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El Tigre The Adventures of Manny Rivera Review
Balan's Wonderworld Review/Rant
So, this is something different. Grew bored, watched a couple of Youtube vids and saw a bit of Dragon Ball and thought: "Hm, maybe I should make a list on some arcs I like and hate." And here we are. This is just my opinion so... here we go.

Childhood Saga: The arc that started it all, from Bulma wanting infinite supply of strawberries to getting a handsome hunk. Ahh, teenagers... Anyways, this introduced Son Goku, Bulma Briefs, Yamcha, Puar, Krillen, Muten Roshi and Oolong. It caught my attention, it was a slow start but it wasn't too bad. But it was going to get more interesting the more it continues... unlike the next one.

Pilaf Saga: Yeah, yeah, I know. Pilaf's a shitty villain. But that's the entire point, he's just some imp loser who wants to take over the world because... he can. No other reason. Impressive tech aside thanks to the Red Ribbon Army, Pilaf, Shu and Mai are no match for Goku, especially in his Oozaru form. Yeah, this'll go by quickly. And of course, Ooolong's interrupted wish of panties. Oh Oolong, you're incorrigible!

Baba's Palace Saga: I... guess you could count this as an arc? Maybe? In order for Goku to become stronger and enter the tournament proper, he has to undergo some trials by Fortuneteller Baba, the sister of Roshi. He faces off some wacky foes, an invisible man, Devilman who can make people's hearts explode when they have darkness and evil in them, and of course, the masked old man that is actually Grandpa Gohan.

Goku reunites with his adopted Grandpa and feels so sorry that he died. But it ends on a good note as Grandpa Gohan is proud of how far Goku has got in his life and that he had good friends. Plus, with his old master Roshi, he's in good hands. Not a bad arc.

Red Ribbon Saga: Ah, the Nazi's of Dragon Ball. We have wacky characters like the effiminate and... rapey General Blue, the tyrant General White, Tao Pai Pai or Mercenary Tao as he's called, and some androids and Commander Red and General Black. This shows that they are a force to be reckoned with, but they are still idiots.

Overconfident to the point of making stupid and rash decisions, they are taken out in no time. Well, except for Tao. Including Commander Red's real wish of... making himself taller. No, really. Black finds this so mind numbingly stupid that he puts his boss out of his misery and takes the fight to Goku, with mixed results.

Again, not a bad arc.

Tien/World Tournament Saga: Okay, this is where it gets really interesting. We get introduced to two more characters. Chiatzu and Tien. They are trained under Master Shen of the Crane School, who are taught to be merciless assassins like his brother, Tao. However, Tien and Chiatzu see what being trained under Roshi is like and realizing that Shen's methods were inhumane. And of course, it's fucking Tien, he's kinda a badass.

Demon King Piccolo Saga: The Red Ribbon showed the beginning of serious stakes here, Demon King Piccolo is a fitting finale to Goku's childhood. The self proclaimed Demon King has been freed by Pilaf, Shu and Mai in order to take over the world. But Piccolo needs to be in his prime since he's old. They gather the Dragon Balls after effortlessly beating Goku to near death and Demon King Piccolo makes his wish.

Eternal youth and being powerful. And what does he do, that no other villain does? He kills Shenrong! The guy is so evil, he doesn't even let anyone else get a wish. God damn! Now' they're screwed... And his first act is to usurp the king and make crime legal, by releasing all sorts of criminals to the public. And of course, we get to see his henchmen/children and the epic battle between the Demon King and Goku.

God, what an awesome ending here. But it's not over yet.

Piccolo Junior Saga: Since Kami and Piccolo have to exist, Demon King Piccolo had one more plan up his sleeve, he vomits an egg... I'm... not sure how, since Goku pierced right through him, but whatever. That egg gives birth to Majunior, or Piccolo Jr, for short. He's the spitting image of his father, except he wears a cape and a badass turban. The battle is a lot more intense with Piccolo and Goku in the ring.

This experience taught Goku that he still needs more training and in case Piccolo ever shows up again, he would be ready. Then he gets hitched with Chi Chi and isolates himself from his friends for a few years. What a good guy. Okay, jokes aside, this was awesome and a preview of what Z would look like.

Saiyan Saga: Ah, the saga that started Dragon Ball Z. We get introduced to Raditz, Goku's long lost older brother and is revealed that Piccolo and Goku are aliens, not a superhero or demon. That... actually makes more sense, hm. Raditz is killed along with Goku thanks to Piccolo's Special Beam Cannon and are informed that Nappa and Vegeta are coming. Well, fuck. So the group trains for one year and it is a slaughter.

Nappa pretty much killed most of the Z-Warriors, leaving Krillen and Gohan as survivors. Nappa is dealt with, and we get the beginning of Goku and Vegeta's rivalry. It's awesome, but I wish Raditz got another chance. He's killed off five episodes, a few chapters in the Manga and 3 episodes in Kai. That... is pathetic.

Frieza Saga: Hoo, boy. This was a rollercoaster. Everyone kills everyone here! Vegeta Kills Cui, Dodoria and Zarbon, some Namekians die, Frieza then kills the group and the Ginyu Force are taken care of, and of course, the badass transformation of Super Saiyan. Oh, Frieza... you dun fucked up, son.

Frieza never trained a day in his life, so he's a cakewalk for Super Saiyan Goku, coupled with his crappy stamina... yeah, he's a joke. But that still makes him cunning and dangerous. Also, he's bad with aiming as he slices himself and can't count.

Cell/Android Saga: Now, hm... see, I like this, but I also have a few problems. Mainly, the villains. It jumps around too much. Oh, our villains are Dr.Gero and Android 19. Oh, wait, no. It's actually 17, 18 and 16. Oh, nope. My bad, it's Cell. It just jumps all over the place and you're wonderin: "Where the hell is it going with this?"

It's kinda disjointed, but it's got Super Saiyan Vegeta, Super Piccolo and of course the Androids showing off their powers and Future Trunks. Oh, and uh, Frieza and his daddy King Cold are pretty much fucked. Thanks, Trunks.

Cell Games Saga: With Cell Perfect and starting the Cell Games, it was time for the final battle. Goku fights him and gives up, and stupidly gives the tyrant a Senzu Bean to recover (You dumbass). Gohan steps in... and get's his shit wrecked. But upon hearing the boy's potential, Cell creates his mutant children, hoping to get Gohan angry enough to transform further.

It takes Android 16's sacrifice and Gohan achieves Super Saiyan 2 and wrecks the Cell Jr's and Cell's shit. But Semi-Perfect Cell is like: "Nah, fuck this. I'mma blow myself up, bye!~" Goku then transports himself and Cell to King Kai's and blows up, and he comes back anyways, all Perfect again and kills Trunks. Oh yeah... Piccolo's regeneration and Saiyan cells... whoops.

We get an epic clash with Perfect Cell and Gohan and this time, he actually kills his first major villain. ... Only to be useless from here on out. *sigh*

Great Saiayaman Saga: Years go by and Gohan has grown up into a teenager and Goten is born, he goes to school, beats up a few thugs and realizes he's screwed if anyone finds out who he really is. He dons the Great Saiyaman and does poses that'll make the Ginyu Force proud, he becomes the hero of Hercule City. Of course, Videl, Hercule's daughter, finds out and blackmails him.

And thus, their lovely relationship starts. I wonder how that explanation went when they explained to Pan when she's born... Anyways, nice slice of life kind of thing. ... It goes downhill from here.

Babadi Saga: ... Do I have to talk about these ones? Ugh, fine. The tournament is underway and shenanigans happens. Moving on. Mr. Shin enters and challanges Piccolo... who just gives up and pusses out because of his power. God dammit, Piccolo. He's the Supreme Kai and is searching for an evil wizard named Babadi who wants to resurrect Majin Buu. A creature made by his father/original self, Bibidi. Do you get it? Anyways, Videl get's destroyed, Gohan's angry and they take the fight to the wizard and it doesn't end well.

Not much to say honestly. It's just... meh.

Majin Buu Saga: Transformations. Up. The. Ass. Majin Buu has too many transformations, Fuision is rendered pointless since Gotenks and Vegito failed miserably to kill this bastard. There's simply too many things going on and Super Buu is basically a carbon copy of Cell. Yeah, they were running out of ideas here. I don't really care to be quite honest.

Battle of the Gods Movie: Oh thank God, something good. Battle of the Gods was amazing! An actual God challenging the people of Earth because he had a dream of finding the Super Saiyan God of old. Of course, Gordan Ramsey, I mean, Beerus is pissed off because he's deprived of pudding thanks to Buu and goes on a rampage.

Goku achieves the from thanks to the ritual... and is still no match for Beerus who was at... 20% of his power. Yeah, they were screwed. But Beerus calms down and was so entertained by the match and food that he spares them and the Earth. For now. Plus, he's an Anubian Cat, awesome.

Tournament of Power Saga: Oh joy, a tournament arc. Yay. Just a heads up, it goes downhill fast. So, Beerus' brother Champa shows up, they have an argument and decide to have a match against Universes 7 and 6. That's it. We get some characters like Hit, Cabba, Frost, etc. But I don't care. It's so boring...


Resurrection of F Movie: Oh, look. Frieza's back. AGAIN. And he has a new stupid form too. In just four months of training, he's caught up to Goku and Vegeta. Uh, BULLSHIT! It's the exact same fight on Namek, he get's overconfident, his stamina kicks in and loses his new form, throws a hissy fit and blows up the planet. That's it. Why is this here? I have no idea. Plus, introducing Super Saiyan God Blue was weak. It's just, poof, new form. Wow. Yeah, they didn't care.

Goku Black Saga: It's fucking stupid, next.

Universe Survi-

Oh, fine. Future Trunks shows up... with blue hair for some reason instead or purple, and informs the group that his timeline is in peril again, this time by Goku. Or in this case, Goku Black, the dumbest name for a villain yet. It's pretty obvious who this is, since he wears clothes like a Kai would, so it has to be one. Then we get Zamasu and sure enough, it's him. He used the Super Dragon Balls to inhabit the strongest person he could find, that being Goku, and starts his Zero World Mortal Plan.

It gets very convoluted and stupid as it goes on. What's worse? Zamasu and Goku Black fuse and die, but oh wait, he fuses with Trunks' timeline and the Universe because... ah, hell, do you really need a reason? It's contrived writing. So Zeno pops up, does a delete button and destroys Future Trunks and Mai's timeline... making this whole acr pointless. Thanks Zeno. *sigh*... Just one more...

Universe Survival Saga: THE EXACT SAME FUCKING THING AS THE LAST TWO ARCS! Goku, being the fucking moron that he is in Super, reminds Zeno of a tournament of all the Universes and they need to prepare. Congrats Goku, you are a literal threat because of your stupidity. Good job. Blah, blah, blah, same shit as the Tournament of Power, don't care. Jiren is boring as fuck, they win, the Universes are back, fuck off forever.

Can you tell I don't like these arcs or Super in general? And that's it.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'mma watch DBZA and try to repress the awful shit.

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Published: 1 year, 1 month ago
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1 year, 1 month ago
Cool ^^
1 year, 1 month ago
So, what I hear you saying is that over time, they gradually lowered the quality of the show arc by arc until you were grateful it ended.
1 year, 1 month ago
Well, when you put it that way... kinda. I still like the series, of course I do. But I'll admit... some decisions they made were... not great. But again, that's my opinion.
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