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Happy Birthday to My Rival (Gift)
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Titans Title Fight! (Commission)

Old Patreon Pic - #26: Bullies Make Me A-Scared

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by SDCharm
Commission #129
For Anonymous

“A lucha libre wrestling event huh…” Robin muttered to himself as he overlooked the building before him with his hands on his hips. He came fully dressed in his uniform, as did Beast Boy, because what else was he going to wear, right?

“Why you hatin’ bro?” Beast Boy grinned as he shot Robin a side-lined glance. His eyebrows bounced up and down as he felt the excitement of the situation wash over him. “Didn’t you agree to go with me?”

Robin was rolling his eyes under his mask. He did agree to go but only because he was being too nice. He didn’t want Beast Boy to be alone for this thing.

Yeah, Beast Boy had tickets for a lucha libre wrestling event. There were only two in his possession so naturally, the thought was that he’d end up taking Cyborg with him. When that turned out to not be the case due to Cyborg being off to do maintenance on his devices, he quickly discovered that Raven and even Starfire were busy. That last one really threw him for a loop because what did Starfire have to do that was so important? Was her schedule busier than he thought?

Beast Boy probably had a bit of an existential crisis when thinking about that, wondering if Starfire had more of a social life than he had.

It ended with Beast Boy sulking in the corner of the room, curled up and hugging his knees with cute little anime-like tears forming in his eyes. He was whimpering like a puppy despite not having transformed into one.

Robin, unfortunately or fortunately, had nothing to do that day so he might as well use it to make Beast Boy happy. So here he was.

“You’d better be grateful,” Robin said as they went inside. “This isn’t something I would normally do.”

“Yeah, and that’s a crying shame. Trust me, you’re gonna love the show Robin,” Beast Boy said, happy to have his buddy with him. He could tell by the way Robin observed this building that he was even struggling to find this event all that authentic. This wasn’t the equivalent to a Taco Bell disguising itself as an actual Mexican Restaurant though. He would totally see.

“WHAT DO YOU MEAN CANCELLED?!” Beast Boy shouted when they got to the reception area.

Okay, perhaps not.

“I’m sorry kid,” The man behind the counter said. “But the wrestlers for that event both called in sick. Apparently, they wanted to see what mexican food over on this side of the pond tasted like and they went into a Taco Bell, the fools.”

Beast Boy was whimpering again, arms dangling out in front of him with his tiny little fang pointed out. “But I WANNA SEEEEEE!”

“Beast Boy, if the wrestlers aren’t here then they’re not here. Let’s just go. I’ll take you out for Pizza instead,” Robin tried to bargain with something else and Beast Boy just wasn’t having it. He was hugging Robin’s legs as he tried to saunter back out the door which ended up dragging Beast Boy along the floor. Beast Boy didn’t even notice his pants sagging and the blue waistband peeking out from his clothes.

“Come on Robin! Can’t we just–?!” Beast Boy began before a gasp from behind the two of them startled them both.

“Are those the Teen Titans?!” The manager of the establishment raced on up to them and looked at them with reverence. “Yes, it is! Oh my. What luck! I have a favor to ask of you both. A BIG favor!”

“Uh, sure, what is it sir? Is there trouble?” Robin asked.

Smash cut to the inside of the wrestling ring.

“In this corner, fighting in the weird ninja warrior eye mask with the matching purple speedos, barefoot as the day he was born, Thrash Ninja Robin!” The announcer shouted and was granted a roaring amount of applause.

Robin stood there, dressed in the silly outfit, and looked over at Beast Boy as the more excited boy did several jabs at the air. He couldn’t help but wonder why he said yes to this, yet again.

“In this corner, fighting in the jungle camo themed speedos with an eye mask to match, also with bare feet to emphasize his wild side, Jungle King Beast Boy!” The announcer said this and it got Beast Boy to clasp his hands together and shake them about as the audience screamed.

They were getting a show after all, arguably one way better than just two normal wrestlers fighting. It was Robin and Beast Boy of the Teen Titans going at it to save these people from having wasted a trip and some money. All the begging from the manager and Beast Boy was like being double teamed with guilt. Robin just found the word “Yes” traveling out of his mouth.


Beast Boy charged at Robin like a bull ready to run over its prey. He really was wasting no time at all huh?

“Are you the heel or the babyface, Robin?” Beast Boy asked as he closed in on him.

Robin raised a brow and just picked one. “Uh, heel, I guess.”

“Nah, that don’t suit you. I’ll be the heel,” Beast Boy said, sliding under Robin to end up behind him. He then rammed his elbow into Robin’s back to make him gasp and bend backwards.

“Then why did you as-AACK!” Robin lurched back which caused Beast Boy to grin wickedly. He grabbed Robin around his waist, jumped, and then slammed his head onto the mat!

Robin’s body bounced up, wiggled a bit in mid-air, and then slammed back down onto the mat. He twitched a little bit and groaned which made the previously sad looking crowd of families and kids perk up and roar with excitement.

Beast Boy licked his lips and grinned. “Come on. Don’t make this too easy for me,” He smiled and yanked up Robin by his hair. He then slowly reached for his mask, which prompted Robin to angrily grip Beast Boy by the arm.

“WHAT… do you think you’re doing?” Robin asked, violently twisting Beast Boy’s entire body by his arm so that he flipped and crashed against the mat.

“OW!” Beast Boy grumbled, butt sticking straight out as Robin jumped to his feet. Robin had an easy target so he kicked it. Beast Boy literally got his butt kicked and was sent spiraling across the mat.

He wasn’t lucky enough to hit the ropes and instead smacked his face against the corner post before falling over and grabbing his face. It hurt like hell.

“I was going to take off your mask,” Beast Boy said, rolling over to his feet again as he felt the ring shake from Robin charging at him once more. “Because in wrestling, especially for luchadores, removing one’s mask is the most humiliating and shameful thing you could do for a wrestler.”

Robin zipped beside Beast Boy and grabbed his arm. “That’s something you don’t do for the regular me either!” He snapped and spun Beast Boy over his head, successfully slamming him onto his back.

“HAAACK!” Beast Boy gasped before feeling Robin stomp on his chest and grind his foot into him.

Beast Boy grunted, feeling the pain settle in. He could see that he touched a nerve here… but that was good. He was a heel after all, and playing the part meant more than just wrestling.

With his free hand, Beast Boy reached up and punched Robin in the balls out of the view of the ref. The crowd in front that witnessed it increased their volume but Beast Boy merely stuck his tongue out at them.

Robin, for his part, yelped and let Beast Boy go. He cupped himself as he backed away, shocked that he went for the low blow.

“I’m a heel, it’s what I do,” Beast Boy rolled over and then tackled Robin firmly.

He spun around Robin and managed to get him into a cobra clutch that had Robin on his knees, struggling for air as he tugged at Beast Boy’s arms.

“That’s a good boy. Submit for me,” Beast Boy smirked as he saw Robin gasp and struggle within his grip. He couldn’t even nurse his aching balls like this. It sucked.

Robin didn’t take this lying down though. His face may have been turning blue but he wasn’t a sad sack. He rammed his head backwards into Beast Boy’s chin and made him fumble onto his butt.

Robin then reached over to grab at Beast Boy’s arms and yanked them forward before slamming his barefoot into Beast Boy’s face. He then pulled with all his might, making the boy muffle out a pained scream against Robin’s foot.

Robin had to smile at this. It was a pretty embarrassing tactic but Beast Boy managed to compose himself fast enough to retaliate once again. He locked his legs around Robin’s free leg and pulled, making Robin go off balance and fall onto his butt next.

With Robin down on the floor, Beast Boy wrapped his legs around Robin’s and twisted them. Robin let out a breathless scream as the leg lock was successfully applied.

Robin then began beating on the mat as the pain settled in. The crowd’s cheering getting louder over the amount of pain he was feeling just made it worse.

“Give up, birdie boy. Come on,” Beast Boy snickered as he kept tightening it. He actually heard a scream of pain shoot from Robin’s mouth this time.

Robin, however, did not give. Instead he clawed at the mat and while twitching with pain forced his legs to spin to the other side. The momentum surprised Beast Boy as it caused his body to flip and slam onto his face.

Robin had freed himself but not for long. He had to capitalize on this.

Robin rushed forward and went to ground pound his elbow onto Beast Boy’s back.

However, Beast Boy rolled out of the way and Robin screamed in pain as he hit the canvas!

“Too slow!” Beast Boy scrambled to his feet and doubled back hard and fast, delighted that he made Robin miss his chance.
He then bounced his own body off the rope to shoot himself at Robin, hoping to rush forward and doing a running slam on top of his body instead.

Unfortunately for him, Robin’s missed elbow drop didn’t incapacitate him for as long as he thought it would. Robin shot to his feet like a dart, shocking Beast Boy and making the green lad’s eyes grow big.

Robin quickly swung his arm forward as Beast Boy ran right into it, getting a clothesline to the neck that lifted and spun Beast Boy’s body up and over so that he slammed down hard onto his back.

He bounced a bit, spread-eagle, and seeing stars. He noticed his speedos were sagging a bit too. Great. Now his garments being tight on his person couldn’t stop the underwear from peeking out.

He wanted to get up properly but found himself being lifted before he could. With a yelp, Robin got on his knees and put Beast Boy into a painful Dragon Sleeper!

Beast Boy grunted in pain as his speedos kept sagging while his crotch stuck outward. The crowd could see his Finding Nemo briefs on open display, for sure, but even better were the goofy faces Beast Boy was making as Robin held him in the sleeper.

Beast Boy’s funny jerking and twitching was making all the kids in the audience laugh. He flailed his arms about, or tried to, but that failed to do anything. Attempting to yank Robin’s arms off of him as the circulation to his brain was cut didn’t work either. He tried that too late in fact.

“Gaaha… gugughhh…” Beast Boy began to drool and his eyes fluttered. He was blushing. This was embarrassing. “I-I give… I-I quit… p-please d-don… don’t…”

“Don’t what?” Robin asked as he tightened the hold. “Speak up. I can’t hear you.”

Beast Boy blushed even more. He was gurgling on his spit. “D-Don’t… kn-knock me out… o-or r-remove m-my mask… m-master?”

“Hmm… Solid begging effort but… I refuse,” Robin said, tightening the grip again.

Beast Boy’s body shook violently, twitching and humping back and forth which caused his speedos to slip down even further, now showing off his briefs on open display.

Eventually, saliva pooled onto his chest and his eyes spun upward. His arms went slack as Robin grinned and let him drop… roughly.

His head smacked against Robin’s knee, making his entire body jolt like it had been tased, before he fell again, this time with his head ramming against the mat. He bounced slightly but flopped there like a ragdoll. A sleeper and two huge blows to the back of the head.

Yeah. Beast Boy was in dreamland.

Robin smiled as he looked down at the hushed, drooling young man and shook his head before stomping his barefoot onto the loser’s chest. Beast Boy’s limbs rag dolled up and down again as he stood there and posed like a masterful hunter before a defeated beast.

“Well, everyone likes a good villain but you know what they say…” Robin smiled and lightly lifted up Beast Boy’s head before removing his mask. “They always lose.”

The crowd cheered wildly when the mask was off! The ultimate humiliation had been administered. It was done!

Robin smiled as he stood up… and then decided that he liked the part where Beast Boy kissed his feet so–!

He slammed it back down into his face. Beast Boy didn’t react to it aside from his tongue rolling out his mouth and flopping onto the mat. He was snoozing with his adorable cheeks all smushed, laid out in his underwear as the crowd cheered and snapshots rang out.

“The winner… Thrash Ninja Robin!” The announcer called as he raised his fist.

Robin, with a smile, looked down at the humiliated, spread-eagled loser that was his sleeping teammate in the childish underoos.

“You know what Beast Boy, you were right. This was a ton of fun. If this is the kind of stuff that can happen then we ought to hang out more.”


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Published: 2 months, 2 weeks ago
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