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Juvenile Jenga - #47: Paranoia
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Pamper Party Dragon (Commission)

Shark V. Dragon (Commission #100)

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by SDCharm
Commission #99
For Fireking1

Spike smiled when the door opened before him. When the Scorbunny lad invited him inside and told him where the drinks and party table was, he couldn’t help but feel a sense of pride well up inside of him.

It really wasn’t often that he was invited to events like this. People who he’d tell about it would refer to it as the “Tiny Mascot Party” in a joking sense but not everyone here was a small animal character that would double as a neat plushie. Just most of them were.

Spike, in particular, got his invite from an unexpected source. It was from Happy the Exceed. He was a magical flying cat who tended to be a bit of an ass on the best of days. Still, that kind of a personality tended to attract a lot of people because he usually ended up being the center of attention or the life of the party.

The little purple dragon looked forward to witnessing how he tended to make that happen.

He got very lucky on that front because the instant he made it inside, he spotted Happy near the snacks table talking to a well-dressed Pichu and an awesomely dressed Veemon. Spike merely had on a cherry red shirt and a pair of blue jeans.

“Hey there,” Spike shouted and waved with a grin as he approached the party people.

Happy perked up from his conversation and looked over at his guest, grinning from ear to ear.

“Oh hey! If it isn’t Spike the Magic Dragon!” Happy waltzed on over and patted his back. Happy’s wings were gone since he used magic to summon them. Spike’s wings were always on his back though, which was good, because he liked showing them off as an unarguable sign of his maturity.

Spike grunted a bit at the back pats before grinning and responding with “Yeah, that’s me. I’m glad I finally could get to come. I see you out on the town a lot but you never really ask me to come to any of these get-togethers.”

“We were bored and looking for some new entertainment,” Happy said, lightly poking Spike’s tummy.

Spike winced and rubbed his stomach down. “Oh. That’s fine. I’m not sure what it is you’d like for me to do though.”

“Just be yourself, obviously.” Happy grinned. “ That’s the most entertaining thing you could do. After all, it’s what a baby dragon does right; be cute and show everyone just how much growing up they have to do?”

Spike blinked and tilted his head, confused by that wording.

“Uhm… I’m sorry, what?” Spike asked, feeling a little insulted but unsure if that was just playful party ribbing or not.

“Aww,” Happy chided, putting his paws to his cheeks. “The poor baby. He doesn’t have a clue does he? How adorable!”

He then pinched Spike’s cheeks, which got the other two watching to laugh.

Spike, for his part, was indeed confused but the baby talk and the cheek pinching made him blush quite a bit.

He scooted back from Happy and grunted. “What do you think you’re doing huh? If you’re joking around, this isn’t funny.”

“Nah. It’s hilarious,” Happy said. “You think it’s funny too.”

“No I don’t.” Spike narrowed his eyes.

Happy whipped his tail around and latched it to the back of Spike’s pants and then yanked them down to his ankles in front of the whole party.

“GAAAH!” Spike blushed and covered his front, surprised that his Strawberry Shortcake underoos were on open display now. “WHAT ARE YOU DO-AHAHAHAHAHA!”

Spike began laughing suddenly when Happy started tickling the sides of Spike’s body. The purple dragon wriggled about and started to dance in place as he was helplessly and relentlessly assaulted by Happy’s wiggling furry paws.

“See guys? He thinks it’s hilarious. Just like I said.” Happy turned back to his friends with a grin. They were laughing at this rather hard now, having not expected Happy to do this to the guy he invited here. They had been eager to meet him just a second ago but now he looked like such a toddler dork!

They even snapped a few photos of his briefs from the front and from the butt.

Spike saw this through the tears in his eyes as he kept laughing and tried to wiggle out of this but got his legs all tangled up in his pants and stumbled out of them.

Happy relentlessly pushed against him as he tickled him.

Spike tried to keep his composure but found that he couldn’t. All these party goers were witnessing him laughing like a maniac and gyrating about in his sissy looking underwear.

“Cute wittle baby boy! The sound of a baby’s laughter is the best, right?” Happy called out, getting some more laughs from everyone.

Spike crossed his legs and sunk a bit lower. He felt something building in his bladder and he was feeling himself hit the edge really fast.

“AHAHAHAHA! ST-ST-STAAAAHAHAHAHA! G-GONNA PEEE! WET! WET MYSELF! HAHAHAHA!” Spike screamed and flailed his arms about.

“Hear that everyone? Baby needs to go potty!” Happy shouted. “Well, let’s hope his little baby wee wee can hold it all in!”

Spike was receiving no mercy from him. He couldn’t even shove him off because of how much his body was just naturally submissive to this kind of treatment.

Eventually, the build up was too much. His teary eyes crossed with his mouth hanging open as a loud hissing was heard. It echoed throughout the party area and more camera flashes went off as the wetness that escaped Spike’s bladder traveled down his legs.

“Huunnngh?” Spike winced, blushing with furious intensity.

“Uh-oh!” Happy yelled as loudly as he could. “Baby had an oopsy! Time for a diaper change!”

With that, he yanked at Spike’s shirt and got that off him next. Spike shrieked and fumbled about, looking like a clown as he was now off-balance in his wet briefs.

“Get yourself under control you dumb baby!” Happy said, slugging Spike in the gut in a way that made hot wind expel from his mouth. He saw stars and almost fell over but was quickly hoisted up and over Happy’s head by the surprisingly strong cat.

Happy marched him through the people and slammed the dragon onto an empty table. Spike heard chirping birdies and grunted in pain, wondering why Happy’s hits were so hard. He couldn’t fight back. It had winded him almost immediately.

“Now then, for the supplies.” Happy dusted his hands off and reached over to a duffle bag he’d brought with him.

Out of it came a huge Dora the Explorer diaper, a bottle of baby powder, a baby bottle, and a pacifier.

Spike’s eyes widened and he almost wet himself a second time looking at that stuff.

“THAT’S NOT GOING ON ME!” Spike shouted, trying to scramble away.

Happy reached over and grabbed his arm, gripping him so tightly that he felt pain shoot through him.

“GRUGH!” Spike whined and flailed about, panicking even more.

Happy snickered and grabbed the briefs still on Spike’s butt before slowly lowering them to the delight of the people still filming.

“Yes, it’s going on you. Stop squirming. Everyone knows what a baby looks like all nakie.” Happy shrugged and got the briefs off of him with a swift yank of his arm.

“NOOOOOOO!” Spike screamed as he looked down at his exposed self. His wet underwear was tossed to the side of the table while Happy still held his arm.

With the speed of a savant, he unfolded the impossibly bulky and puffy diaper and rolled it under his butt, lifting Spike up with a yank of his arm that suspended him briefly enough for it to be possible.

Spike’s blushing grew intensely as this happened. He almost felt a sense of relief when his butt hit the soft diaper because at least no one was looking at his naked form anymore.

That was until he realized that being put into a diaper in front of everyone was far, FAR worse!

The taunting and teasing that accompanied his diapering was making him even more embarrassed. Happy was pushing buttons that shouldn’t be pushed!

“It shouldn’t be a surprise that this baby dragon’s baby wee wee lost control and had an accident,” Happy teased with a wicked grin on his face as he folded the diaper up. “I guess this is a pamper party for you now!”

Happy was tossed the bottle of powder off to the side and sprinkled it down onto his open front before finally managing to tape it up.

Once the first tape got onto Spike, he realized that he was about to hit the point of no return and his body had an intense jitter of humiliation rush through him.

Once the second tape was on, he was fully sealed inside his new diaper prison.

He was dressed appropriately according to Happy.

Now he was just a baby dragon. It didn’t even matter what his wings said about him before!

“Gnnnnghghaaaa…” Spike tried to form words but it came out as a frustrated wail.

Happy snickered at that. “Aww. He’s so cute. He can’t even talk.”

Everyone was laughing, videotaping, and taking pictures of this scene now. Happy was always the life of the party because he knew how to make the biggest and best scenes there. No one even cared that Spike had wet up the floor. He was going to be forced to clean it up anyway.

“Wh-why…?” Spike winced, eye twitching. “Why did you-?”

Happy yanked Spike closer to him so that his nose was touching his. Spike’s eyes crossed and sweat poured down his face, his blush getting bigger.

“Because I needed a baby and the baby reindeer, Chopper, wasn’t available today. That’s all.” Happy shrugged and stuck his tongue out at him.

He then pushed Spike flat onto his back, arms and legs spread out while he stared up at the ceiling, eye twitching in humiliated frustration.

“Now then,” Happy began as he twirled the baby bottle in his hand. “Who wants to feed the baby? It’s got laxative in it so be warned. At some point during the feeding, he may explode.”

Spike blushed a deeper red as everyone cheered and tried to fight to have a turn.

Spike yelped as he was grabbed by the feet and yanked off the table, all while he screamed “NO! NO! NO! WHY ME! WHYYYYY?!”

The fear wetting he did next to christen his diaper was ignored as the party goers passed him around all night to feed, baby, spank, or tease him.

The soothing of the pacifier that lulled him to sleep before he was thrown into bed for his early bedtime was the first comforting thing that managed to happen to him at the party.

Happy made sure to promise before Spike went to sleep that he’d get a nice crib for him to lay in next time.

Hearing that caused Spike’s eyes to roll up and for him to faint, face down on the floor, still sucking on his paci.

Happy shrugged and merely said, “When baby needs his nappy poo, he’s gonna hit the deck with or without your say so. Oh well.”

It was another successful party for the history books and another baby for the nursery.


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Published: 1 year ago
Rating: General

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1 year ago
We'll have to say excellent chapter buddy loved every second of it
1 year ago
1 year ago
No prob
1 year ago
Ooooh nice picture <3 Spike is so cute in diapers.
1 year ago
pfft fun pic x3
1 year ago
I really love your art style, specially how nicely original and exaggerated facial expressions blend with on-model characters.
1 year ago
1 year ago
Heh heh
Poor Spike. ^^
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