of Danny going on an over night trip for the swim team and having to deal with his bed wetting and keep it a a secret. Will Danny be able to keep it under wraps? What'll happen it someone finds out? Well you'll just have to read and find out.

An Otter's SwimTrip

Valley Wood is a small town nestled into a valley as it's name would suggest. The town is generally quite and comfortable. There are a few Apple Orchard's on the outskirts of the town and Fall is a favorite time of year for most. There are often all sorts of fairs and festivals there many of which take place along the river that runs through the Valley. Along the North side of the upper end of the river is a small neighborhood. Well groomed with hopes just under a decade old.  And here is where the Jemersons live. Derek Jemerson is the man of the house working in real-estate. Mr. Jemerson frequently works for home and spends little time in the office. It's been this way for seven years now. Ever since Mrs. Jemerson,  Diana was her name, passed away. Since then Mr. Jemerson felt he should fill as much of his Wife's shoes as he could. He had no reason to be at the office all the time and so spent much of it at home with his son Daniel. Daniel, or Danny as he often preferred, was only seven when his mother passed away. Though the wounds have healed it is still something which he rarely speaks of. Danny is a curious lad, 14 years old now and in his first year of high school, he is always willing to learn something new. He can be shy towards others who are new to him. But once he becomes acquainted with someone he can be quite talkative. He has quite the range of knowledge, knowing all kinds of obscure little facts that most don't.  He's a strong swimmer as many otters are and is on his school's swim team. Though not the team star, this title belonged to a Chilean Dolphin named Sam, he still managed to place well with his times. Aside from swimming though Danny had little interest in other forms of athleticism.  

Danny's room showed this lack of interest in other sports. The posters up on the walls were all from favorite TV shows and video games. A model of the SSV Normandy hung from the ceiling.  Black hoodie with a Skyrim logo on it's back hung from a hook on his closet door. His Calendar showed scenes from FullMetal Alchemist. It seemed rather normal at a glance. There were only a few things to hint at it's occupant's secrets. A pair of Blue briefs with yellow stairs on them hanging out o the bottom drawer of his dresser, a container of baby powder next to his lamp, and the many stuffed aquatic animals that lay on the bed.

One of these stuffed animals was an Otter much like Danny. It was a good size just over a foot in length. One could tell that this one was obviously older than the rest though it was well cared for. Danny rolled over with it in his arms. Now facing the door anyone who looked in could see something else that didn't quite fit with most teenagers. A blue pacifier was tucked away in the otter's muzzle. It moved slightly as the otter sucked it ever now and then as the morning light slowly made it's way into the room where the peaceful otter lay sleeping.

Eventually the morning sun roused Danny from his slumber. His blue eyes slowly opening to great the day. Danny rolled over onto his back taking his pacifier out of his mouth and gave a yawn running a webbed hand through some of the white fur on his head. Danny laid there for a bit relaxing as he held the stuffed otter taking a deep sniff. The stuffed otter's scent was that of his mother's and always rather calming. Danny felt warm and comfortable lying there under the covers in his usual night wear. But he knew he had school again today and eventually willed himself out of bed.

As Danny rose leaving his stuffed otter on the bed one would notice that rather than a night shirt and underwear as some boys wore to bed, Danny was wearing a diaper. A very wet diaper at that. As Danny yawned and stretched rising up his shirt you could make out cartoon otter cubs on the diaper's tape landing zone.  Strange as it might seem this was a normal morning for Danny. He'd been a bed wetter all his life and couldn't recall ever having a dry night so he'd always worn diapers. Sure he'd tried night time training pants, Goodnites, but they simply couldn't manage the otter's nightly output. So Danny wore diapers each night to bed. It kept his bedding and his night clothes dry. More than that though it made Danny feel safe and secure and Danny had grown quite fond of them over the years. He'd even occasionally wear them during the day for fun.  Sometimes Danny wished he wore them more often but even though he could he still doesn't. Whenever he does there's always a little bit of  that worry that someone will notice. Still for some reason he found that possibility oddly exciting though this was something he'd only admitted to his best friend.

Today saw Danny go about his morning routine. First he pulled off his t-shirt revealing a white ring of fur around his neck which covered part of his tan chest. Then off came the soggy diaper which was bagged before Danny gave himself a once over with  a few baby wipes. Next came his briefs. They were like most of his briefs having patterns on them. Today's briefs were Superman ones which he smiled at as he pulled on. Next came his usual blue striped shirt with white sleeves.  Finally on went his jeans. With his dressing for the morning done Danny made his way to the bathroom. After answering nature's call he brushed his teeth and combed his head fur nicely before allowing the small of breakfast wafting up to him lure him downstairs to the breakfast table.

"Morning  Dad." Danny smiled as he walked into the kitchen taking a seat at the table.

"Good Morning Danny. Sleep well?" Derek asked his son knowing that he had the occasional nightmare and there was also always the slight hope that there might have been a dry night.

"Uh Huh I slept like a log." Danny grinned as his dad brought over breakfast which was waffles, and Bacon with a glass of OJ this morning.

"Well that's good to hear. Now eat up. You want a good start to the day with Practice today." Derek told Danny with a warm smile.

"Yeah. Coach said he'd be telling us about the Regional Finals today so that'll be fun. Hope we can win." Danny grinned before digging into his breakfast.

"I'm sure you'll all do well." Derek said reassuringly confident that his son and the team would win.

The two talked for a little while more as they ate their breakfast. Though eventually Danny finished up and was off to the front door. He got his backpack out and slip on his usual sandles giving his dad a hug before he was out the door. He was anxious to get the day started and was looking forward to seeing his best friend  down at the corner. The two always walked to school together as it wasn't far from their neighborhood. Just a few blocks away. It didn't take Danny long to reach his best friend's place. His friend was already waiting out on the front steps.

"Took your time this morning huh?" Asked the Albino rabbit as he rose from the steps stretching.

"Sorry Arctic. I slept in." Danny blushed a bit rubbing the back of his head as the slightly shorter Rabbit walked over.

"Well I guess I can forgive ya this time sleepy head." Arctic told him with a pat on the back. "So how'd you sleep?"

"Like a baby." Danny responded with a grin as they walked.

"Well of course ya did. Kinda hard not to with a diaper." Arctic told him with a smirk which made Danny blush.

"Yeah. I guess so. Least I'm not the only one who sleeps like that huh Mr. Crinkle Pants?" Danny asked as his blush subsided.

"You know you could try wearing em more often like me." Arctic said once more trying to entice the otter to do so.

"I dunno I mean what if people find out?" Danny asked shaking his head. "No I don't think I could do that."

"Well I've been wearing em all the time for a while now and nobody's noticed." Arctic told him.

"I just dunno." Danny said staring at his feet as the school came into sight.

"Alright then I'll drop it." Arctic said seeing it was making Danny uncomfortable.

Once inside the two went to their lockers and got their books for the morning. From there it was off to Home Room for role call and the daily announcements. After that it was off to class. Danny and Arcic shared most of the classes so they spent the morning together in class. They were on even footing in most of their classes except for science. Despite an interest in science fiction some of the science stuff, physics and such , eluded him but seemed to come naturally to Arctic. It wasn't long until Lunch came and the two parted ways for a bit. Danny went down to the Cafeteria while Arctic headed for the Nurse's office. He was past the age of needing the nurse to change him but the rabbit preferred to get changed there as it lowered the chances of someone finding out and everyone just assumed  he went there for medication. It didn't take him long to change and he eventually rejoined Danny at the lunch table. The two chatted about this and that and talked to a few other friends who had gathered at the table.

Eventually though the end of lunch came and on went the last of the classes for the day which seemed to drag for Danny as he was anxious to get to Swim practice today.  He practically shot up out of  his seat when the final bell rang. He waved off Arctic who headed down one hall to stop at the Nurse's before heading off to Robotics club while Danny went down the other and quickly found himself in the locker room. He smiled as he walked into the for the moment empty locker room. He was always the first there. He took a deep breath already able to smell the chlorine from the pool as he headed back to a bathroom stall. Danny had always preferred to change in private. Not that he wasn't proud of his body but he didn't want anyone to see the childish briefs he wore.  It didn't take him all that long to get changed into his swim suite which in his case as with a few others on the team was more a speedo. That said it wasn't overly tight and had ample coverage and was his favorite color. Blue.  By the time Danny put his bag in locker there were only a few people who'd filed into the locker room. Danny took a seat on the bench waiting for the others to arrive and finish. As he sat there he talked with a black Wolf named Jeff for a bit about this or that asking him how his day was. The two of them were passing friends as they rarely saw each other outside the Swim Team. But they still talked until finally everyone was ready and the Coach, and older Reef Shark named Mr. Calson spoke up.

"Alright boys now that everyone's ready lets go over some things. Now you all know the Regional Finals are Next week. Now what I haven't told you is where their at and what we're going to be doing for them." Mr. Calson started

"We're gonna kick some tail! That's what we're doing for em!" Came the voice or a smiling  Polar Bear named George.

"Well of course that. But since everyone's done so well this year I thought we'd make this fun. Since the Finals will be at Sandy Rock out by the coast and considering how long it takes to get there we've come up with the following." Mr. Calson said before clearing his throat and looking at his clip board. "We're turning the trip into a field trip. So next Thursday I want everyone here by 7:00am for our departure. We'll be visiting the Sandy Rock Aquarium that day. You'll get to see all the animal exhibits, the shows, and I've gotten us a lil behind the scenes look. We'll be staying over at the Alcord Hotel overnight so bring a change of clothes and Pjs. Friday we'll be meeting at the Sandy Rock high school  and having the finals." Mr. Calson explained to the now excited lot of boys ready for the event. "Now I've already sent out permission e-mails to your parents today and if your folks have any questions you all know my number so don't be afraid to call. And if any of you have any questions  yourselves ask now."

"Do we all get our own rooms?" Jeff asked raising his hand.

"I'm afraid not boys. We just couldn't swing it so it'll be two to a room. So I'll be putting up this sheet and I want you guys to pair off with who you wanna be room mates with." Mr. Calson said pinning the room sheet on the board.

"Will we need  to bring anything for like Lunch and stuff?" George once again spoke up.

"Lunch we'll be eating out at a local Restaurant and we'll be having dinner at the hotel along with breakfast the following morning. Lunch the day of the Finals will be at the local Burger place. So you won't need to worry about any of that but there are concessions at the Aquarium and a gift shop so you might wanna bring a little money if you want to get anything else." Mr. Calson warned them.  "Now anymore questions? No? Alright than lets go get in the pool I want you guys starting out with your warm up laps as usual."

Danny rose with a grin on his face as they all file don out to the pool. This was going to be great he thought. A day at an Aquarium, eating out, and the finals the next day. It was bound to be pretty darn cool. Danny was excited about it to be sure and stayed that way for most of practice. But towards the end his excitement died as he thought about the overnight part. Nobody on the swim team knew he wet the bed and he wanted to keep it that way. But now it might not stay that way for long. Danny wasn't sure he could hide it from a room mate. If they spent the night in the same room than any number of things could happy to reveal his diapers and of course he couldn't go without them as his room mate would be certain to notice a soaked bed in the morning. He briefly entertained the idea of just not sleeping that night but knew that was a lost cause. As it finally came time for them to get out of the pool all trace of excitement was gone from Danny and replaced spiders in his stomach.  This was made worse as they began to fill out the room mate sheet. Danny had hoped that maybe he could room with Jeff but Jeff had already picked a room mate. Danny hung back a bit trying to figure out who to ask to be his room mate when Sam walked over and looked at the sheet seeing who was taken and then looked at Danny.

"Hey wanna be room mates?" Sam asked him with a bright warm smile.

"Huh? M-me?" Danny asked in a bit of shock. The team's star swimmer and one of the more popular boys in school had just asked him. Danny.  The Middle of the road swimmer and blend into the background popularity wise student t be his room mate.

"Yeah you. You don't mind do you?" Sam asked tilting his head a bit.

"No! I mean no I don't mind. Sure we can be room mates." Danny blurted still dumb struck.

"Alright then roomie. Thanks." Sam grinned and wrote their names on the sheet  and gave Danny a pat on the shoulder before heading to his locker to get changed.

Danny couldn't quite believe what had just happened as he walked back to his locker. He was kind of in a hazy autopilot as he took his bag back to the stall to change. For one he'd just realized that on this trip there was a very real chance his bed wetting and diaper wearing would be exposed to a team mate and likely then the rest of the school. On top of that who ask too be his room mate but the most popular and best swimmer on the team. And for all the anxiety this was causing Danny felt thrilled at the same time and had no idea why. Or at least no idea that he readily wanted to admit to himself as he got dried off and changed back into his normal clothes.  He couldn't stop thinking about all this as he left the locker room and then the school. It was all so much and he just didn't know  what to make of it. He looked around a  bit as he walked wishing that Arctic's Robotics Club would last longer so they could walk home together. He needed someone to talk to. Besides that he had questions for Arctic. The rabbit had after all gone this long keeping his diapers a secret surely he'd have some words of wisdom to pass on to Danny to ease his mind about this whole thing. But instead all he had was his own thoughts as he walked on home.

"Hey there champ. I got that email today and already sent out your permission form for the trip." Derek told his son with a smile walking into the door.

"Oh... thanks dad." Danny said not sounding as excited as Derek had thought he would.

"What's wrong Danny?" Derek asked as his son put is back pack away setting the bag with his swim wear down on the floor.

"It's an overnight trip remember." Danny said  quietly.

"I understand. Come on over here Danny." Derek said putting an arm around his son's shoulder and led him around to the couch to sit down.

"Dad... what if someone finds out? What'll I do? What'll they say?" Danny asked voice shaking a bit.

"I know. I know." Derek stared as he rubbed Danny's back to calm him. "Now it's not a certainty you'll be caught. You can change into your bedtime diaper in the bathroom. And wear some shorts over it. Nobody has to know it's there."

"But what if they notice how puffy the shorts are? Or what if the diaper shows over top of them? Or..." Danny trailed off as his voice shook a bit again.

"Just make sure you change before bed and try and stay in bed. That way nobody's likely to notice.  Besides I'm sure your room mate won't be keeping an eagle eye out for them anyway." Derek said as he continued to rub Danny's back.

"I guess." Danny nodded as took a deep breath beginning to calm down. "Sides I don't think Sam would be that mean. And he's popular so he might not be paying much attention to me anyway. I mean there's not much to look at and he probably has a girlfriend and ..." Danny trailed off as his face turned read realizing what he was rambling about.

"I'm sure you'll catch someone's attention in the way you want when the time's right and they won't care in the least about what you wear." Derek told him with a smile wanting to say more but realizing that now might not be the best time for his own romantic advice and held off. "Now then why don't you go up to your room and relax Ok? Try not to worry about all this Ok?"

"Ok Dad. I'll do that." Danny smiled and gave his dad a hug which he returned in kind.

After that Danny did indeed head up to his room. He turned on his TV and laid down on his bed channel surfing for a bit before settling in on the comedy network for a while. Watching the stand up comedians helped ease his mind about the trip and as his worry faded to the background he started thinking more about Sam. The thought of sharing a room with him was kind of nice.  Danny had to admit to himself that he did have kind of a crush on Sam though he was certain that Sam wouldn't feel the same way. Even if Sam wasn't interested in girls, of whom many were likely interested in him, Sam would still be too high up the popularity scale to think much of Danny. Right? But then why did Sam choose to room up with Danny? Surely there were lots of others that were more popular that wouldn't have minded yet Sam chose him. Maybe Sam was interested in him?  But then again Danny thought "Yeah and maybe George will go a whole meet without talking." with a laugh before he was pulled out of his thoughts by the sound of his dad calling him down for dinner.

Dinner that night turned out to be fried Tuna with some popcorn shrimp and Danny's favorite Strawberry Milk. Danny and his dad talked a bit. Eventually the conversation lead back to the trip and once again Derek tried to assure his son all would be fine. But this time wanting to put his son more at ease offered a way out saying that Danny didn't have to go on the trip if he didn't want to. That he could just call in sick and stay home those two days. Danny wasn't sure about that. Sure it would solve the problem but he'd worked so hard to make it to the Regional Finals and it just didn't seem right to give up now. Derek was proud that his son thought that. It showed character that even if his son was scared of something he still didn't want to back down from a commitment.  Still Derek told his son that the offer would remain open. The rest of dinner went fairly quietly after this and was much lighter. Knowing that there was an out made Danny feel a little better about all this even if he didn't wanna  use it he could still pretend that he might and that was enough .

After dinner was done Danny helped clear the table and then went back up to his room. He looked at the clock next to his bed and decided that it was late enough for him to get ready for bed. So with that Dannny walked over to his dresser and pulled off his pants and briefs stuffing each into a drawer before he pulled out a fresh diaper from his bottom drawer. He smiled as unfolded it and laid it out on the bed. Next he gave it a light sprinkling of baby powder and puffed some on himself before he laid down on top of the diaper. He then pulled it up between his legs and in short order had it securely taped up. Now standing he walked over to take a look at himself in the mirror. He smiled contently at his reflection at first before it turned to uncertainty. Could he really keep his diapers hidden from Sam? What would happen if Sam found out? Would he pick on him? Laugh at him? Tell everyone else about it?

"I hope this goes well. I mean I can't let this get out. What'll the rest of the team say? They'd never forget it! I'd be picked on about it until I graduate!" Danny said mostly thinking loud to the assortment of Otter, Seal, and Dolphin plushies on his bed. "I'll ask Arctic about this tomorrow. He wears theses all the time. He'll know what I should do? I mean really if Arctic can keep it a secret why can't I? Damn Arctic I wish he was on the swim team! Then we could room together and I'd feel a lot better about this." Danny groaned as he pulled on a pale blue night shirt and flopped down on his bed looking at his plushies. "Wish I could bring one of your guys along but that'd just make things worse. I mean how many 14 year olds still sleep with plushies huh?" Danny asked looking into the eyes of his Otter plushie. He gave it a loving pat before rising momentarily. He grabbed a pacifier off the dresser and flicked out the light before climbing back into bed.. As he laid there he turned on the TV and watched  a few shows for a while before he found himself eventually nodding off.

That night as Danny slumbered that night his dreams drifted to Sam. It was the strangest thing. There they were in the a Hotel room and not only was Danny laying on the bed in just his diaper but Sam came over dressed like wise and sat down on the bed with him. They watched cartoons and cuddled for a time. Eventually Sam noticed that Danny's diaper was quite soggy and started baby talking to him as he got out a fresh diaper and supplies. Danny just laid there with a smile as Sam continued the baby talk as he cleaned Danny up and put him in a fresh diaper. And once done the two snuggled back up together and kissed.

Danny awoke the next morning to find himself kissing his plush with his pacifier  under his pillow and of course had  a very soggy diaper as usual. Danny sighed rolling over and thought about the dream and what might be but likely wouldn't. He would love for that dream to come true but knew the reality of things would likely be far from it. He looked over at the clock. Which read 8:43am on a Saturday morning.  He looked down at his diaper with a content sigh and gave the squishy garment a pat and smiled considering wither or not to wear one over Arctic's place today. He'd done it occasionally but his courage just wasn't there this morning so today's morning found itself mostly repeating yesterday's as Danny got changed  and dressed for the day. After having a bowl of cereal for breakfast Danny once again slipped on his sandles and was out the door and off to Arctic's.

"Good Morning Mr. Walright is Arctic home?" Danny asked  the tall tundra wolf that stood before him.

"Yes. He's up in his room. Come on in Danny." Mr. Walright smiled stepping aside to let the boy in.

Danny thanked Mr. Walright and walked in. The tall wolf was always a kind soft spoken sort. Arctic was his adoptive son. So having a single father was something Arctic and Danny shared. Danny suspected that Arctic's dad was very well off. The home wasn't showy but the electronics were all top of the time. The best Mr. Walright seemed relatively unconcerned with prices that might have given his own father pause.  Danny often wondered what Arctic's life was like before Mr. Walright adopted him but the rabbit didn't like taking about it much. All he'd ever really said was that he bounced around a few homes for a while and some of them were bad. But that was the extent of what Arctic would say. Danny trusted his friend would tell him more when he was ready.

"Come on guys guard the Flag! From behind! Arg. Who took the rocket launcher?" Arctic complained into a head set's mic as he laid on his bed in just a diaper with a controller in his hand.

"Hey Arctic. No wining huh?" Danny asked with a laugh as he walked over and sat down  on the bed beside Arctic.

"No we're not. The other team's too darn good. Argh! Stupid sniper!" Arctic groaned as his character was taken out.

"Wow you complaining about a sniper? Usually you're the one hold up in a perch dropping people." Danny said as he watched the round progress.

"Yeah but today  a new guy accidentally boosted into me with a Ghost before I could get to the perch." Arctic said as the round continued until eventually it ended with the other team winning. "Awww fudge!"

"Hehe. What I don't smell any. Usually when you've done that I notice the smell." Danny joked with a grin.

"Oh ha ha. But true I guess." Arctic said signing out and then sat up. "So how was Swim practice yesterday?"

"It was pretty good. I actually wanted to talk to you about it." Danny told him before he started in on relaying all the information he'd got from the coach and what had happened with Sam. "So I was hoping that you'd maybe have some advice on how I could hide my diapers from Sam?"

"Oh so the Otter comes for the bunny's sagely diaper wisdom. I can help with that." Arctic started with a grin. "Ok. First of all keep your diapers in a separate compartment and on the bottom. Bring more than you think you'll need just in case. Now to get changed into em of course just go into the bathroom and do it there.  Wear some baggy shorts and the longest shirt you can. That'll hide things pretty well visibly."

"Yeah but what about the sounds? You know the crinkles?" Danny asked as he sat there listening intently.

"Well the shorts should muffle it a bit but you might try wearing a pair of briefs over the diaper. That should keep the crinkling down to a minimum." Arctic explained with a nod.

"Ok now what about the ride back home? I might fall asleep then and well you know." Danny said blushing deeply.

"Yeah for the ride back home you definitely should wear a diaper in case you fall asleep. Again just change into one in the bathroom and again wear your briefs over it and make sure the shirt's long enough. Oh and try not to listen to any of your soft music on the ride there. You like audio books so listen to some of those and bring your smart phone. You can play games on it to keep yourself awake." Arctic said rattling off al the advice he could think of.

"Ok that sounds good. I hadn't thought about wearing briefs over the diapers. Thanks. But your sure this will work?" Danny asked sounding just a little unsure.

"Yeah I know it'll work. Just be careful and calm and everything will be alright." Arctic said trying to sound reassuring.

"Ok thanks for the advice. I was already thinking about some of it but makes me feel better that I'm not the only one who thought it would work." Danny smiled with a relief.

"Anytime buddy. Now then lets play a round. Just you vs. me." Arctic grinned tossing Danny the controller.

Danny sighed taking the controller and the two began their game. They played several rounds of which Arctic had won most of them. The two talked and enjoy the day playing for a while before eventually Danny made his way home feeling reassured that he could do this and that everything would be alright. This was a feeling that lasted the rest of the day and on into Sunday, and even Monday. But as the days ticked by, Tuesday and then Wednesday, Danny found himself becoming nervous about it all again. By this poin the had two more swim meets and was no still no closer o understanding why Sam had picked him for a room mate. Although Sam did seem to be talking with him more. Sam told Danny that he'd be brining along a binder full of movies they could watch at the hotel and asked which movies Danny liked. Danny was a bit confused but rattled off his interest in scifi, horror and stand up comedy. Sam had laughed and jokingly asked if Danny were a mind reader before saying he'd bring plenty in those generes. This was on Monday. On Wednesday when they had their last swim meet before the trip Sam got to the locker room around the same time as Danny and once both were changed Sam asked Danny to come to the side with him. Danny was puzzled why Sam wanted to speak privately and noticed that the normally Confident  dolphin seemed nervous now.

"Say um...I was wondering if I could trust you with something." Sam started as he fiddled his fingers a bit. "It's something that I kinda want kept quite."

"Sure. I can do that. I promise I'll keep it a secret. Whatever it is." Danny told Sam taking a step closer with both concern and curiosity about the situation.

"Well I um...Guess there's no easy way to say this. I still kinda like plushies. Their relaxing and stuff and One's kinda sentimental. So you wouldn't mind if I brought one with me right?" Sam asked as his face turned red.

"Wow. No I don't mind go ahead." Danny nodded emphatically before a blush came to his own face. "Long as you don't mind if I bring one and keep it quite yourself."

"You still like em too? I didn't think anyone else my age still liked plushies." Sam said with a bit of surprise. "Sure go ahead.  We can both keep this quite. Thanks a lot."

"No problem." Danny smiled still blushing a bit.

The rest of the swim meet went fairly normally. Or at least as normal as the last meet before Regional Finals can get.  Sam smiled at Danny at the end saying that he'd see him tomorrow. The rest of the evening Danny couldn't help but smile a bit. He could now bring a comfort item with him and not have to worry about what Sam would think. This eased his mind a great deal as he told his dad about this and was told that this was a good sign that tomorrow would go just fine. Danny agreed and the rest of the night went as usual. Danny slipping into his bedtime diaper and watching TV for a little while before he eventually turning it off and  going to sleep.

Danny awoke the following morning having had another diaper dream involving Sam at the hotel. Only this time the two were playing together with their plushies in just a diaper. Again this brought a smile to Danny's face as he got ready that morning. It was still quite early for him as he changed out of his diaper and got dressed for the day. He checked his bag again  to make sure it was all set and that he hadn't forgotten anything. His diapers were hidden away under some clothes Danny wouldn't be using in one compartment with his Otter plush stored beneath his clothes in another compartment. Danny checked his Smart phone and music player. Both were fully charged. Danny stowed the two away in his pockets and made sure to pack the chargers in his bag. With this done Danny took his bag downstairs and sat it by the door before he sat down for breakfast. His dad had laid out a bowl of cereal with dices strawberries init for Danny which he ate with gusto before it was time for him to head out.

Danny walked his usual route to school today sighting a bit as he walked it alone. His stomach churned with what might happen at the hotel tonight. The possibility of being discovered. The ways Sam could react to it. All this made him a little uneasy as he made his way to the school walking into the main blacktop area. He was surprised when he saw the Bus that waited there for him. He assumed that they'd just be using a school bus for this trip but instead it was a chartered bus. Danny looked at it and couldn't believe it. Mr. Calson was already there of course and commented that the school and sprung for something nice and asked if Danny had ever been on one of these before. He shook his head saying that he hadn't.  The couch just smiled and told him that probably a lot of the guys hadn't before he showed Danny a luggage compartment and told him he could put his bag in there. Danny nodded and put it in just as a car arrived. Out of it came Sam who gave Danny a smile and waved as he walked over.

"Looks like we're the first ones here." Sam said looking around only seeing Danny and Mr. Calson.

"Yup I guess so. I only live a few blocks from here so I guess that's why I got here first." Danny explained blushing a bit.

"Morning Sam. Come on over you can drop off your bag here in the luggage compartment then you two can get on and find a seat if you want. " Mr. Calson told them.

"Ok." Sam smiled putting his bag in the compartment as Danny got on and found a seat by the window. Sam got on a moment later looking around and came over to Danny. "Mind if I sit next to you?"

"N-no I don't mind." Danny said stumbling over his words at first.

"Thanks. Wow. Overnight trip." Sam said taking a deep breath sounding nervous. "This'll be my first time away from home overnight."

"Really? You've never had a sleep over before?" Danny asked quite puzzled. Sam was pretty popular surely someone must have invited him to one.

"Nope. Never been on a sleep over before. I've gotten invites but their um...usually not my scene." Sam said rubbing the back of his head.

"I've had a few sleepovers but well only with my best friend Arctic." Danny told Sam noticing that the dolphin seemed to be blushing.

"Oh I know him. He sits in front of me in English class." Sam said with a smile brightening back up.

"Cool I didn't know you knew him." Danny said with a grin.

"Yeah we had to do an English report together earlier this year. I picked him cuz I think he's probably a better writer than me." Sam said with a  light laugh.

"Arctic's a pretty good writer though I think he thinks he's better than he really is." Danny giggled remembering Arctic's critique of a fanfic they read online.

"Well the two of us together were good enough to get an A." Sam shrugged noticing that while they'd been talking more of the guys had filed onto the bus. "Looks like it won't be long before we leave."

"Yeah looks like." Danny agreed as the last finally got seated on the bus.

"Alright boys now that everyone's here we'll be heading out. It'll take maybe 3 hours to get there so settle in and relax." Mr. Calson told them as he took a seat near the front behind the driver.

So with that the Bus got moving and their trip began. Danny found himself seated next to Sam and the two continued to talk on as the bus traveled on down the roads. They discovered that they both loved FullMetal Alchemist, and both had read the Zombie Survival guide. They talked and joked about the later for some time each giving their own Zombie survival plan. The two quoted parts of the book laughing at it. They were quite enjoying themselves already. Danny had expected a long quite ride but here he was talking with the best swimmer on the team and the two seemed to just be hitting it off. At this rate the two barely noticed the passage of time and before either knew it they were at the Aquarium.

"Alright everyone. Now The show for today starts at 11:00am so that means since the ride was a little shorter we have over an hour. So your all free to walk around and look at the exhibits but just remember to be back  at the main area by 11:00 alright?" Mr. Calson told everyone who all nodded in agreement before everyone started to head off in this direction or that.

"Wanna look around together?" Sam asked Danny as everyone started to go their own way.

"Sure. Lets go see what we find first." Danny nodded with a smile a little surprised that that Sam wasn't electing to go hang out with some of the other guys now.

So the two headed off together starting to walk through the exhibits seeing all the animals. Sam seemed to know a little something about practically all of them and for once Danny felt he was a little lacking in knowledge here. He learned that Sam wanted to someday study marine biology for a living. Something that Danny never expected. Danny just listened as Sam talked while they walked through the aquarium. At one point they found themselves walking through this tunnel that went through a large tank filled with all kinds of marine life. There were a few others that branched off of it and the two walked out into one of the domes looking out at the life swimming all around them.  Danny looked up at I tall in awe. He could understand why Sam wanted to study this for a living. It was spectacular. It felt like it was just the two of them at the bottom of the ocean. Only one thing could have made it better, and something close to that happened. As they looked out seeing a sea turtle swim over them Sam took Danny's hand in his which sent the otter's heart racing.  Danny found himself gripping Sam's hand back and for a time the two boys stood there without words staring at the beauty before them before finally one summoned the will to speak.

"Danny...I like you." Sam started blushing as he looked to the otter at his side.

"I like you too Sam...a lot." Danny said holding Sam's hand a little tighter.

"You  mean like...boyfriend like?" Sam asked as his blush deepened knowing that now was the moment.

"You mean you like me as a? Yes!" Danny nodded as it seemed like a fantasy coming true. "Sam I've had a crush on you for a while now. I just... Your so popular and you're the best swimmer on the team.  I'm just average and I'm not really all that popular and I never thought that you were... you know."

"Well I just didn't really advertise it I guess but a few of the guys on the team know. I just didn't really know how to let you know I liked you. Every time I tried to get up the courage to say something I just kinda chickened out." Sam sighed shaking his head blushing. "So are we a couple now?"

"I guess we are." Danny said with a smile still blushing a bit at all this.

With this it seemed like a weight had been lifted from the lads. They continued to walk the Aquarium for a short while now hand in hand. It wasn't long however before they rejoined the rest of the team at the meeting spot. After a head count Mr. Calson then lead them to the main show tank where the boys along with the rest of the day's patrons were seated.  Danny and Sam sat there together as the announcer began the show. There were trainers and animals doing all shorts of tricks. Seals, Dolphins and  even an Orca.. Everyone watched the show in amazement as the animals went too and throw leaping in and out of the water. It was truly a sight to see and Danny and Sam sat there captivated by it. By the time the show was over the boys felt as if it had just begun. But before they could leave the area Mr. Calson said they had a special treat leading everyone up to the part where the stage hands and stood.

"Good morning boys. My name's Cindy and today you'll all get a bit better acquainted with our cast." Said the young Seal woman before them. She sat down at the tank's edge and a moment later everyone stepped back as the Orca slid up onto the partly submerged platform. "Alright now. One at a time come on over and say Hi."

Everyone grinned and with that one at a time they approached the massive animal  and were able too pet it and even feed it a fish. Danny smiled as he gently went to pet the Orca. It amused him a bit that it's skill felt much like Sam's. More than that though he had a sense of awe at this animal. This close he could see it's eyes unlike some animals you could see this was something that had thought. Once Danny was done it was Sam's turn. The Orca seemed to watch Sam as he came over and gave it a pet. Sam smiled at the Orca calling it a big distant cousin as he gave a dolphin squeak and click which got the Orca to bob it's head in response. Sam put his hand on the Orca's head  looking at it thoughtfully before feeding it a fish and finishing his turn. As they waited for the others to finish Danny asked Sam what the squeak and click were about. Sam explained a bit about Dolphins having Radar and that when he made the noise he used a frequency of sound the Orca could hear. Danny nodded not quite sure what exactly as to it all but knowing that it seemed pretty cool to him.

After this the team was lead around by Cindy and given a behind the scenes look at everything which lasted an hour and had a few more instances where they got o pet animals. Danny found he liked the Penguines a lot as one little one seemed to take a shine to him. Sam meanwhile quite enjoyed the Dolphin tank as he got them all squeaking and clicking away right back at him much to everyone's amusement. Cindy for her part laughed and told him he was a natural at this which of course brought the biggest grin to his face as she said a few of the Dolphin furs around did that as well and she was impressed that Sam seemed to just intuitively know what sounds to make. After all this there was really only one more stop while there. The gift shop. Everyone browsed around for a while getting this or that. Sam and Danny found themselves looking over some of the stuffed animals there. It had quite the collection of Marine life. The two grinned as they noted both their species were represented among the plushies so each got a plush of the other's species for one another.

"So you finally told him didn't ya?" George spoke up seeing the two obviously spending a lot of time together so far and buying something for each other.

"Yeah I did." Sam nodded with a smile.

"Well it's about time! If you kept asking me wither or not you should ask in the showers after practice like that I woulda gone nuts!" Georg laughed and put an arm around each of them. "Well be happy you two. Know that Alexa knows your taken I might just have a shot."

The two blushed but smiled at George's statements before he finally walked back over to some of this other friends. After the shopping was done everyone once again boarded the bus and sat back as it drove off again. They drove further into town and pulled into a good sized sit in restaurant where everyone got out. They were lead into a separate room which had a buffet set up like one of those all you can eat deals. There were Burgers, hotdogs, tacos, French fries, Nachos, pizza, chips, and plenty of soda. All it took was the word from Mr. Calson and the swim team descended on it grabbing what they liked before finding a seat at the tables. Everyone dug in hungrily. It was pretty great fun. There was plenty of talking and it seemed word spread quickly through the team about Sam and Danny's budding relationship. Dannny was a big surprised at how many people were saying it was about time for it and that they had known the two had an interest in each other for ages. Danny was left wondering if he was really so clueless as to not notice the signs that apparently most of the rest of the swim team seemed to have noticed.  Still though it was a great relief that everyone seemed so positive about this. The meal continued on for a while everyone chowing down and laughing about this or that before it was finally time to leave and head for the hotel.

Once more everyone boarded the bus and they were off again down the road. It took a little longer than expected to reach the hotel as traffic seemed to back up a bit. Danny didn't mind as he talked with Sam now on the topic of Anime. Though as they talked Danny noticed that Sam seemed to be getting fidgety. This lasted for over ten minutes before Sam finally stopped. Danny was just left perplexed wondering what was going on. Sam said it was nothing that he was just feeling a little motion sick as the bus kept starting and stopping with the red lights. Danny accepted that and let the matter drop as it wasn't  too long after that when they finally reached the hotel where everyone got out and went to get their bags. It was at this point that Danny started to worry a bit. Tonight he'd be spending the night with Sam and it was even more significant now that it was when this whole thing started. Now not only was Sam a friend  but he was now a boyfriend. Danny just took a deep breath. "Keep calm and just remember Arctic's advice" he thought to himself as he hefted his bag following he others into the Hotel's main lobby. They were directed up to the second floor and shown their rooms each of them getting a key card for their room.

When they waked into their room Danny smiled seeing it had a  good size TV and DVD player. He was about to say something to Sam when he saw the bathroom door close behind him. Danny shrugged it off as sat his bag down on the other second of the bed closet to the window making  note to use the bathroom himself when Sam was done. As Danny waited he noted how big the beds were. Big enough for two  people to sleep comfortably in each.  Really the couch could have had them put four to a room and save money. Danny cringed at this thought. Maybe he could hide his nighttime diapers from Sam but having three people in the room would have made that a heck of a lot harder. Danny was just grateful that it wasn't that many.

Danny was called back from his thoughts on how bad this could have been as Sam walked out of the bathroom setting his backpack down jokingly stating that he shouldn't have had quite so many Tacos with a hint of a blush on his face. Danny laughed and said he hoped Sam didn't stink it up too bad as he got up and walked into the Bathroom himself closing the door behind him. As he answered nature's call though he noticed that really the bathroom didn't smell that bad at all. As Danny sniffed a bit zipping his pants back up and stopped a moment. There was a familiar scent in the air. It wasn't the result of a Taco's exit. No this smelt like a mix of pee and baby powder. Danny found his heart beating more quickly as he walked over to the trashcan and took a look in to find....nothing.  The little trashcan was empty save for the clear bag lining it. Danny sighed as his hopes for what that smell could have meant died.

"So what movie you wanna watch?" Sam asked as Danny came out of the bathroom.

"Hmmm. How about a scifi one first?" Danny suggested seeing Sam flip through a binder full of DVDs.

"Alright hmmm...Oh how about Time Machine?" Sam asked as he pulled the disc out of it's sleeve.

"Oh that sounds good to me. It's an old one but a neat one."  Danny grinned as he sat down on the bed to watch it with Sam as he popped the disc into the player and turned on the TV.

So the two watched their moving commenting on it the whole way through. Essentially providing their own commentary for it as it were. Once more the worries of his diapers were pushed to the back of Danny's mind as he reveled in the present as the movie played.  He was quite enjoying just being with Sam. It just felt right to him. He barely noticed the time as they finished the movie and began watching the Special Features on it. By the time this was done the sun was setting outside and dinner time had come. The set up downstairs was nice. Everyone picked what they wanted for dinner and again it was much like lunch.  Everyone ate their fill but now the talk had turned to the Regional Finals tomorrow and hopes for victory. Danny took this opportunity to say with Sam on their team they'd win for sure. This got Sam blushing again which Danny couldn't help but think was cute.

Eventually things wound down and the boys began too find their way back to their rooms.  Sam told Danny he'd meet him up in the room as he left a little earlier than Danny who was still talking with Jeff. The two finished talking a short while later and Danny went on up to his room. As he made his way up there he got a knot in his stomach as the thought of his diapers being discovered returned.  Danny worried what Sam would think if he discovered and now had the worry that if Sam did find out that it would end their relationship. How many people wanna date someone who still wets the bed like a little cub? Danny didn't wanna think about it so he pushed the thoughts aside as he opened the door and walked in. Sam was already dressed in a pair of baggy PJ pants and a long t-shirt for the night.  

Danny smiled and said he'd get ready for bed now himself. This was the moment  he thought as he went into the bathroom with his bag. He closed the door and took a deep breath as he pulled his shirt off and got out of his pants putting both in the bag. He then reached into the other compartment and pulled out a fresh diaper. He sat it on the counter top for a moment as he got out a container of baby powder as well. Now finally his cartoon briefs came off.  Danny started to powder himself up this time using his hands to rub the powder in good. Once done with that he dusted off his hands and grabbed the diaper. Using the wall to pin the diaper he brought it up between his legs and careful only to touch the ends of the tapes, taped it up securely. Danny sighed with that done and reached towards his bag only to stop. There was still powder on his paws. He blushed and decided it might be a good idea to wash the powder off so that he didn't get any of it on his Pjs for  Sam to see.  Outside the bathroom Sam heard the water running as he felt lunch wanting to make an exit soon and rose from the bed walking over to the door assuming Danny was done.

"Sorry to barge in but I really gotta..." Sam trailed off as he stood there in shock seeing Danny's own shocked face in the mirror before his eyes focused on Danny's diapered bottom as the otter stood there in nothing else. "You wear diapers?"

"Y-yes." Danny said turning red as his voice trembled and his lip did too fearing the worst Danny broke down tears coming down his face. "Please don't tell anyone! Please...don't leave me."

"Awww it's Ok Danny." Sam said kneeling down as Danny had dropped to his knees sobbing. "I swear I won't tell a soul It's Ok."

"You mean it?" Danny asked looking up at Sam's face.

"I mean it. I'd never do something as cruel as that." Sam said with resolution before his voice faltered as he spoke again. "I know what that's like."

"Huh?" Danny said confused by the last remark.

"I well...I...oh heck it's easier to just show ya." Sam said and hastily dropped his pants turning shades of red himself as Danny sat there on the floor now looking directly the same brand of Pawpers AllNites he himself was wearing.

"You wear em too?" Danny said rubbing his eyes in disbelief.

"Yeah. I have a kind of weak bladder at times. It comes and goes.  I haven't ever had a dry night and I...sometimes have accidents during the day." Sam explained having to take a deep breath before that last part.

"Is that what happened today on the bus?" Danny asked as he sniffed to clear his nose and got up off the floor.

"Yeah. I really had to go and well I'm just glad I listened to mom and wore the heavy strength pull on" Sam said blushing again.

"That must be rough. I've had accidents during the day too when I fall asleep." Danny explained as Sam pulled his pants up.

"Yeah same here. I gotta stay awake or risk wetting my pants if I fall asleep."  Sam nodded understandingly as Danny pulled out his night shirt.

"So um...do you...like em?" Danny asked with a blush as he pulled his t-shirt on.

"Well I um...Yes." Sam admitted deciding to keep it simple at first. "What about you?"

"Yeah. They keep my bed dry and let me sleep the night through and...they make me feel safe" Danny said hoping he didn't say to much with the last part.

"Just like a plushie. Only it's warm and nice in the morning." Sam nodded with a smile and a blush.

"You wouldn't happen to like cub stuff too would you?" Danny asked with a smile as he began to grow more confident.

"Well sorta. Ok yes. I guess you do too huh? What sort of stuff?" Sam asked curiously as Danny got his shorts on.

"I like plushies for one. Also like stuff like...pacifiers and sometimes maybe a bottle. I've also got a few one piece Pjs for when it gets cold that I like." Danny told him.

"You wears sleepers in the winter too? I thought I was the only one!" Sam laughed  as he backed up and sat down on the bed.

"Well your not. They keep me pretty warm in the winter. I know Arctic has a bunch of em." Danny smiled shaking his head. "Oh! You won't tell anyone about him either right?"

"Course not. I um...already knew he wore diapers. I don't think anyone else notices but I could see the top of em when he leans forward in class." Sam told  him.

"Heh neat. Well why didn't you ever say anything to him?" Danny asked curiously.

"Cuz I thought it was kinda neat. I didn't wanna embarrass him by drawing attention to it and well...I liked seeing his diapers. Your gonna think this is corny but sometimes I imagined it was you in his place." Sam explained blushing anew.

"Hehe. Well now I guess you get to see the real thing." Danny laughed as he sat down on the bed.

"Yeah I guess so." Sam smiled warmly.

The night went on the two boys talking about things most boys their age wouldn't. The two laid back in bed with their plushies talking as they watched some Stand Up comedy. They discovered they had much in common including a desire to wear diapers more often though both were afraid of discovery. Danny admitted though that the thought of Sam discovering his had been a source of fear but also excitement and was quite surprised to hear Sam had felt the same  It seemed the two were quite the match. As the night wore on the two decided to share one bed snuggled together under the covers. With the TV off now and just the light of the moon filtering in through the window the two laid there facing each other. They snuggled closer to one another until finally they joined in their first kiss which seemed to stretch seconds into minutes. Now wrapped in one another's arms the two slowly drifted off to sleep content in the knowledge that they could be their most intimate selves with one another.

The next morning saw both boys rising early as the excitement of the Regional Finals would not let them sleep for longer. Both boys had awoke as they always did though with quite soggy diapers. For a short time they simply cuddled basking in the relaxing warmth of their diapers and decided to answer nature's call in them one final time before changing. They thought for a moment to maybe change each other but decided to take it a bit more slowly and that it would be more fun when they could change each other into a fresh diaper instead of underwear.

"Hey I have a bit of a question. What do you think we should do after the Regional Finals? I mean I don't know about you but I'm probably gonna be beat and well I dunno if those Pull-ons can stand up to me if I'm asleep." Sam said as he pulled on a pair of plain white briefs.

"I thought about that myself. Arctic suggested I change into a diaper after the Finals so if I did fall asleep there wouldn't be any wet pants." Danny said as he got his own cartoon briefs on.

"Probably a good idea.  With us sitting together we won't have to worry so much about others noticing." Sam commented grabbing his pants with a smile seeing Danny's briefs. "I didn't know they made cartoon briefs in our size."

"Uh Huh they do. You can order em Online or get em at the Pawpers Shop." Danny explained blushing a bit. "I like looking around there a bit once in a while."

"I'm always too nervous to stay in there long enough to really look around. Guess maybe I should." Sam nodded .

"Well maybe we could go look around together sometime." Danny suggested with a smile.

"I'd like that." Sam grinned back as both boys were finally dressed.

Once dressed the boys once again made their way downstairs this time with their bags for breakfast. The two ate a good breakfast but were careful not to overdo it. It was much the same with the rest of the team. After breakfast Mr. Calson did a head count again making sure everyone was present as they boarded the bus. The ride to Sandy Rock High School didn't take too long. The boys went into the locker room and got changed into their swim suites. They came out into the pool. There was a formal greeting and the event began. Everyone put their best into their performance. Danny himself managed to make it through the first three rounds before he was beaten by a Shark on the other team. Once he was eliminated though he waited on the side line of the pool cheering with the rest of the team and cheering especially hard for Sam who was finally at the last round against the shark that had beaten him. This round was close. They weren't sure who was going to win. Danny found himself holding his breath as the two entered the final stretch and Sam summoned up he last of his energy and pushed forward winning the competition. Danny cheered wildly and found himself giving Sam the biggest hug he could as the team gathered around him and for the hug Danny received a kiss back from Sam. Danny blushed but smiled at this looking on Sam with pride as he was given his medal. With the finals now over and the winner declared things began to wind down. Everyone filed back into the changing rooms. Sam and Danny both this time entered the stalls to change.

"Hey Danny. What about the crinkling from our...you know?" Sam asked quietly as he finished taping up his diaper.

"Arctic said wearing briefs over them will muffle the sound." Danny said as he pulled his briefs up into place.

"Ok gotcha." Sam said as he did the same and came out a few moments later. "Can you notice em?"

"Hmmm. No not really. Think you should be good. What about me?" Danny asked a little nervous.

"With your shirt being longer I don't think anyone will notice at all." Sam smiled

"Good. Well come on lets get on the bus. Next stop is lunch and then the long ride home." Danny said taking Sam's hand.

So off they were once more. Lunch at the Burger place was fine though both boys remained a little nervous their diapers would be discovered by their teammates. But as lunch past and  the team boarded the bus these fears faded. Now it was just the ride home. Sam and Danny said with each other making sure they had each other's contacts. They talked for a bit longer after that before settling in just starting off out the window before the events of the day caught up with them and both boys drifted off to sleep with Sam resting his head on Danny's shoulder. The two slept soundly the entire rest of the way home and their decision to wear a diaper for the return was well founded as when both awoke having arrived at their school they discovered they were quite wet indeed. Both blushed a little at this as they got off the bus. Their parents were waiting for them by their cars.

"So I um. Guess I'll see you Monday." Danny smiled rubbing his shoulder.

"Yup. But we could do something tomorrow if you want? Maybe the Mall?" Sam asked with a bright smile.

"Sure! Sounds great. I'll meet ya at your place." Danny grinned.

"Alright then. Well see ya tomorrow." Sam said.

"Yup tomorrow." Danny started before giving Sam a hug and then  kiss. "See ya then."

"See ya then." Sam grinned and waved as Danny made his way over to his dad's car.

"Well I take it things went well on this trip?" Derek asked his son with a laugh.

"Heh. Oh Yeah! I'll tell ya all about it." Danny told his dad as he got into the car.

With that Danny was off for home with his father chattering away bout the trip. About how scared he'd been about the whole thing, about all the fun they had., about how excited he was when Sam asked to be his boyfriend, about the relief he felt when he discovered that Sam wore diapers at night too and had the same interest in them he did, and lastly about how great it was to cheer him on to victory. Yes indeed it'd been quite a full trip for Danny on his first Swim Trip as it where and things certainly weren't going to be the same anymore but not in the way Danny had feared at the beginning. Now Danny looked forward to spending time with Sam and maybe even more trips like this and telling Arctic how well it all went. One thing was for sure. Things were just starting for Danny and the future sure did look bright. Even if it seemed a little soggy.

The End.

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6 years, 6 months ago
I really enjoyed this story, it was very cute.
I especially enjoyed how long it was, and hope to see a few more stories like this in the future ^^
6 years, 6 months ago
Absolutely amazing. Best thing i've read this month, no doubt about it...please write more about this couple, i need to keep reading about them! :D
6 years, 6 months ago
Nice story, but you could have split it up. It seemed a little too long for one viewing.
6 years, 6 months ago
Aww nice story. Great job. :D
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