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TOTGM - Joseph and Marian Nakazaki - Character Bio
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TOTGM - End Game Saga - Finale Plot

TOTGM - After Story - Sera's Diary 1 - (Video)

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TOTGM - Joseph and Marian Nakazaki - Character Bio
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Part of an ongoing series being released where I reveal intended
concepts from the now concluded TOTGM story, here fans of the
series can now see what was intended to happen had the tale
reached its "true" conclusion.

After leading his revolution for the sake of Pokemon and shattering
societal norms and beliefs revolving their kind, Chris would have found
himself labelled a threat to the powers that be controlling Ureaxion,
not wanting to give him the chance to continue warping their perceived
norms between human and Pokemon as they would have actively
plotted to take out the one trying to place Pokemon on equal ground
with humans.

Beginning with those sitting in power within Yulema City unbeknownst
to the likes of Mayor Holly who was on friendly terms with the Guardian
and his family, their ambition to take Chris out would spread throughout
other leaders of the region as they came together in secret to plot a way
to make Chris reveal his powers in a negative light, ultimately putting a
scheme together to kidnap his family and their eggs that would have just
been laid at the time their plot unfolded.

With not only his lovers, but his own children taken away by the powers
that be, Chris would have fallen into a state of sheer insanity and stripped
Ninetales of her own power, leaving her trapped inside his body in a way
never expected, nor' intended as his wrath would multiply her power to
levels even she had never been able to wield up to that point, responding to
his uncontrolled emotions and growing as would his anger.

Giving chase toward the captors, once catching up Chris would have gone on
a murderous rampage within the flying vessel they used to take away those he
loved, butchering the entirety of the humans on board via impaling them with
his tails, searing them to death via his fire, and showing the same vengeance
toward Pokemon which served them, dismembering all the lives in his path
before ultimately breaching the bridge of the vessel.

Intending to have Chris find the girls donning torture collars, with the eggs
strapped to similar devices as a means of controlling the girls to keep the likes
of Serenity at bay as they made their way through the skies, this would have
made him turn to the pilot of the vessel and lift him into the air by the head,
the pilot then thrashing and crying out before Chris would literally rip his entire
body in two right in front of the girls while all other crew and Pokemon in the
bridge would've been splattered all over the walls and windows of the room.

Once his rampage was finished, his rage would have only continued to grow
as the flying vessel plummet toward the ground, no crew or pilot to control it
at this point. Managing to free herself just enough to save the girls and the eggs,
Ninetales would send them to the fields below the jet, safely set aside as it
crashed before them only to watch as Chris would rise and roar skyward before
his aura, too large to contain in his body burst free and warped into a towering
image of Ninetales, his body pulled into its core as the "heart" of the monster
as its form took on a dark, bloody coloration.

Throughout this event, Chris's deeds and transformation would have been
caught on film via cameras in the vessel prior to its destruction, and satellites
thereafter, with the clips selectively broadcast to the masses by the powers
that had plotted to turn Chris into a demon the people would fear, justifying
their act which would soon follow.

Though ultimately he would have been restored to his former self through
nothing short of a miracle, it would have been too little too late, as he would
have been labelled a "monster" and a "regional threat" to potentially the entire
world of the power he'd unveiled and willingness to murder was allowed to
spread else where, and upon this declaration, would have gained authority to
unleashed the full force of their militant might against him to erase him.

Beginning with a relentless bombardment of his homeland, within the nine
mountains containing his village the entirety of the area would rapidly become
a wasteland, the lush forests reduced to a moon-like landscape filled with
fire and ash as the blue sky choked within the boundless smoke rising from
the miles upon miles of destruction, and it would have taken all of Chris's
remaining power to ensure his loved ones made it out of the blast zone.

Though eventually they would all make it to safety, Chris would have remained
behind in the center of his homeland as the target for the missiles continuing to
fall from all directions, fired from bases throughout the region with only one
destination, and upon finally ceasing, the powers controlling Ureaxion would do
the unthinkable once they were positive he'd used up enough power to prevent
his survival...

With the press of a button, the Millennium Tower's laboratory housed within
Millennium City would suddenly blare sirens heard from miles, the scientists
within caught off guard as the two twin towers rumbled. With the bridges linking
them rising, the towers would begin separating via the tracks they were built
above, and from a sealed chamber beneath, a missile of region-ending potential
would abruptly launch from the site, despite the efforts of all within attempting to
override the firing command.

Making its way skyward and heading for the Guardian, it would have been discovered
that the limiter within the missile, intended to control and contain the radius in which
is blast would spread, had been hastily removed before firing. Because of this, once
the missile made impact  with the ground, though it would indeed kill the Guardian,
so too would it have the potential to erase half the region surrounding his homeland,
taking not only him, but potentially the lives of millions in nearby villages, towns, and
cities across Ureaxion.

The powers which put this plan into motion did so knowing, despite its radius, the
blast wouldn't reach their locations, deeming the lives lost worth the cost of
ensuring their authority, and likewise humanity's power hold over all Pokemon,
remained as it had always been and wasn't lost to the likes of a revolutionary
such as Chris had become. Humans would remain the superior race, and any
notions otherwise would be eradicated, using the Guardian as the greatest
warning to wipe clean the slate and stop the efforts he'd begun, destroying the
greatest symbol of hope Pokemon around the world had for justice.

The missile, through the efforts of Mayor Holly and the scientists back at the
laboratory in which it was fired to try and help Chris, would have been revealed
to be the finished product of years of research into the Ultimate Weapon created
by the mysterious Az during wars over 3,000 years ago in the Kalos Region, the
technology turned into a compact, easily controllable weapon that could be fired
anywhere desired and unleashed at any level of power deemed necessary to
take out whoever, or whatever the Ureaxion Region deemed a threat.

While this would in turn cause uproars across the globe upon the revelation of
such a weapon, the truths broadcast live by Mayor Holly and the Millennium
Scientists, the ultimate shock would come via the discovery of the missing limiter
once placed near the core of the missile. Knowing miles upon miles of their own
people and land were facing doomsday without the device to control the blast,
it was left to Chris, the very person the region deemed a "monster" to save
them from an untimely demise.

His life already fading from giving chase after the girls and his eggs were taken,
and likewise enduring the bombardments of weapons previously, he would have
vowed to use the last of his strength to contain the blast of the missile ever hurdling
toward the remains of his homeland. Soaring skyward like a scene from the classic
Iron Giant film toward the weapon, Chris would have taken hold of its shell and
formed a barrier around it, forming layer upon layer, upon layer upon layer, all in an
effort to do what he could to stop the blast from reaching any further than the mountains
circling the land below.

He would turn his homeland into a bowl of sorts, intending to control the blast in such a
way that, instead of outward, would rapidly spread within the circling mountains and
explode upward instead, and as the missile neared ever closer to the land below, in the
final moment Chris would manage to spare Ninetales his fate. Despite what her curse
had done to his life, the loss and hardships it brought, he would hold no hatred for her
in the end, and as he had prior to the current events reaching their climax, would call
her out as a mother one final time, wishing her well and offering his thanks before
severing her bond with his body and soul, sending her soaring away past the mountains
while he would cling to the missile alone, using up what power from Ninetales remained
within him until the final second to strengthen the barrier around the weapon as best
he could, considering what was to come as his punishment for the lives he'd taken.

Though they kidnapped his family and children, in the end he would regret killing
the Pokemon who served the captors, and more-so all the humans, his own kind,
and it would be a guilt he would cling to for the rest of time regardless of the events
of the future. And as the missile touched down, his efforts proved successful, as
though his death was instant, the lives and settlements of Ureaxion beyond the
mountains of his homeland were spared, with the following days to come filled with
the rapid arrest and charges toward all who'd conspired to unleash the weapon.

Realizing what hatred and fear had done, both to Chris and nearly to themselves,
the people of Ureaxion would unite to forgive and forget while the remaining powers
in charge of the region worked to settle the rage and fear felt elsewhere throughout
the world as a result of discovering they had such a potent missile at their disposal,
with Mayor Holly at the forefront of vowing abandonment and erasure of all research
and record of the weapon that had taken the life of the Guardian.

It would have been a moment of reckoning for mankind, how demons create demons
and, in the end, no Pokemon could hold a candle to the destructive potential they
held. They would have come to unanimously fear their level of power and ambition,
and work globally to actively pull back much of it in the years to come upon realizing
just how close they had come to the eradication of life itself.

Through the Guardians life and death, Pokemon would come to find justice and equality
once thought the stuff of dreams and impossibility, while mankind would find such
humility a weapon like the missile fired upon his homeland would never see the light of
day again. In life he would become an inspiration for the rights of all, while in death he
would be a symbol of the dangers of mankind's greed and ambition.

Though granted, his death may have been a... Temporary... State in the end, its impact
would remain just as potent in the generations to come as the day it happened, and
though he may have ultimately been forgiven by the world for the blood he'd spilled, it
would remain his greatest burden and guilt for the rest of his days, only contained by
the support and love of his family and friends, both present, and those to surround him
in the After Story which followed...

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2 years ago
wow yeah that would of been one hell of an ending
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