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The Beginning Chapter 2
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Character Sheet for Jasmine Darkstar
Loyal, friendly, helpful, a bit forgetful at times, can act somewhat childish at times, intelligent
-Drinking Tea
-Pretty much and cake, pastry, or dessert XD
-Learning new kinds of magic
-Using her magic to help others
-Spending time with her friends
-The moon and stars at night
-Looking up at the clouds
-Tuning up her custom broom

-Getting teased
-Being looked down on for her age and size
-Green peppers
-When her broom's rockets overheat
-When her broom runs out of gas
-Flying in the rain
Jasmine is an intelligent young girl. Although she's still a witch in training, she knows and is able to use spells that are several classes above her current level. However, despite her skill as a magic user, Jasmine lacks a kind magic that is vital for any witch... she can't fly a broomstick. It has remained a mystery as to why, but Jasmine is unable to utilize the magic used to make a broom fly forward. She can utilize the magic needed to make a broom float in the air, but she can only levitate a total of 5 feet above the ground. She is often teased because of this, as well as looked down upon. However, Jasmine came up with a solution to her problem. If she couldn't use magic to propel her broom through the air, she would use fuel instead.:) She built a set of three rockets that she fitted onto the back of her broom. While some see her method as somewhat unorthodox, but it is effective, and has allowed her to be able to fly high into the air at a range of speeds.
Jasmine's broom is a custom job that she herself worked on. Her broom has been outfitted with two saddle-like seats, three small rocket engines, and even a set of gas and temperature gauges. While her broom is indeed unique, it has limits that other brooms don't. Namely a limited flight range. The engines are fueled using ordinary gasoline, and once they run out of gas, they putter out until more is added. Meaning that without any gas, Jasmine can't fly her broom. This is why she added the gas gauge. The gas tank is located in the first of the three engines, and supplies gas to all three engines at once. Each rocket has limited output, allowing Jasmine to fly through the air at up to 80 mph. The speed is controlled using a foot pedal that works exactly the same way the gas pedal of a car does; the farther down Jasmine pushes the pedal down, the faster her broom will go. By completely letting off the gas pedal, Jasmine can bring herself to a stop. Higher speeds use more gas though, so Jasmine must always be careful of how fast she goes. Should her broom run out of gas, the engines will cut out, and the broom will slowly float down until it is 5 feet above the ground. Also, as she flies, her broom's engines will slowly heat up. The faster she flies, the faster they heat up. Overheating the engines will result in them blowing out. If this happens, the engines will not start back up again until Jasmine repairs them. Jasmine is very attached to her broom because she made it herself, so takes very good care of it, repairing and tuning it up regularly. Of course, there are still times where she either gets carried away or forgets to fill her broom with gas XD.
Jasmine's parent's died when she was younger, so she has continued to live in and take care of the house by herself, making money by doing errands for people around town. Often delivering things. She loves her friends, and will always go out of her way to help them. She feels that magic is something that should be used to help others, so she likes to use her magic to help people in town. She's very friendly and loves to fly around on her broom when she gets a chance. She also enjoys relaxing in grassy fields to look at the clouds during the day, or the moon and stars at night. She and her friends even watch them together a lot of the time. The hat she's often seen wearing belonged to her mother.
Mother is deceased.
Father is deceased.
A small town in a distant world
Short, 5'3" tall, thin build, long light purple hair, and deep purple eyes.
A common dark purple dress, boots matching the color of her dress, a witch's hat that's a tiny bit big on her, a pair of flight goggles on top of her hat, and a pair of leather gloves
Gloves, Goggles, A special rocket-powered broomstick, A hat
This is my OC, Jasmine Darkstar. :) I don't ever seem to make any witch characters, so I thought I'd go ahead and make one. The idea was came to me after I saw a particularly cute picture of an anime witch character with a rocket-powered broomstick. So I designed my character, and came up with my own rocket-powered broomstick for her. :) I know, why would a witch need rockets on her broomstick, right? See, Jasmine has a bit of a problem. One that only she seems to suffer from in her home town... she can't make her broomstick fly. She can make it levitate and float in the air, but for some reason, her magic won't allow her to go forward or backwards, and with her current level of power, she can only get herself a few feet off the ground. So, to make it so she could fly, Jasmine modified her broom with special rockets that she can control the speed and power of using the pedal on the foot rest of the right side of her broom. Clever, right? :) She even added a gas a temp gauge to help her keep an eye on her remaining gas and how hot the rockets are getting.

Jasmine Darkstar is my character. Please do not use her distinct name and or likeness without first asking for and receiving my permission.

female 550,465, human 50,332, girl 42,247, witch 2,848, rocket 886, broom 335
Type: Character Sheet
Published: 6 years, 5 months ago
Rating: General

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