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Cherrytown : puppy, puppy and plush dormitory

Eat your broccoli !

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by Loupy
Balloons for the comet festival
Beastars Cherrytown IDs
Princess wetness indicator
Princess ready for the ball
Commission from Kuneho to illustrate the Beastars fanfiction below :

At Cherrytown, everyone can hear you crinkle.
A Beastars fanfiction by Snow the Plush and Loupy Lupine

Fiona was back for another year at Cherrytown Academy. She was a seventeen years old mixed breed dog with chocolate brown fur that lightened in color on her muzzle and tummy, green eyes and a tall but well proportionate body for her age. But her floppy ears and adorable face still gave her the cuteness of the puppy she had been. Those paying close attention would notice her uniforms skirt was a bit longer than the school standard, a concession from the school to hide her little secret.

With the summer holidays over she was entering her second year at school, and while her school uniform was the same this year would be quite different. Her little brother, Loupgris Mathieu Lupine, though most just called him Loupy, was attending too as a freshman. My little brother is finally old enough, but can he deal with such a big school? she thought. As a sophomore familiar with the registration process she had completed the administrative stuff quickly and was now headed for her dorm. She knew it would take the wolf a while to deal with the admissions office. Both of them had been adopted by the same family, and while they were not blood relations she cared for the younger canine like her own blood. Loupy was so clueless when it came to social interaction that she knew dealing with the bureaucracy of admissions would be difficult for him, but it would be best to let him learn to deal with it himself.

She walked past the different dormitories of the school. The first dormitory building she passed housed students without any special requirements. They lived in dorm rooms shared by 4 to 8 students, according to the size of the species that had to share it, but were mostly in the norm. The climate inside was temperate and the scale of furniture and features moderate.

The second dormitory building she passed was designed to house species that were very small or large or had special environmental requirements such as tropical and polar animals. It was modular on the inside so the rooms could be customized each year to the students that would occupy them.

The final dormitory building was a little smaller than the other two and served as home for those with different kinds of special requirements. It had fewer rooms than the other dormitories; the extra space was used for special amenities. For example, each dorm room had a full featured private bathroom instead of the large communal facilities on the floors of the other buildings. For the students that resided here during the school year here that was a blessing. Some of those who lived there had physical disabilities and their rooms could be customized for their convenience and comfort. For others their challenges were psychological and their room offered a safe space to take refuge if things became overwhelming. Fiona and Loupy had been assigned a room here that they would share. Their challenges were psychological, though it had physical effects too.

Cherrytown Academy took great lengths to create a welcoming environment; no one could claim it did not strive to be inclusive.

Fiona dragged her heavy luggage into the room and recognized the layout immediately. It was not her room from last year but the one next door to it, and there were not much difference between them. For the most part their room looked like the standard dorm rooms of the first building, the only difference being the private bathroom and the beds. The beds however were a major difference. The other building’s dorm rooms featured 2 to 4 bunk beds but their room only had three beds and they were all separate. But even that wasn’t the biggest difference; these beds appeared somewhat medical in design. The height of the beds could be adjusted and they had railings on the sides that could be raised and lowered giving them the appearance of a crib. Expensive furnishings to be sure, but Cherrytown was one of the top schools in the country and wanted its students to have what they needed to be successful in their studies and that meant a good night’s sleep. The beds were by far the most expensive of their special amenities but not the only one their room contained to meet their needs. Fiona and Loupy’s adoptive parents were not rich, so the private room and amenities the school offered at no extra cost was a blessing.

She was in the process of unloading her luggage and putting things away when there was a knock at the door. She opened it and found someone she knew well, though he looked more nerdish than usual in his male academy uniform. The silver furred wolf standing there had white fur under his muzzle and on his tummy, black fur at the tips of his ears and tail. The blue eyes behind his glasses looked weary on his face. Loupy looked back at his older sister and his frown softened, after a morning of dealing with unfamiliar people and processes it was good to see something familiar.

“Finally here little puppy.” She said, making him blush.

“Huff, yes. Dealing with those bureaucrats wasn’t pleasant. But you know all about it.” He answered before entering and looking around. “So, this is where we are going to live during the school year?” planting his butt on a bed.

“Yes, these beds are perfect for your special needs.” she said, pushing him down and removing his pants to reveal his wet diaper. “Let’s get down to it.” The wolf huffed at being changed while complaining he was not a baby and could do it himself. But she ignored this and soon enough had him changed into a fresh diaper but left him without his pants.

“These medical beds have plastic linings so no need to worry about leaks. Store your changing supplies under it.” said Fiona, returning to her unpacking and bending to put her own supplies under her bed.

Loupy spotted her wet training pants peeking from under her skirt. “You need a change too, and you should avoid bending like that in public” giggled the wolf.

Fiona huffed but before the upset puppy could threaten a spank to her younger brother they were surprised by a knock at the door.

“Weren’t we supposed to be the only two in this room?” said the wolf, rushing to pull on his pants and getting the legs tangled in the process.

They heard a key unlock the door and it opened to reveal a male bear in an academy uniform. His fur was mostly white but changed to brown on his arms and legs below his elbows and knees, and his body was noticeably small for an ursine. His purple eyes showed his surprise at catching the wolf with his pants down as he shyly entered pulling his suitcase inside and closing the door.

“Oops, sorry if I’m interrupting. I’m Snow… your roommate.” he was eyeing the diapers showing in the wolf’s luggage. Catching the embarrassed, upset and afraid looks of the two canines he mumbled “don’t worry…” pulling down the front waistband of this pants to reveal training pants. “I wear these during the day and diapers at night … Looks like we have similar problems, guess that’s why we’re roommates.”

The wolf began growling softly and bared his teeth a bit. His tension was rising, canines are territorial and being seen in such a position by a stranger was really humiliating, even for a submissive puppy like Loupy. The bear was unknowingly walking a dangerous slope. Fiona watched as her adoptive little brother started to get more and more upset. Sometimes, the wolf lost control in times of crisis, a result of the mental illness living at the orphanage had left him with. She needed to calm him before things went sour.

“Hey, puppers.” She said, going to Loupy’s luggage and taking something out. “Doesn’t his fur remind you of someone?” She held up a worn teddy bear that he had been given as a cub at the orphanage. While sewn with expert care and skill, this plush-filled toy was patchwork of parts reused from other teddy bears. Those other bears had been brown or white, creating a mix that coincidentally matched the same fur pattern as Snow.

”My Snowy plush!” shouted the wolf before trying to hide it. Then, realization hit both the boys. The threadbare toy in its makeshift cloth diaper and even the name was nearly identical to the newcomer. The tension broke and everyone started laughing.

“Ok, Plush, welcome in.” giggled Loupy.

“Um, my name is Snow…” said the bear.

“No, it’s Plush now” answered the wolf, producing a pacifier from his suitcase and pushing it into the bear’s mouth, which in his surprise Snow did not try to reject.

“You should keep that. As their name suggests they are soothing, and I suspect you going to need it often around here” said Fiona, and saw Snow blush seeming to like that idea. “So, you’re a polar bear with a color problem, is that related to your incontinence?”

“No my fur color is normal, I’m a pizzly bear.” Snow said pulling his suitcase to the only unclaimed bed.
“A grizzly?” said the wolf.

“No a pizzly, I’m a hybrid of grizzly and polar bear” said the bear and saw the wolf give him a curious look. “Um, when a polar bear and a grizzly bear do, you know…” and blushing in embarrassment began making signs with his paws.

“A pisse-lit?” said Loupy with his French accent, making his older sister laugh.

“A what?”

“Pisse-lit, wet the bed, in my native tongue of French” answered the wolf.

“But, but, Pizzly, pizzly!” Snow exclaimed and as everyone laughed.

The laughter had just started to die down when there was another knock at the door. Snow being closest answered it, while Loupy resumed his struggle with his pants. The open door revealed a large adult grizzly dressed in coveralls. His uniform and the two large boxes on the trolly behind him made it obvious he was making a delivery.

He was looking down at his clipboard as he said “I’m looking for Fiona, Loupgris and Snow, is this the right room?” to which he heard Snow reply “Yes that’s us”.

He raised his head to see the three of them then focused on Snow, he looked surprised. “When did Cherrytown Academy add a grade school?”

Flustered at the comment Snow replied “I am not in grade school, I’m just short.”

“If you say so little bear, but your delivery suggests otherwise” he said handing the clipboard to Snow. “Sign here please”.

Snow wondered what that comment meant, but embarrassed and wanting this interaction to end quickly he signed for the delivery. The grizzly unloaded the 2 boxes into the room, handed Snow a copy of the form he signed and left.

Fiona had a good idea of the contents of those boxes but the other two were eager to see what was inside. The top box wasn’t too big but the bottom one was huge. Snow used a claw to open the smaller box. Inside were bottles of baby powder and packages of wipes. The color of the bottles was strange so he pulled one out to inspect it – Lavender Scented.

“I’m not using that” Loupy exclaimed.
“Oh don’t be so fussy” said his sister. “It will help hide when you wet during classes. Lots of people around here have quite an acute nose”. To which Loupy replied with a huff.

Snow then opened the bigger box and both bear and wolf exclaimed “this isn’t right!” in unison. Inside they saw what appeared to be 4 packs of white diapers and 8 packs of very thick and very pink diapers.

Snow grabbed the packing slip he had signed to check it, this was NOT what he had requested during enrolment and from the wolf expression neither had he.

Deliver to:
Cherrytown Academy
Dormitory 3, Room 314


Shared Supplies:
6x Baby Powder (500g) – Lavender Scent
12x Wipes – portable package (100pc)

3x Absorbent Trainers – Daytime for Female Canines (Medium, White, 30pc)
1x Absorbent Aids – Nighttime for Female Canines (Medium, White, 30pc)

3x Extra Absorbent Aids – Daytime for Male Canines (Small, Pink, 30pc)
1x Extra Absorbent Aids – Nighttime for Male Canines (Small, Pink, 30pc)

3x Extra Absorbent Aids – Daytime for Male Ursines (Small, Pink, 30pc)
1x Extra Absorbent Aids – Nighttime for Male Ursines (Small, Pink, 30pc)

“The powder is one thing, but I am not wearing these!” the wolf said.

“You will have to if they can’t replace them. It is part of the uniform for us.” Fiona replied.

“Fine, then I’ll wear yours” Loupy pouted.

“You know that won’t work Puppers. Mine are too big for you and made for girls. You will leak for sure if you try it”.

“Let’s not freak out yet. Student Services will be able to fix this mix up” said Snow pulling out his cellphone and calling Student Services. He put it on speaker phone so all could hear.

“Hello this is Oscar, how can Student Services help you today?”

“Um hello this is Snow from Dormitory 3, Room 314. We just received a delivery of dia … um absorbent aids, but there is a mistake for me and Loupy … I mean Loupgris”.

“Sorry to hear that. I see in your file you should each have received 90 extra absorbent daytime aids and 30 extra absorbent nighttime aids, all in pink. Is there an issue with the quantity, size or species they are made for?”

“NO!” said Loupy “the problem is they are pink, we are boys! And I don’t need them extra absorbent” (Snow saw Fiona raise an eyebrow as if she thought that last part wasn’t quite true) “maybe the bear does, but not me.”

“I don’t need extra absorbent, I don’t even need dia .. absorbent aids during the day. I wear trainers like your sister”.

“Calm down you two let me check your files” Oscar said and they heard the clicking of his keyboard. He searched their files and found Snow and Loupy were correct. The instructions on enrollment forms said their monthly shipment was:

Daytime: Absorbent Aids – Canine, Male, White, Size Small
Nighttime: Absorbent Aids – Canine, Male, White, Size Small

Daytime: Absorbent Trainers – Ursine, Male, White, Size Small
Nighttime: Absorbent Aids – Ursine, Male, White, Size Small

But the order form that had been entered into the system matched what they received. “Damn seniors, not again” he thought but did not say. He knew some of the senior students volunteered to help with data entry, and liked to haze new students by embarrassing them.

“I’m sorry to say there was an error when your order was entered” and he heard the students sigh in relief. “Is the courier still there, did you sign for the shipment?”

“They left right after I signed”

Oscars friendly tone changed to one of genuine regret, “ouch, I’m afraid now that you signed I can’t get this month’s shipment replaced, but I might be able to fix future shipments”

“And if you can’t?” both boys asked.

“If I can’t, and there is a chance of that, you’ll be wearing these all year. Unless you buy your own.” Both students were shocked into silence, knowing they could not afford that. After not hearing a reply Oscar continued, “your support ticket is 39628, I should have an answer for you by next week. Thanks for calling, oh and welcome to Cherrytown! Goodbye”

The wolf and bear looked at each other and saw their own disappointment and embarrassment reflected back.

Fiona was giggling, “the way you two are blushing these pink diapers will match nicely with your faces.” Both of the boys huffed in response. The cuteness of their identical reaction made them all giggles and three became friends on the spot.

While Fiona had easily gotten back into the grove of school the first week had been rough for the two freshmen. Learning the school’s layout and adjusting to the number of students had been a challenge for them. Both had gotten lost a few times on their way to classes and been late.

One day Loupy had been so determined to be on time he was running through the halls to get to class. He had sharply turned the corned and ran into a tall spindly wolf. The impact sent him rebounding. “Oof!” he cried as he landed on his padded butt and saw his book land next to him.

“Oh sorry cub, let me help you” the wolf, another 16 years old freshman from another class, said crouching down. He picked up the book and held out his other hand to help Loupy up.

“I’m not a child!” Loupy exclaimed and saw the wolf look a little surprised. Loupy ignored the wolf’s offer of help, got up on his own and took his book back. He realized he should apologize to the wolf but before he could a tiger appeared down the hall and called out “Hey Legoshi, Louis is looking for you, we need to work on this year’s piece, De Capes et De Crocs”, and the wolf left without another word.

A few weeks later Loupy and Snow had finally started to settle in. They no longer got lost on campus and were doing well in classes, but avoided social interaction with classmates. The two spent most of their time outside of class in the sanctuary of their room, as they felt comfortable in each others’ company, preferring to geek out together than to risk getting troubles because of their diapers. Fiona noticed this and was growing concerned.

The two males were comfortable sharing the room with Fiona. For Loupy it felt normal as they shared a bedroom at home, and while Snow was very shy at first he too had come to see her as an older sister. It was no wonder Snow saw her that way. Fiona had quickly taken control of the two as the leader of their little pack. Loupy was used to this, as she had taken charge of him since even before they were adopted, but the bear had accepted his place faster than she had expected. He seemed to have some ingrained need to obey someone, and she was happy to fill it. She took care of them both, even to the point of often insisting on changing their diapers for them. For Loupy this was routine as she had been changing him for years, though he always became huffy, especially if Snow could see. At first the bear had tried to protest the treatment, but she hadn’t backed down and Snow eventually gave in. And while he didn’t complain the bear still felt like he would die of embarrassment each time she changed him. Loupy’s giggles and taunts when he watched didn’t help – nor did it help when Fiona joked that their giggles and blushing cheeks made her feel like she was in charge of two little girls. When they changed each other, it was like two little babies playing house. She wasn’t sure if the bear had been lying about using training pants or had underestimated if the stresses of school would increase his needs, but he was quickly needing diapers as much as her brother. Maybe the order mistake hadn’t been such a bad thing after all and it was a good thing they couldn’t fix it this year.

During the second month of the semester Loupy and Snow started talking about playing an RPG on Saturdays and asked Fiona if she would like to play. This was welcome news to Fiona. Not only did she enjoy RPG’s but this meant the boys would finally be including some classmates into their social circle – which was currently more like a bubble. Most RPG’s needed a Game Master and at least 4 players, so they would have social interaction with at least two classmates. It wasn’t much but it was at least a start. They would have their first session this weekend to create their characters.

Loupy had decided to be the GM for their first campaign and started setting up his materials, while Snow organized source books and printed out character sheets for everyone. Fiona laid out snacks and drinks, she had had bought extra for their guests.

“That’s a lot of tasty snacks. This is going to be a fun night” Snow said.

“Well I wanted to make sure there is enough for the other players” she replied.

“Other players, what other players?” Loupy asked.

Fiona looked confused, “We need at least 4 player characters, don’t we? So you must have at least 2 more coming?”

“What? No, why would we want to ruin our privacy. You and Snow will each be running two characters. It’s the start of the Puppy, Puppy and Plush campaign!”

Fiona was incensed, this was the last straw. If they wouldn’t come out of their shells socially on their own then she would have to take matters into her own paws.

Weeks past and the time came when the school held the Day of the Territory. Snow had reluctantly left the refuge of the dorm room to enjoy mandatory time in the Bear Rooms. The room he had entered was cold and forested and he loved the environment, except for the fact that there were so many other bears. They all looked much bigger, tougher, and manlier than him, some dwarfing him to the pint they were twice his size. That he found many of them very sexy only made him feel more embarrassed and intimidated and the difficulty of hiding his padded protection didn’t help his self-confidence. He was just starting to relax when a big black bear seemed to take interest in him. “Hey, Puppy-Bear come sit over here” the black bear called out.

Weeks ago, another bear had nicknamed him “Puppy-Bear” because of his small size and canine roommates. The nickname had spread and now almost everybody in the bear community was calling him that, except for those that had classes with Loupy. Loupy had called him Plushie in class and now all his classmates, bears and otherwise, called him Plushie instead of Puppy Bear. It seemed only the teachers still called him by his real name, and even they sometimes slipped and used a nickname.

Snow walked over and sat next to the bear. Black bears were normally much smaller than pizzly’s but they were still larger than Snow.

The bear wrapped an arm around Snow’s shoulders. “The Theater Club has been looking for help to earn some money.”

Snow had thought of joining one of the schools clubs and had considered the Theater Club, but self-consciousness about his condition had held him back. “I don’t think I can offer much help” he said shyly.

“What do you mean? You signed up to volunteer and I want to thank you“ he said with a grin. But when he saw Snow looked completely surprised he asked “Did you forget? You signed up to sell balloons to cubs at the festival for the club. You’re perfect for that job; it’s really nice of you.” Everybody in the room giggled but Snow didn’t understand why, and suddenly the small bear felt even smaller.

The Comet Festival was tomorrow and was the most popular social event of the year, the talk of the school it had everyone excited. Even Loupy and Snow who had avoided most social events were looking forward to it.

Once free of the bears grasp and no longer the center of attention Snow rushed to get back to his dorm. On the way out of the Bear Room he saw two females looking at him and overheard them talking about how a date with Snow would feel like babysitting a cub but might still be a fun evening. The bear blushed deeply and the female’s reaction and giggles told him they knew he had heard them.

He met Loupy as he reached the entrance of their dorm building, the wolf was also rushing home and looked equally shocked.

“HUFF! I’ve been signed up to sell balloons to cubs at the festival!” said the panting canine when he saw Snow.

“You too? Who would do that to us?! How did you find out?”

“Do you really need to ask?” answered the pouting puppy. “I found out in the Wolf Room. Two she-wolves were discussing a rush order for outfits they got so close to the festival, and they kept looking at me giggling. I asked them what was so funny, and they finally told me that the rush order is for my role at the Comet Festival - selling balloons to cubs! They even joked how a puppy would be selling to others kits nearly his age.”

When they got to their dorm room they found it empty, and remembered Fiona had reserved the dorms small kitchen tonight to make their own meal. It was something offered to the students to get a break from cafeteria food and have some private time. In their rush to go find her they didn’t notice a mysterious package inside of their room.

As expected they found Fiona cooking in the kitchen, and her sly grin told them she knew what had them looking so pouty tonight.
“Why did you do that?” they both asked in unison.

“Not even a hello first little ones?” she asked but only got frowns in reply.

“You two have been hiding in our room all semester. It’s not healthy, you need to mingle and make some friends”. She saw them open their mouths to protest and said “hush!” while plucking their pacifiers from their pockets and pushing them into their mouths. She insisted they always carry them but allowed them to clip it inside the pocket so other students wouldn’t see. “We will discuss this during dinner. Now go wash your paws, the food is ready.”

Still pouting they did as ordered, only to discover another surprise when they returned.

Like the other small kitchens this one featured a small dining table, but one of the regular chairs had been replaced by a giant highchair. It was made of wood, decorated with cute nursery themed carvings and signed “Cherrytown Woodcarving Club” on the side.

Loupy’s paci dropped from his gaping mouth, hanging to his Cherrytown inspired ribbon. “What is that?” he whimpered cutely.

“That is your seat tonight, little one” said Fiona with a giggle in her voice.

“It’s not possible, it can’t be…” said her brother as the bear was inspecting the chair with a grin.

“It was made by the schools woodcarving club decades ago for some kind of large baby, maybe a hippo or elephant, but it was never picked up. You can’t imagine the things you can find when you volunteer to help clean the school storage rooms. It’s a shame to waste such nice craftsmanship, so now it’s mine … yours I mean. Come here, let me help you up.”

“I won’t sit on that!” Loupy shouted, but a threatening look from his older sister and a comment of “there are other things made of wood …” made him cower.

Soon enough, the two diapered males were in their respective seats. Snow couldn’t help snickering at the sight of Loupy in the highchair. The wolf’s young adult body was still smaller than the baby it had been designed for making him look like a toddler.

But his snickering ended and Loupy’s began when Fiona said to the bear “what’s so funny little one, you’re sitting in it tomorrow, and remember, you have to wear a bib too at every meal in private” as she tied a bib around his neck. Snow blushed deeply at that news and Loupy grinned enjoying the moment. “I’ll be taking it home for Loupy at the end of the year, but until then you two will share it.”

As usual she served them their food precut in cubby sectioned plates. Then she sat at the table with her regular plate.

“Your suspicions are correct; I volunteered you both to sell balloons to cubs at the festival. It will be good for you. You two must get control of your shyness. Don’t worry, I’ve setup everything and even got you outfits. Normally the club has a lot of trouble selling their balloons. Most of the herbivores are busy in other roles and carnivores tend to look scary”.

“I’m an adult wolf, I am scary!” Loupy whined.

Fiona giggled, “Let’s be honest, even small cubs won’t see you two as big scary carnivores. But just in case your outfits are guaranteed not to scare the cubs.”

The two looked at each other thinking the same thing; would they have mascot costumes? That wouldn’t be so bad, after all no one would recognize them.

After dinner they cleaned up the kitchen together before heading back to their room. Fiona had the two bring the highchair to their dorm room, and they were relieved to get there without anyone seeing it.

Once back in their room they could relax. That’s when Snow saw the mysterious package they hadn’t noticed earlier.

“What’s in that big package?” asked Snow.

“Why don’t the two of you open it?” answered Fiona with a smile.

Looking a bit puzzled the two opened it and found various pieces of wood and after a few moments realization dawned on them.

“It’s a crib!” both of them said in shock.

“This doesn’t just resemble one like our beds, this is an actual crib!” Snow added.

“Correct, and I think both of you should fit in it … really it’s a shame to waste such nice craftsmanship”. The crib had been built to match the highchair, another masterpiece of the woodcarving club. “Now get it assembled, you should have just enough time before I put you to bed.”

“No I won’t do it, you can’t make me sleep in it!” said Loupy stomping his feet like a pouting toddler.

Fiona waked over to a corner of the room. Next to the dresser that had been there when they moved in was a new wooden stool. It wasn’t enlarged like the highchair and crib but it was obviously made by the same students. Fiona was taking advantage of the privacy Japanese style schools allowed. Students took care of all the chores regarding their classroom and dormitories, meaning that outside of a monthly inspection by staff to check that the dorm was still up to school’s standards, only those the three invited to their room would see the furniture. Even then, if needed it could be disassembled into easy to hide pieces.

“I’m warning you puppy, I brought back quite a few pieces of the clubs handiwork today” she said picking up another new wooden object from on top of the dresser – this one was a paddle. “Snow, come here …”

The bear blushed, “m..me? but … I didn’t even complain” he said starting to unbuckle his pants

So ready to obey she thought and smiled “You can take those off if you want silly bear, but I’m not going to spank you. I just want you to bring me the hammer so I can hang this next to the stool”

“You should have seen your face” Loupy said to Snow between giggles.

“Thank you Snow” she said taking the hammer from the bear. “I don’t expect Snow will be the one of you two spending the most time sitting in this corner with a sore tushie, little puppy. Now get to work you two”.

It took the boys over an hour to put the crib together. Without instructions to follow they made a few mistakes and had to backtrack. When they were done it was obvious Fiona had been correct about the size, while they wouldn’t have much room to spare it would fit them both together.

“Took you long enough. You’re lucky tomorrow is the Festival and we don’t have classes. Otherwise you wouldn’t have time to finish your homework, and you know what that would mean”.

The two boys did know and nervously glanced at the paddle hanging in the corner.

“Alright let’s get you two changed into fresh diapers and your PJ’s”. She said spreading a changing pad on Snows bed.

“Bedtime already?” they both asked in surprise. “It’s barely past 8PM!” added Loupy with a huff.

“You two have a big day tomorrow and I want you well rested. Now get on the pad puppy”

15 minutes later the boys had brushed their teeth, been thickly padded and dressed for bed. Snow wore one of the footed pajamas he had brought with him from home, but Loupy had been dressed in a short nightgown. Their first night in the dorm Fiona had confiscated the pajamas he had brough to school and replaced them with nightgowns she had outgrown. She had claimed it was to make it easier to change him if he leaked. The only time she didn’t dress him in her hand-me-downs was when she dressed him in onesies their adoptive mother had made him. Fiona had some too, but they were only for home.

She lowered the side of the crib and told Loupy to get in. He huffed and chewed his paci but climbed in. Embarrassed as he was the mattress was surprisingly comfortable, and even though he would never admit it something about the cribs tall barred sides gave him feeling of security.

She turned to Snow and saw him climbing into bed. ”What do you think you are doing little bear?” she asked. Snow looked back at her confused. She gestured toward the crib, “My brother is much too small a puppy to sleep in a new bed without a plushie to snuggle. Get in, you have a job to do” and gave a giggle.

Blushing Snow walked over and climbed into the crib. He heard the crinkle of the rubber sheet under the bed sheet and hoped this was a night Loupy didn’t leak. Fiona must have read his thoughts and said “don’t worry puppy has 2 extra stuffers” as she pulled a blanket over them. Snow saw Loupy blushing at that statement. She slid up the rail and fastened it closed. The latches were well out of reach for anyone inside.

“This isn’t a slumber party, no whispering just go to sleep” she said turning off the room’s main light.

She was right they would need extra sleep tonight. Even with a costume to hide their identities interacting with so many tomorrow would take a lot out of them.

They heard Fiona climb into her bed and saw a little light come from that direction. She must be reading before bed Snow thought, and then felt something press into his chest. Loupy was still blushing but had snuggled up to him. Snow placed an arm around his friend and felt him first jerk and then settle down. ”Sweet dreams little puppy” he whispered and gently stroked between the wolf’s ears.

Loupy was soon asleep but Snow remained restless. Thoughts of what tomorrow would be like raced in his head and he needed something to soothe his fears.

After a little while Fiona decided to go to bed too. After a quick diaper change she went to the bathroom to brush her teeth. On her way back she saw the bear stir. He seemed to be trying to look over his shoulder toward his bed while trying not to move too much and wake Loupy.

Snow saw the light from the bathroom go out and then heard Fiona approach the crib.

The boys looked adorable snuggled up together. Loupy was asleep but she knew the bear was just pretending. “Good plushies get rewarded. Now try to sleep little one” she whispered into Snow’s ear.

Snow felt something placed in the crib by his head and heard her go to bed and turn off her light. Once his eyes had adjusted to the darkness he tilted his head to see what she had put into the crib. It was his fox plush Ember. Just knowing he was there calmed his thoughts and he finally drifted off to sleep.

Fiona had gotten up early to go to the kitchen and make them a hearty breakfast that would keep them going during their busy day. She returned to the room placing the tray of plates she carried on to their table and walked to the crib to let the boys out. What she found was so adorable she couldn’t resist taking a few minutes to lean on the side rail and enjoy the view.

When they went to bed the boys had been face to face but at some point during the night her brother had turned around. They were now sleeping like spoons with her brother’s head tucked under the bear’s muzzle. Loupy was holding Ember smuggled to his chest as a little spoon, but the wolf was likewise snuggled into Snow as a little spoon. As if that wasn’t cute enough during the night Loupy had somehow replaced his pacifier with Snow’s. The bear looking for a soother, likely while still asleep, was now suckling on the tip of Loupy’s ear.

This is too precious! she thought and tiptoed away. She quickly returned with her phone and took several photos and some video too. Their parents would be delighted to hear they are getting free furniture befitting their smallest puppy and new pictures to add to their baby books.  As much as she was enjoying watching her little ones it was getting late and they had to get going. With a sigh she lowered the side of the crib and gently shook their shoulders to wake them.

Sleepily the two shifted and stretched. Snow being on the open side crawled backward out of the crib like a toddler would. Fiona couldn’t help giggling at the sight, it was the bear’s habit to get out of bed this way but it was even funnier when the bed was an actual crib. With Snow out of the way Loupy sat on the edge of the crib rubbing his eyes.

Snow suddenly started rubbing his tongue with his paw. “Why is their fur in my mouth?” he asked. Then he saw the wolf and said “hey that’s my paci”

Loupy pulled the paci from his mouth to look at it and his muzzle wrinkled, “Ewww this had bear slobber on it! … and why is my ear wet?”

Fiona couldn’t help laughing. “Silly cubs. Let’s check for damage” she said approaching the bear first. Snow was well conditioned by now and turned around without needing to be told. She unbuttoned the drop seat of the bear’s pajamas and patted his diaper before rebuttoning it. The she turned to the wolf that got off the bed and turned around as well. He gave a huff as she lifted his nightgown to check him as well. “Hmm I think those can hold until after breakfast. Come on time to eat”.

Loupy walked past the highchair toward his regular seat at the table. He had expected Fiona to stop him but she didn’t. She did speak up when Snow started sitting in his seat. “Did you forget little bear?” she said patting the seat of the highchair.

“You were serious?” the bear exclaimed with a blush.

“Of course I was, I need to try it out on you too” she said.

Sheepishly the bear obeyed and climbed into the chair.

As she buckled Snow in and locked the tray table in place, she explained how things would work from now on. “Originally, I was thinking you two would take turns using the new furniture each day, but I’ve changed my plans. Instead I’m going to make a list of things you can do to prove you’re the bigger cub every week. The one who scores more points gets to sleep in their bed and sit at the table for meals the next week. The other uses the crib and highchair, starting on Saturday evening”.

Both boys were speechless. They knew it would not only be no help to protest, but that it would likely cost them “big boy points” too. Fiona pointed to the whiteboard on the wall she used to track assignments; it was for both erasable markers and magnets. A grid with their names and the days of the week had been added to it that looked just like the charts little cubs used to track chores or potty training. This must be what she was doing last night Snow thought. The chart started on a Monday which was after today’s festival. They wondered how she would track points, but looking at each other, it was clear both imagined she would use childish drawings or magnets like in pre-school.

“You two will start earning points this morning” she said.

“How do we earn points?” Loupy asked.

“I’ll make a general list later, but you two know what I consider good behavior so they shouldn’t be a surprise.”

Fiona placed Snow’s breakfast on the highchairs table, a plate with scrambled eggs, a bowl of oatmeal mixed with apple sauce and maple syrup and a sippy cup of coffee. It was the same breakfast on the table in front of Loupy and Fiona’s chairs, except her coffee was in a mug and the wolf had a baby bottle of juice. Loupy was already tucking into his breakfast, enjoying the eggs and juice while giving the oatmeal a scornful look. Fiona had initially made the baby bottle a staple of the wolf’s private time since they had been adopted as a coping mechanism to help the transition, and it was something that had remained since.

Snow reached for his fork but Fiona grabbed his paw. “Since my little bear has forgotten where he sits maybe he forgot how to feed himself too”.

Snow started to stutter “but … but” and Fiona took the opportunity to put a fork full of eggs into his mouth. She fed him a couple more mouthfuls of eggs and then switched to the oatmeal, stirring it with a spoon and blowing on it to cool it before feeding it to him. Though all of it he could see Loupy snickering at him.

After the 3rd spoonful of oatmeal Snow risked speaking up, “Fiona I think I can handle the rest myself … and your food is getting cold”.

She put the spoon down in the bowl and patted him on the head. “Such a smart and thoughtful little bear. Just tell me if you need any more help” and sat down to eat her breakfast.

After breakfast she let Snow out of the chair. She led both boys back over to a bed and stripped them of there pajamas and diapers. “OK you two time is short so I don’t have time to bathe you, you’ll have to take care of yourselves while I do the dishes. I already bathed before you woke up.”

“No eibl baff!” exclaimed Loupy who hated baths.

“OK a shower then. You and Snow can take one together to save time” Fiona said. “Snow I trust you to make sure Loupy washes properly.”

Snow nodded yes and thought “this will surely score me some big boy points” as he took Loupy’s hand and led him toward the bathroom.

Loupy pouted throughout the shower but washed properly. He didn’t refuse when Snow offered to scrub his back and returned the favor for the bear.

Fiona was happy to find them washed and dried off when she got back. “Good boys, now let’s get you two diapered before you leave puddles that aren’t just water”. Once she had them diapered she told them to get dressed casually. They wouldn’t need their uniforms today.

“What about our costumes?” Loupy asked.

“The girls that made them will drop them off at the festival. There is a changing room setup for those working there. I guess it has a double meaning for us” she said with a smile.

When they got to the entrance of the festival area Loupy spotted the two she-wolfs from yesterday. They waved to Fiona and came over to meet them.

“Hi Fiona, here are the outfits you asked for” one said handing Fiona a box. She looked both boys over and added “yes I think these will fit them just fine, but let us know if they need adjustments”.

The box was rectangular and a decent size but Snow didn’t think it would fit one mascot costume let alone two.

“Changing room is over there” the other one said pointing to a shed marked Staff Only. ”We got to get going, have fun” and they walked off toward another group of volunteers.

The three of them entered the shed and the boys were relieved to find no one else inside. In one corner were a sign and a bundle of comet shaped balloon. They were floating but prevented from rising to the ceiling by the weights at the end of their strings.

“Oh good the balloons are here too” she said.

Fiona locked the door and told them both to strip down to their diapers which the boys did.

“You first Snow” she said while spreading a changing mat on the floor.

“I don’t need a change yet, I’m still dry” Snow said puzzled and saw her pull a pair of white diapers from her bag.

“You are for now but we might not have time for a diaper change for quite a while. So to make sure you don’t leak I’m double diapering you both”.

“Do we have to?” Loupy whined.

“After all these weeks wearing pink diapers I thought you would be happy to wear a white one for a change. My nighttime ones are big enough to fit over yours”.

Snow laid down on the mat and she slipped the diaper under him. Then she pricked some holes in the first diaper and closed the second layer over it. She helped the bear get to his feet and did the same for Loupy.

“OK now for your outfits” she said and opened the box.

Both boys were stunned by what they saw. Loupy was first to recover and whimpered “those aren’t costumes … those are … are … you can’t be serious!”

“I never said they were costumes, I said outfits. And yes little puppy I am completely serious”

The box held two complete Cherrytown Academy uniforms – for female students. White sailor blouses, short white skirts, white bobby socks and shiny black shoes.

“Please no” Snow stammered. “I’ll sell the balloons without a fuss, but let me wear my clothes” he pleaded.

“Sorry little bear, but you got to wear your uniform for this and your male ones are back at the dorm” she replied.

“But you said we didn’t need our uniforms!” Loupy cried.

“And you don’t, you have these”.

“Please, their must be another option?” Snow begged.

Fiona thought for a moment “well technically for us diapers are part of our uniform, so if you want you could go out in just that …”

“N…NO! I’ll wear the uniform!!!” the bear exclaimed, grabbing his from the box and starting to get dressed.

Loupy smacked a paw to his forehead and wished the bear didn’t always give in so quickly. “If Snow wants to wear that fine but I won’t. If I have to sell balloons I’m going back to get my uniform … hey where did you put my clothes?”

“I have them and you’re not getting them back until all the balloons are sold. So, if you want to go get your uniform you’ll have to go like that”.

“That’s not fair” he pouted but he knew his sister had them both trapped. “Fine you win” he said taking the uniform from the box.

Once they were dressed Fiona inspected the boys. The uniforms fit them well and as she had intended the skirts were just short enough that their padding peeked out a bit. “Oh my, I promised the club no cub would be afraid of you two and I’m certain of that now. Snow you carry the balloons and Loupy the sign”.

“I want the balloons, Snow can have the sign”. Loupy said. The sign was small so he hoped to at least hide his face behind the balloons.

Snow suspected why Loupy wanted the balloons but agreed to carry the sign.

“OK little puppy, just try not to float away. Now let’s go.”

They followed her out of the shack and hadn’t walked ten feet before they stated to hear laughing. Neither wanted to see where it was coming from in case it was directed at them, and Loupy tried to bury himself in the balloons.

They had made it halfway to cubs’ area when someone stopped them.

“Good day Fiona. Nice to see you volunteering for the festival. Oh who’s this are you babysi … Snow is that you?”

The bear blushed so fiercely the white fur on his cheeks turned red. “Y … yes Mr. Elephant”.  

The teacher’s actual name was Mr Philomène. However, most students had so much trouble trying to pronounce it that they had started calling him Mr. Elephant and he didn’t mind.

“Well then I bet your brother is in here” he said parting the balloons to reveal Loupy.

“Hello Mr Philomène” the wolf said shyly, the French-born wolf being able to pronounce the French-based name of the pachyderm without problem.

“Fiona they are adorable, the cubs will love them! You know this reminds me of when I was the faculty head for the school’s woodcarving club years ago. One year the students found out my sister was pregnant, and they surprised me by making her a crib and highchair. It was fine work but they hadn’t anticipated how prohibitive the cost would be to ship it to France. I wonder if it ever found a home, maybe these two would enjoy it” and bellowed laughter.

The boys knew from Fiona’s surprised reaction that Mr Philomène’s didn’t know about yesterday and his comment had been in jest, but they were still mortified at how close it came to the truth. They sure tugged on the front of their skirts to covers the diapers (and unknowingly exposing more in the rear), unsure the attempt was even working because of the two layers of padding.

“Well I’ll let you get on your way. Enjoy the day … girls” as he walked off.

“That was unexpected” said Fiona. She looked around and saw no one looking their way. “I better check to see how that affected you two” lifting Loupy’s skirt to check his diaper.

“What, no not here!” he cried.

“Shush! Don’t call attention to us, I still have to check Snow”, which she did. “Snow got the worst of that but surprisingly he’s OK, but you’re starting to show in the second layer. Hopefully you don’t leak before we are done … but gosh Puppers, this makes it so much easier to check and change you. Maybe I should keep you and Plush in girl uniforms from now on."

The two blushed and huffed in response.

“You wouldn’t … People would bully us!” said Loupy. His voice often took a puppyish tone when he was upset, which made him look even younger.

Fiona hushed them both while waving her finger. “You know Cherrytown has very strict rules and very open-minded policies. After all they have hundreds of species attending here with a huge variety of cultures and needs. Ostriches get to live in couples of two females and one male, other species follow customs that may seem strange, but the staff is ready to harshly punish any who express prejudice. And you know they take great effort to be accepting and supportive of gender expression. I won’t deny the two of you suddenly crossdressing will create gossip for some time, but any bullying will quickly be taken care of.”

Seeing that their discussion was attracting attention the boys decided it would be best to continue this at a later time.

The trio finally reached the cubs area of the festival and Fiona shouted out “Comet balloons for sale!” Dozens of little faces turned in their direction and started dragging their parents over.

The two boys blushed knowing in moments they would be surrounded and the center of attention. It had been a long day already, and it was only getting started.

As Snow held up the sign as a shield against the incoming hoard he thought Fiona might be right – today might break their shyness, assuming they survived the embarrassment.

And it was an embarrassing day. They boys got many comments from the parents on how cute and non-threatening they looked, and the cubs loved them. Several cubs asked their parents if they could invite them to playdates, and one little mouse timidly asked to give the wolf a hug – even Loupy couldn’t get huffy at that. Those two little girls weren’t the kind to get a C mention on their record, that for sure.

But the most embarrassing moment of the day belonged to Fiona, when a couple of parents around her said they smelled a wet diaper, but when they checked their cubs they were dry. Fiona then checked herself discreetly and her face became beet red. She wasn’t leaking yet but her diaper couldn’t hold much more. Was it drooping enough to show under her skirt she wondered?

Loupy answered that question when he giggled and said “guess you should have doubled up your diapers too!” The look she gave him said that comment was major negative points, but after everything he had been put through today it was worth it!

“Um … I’ll be right back … I got to get more balloons!” she shouted hoping the other parents wouldn’t realize the real reason for her sudden departure. She could hear Loupy and Snow giggling at her as she rushed back in the direction of the shed, one hand in her waistband to help hold her diaper up. But it was the end of quite a festival for the Puppy, Puppy and Plush dorm and a new semester was about to start with more padded shenanigans to happen.

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This is a really  cute story.
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