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Supercream And The Alien Plant

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Supercream And The Alien Plant

One Saturday, Cream was in her bedroom thinking about when her superhero alter ego, Supercream, should reveal herself to the public.

"One side of Supercream revealing herself would be she can no longer hide in the shadows, but on the other hand, they might take me away from mommy and Aunt Bunnie and experiment on me," Cream said.  Cheese comforted her when suddenly, her ears perked up a call for her.

"That sounds like Clawson.  This is a job for Supercream," Cream said as she went into her toy box, and after some shuffling around, she popped out in her Supercream dress.  After swapping out Cheese's bowtie for his collar with tag and cape, the two flew out the window and into the

"Clawson?  Where's Butch," Supercream asked.

"Oh, Butch has a family outing today.  Besides, I needed to call you for something.  I heard there is some suspicious ice cream truck that didn't stop for kids," Clawson said.

"Someone's not doing their job?  I will put a stop to this," Supercream said as she and Superchao flew up.  Feeling her flight was starting to get a little shakey, Supercream saw an ice cream truck and flew down, not knowing the driver was actually an evil coyote criminal mastermind, Tex Ruthless (a parody of Lex Luthor).

"Hey, little superhero girl.  What will it be," Tex asked.

"Two ice cream cones please," Supercream said as she got into the change purse and paid him.  He soon made the ice cream cones, but added a green plant into it.

"Supercream is the one who will pose a threat to my plans to rule this crummy town.  But thankfully, I have discovered her weakness in this plant," Tex thought to himself as he gave the ice cream to Supercream.

"Thanks, mister," Supercream said as she ate up, however, when she finished the cone, she felt ill, as she held her stomach.  Superchao got shocked, and helped Supercream home.

"Well, just as I expected, this plant, which I called the Gleek, actually makes Supercream ill.  I hope she has a rotten weekend while I perform my rotten plans," Tex said as he swapped his ice cream uniform for his own powersuit, and drove off.

Later, Vanilla helped Supercream out of her superhero dress and shorts and into her nightgown as she laid her in her bed.

"Oh, man, that ice cream man played a trick on me.  But I though poison does not affect me," Cream said in a weak tone.  Vanilla saw the plant Cheese gave her and was concerned.

"Honey, I think this plant may be the issue.  In my years of planting flowers and other plants, I don't think I have seen this breed before," Vanilla said.  Soon, Vanilla carried Cream to the spaceship she came in and saw it was working, as she scanned the plant.

"Oh, my, this plant is not from this planet.  It was from your birth planet of Gleekone," Vanilla said.

"So, this Gleek is going to make me sick?  And that mean ice cream man may have given the plant to others," Cream said.

"Now, don't worry, dear. Whoever gave you this did not study this plant like this computer.  This stomachache will only last for a day," Vanilla said.  Later, as Cream was in bed, her friends Tails, Cookie, and Clawson came to check on her, which she said she ate something her stomach didn't agree with.  The next day, Cream was back up and flexing as Vanilla came in her room.

"Cream, I found out who grew this plant.  His name is Tex Ruthless, and he hijacked a news broadcast saying he deliberatly poisoned you so he can take over the greenhouse to plant more of his Gleek," Vanilla said.

"Then I have no time to lose," Cream said as she went into her toybox to change out of her nightgown and into her superhero dress and shorts.  Ater helping Cheese change, the two fly off, as they crash into the greenhouse.

"Not so fast, Tex Ruthless," Supercream said.

"Well, someone recovered quickly.  I thought the Gleek would put you out long enough for me to plant more Gleek so I can see if larger doses can outright ki...," Tex said when Supercream flew up and slap him.

"Don't say that word.  It's scary and uncomfortable," Supercream said angrily.

"Fine.  I can see the town's secret superheroine is a wuss who can't handle reality," Tex said.

"I may not handle to horrors of reality, but I have vowed to fight to ensure this town is safe from creeps like you," Supercream said as Tex got a Gleek plant out, only for Supercream to use her heat vision to burn it to ash.

"No, that was the last Gleek I had grown," Tex said.

"And it will be the last one you ever grow.  I am taking you to jail where mean people like you belong," Supercream said as she and Superchao grabbed him by the arms and flew him to to the police, as news reporters see her.

"Wait, this must be her.  This is the mysterious superhero we have been hearing about," Collie Chang, a reporter for DAWG News, said.

"People of Mobius.  I am called Supercream, and this is Supechao," Supercream said.

"Chao," Superchao said.

"If Tex told you, then I can confirm I am from another planet.  However, I am not here to invade it like those aliens from those scary movies.  I am the last survivor of a destroyed world, and I was sent here as a baby by those who wanted me to live.  Your yellow sun has given me powers, powers I have used to fight for truth, justice, and proper chao care.  And I will keep doing that, because I want to ensure a bright and safe future, not just for chao, but for everyone," Supercream said as she flew away.  Later, after a bath, she was embarrased about her speech, but soon, Bunnie and Vanilla came in.

"Hey, shuga, I know you are embarrased, but the people like what you said," Bunnie said.

"In fact, the mayor accepted you with open arms," Vanilla said as she showed a speech from the mayor.  However, at the prison, Tex manages to get free and disguising himself as someone else, gets past the police blockade.

"Supercream has not seen the last of me," Tex said in a quiet voice as he manages to return to Station Square, ready to plant more Gleek for his evil plots.


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Published: 1 week, 6 days ago
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