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Char Sheet: Koron

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Character Sheet for Koron Fhang
Koron, Kor
Black Wox
Character Description
Koron is a hybrid of a black fox and a wolf, although the latter is only slightly visible on the surface. He has a mutation on his right arm that forced his fur from the elbow down into a pitch-black tone, shaping his hand to look more like a claw, with a more boney and savage overall appearance and shaping his fingertips into sharp claws (Not fingernails. His fingertips are actually edgy.).
His claw periodically emits a thick, black fluid, found to be mildly corrosive to organic matter other than himself. Koron is able to control the fluid and cover certain parts of his body with it, as well as form a decent shield with it. The fluid temporarily hardens when put under severe pressure, being able to block off or at least severely weaken the impact of melee weapons or even bullets (however, bullets will always at least penetrate the slime cover) towards the user. Koron can only ever dispose a certain amount of the fluid before he has to recover, restoring the power needed to dispose new fluid can take up 48-72 hours. When he does not need the fluid for battle, he will occassionally use it for painting, smearing graffitti-like images wherever he pleases.
He can usually be seen wearing a coat of some kind, as well as strong, black boots.
His fur has a dark grey color, with white fur starting at the bottom of his jaw, going over the front of his neck and chest and ending short below his crotch on the insides of his thighs. The fur on his right arm from the elbow down has a visibly darker color, close to real black. He also has two small, thin stripes running along the sides of his muzzle, shaped like two half arrows.
While he usually stays polite and humble, Koron is generally very distrusting of people he doesn't know - on first impression, everyone is a possible cheater or liar. However, this can change quickly once he gets to know someone a little better, shown by him opening up.
He is generally a reliable person, always remembering favors he'd promised to someone, money he lend or gave to someone, as well as any open scores to settle.
Koron is generally calm, even when being harrassed (which is not to say he'd let others mess with him). However, he can turn ferocious quickly as soon as his friends are harmed. He will often go out of his way to chase down people who hurt those he cares for.

While being generally dominant and secretly sadistic, he is not dead-set on being in charge and will gladly let others take the lead in certain situations. Around friends he can be, unlike his public attitude, a very caring, humorous person who will usually help with any problems.
- Art in general
- Sleeping late
- Being around friends
- Metal and Rockmusic of all kinds
- Sword fighting
- Fascination with foreign cultures and beliefs, eg. Vikings, Asians, ect.
- Mead, especially Cherry Mead
- Philosophic conversation/Philosophy in general
- Rain
- Cold environments

- Hip Hop
- Asparagus
- Anyone who brings those he cares for in danger
- Arrogance
- Heat
Born and raised in the city of Faltun, Koron's youth was dominated by being teased for his mutation, the knowledge of being adopted and regular visits to his "grandfather" who'd teach him sword fighting, more for the purpose of fun than any need for it.
Being the only black fox in a family of red foxes, Koron didn't take long to figure out by himself that he was adopted. He didn't mind the fact very much and took it for granted over the years. He was happy to have a family at all, and while his adoptive parents themselves were hard to handle from time to time, he was very close to his sister Irai, whom he would always protect in and outside of school from any bullies or other troublemakers. He also always enjoyed visits to his adoptive gandparents, who would treat him just like a real grandson.
Being pretty much an outsider for his claw, Koron learned to get by himself over the years and was able to not only protect himself, but also those few he would come to care for over the years, most of all Irai. It was no perfect life, but not exactly bad either.
However, his life should change one daywhen he returned from school, finding the door to his house broken down and his adoptive parents as well as his sister gone. Months before his grandfather died, and his grandmother became too sick to take care of him, so the local police wanted to send Koron to a new adoptive family, which he refused. At the young age of 16, he left Faltun and temporarily moved in with some friends he met over the internet in the next biggest city. He would stay there for a couple of months until he read a newspaper article of which he believed to refer to his lost sister, causing him to pack his things and leave to search for her. While he didn't find her directly, he recieved seemingly random, very vague clues about Irais whereabouts, people who knew a friend who might have seen her two weeks ago at the kiosk and the like.
Nevertheless, since the day he left he constantly travelled across the world to various places in search for his sister, taking all kinds of little jobs to make a living wherever he happened to be. Mostly he took courier jobs, but one or the other ominous businessman might have hired him to escort deliveries or important contacts safely. As a result, he has basic knowledge on a wide field of topics as well as he is a decent fighter.
To this day, the whereabouts of his sister - or if she's even still alive - are unknown.
Mordus Fhang - Adoptive Father (Deceased)
Luna Fhang - Adoptive Mother (Deceased)
Ornas Fhang - Adoptive Grandfather (Deceased)
Elfihra Fhang - Adoptive Grandmother
Irai Fhang - Adoptive Sister (Unknown)

Biological Parents - Unknown
Claimed biological Brother - Tharek Seyer (refuses to tell him about parents, probably a liar)
Planet Wetria is an earth-like planet with advanced, futuristic technology. The current year is 2162. Writing down the entire history and details about everyp lace here would make this far too long for this box, so here's the basics:

Wetria consists of 6 main Continents.
Glaria, which is the Continent Koron was born on. The continent is big, and more than half of it is covered in a desert. Below the great desert lie the big cities, including Wetria City and Faltun, in huge, grassy steppes. The very south of the continent features a particularly large set of mountains.
Glaria is known for being an overall balanced continent.
Okral lies to the east and features a mostly warm to mild climate, mostly covered in plains and forests. It is known to be full of culture, prominently featuring asian-like ceremonies and architecture.
Lorat is a rather small continent north-east of Glaria. They mostly mind their own business, being set on peace.
Ghazan lies directly to the west of Glaria and is an independent continent covered almost entirely with mountains. Ghazan's people feature the most advanced and best-trained military in the world.
The Pole could best be compared to an inhabitated version of our arctica. Besides the incedibly huge city of Katan near the north pole and the Azar area, a huge strip of Land serving as a safe route from the south to Katan, most of the pole is inhabitated by Nomad-like tribes and smaller villages that are loosely spread around the icy desert.

The thing that differs Wetria them ost from our world, besides the fact that it is almost exclusively inhabitated by Anthros, is the existance of magic.
Within every living being lies a flow of magical power. Many cannot utilize it properly, but there is a noticable amount of people who have trained their inner flow anough to use it. Until now, the most widespread use for magic is the control and creation of elements with/from the user's bare hands (Yes, we've all seen Avatar, but trust me that I had the idea years before the show started.). Users can create water, flames or even light and shadows from nothing and use them to enhance their abilities or even straight-up use them for combat. The range of observed elements is as wide as the human imagination, however safe for very rare cases, most users don't exceed the mastery of one or at most 2 elements. In extremely rare cases, only a handful of people have been observed to control what seemed like pure magic itself, greatly increasing their potential for combat, but otherwise seemingly not having any practical use.
Less visible applications of magic are passively increasing one's abilities, a circumstance that seems to be a natural conclusion to excessive training with magic. Heavy-duty users of magic are reportedly able to take damage that would otherwise kill a normal person, be exceptionally fast, have god-like reflexes, be incredibly precise or possess greatly increased strength.

Elementalists associated with the element of shadow are generally looked down upon for their existence to turn into living shadows and slip through windows as well as the smallest openings and will, if present, usually be the first to be suspected if a crime happens. In reality, however, shadow elementalists (or "Shadow walkers" as they are casually referred to) do not tend to be more aggressive or malicious than any other group of individuals, magic users or not.
Koron is of average, slightly muscular build. He is 1,88 Meters tall (about 6.1 feet). He has rather short, black hair and red-orange eyes.

His main fur is a rather dark grey, with white fur starting at the bottom of his jaw, following down the front of his neck, across his chest and belly and ending shortly beneath his crotch on the insides of his thighs, as well as the front half of his paws and the inner side of his left arm being white. He has two thin, red stripes along each side of his snout.

On his right Arm, Koron's fur turns a much darker hue, almost pitch-black. His hand is formed into a claw with pointed fingertips and a rather "boney", more brutal looking appearance.
Koron will usually wear a black coat whenever he goes outside, as well as a pair of strong, black boots. He usually rolls the sleeves of his coat up to his elbows, however he will put them down when it gets too cold for him.
He usually covers his right arm and claw with band-aid unless he is with people he knows well enough to be sure that they won't freak out about his mutation.
Below his coat he usually wears a light shirt of any kind, if long-sleeved, the sleeves will be rolled up to his elbows. Colors are usually either black, white or any shade of grey.
Pants-wise, he usually wears fitting jeans, colors ranging from brown, to grey or black.
He usually never wears any headgear, however on cold days he might get out an approximately 2-3 metres (~6.5-9 feet) long scarf, black in color with long, red, flame-like ornaments near the ends.
- A thin, black leather necklace with 8 little rings on the front, the middle 2 being intertwined.
- A roll of band-aid stored in an inside-pocket of his coat
- One or two red swords, reminiscent of katanas
- Very rarely a 10mm pistol
My ref Sheet for my Fursona, who is surprisingly named Koron Fhang :P

Made in 2010, although the character came up in 2009. Yeah, I was pretty slow with this one.
Also the first picture to contain my current watermark, the first one with which I was somewhat happy. The watermark indeed shows Koron's claw in a silhouette.

male 670,371, fox 142,121, wolf 115,961, butt 50,191, hybrid 39,041, male solo 13,719, ref sheet 2,667, coat 1,102, black fur 1,042, claw 705, mutation 401, bandage 382, wox 126
Type: Character Sheet
Published: 6 years, 4 months ago
Rating: General

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