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Juvenile Jenga - #50: Demons
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Rotten Luck (Commission)

Juvenile Jenga - #51: Let's Have a Chat

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by SDCharm
Commission #103
For Syaoran1988

Asta and Luck had found a nice open area in the forest to commence with some intense training. They had seen heavy success in putting themselves against one another before but today was going to be an all out, drag out match to secure an awesome win.

“Alright! I’m all pumped up today!” Asta grinned, his anti-magic sword pinned to the dirt in front of him. “I think I must have done about 100 laps around the prairie before I came here.”

“Oh?” Luck grinned. “Does that mean your feet have gotten 100 times stronger then? Maybe I’ll go for those first then!” Luck laughed, sparking with power.

Luck Volta had access to electric powers, the likes of which blasted across the area at speeds hither to undreamt of. Of course, that didn’t mean Asta wasn’t fast enough to land a hit on him. His body had been trained to withstand quite an intense amount of pain.

The two of them grinned at each other, feeling the wind pick up slightly as the mighty majesty of the fight they were about to have flooded their minds.

This was one of those situations where their imaginations were likely similar to the reality they were about to go through.

With one step forward, the power picked up for Luck as lightning sparked around him. Then, with a burst of intense power, he launched himself straight at Asta.

Asta laughed, excited to experience what was about to happen, and managed to lift his sword up to block Luck’s attack.

The magicless boy was almost out of luck on that front since Luck had actually taken a step forward first. It seldom ever made a difference but Luck was strong enough to make a single step done a second earlier than expected matter quite a lot.

The loud clang that happened as his electric claws slashed across Asta’s sword rang about the area, despite there being a bunch of trees everywhere. The electricity crackled against it before dispersing a bit due to their magical nature.

Luck licked his lips and began darting around Asta after this. Charging head first into him was a long shot that didn’t pay off but he had a feeling he could get away with trying anyway.

He sort of did, seeing as how Asta didn’t just wipe him out immediately.

For Asta’s part, his eyes looked about the area as Luck began zipping all around him in an attempt to disorient him.

Then a bolt of lightning shot at him from behind.

Asta jumped and spun over it before slashing downward. He landed a successful hit against the large bolt and in doing so managed to hit Luck himself!

“GOOOF!” Luck grunted and face planted the dirt, twitching a bit. Being hit with Asta’s anti-magic sword always felt weird. It left this awful, tingly sensation on you whenever you were touched. It was almost like he was feeling what it meant to be electrocuted.

Asta landed on his feet and spun his sword up and over to slash down at him.

However, Luck managed to roll to the side as the sword hit the dirt and made it leave a huge slash across the area. He then jumped to his feet and spun over to try and nail Asta in his cheek.

The punch connected… but all it did was make Asta skid to the side a bit.

Luck’s eyes got big. He didn’t expect that.

“Don’t stop.” Asta grunted and then jabbed the extended end of his sword into Luck’s gut. “You’ll let your guard down that way!”

Luck sputtered and some spit came from his mouth. He stumbled back and grabbed his tummy as Asta took charge and rushed at him.

Luck yelped and began jumping and flipping back to avoid the sword strikes coming his way.

It was strange because each time Luck tried to kick up enough power to rush him again, he had to dodge again.

Luck had to zig and zag every which way across the area. Each one of Asta’s sword swings were rough and powerful too, meaning that the wind they carried knocked him slightly off balance with each dodge he attempted to make.

It wasn’t looking very good for him. Luck began to sweat, clenching his teeth and trying to concentrate some electric energy into the palms of his hands.

He did one more flip and shot some magic out at Asta. Unfortunately, he did this at a very inopportune time because Asta slashed and cut through the lightning before it could come his way.

Luck gaped as he was in mid-flip now. He was wide open and ended up getting a powerful, full blown swing of Asta’s humongous sword landing squarely in his gut and sending him shooting across the forest area.

Luck landed hard on the grass and skidded before flopping onto his back with his legs up. He sparked with electricity and groaned… but he was concentrating more and more despite this.

Asta was charging forward, laughing like a maniac. He was excited and he felt great. This was the fruits of his labor coming true.

“Hahahaha! Feel my wrath, Luck!” Asta shouted as he approached.

Luck grinned as he was laid out on the ground. All he needed was a good enough amount of time and a significant distance to impart his might on Asta in the way he desired.

His body pumped up and down as a powerful pulse ran through him. Asta was just a bit too slow for him to make it in time.

Within seconds, an explosion of electricity surrounded Luck and all of a sudden, the boy before Asta was surrounded by white lightning. His entire body was coated in it, taking on a transformed state that made him look like pure energy!

Asta didn’t stop though. He wanted to face this down and he could see this being a wonderful chance to really show how good he was with his anti-magic sword.

Of course, their steps were even steeper in speed now. The steps Asta took were much slower than those of Luck’s and as Asta went to swing down at Luck once again, he was gone.

Asta shifted his head to try and look for him but got another fist to his face for his troubles!

Asta’s eyes spun and he spewed spit from his mouth, fumbling back a bit. His head had been rocked by a punch that was far, far more powerful than the one he got before.

His rattled brain tried to refocus but it had literally no chance to before Luck’s hits began raining down on to him from all sides.

This was the thunderstorm of power that Asta had expected and he found very quickly that he wasn’t ready to face it. He couldn’t dodge these bolts of lightning and all of them were just one person constantly zipping around his body and battering into him with a deluge of punches and kicks.

Asta was being battered around to the point where his body kept flopping about like a rag doll that was being constantly made to float due to getting hit with constant shots with a blaster. He flopped all over the place, gurgling and spewing spit and snot everywhere before he actually dropped his anti-magic sword.

Yes, the mighty cheat to end all cheats was no longer in his hands. He could try and punch the embodiment of lightning that was Luck if he so desired but there was no way that would work.

It was over for him and it hadn’t even taken that long.

Asta just kept getting bashed around as Luck taunted him while landing his hits.

“Do you like my new form Asta? It’s great isn’t it? It’s almost like I’m made of electricity? Cool right?” Luck shouted as he was in the middle of battering Asta with a flurry of punches across his body.

“BLEUGH! BALAHG! BALAHALA! GFUGKALA! GBLAIAHGLFFGUL!” Asta’s responses were simply loud, hefty grunts of pain. Luck’s fists would probably be soaked with his drool and snot if they weren’t instantly evaporating due to the heat of his electric fists.

This went on for a good long five minutes before he stopped, having blown a heavy punch into Asta’s gut that destroyed the cloth holding his pants up.

They flopped to his ankles, showing off his cartoony underoos to his rival. Luck snickered and stopped upon seeing those. He figured this was quite the beautiful sight.

That moment when your fighting partner looked good and suddenly, in the blink of an eye, looked like an idiot was great.

“Oh? Are you feeling so comfy around me that you want to strip?” Luck asked, hands on his hips, oozing power.

“Mwaaaaaahhhhguaaahhh…” Asta drooled, tongue out, eyes slowly crossing as he wobbled in place.

“Hmm. Nope. Not good enough yet.” Luck said to himself.

In a flash, he appeared behind Asta and gripped the back of his childish undies with his sparking hand. With a heavy flash of power he then yanked his briefs up into an intense wedgie that saw him dangling off the grass.

“BWAAAAAAGH!” Asta screamed and hollered out into the open air. His eyes fully crossed from the access of pain… but that wasn’t it.

Luck snickered. “No. I don’t think you’ve quite had enough yet.” He said as he pointed at the crotch and butt area of his clearly defeated victim and began shocking him intensely.

“AAAAAAAAYAAAAYAAAAYAAAA!” The sounds Asta was making sounded even funnier now. The electricity was practically frying his circuits and his eyes were now spinning in his sockets over and over again.

The effect it had on his bladder was almost predictable. It still surprised Luck though since he ended up going wide-eyed before realizing the humor of the situation and laughing.

Yeah, Asta wet himself. He filled up his briefs with pee and it began to cascade down his legs and drip onto the grass.

This was intense and clearly way too much for him to handle.

Luck smiled as he kept shocking Asta. His body was trying to flop about like a fish out of water but because he was suspended by a hanging wedgie, it just looked like he was jerking about at the air or something.

“Well, well, well. I guess this is proof that you’ve still got a long way to go, eh?” Luck said, tilting his head a little bit.

Yeah, this was supposed to just be a fun little fight with a valiant fighting partner but seeing Asta lose his pants and bladder control left him with an opportunity to play around with him that he just couldn’t pass up.

Eventually, Luck stopped his endless shocking spree and let Asta’s body flop down. He didn’t fully hit the grass due to being held up by his briefs.

“Man. Now that’s what I call a fun time,” Luck said, snickering as he powered down. “Let’s get you back to the main town so everyone can see the result of our training.”

With that he began to head off. There was a mighty spring in his step as he hummed in happiness on his way out of the forest.

He held onto Asta’s underwear tightly. Asta had no choice but to get dragged along and he ended up leaving a heavy trail of pee behind him along the grass…

This was the end of their fight and it’d lead to a string of a lot of similar battles to come.

Unlike this one though, they’d be a lot faster.

To put it bluntly, Asta was a bit of a loser.

In a world where magic is everything, of course he was.


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Type: Picture/Pinup
Published: 11 months, 2 weeks ago
Rating: Mature

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11 months, 2 weeks ago
Who are Asta and Luck; are they characters taken from anime or are they just some made up personal characters that belong to you or someone else?
11 months, 2 weeks ago
The manga/anime series Black Clover.
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