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Sibling Intimacy~
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No More Rescheduling~


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by Ketzio
Movie Night~
Here we see Nova in her natural habitat: complaining about stuff in her life. Next to her we see Vivica who doesn't quite relate to the issues but simply loves Nova's accent (even as Nova is trying her hardest to mask the Brooklyn-ness)

Vivica (left) and Nova (right) (c) Ketzio & GBB

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Lavishness~ by Ketzio


Nova woke with a sharp pain in her back. It was a wicked sensation of something hard and jagged pushing into shoulder from beneath her. She was severely disorientated and could only just barely recognize that she was somehow back in her room. Her mouth tasted ashy and her tongue had a dry cottony film that made her grimace against her waking moments.

What the hell was the thing that she was laying on that was still driving into her?

Nova plunged her hand under her back to root around and had a moment of such horror that the flesh beneath her fur broke into goose-pimples. The object was the unmistakable cold and hard shape of a handgun.

She deftly leapt from her bed and tossed the comforter off her naked body while violently fumbling for the light switch. As the light filled her room she reached peak horror there was a handgun on her bed... but was it though?

She leaned in, with hesitation as though it may spring to life at any moment, and examined the gun. Firstly, guns don't typically have a distinct seam. Secondly, the metallic finish of a gun shouldn't have the dull scuff marks of cheap plastic. Lastly, the dead giveaway, bright orange tips aren't really a standard for lethal firearms. Nova lifted the toy gun and examined it; less frightened but still perplexed of its origin.

Slowly fractured images of the night before seeped into her head. She had been staying the weekend with Jaci, her friend/drugdealer/occasional enemy/personal Buddha, and they had been imbibing alcohol. Nova was pissed off and, at some point, she recalled throwing Jaci's phone off the balcony. After inviting herself to leave, Nova had either intentionally or accidentally wound up with Pogo, a mutual friend and a spacey little doe with too much energy.

Fuck, what happened next?

Nova winced and felt her back as there was a small indent from sleeping on the gun.

She thought it would be best to slip on the nearest shirt, an oversized and dirty thing, and find her phone as maybe that would fill out the rest of her questions about the evening.

As she searched in vain for her phone, a little more came back to her.  She and Pogo had gone to a cheapo toy shop.

Pogo was ecstatic, she had just been asked out by what sounded like a great guy. He was cute and smart, and talented, mature, but a kid at heart, honest,sensitive, caring, and also apparently had a solid gold penis that came chocolate. Some of that, Nova felt like, she might have mis-remembered a little.

Nova snapped back to  the here and now. There was no phone. The obvious solution was to go call herself using her sister's phone. She grabbed a tiny pair of shorts and wiggled them on before leaving her room into the obnoxious nautical-themed tide of her living room.

Nova saw no sign of Donelle anywhere, apart from a couple of shopping bags left on the couch. Her plan to call herself was immediately thrown out the window.

"So I was at the toy store," she muttered to her empty living room, "What happened next?"

She recalled that, while they paced the too-small aisles looking at toys too dangerous and too lead-painted for most good-Christian-above poverty level children, Pogo kept bringing up some sex thing that her and her boy had been doing. It was some disgusting trick about him being able to shoot cum on her from a ludicrous range and perfectly land on any designated spot. That didn't really sound like a great trick to Nova but Pogo was so thrilled to go into every account of his stamina and accuracy. It only figures that she would brag about him doing this trick in front of (and on/in) Jaci too. It would have been more surprising if Pogo's boyfriend had been modest and not also been fucking her friends too. However, he was SURELY the most caring and thoughtful boy. Nova had too much of the male species at that point and had a proposition of her own.

Nova picked up a toy gun from the shelf of the toy store, the same gun that the present Nova who stood in her living room held, and proposed that she could also make any shot. Her prize would be Pogo spending the night with her in an erotic capacity.

Nova, now in her living room and fully awake, shuddered while looking at the gun.

"I must've missed," She sighed and wiped her forehead with a small chuckle. "Thank fuck I dodged that one."

So she surmised that they had walked home together drunk with Nova calling shots out and firing tiny plastic pellets; never landing a single shot. Pogo had probably been taunting her in that pitchy voice that always sounded like she was mid-yawn. It would have been extra annoying to have been confused AND inundated with that trashy voice.

"So then, I got home?" Nova muttered and plopped on the couch beside her sisters shopping bags. "and then... did what with my phone?"

She began to riffle through the first bag which was mostly scented candles and other hippie-ass trinkets; hoping vainly for some candy or junk food. No Dice. The second bag was entirely books, all pristine and new: A photography book of the ocean (fucking snore!), The Great Sphinx of Suburbia; A Culture of Vice (hard pass), Drinking My Beer in Moonlight, the autobiography of some chuckle-fuck, and finally.... The Flowers of Venus; What You Need to Understand about Raising a Sapphic Teenager.

Nova nearly exploded into giggles. The idea of her sister seeing this and buying it was absolutely amazing. She tossed the other books aside and flipped the book open.

"The Lesbian Spiritualism," She read aloud, taking a Shakespearean flutter to her normal accent. "She sometimes longs for a fulfillment beyond her sex, and craves deeply for her matriarchal goddess. It is not uncommon that a sapphic teen may seek out other non-traditional, religious and spiritual guidances."

Nova glanced back to the cover to check the author: Dr. William R Doulton. Woof. Leave it to a 'Will' to make being gay sound like a cosmic affliction.

Ugh. Despite wanting to laugh more, and even feeling a tad annoyed now, Nova still couldn't boil up the outrage. It was actually sweet to think that Donelle was trying and it probably wasn't an easy thing to handle. She considered that it must be easy to stop breeders, flash around some pregnancy talk and squirt some vinegar water at them and a teenage boy will shrivel up and turn to dust, but what is even the proper response to knowing you kid sister is two knuckles deep in a neighbor girl?

Nova put everything back in the bags and stood from the couch.

At the approximate moment she stood, the front door unlocked and Donelle barreled in with a grocery bag to her chest.

"So the queen wakes up finally" Donelle's voice was stern and obnoxiously motherly. "Y'know I don't pry into your shit, I get that your gonna drink and mess around and be a punk, but your ass is not going to pull this shit again!"

Donelle hooked her foot on the door and slammed it.

"What'cha on about?" Nova grunted. "Where's mah phone?"

"I'm serious Nicole! You waltz in here at 3 am, sauced up and start up a shower, then you forget about the shower, leave the water going and pass out. The bathroom is bad enough already we don't need mildew and flooding too!"

"Stahp bustin' my balls! I get it, I'm sorry okay. My friend was getting a bit gross and I wanted to go home. Sorry that I didn't wanna be the slice of meat in a middle-aged man sandwich" Nova snorted. "Where mah phone??"

"You need to stay away from people like that! People like that will get you hurt, or even killed. I actually worry about you. Lord above, you are turning my hair gray with this shit!" Donelle dropped her bag on the counter and swung around to face Nova. She was tall and so fit and perfect. Nova felt like a gross, dirty bloated, slimy little amoeba in that moment.

"I..." Nova sniffed. She was actually starting to feel guilty. This bitch was making her feel so bad. "I'm sorry."

"Nicole," Donelle smiled and leaned forward to push a greasy strand of nova's hair back. "I'm mostly pissed off because you really needed that shower last night. You slept in that bed all gross, and now I'll have to toss out your mattress... probably have to exercise your whole room too."

"Fuck you!" Nova held a laugh by biting her tongue and spun around. "Why you getting weird books about lesbianisms?"

"Ugh, I hate that you saw that," Donelle walked to the couch and picked up the book bag. "I actually want to... I dunno... be supportive and understand your... uh... preference and so I thought I was buying a nice guide. I dug Devi and all, but Devi was more of your BFF to me. I'm still a bit worried about the day you bring home an actual girlfriend. It's going to be awkward. Anyways, I buy this book expecting handy dandy details on how to talk about relationships and how to be supportive, and I get home and the whole thing is hippie new-age shit."

"You can buy me some real wicked cheap crystals at the farmers market, when the moon is full they'll energize my vagina with lesbo-strength" Nova chuckled and sat on the arm rest of the couch.

"Mmmmm, gross. I think the sad part is, it says it was written by a psychiatrist, but then I checked out the inner sleeve: the chick is a Christian scientist" Donelle rolled her eyes and comfortably sat beside Nova.

"The person who wrote it is a male" Nova corrected. "So yeh, where mah phone???"

"Who walked you home last night? You're not going to tell me you walked alone did you?" Donelle responded with that same annoying mom tone.

"I'm not that fucking stupid- even if I wasn't piss-wasted I'da still walked home with someone. Pogo walked me home," Nova nodded and began moving things on the coffee table, in vague hope that her phone might surface.

"Do I know this 'Pogo'?" Donelle raised an eyebrow.

"Nah, she's a fuckin' real stack of clams though," Nova nodded furiously as she spoke, "she the kinda bimbo that drowns herself in a pool tryina breath up some air bubbles she saw. You'd like her, you're a lot alike."

"Well.... I guess I hope she got home safe then."

"I'd text her to find out if I can find my fuckin' phone," Nova groaned in exasperation.

"It's in the bathroom," Donelle sat up; leaving Nova to groan at how she remembered just at that moment, "I think you left it in there when you went to shower last night. What would you like for lunch?"

"I got a bag of pretzels in my room, I'm good." Nova hopped up to her feet and strolled into the bathroom. As it were, there was her phone all precariously perched atop some mismatched clothes that loomed on the edge of the counter. They were only a strong gust away from collapsing into the open toilet.

Nova shut the bathroom door and undressed instantly; grabbing the phone with one hand and using the other to turn on the shower. She sat on the side of the tub and saw that she had 2 new messages -- one from Melanie, Jaci's cousin, and one from Vivica... oh god.

She checked Melanie's first and, of course, it was Jaci text-yelling about how she is owed a new phone. Whatever.

The one that scared her the most was Vivica's because Nova tried her damnest to never text her while drunk or stoned or anything that could make her say something stupid.

Her heart raced as she scrolled to the beginning of the conversation -- it wasn't very long, but before scrolling, she caught a glimpse of a sentence she hoped was just a trick of the eye. Maybe context would make it... not true.

Nova: Heeeeeyyyy~ <3
Vivica: Hey Nova ^^
Nova: how uuuu?
Vivica: I'm fine OvO
Vivica: Are you there? Is everything okay?
Vivica: I don't think you're a dirtbag ;v; but you could come over if it makes you feel bad that you dont ^w^ or I could sneak out and meet you somewhere!
Vivica: Wait, I don't get it
Nova: u sneekin out >w< super hot
Vivica: oh ^///^ Rockin! XD where should I go?
Vivica: im sorry for saying rockin, that was lame

Son of a bitch. Nova groaned into her palms as the sheer cringey embarrassment enveloped her. If it stopped there, at least maybe she could salvage the situation in her head, but she had to see the full context. Perhaps she said something... way worse... like she thought she read previously.

Vivica: What do you mean?
Vivica: If I knew where to go, I'd totally hang out ^^

Nova saw that she sent a kind-of blurry image of the toy gun. She turned around to look at herself in the mirror. She was beet-red, this entire conversation just rocked her soul asunder.

Vivica: is that real? OvO
Nova: YEEhhh
Nova: naw its not, but dont tel noone
Vivica: oh ok. good ^//^; your really making me laugh though!
Nova: im pretty good at that
Nova: i can also make you make other sounds
Vivica: Huh?
Vivica: Like what?
Nova: maybe i could come over tomorrow at like 3 or somethinnn
Nova: ill show u
Vivica: Ooh! Okay :D Do you promise you'll come?
Nova: only if u make me <333
Vivica: then come! >u<


Nova couldn't believe she actually invited herself over there. And at 3pm?!

"HEY SIS!" Nova called out, "WHAT THE HELL IS THE TIME?"

Regaining a little bit of her sense, she remembered that her phone had a clock. The moment she looked down to read "2:13" was when Donelle called back with the same time... well, relatively same, she said "2:12" -- the pleb.

Nova gulped hard and glanced back down at her phone -- as if by psychic connection, a new text just came in. She was dreading a text from Vivica but had to make sure.

Melanie: btw, Jaci is like seriously planning to jump you later on to get money for a new phone =3= you're cool so id rather not see you get punched by a bunch of bats

Whew. It was just empty threats. Certainly nothing new from Jaci.

Nova: hey mel, tell Jaci that she can go fuck her cousin or w/e that guy is. itll make her feel better for some damn reason
Melanie: k. well ermie isnt here so yeah
Nova: mel!
Melanie: yes?
Nova: theres this girland i really like her andi have to see her right now but im too scared ;v;
Melanie: is it me?
Melanie: i think ur cool but uh... im more into guys ;v;
Melanie: mostly! im not saying it couldnt work but yeah :c
Nova: pfft not u, ur a gross bat
Melanie: see you later, nova =w=
Nova: ...hello??

Dammit! Melanie was definitely not going to bother texting her back now. It was time for Nova's last resort.

She set her phone down on the counter and grabbed a towel to wrap around herself.

"Siiiis?" Nova walked out of the bathroom; wailing for Donelle in her most pathetically vulnerable voice. "Siiis, I need adviiiice."

Donelle was still in the kitchen and, as she turned around, an audible gasp escaped her as she saw Nova just barely covered up. "What the hell."

"I need to see a girl in like 40 minutes and I don't know what to do..."

"Uhm," Donelle turned the heat down on the scrambled eggs she was cooking. "See her? What's the problem?"

"I mean... she's rich and she's nice... and she's super innocently cute and I'm afraid it won't mesh well with mah weird-isms." Nova was noticeably shivering. "She makes the butterflies in my tums take shits, Donelle! I dunno what to do with stuff like that!"

"Didn't Devi make you feel that way too?" Donelle was noticeable uncomfortable as she couldn't quite turn herself away from the eggs.

"Naww because we were friends before I knew I even could like a girl!" Nova whined. "I don't want stuff to go wrong because I'm afraid I'm gonna make her do bad stuff and she's gonna get in trouble or she's just gonna turn into a bitch because of me and uuuugh!"

"Well, uh..." Donelle sighed. "When I was your age, there was a boy I used to like but he was like 3 years younger than me so that was super awkward and weird when you're in High School because those 4 years are like 10 years apart you know uhh... buuuut he was so sweet that I couldn't not spend time with him and uh... we were very different but we just sorta mixed well. And that was it, really. Us being opposite made things fun but I tried not to over-focus on his personality or his age because whenever I did, I'd just feel weird like I was too mature and boring for him."

"Wait, are you talking about that fat kid that used to live in apartment 3?"

"Yeaaaaah." Donelle sighed with a smile. "BUT THAT'S NOT THE POINT! The point is that I had to turn my brain off whenever I was near him because the more I thought about our differences, the more weird I made myself feel. Like, hell, the guy was a cheetah too so it was extra weird for me."

"Why did that make you feel extra we--"

"So I think you just need to uh... go see her? And talk how you normally talk with other people? It should work out fine." Donelle started prodding at the eggs with her spatula, "Are you talking about that black girl? Vivian?"

"Yeah, kinda looks like a skunk but is a squirrel, also it's VIV-I-CA." Nova was offended that people just couldn't get her name right.

"Mmkay, I'll remember that when I toast at your wedding." Donelle shrugged. "Would I be the maiden of honor?"

Nova squealed in horror and embarrassment as she scuttled back to the bathroom. "SHUT THE FUCK UP!"


After a shower, Nova paced her room. Various outfits were strewn across her bed in a bizarre and chaotic formation, from 'mall-goth' to 'anarchy-in-the-wasteland' and all the punk rock niches in between.

Although Nova was still not dressed and her time to meet Vivica was rapidly approaching, she instead favored staring at her phone and mentally rehearsing a phone call. Nova knew that if she was going to do this, she needed to at least make things right and clear the air completely.

She dialed in a slow and meticulous way; muttering each digit allowed before the corresponding key press. There was a pregnant pause that could have stretched an eternity before she hit send; after all, what exactly was she intending on saying?

There were a few rings and then Vivica picked up.

"Nova!" her voice sounded elated, but quickly shifted tones. "I-Is everything alright? Did you need to reschedule?"

Ugh, Nova had definitely been ghosting this girl for way too long if this is her first impression of a call.

"What?! Nah," Nova spoke and felt vulnerable that in two words her thick accent was naked and exposed again. "I was just.... I guess I wanted to talk about a few things before I graced yur place with my badness."

"Ah, well okay," Vivica sounded relieved. "What's on your mind? Would you like me to break out of here and meet up with you?"

"What -- no, and miss out on that tub?! Yur fuckin' bananas!" Nova smirked and then shook her head. "I mean I would rather walk to you."

"Ahh, no one is even here so It's probably best." Vivica said before hastily and awkwardly adding. "Not that my parents would mind that I had a friend... and not that I would even care what they thought either."

Nova felt a smile but restrained it as she sat gingerly on the foot of her bed in an attempt to not disturb the chaos of her clothing collage. "I actually wanted to talk to you about how I acted last night. The things I said and the things I was doing."

"Oh, how were you acting?" Vivica spoke in earnest.

"Just kinda weird... I was drunk and being very forward and I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable," Nova sighed. "Not that I'm sayin' you where uncomfortable just... y'know."

"I... wasn't? Does getting drunk make you do things you didn't mean to do?"

"Yeh..." Nova said and then shook her head. "Nah. I think there are drunk phases: buzzed, drunk, and where I was which was in a real pissa!"

"Like... you were in a toilet?" Vivica asked with not a hint of dishonesty or sarcasm.

"No -- a real pisser is when... it's... I was just very black-out drunk is all! But what I was saying is I think gettin' drunk doesn't make you into something you're not, or make you say something you don't mean.... I think it just kinda robs you of your filter," Nova spoke, trying to reign in her accent and weird little sayings. "I think I liked saying those weird things, but should kinda not.... say them so much. I dunno if it's cool with you."

"I'm still not even sure what you said wrong." Vivica responded. "Which part was bad?"

"Uh..." Nova almost didn't believe her ignorance -- her tone was off and weird. "Don't worry about it then, I just think it's important that I'm honest about my not-great moments. I promise I'm not an alcohol junkie though."

"Oh, neither am I!" Vivica blurted out. "I drank wine before. I don't think I got 'in a real pisser' though."

Nova laughed. Vivica said 'pisser' with a hard R.

"So uh..." Nova could hear Vivica shifting her phone around. "...I'm still kinda curious on what was so bad. The way you were talking wasn't so different than normal."

"Jeez girl, you're really not letting it go huh." Nova sighed. "I uh... you know when you're drunk... wait no, you don't... uhh."

There was a long pause.

"So... you know how some girls like frozen yogurt and some like frozen ice cream and some like both?" Nova blurted out.

"You want to go out for... ice cream?"

"Nooo... well, yes... but that's not the point." Nova said. She had mentally rehearsed this line many times and could say it perfectly in her head -- but that was the problem. "I'll be blunt. I am attracted to boys and girls. Girls more."

There was another long pause.

"...a lot more." Nova continued, "I like girls like 90% and boys 10%. Y'know? Maybe sometimes 8% depending on how they act but that's not important. Buuuut, the reason I bring it up is because I want to make sure I'm not making you uncomfortable because me and my friends like to uhh... flirt a bit. So I consider you a friend and I... did it to you?"

"Oooh, you flirted with me?" Vivica said. Nova could practically hear Vivica's wide smile. "I still dunno when you did that. Did I do it back?"

"...can we talk about something else?" Nova couldn't help but feel that the hole she dug for herself was too deep.

"Ok. But can I ask you one question?"

"Of course."

"Am I more like frozen yogurt or ice cream?"

Nova squinted suspiciously. By the tone, one could assume Vivica was setting up a trap but what kind of trap could she possibly make with that?

"I uh... that wasn't a literal thing, you know." Nova nervously laughed. "Like it meant... never mind. I gotta get dressed, I'm almost late already!"

"Ah, ok. I'm real excited to see you again." Vivica chirped. "Please don't reschedule again, yeah?"

"Bahh... I'm sorry that I did you like that before," Nova put the phone on speaker. "i promise I won't today though... unless I die."

"Please don't dieee!" Vivica whined. "I lost my Ouija board so I wouldn't even be able to talk to your ghost."

"I'm pretty good at not dying. I've done it for many years." Nova slipped on a sweater. "Alright, see you soon!"

"Okay. Come soon, I'm very lonely." Vivica said before hanging up.

Nova could've sworn that Vivica was... cooing. Jeez. Nova assumed it was just the kinds of things she wanted to hear but she was already lagging behind with these mind-games.

She absentmindedly slipped on some shorts and boots and rushed out the door; nearly clothes-lining Zeke. She didn't even register that he was in her living room for some reason.

"Hey Nova! I really need to tal--"

"Not now, Zeke! Later, kay??" Nova said as she snatched her backpack from outside her bedroom door.

"But Nova, it's just that there's this girl and I wanted to know what you thought of--"

"NOT NOW ZEKE!" Nova was halfway out the front door, "Talk to my sister, she's better at giving advice for straight relationships!"

"Wait wha?" Donelle called from the balcony, "You're being very rude to a guest, you know!"

"JUST MAKE HIM SOME SPAGHETTI AND FIX HIS PROBLEMS, I GOTTA GO!" Nova barked before sprinting down the apartment hall.


Nova was a bit late -- getting to Vivica's massive house at 3:20. The little squirrel didn't seem to mind too much, thankfully.

It was kind of cute, it seemed that Vivica had actually set up some kind of itinerary of things to do. It wasn't much but the organization was way more than Nova's attitude of 'sit wherever you want, we might have soup or something'.

What was more endearing was Vivica's attempt to downplay a lot of things. Most sentences started we "we could (blank)... or not, it's whatever, it's cool"

They spent the earlier part of Nova's visit walking the premises of the house and its several wildly lush gardens all surrounded with this horrifyingly monolithic wall. Nova considered herself claustrophilic until today as the enclosed space and large walls actually made her feel isolated from the rest of the world.

Still, despite the whole 'imprisoned' feeling, it was all very nice. The idea that she was on her own planet with Vivica was lovely and she found herself more comfortable that she didn't have to immediately exchange pleasantries with Vivica's parents. People with homes like these tended to... not mesh well with people like Nova.

A bit of a premature question but Vivica popped out of nowhere with the sleepover proposal.

"I didn't quite pack for one but that'd be fine!" Nova blurted out without thinking; still a bit overwhelmed that she still hadn't seen all of the house and she had been there for 2 hours. "I'd feel bad though. I'm not sure what I'm allowed to touch. Everything here looks like it costs more than our rent -- LIKE THAT THING!"

Nova pointed at the couch. "Is that a couch? Is that a new couch? I've never known a person in my life that bought a brand new couch. I'm pretty sure all my couches were inherited from street corners with 'free' signs on them."

"We actually bought this couch last week." Vivica giggled as she plopped onto it. "It has a phone charger on it."

"Fuck off." Nova looked at her phone which was at 20% battery. "Can I charge my phone here?"

"I... have plugs in my room." Vivica suppressed another laugh.

"Oh right." Nova said and then noticed a perfect response she could throw out. "So... that means you're inviting me to your room, then?"

"Well, yeah. It's my room." Vivica earnestly stated. "Oh! Wait... oooh. You're flirting, aren't you?"

"Just a harmless one."

"...huh." Vivica blushed a bit then shoot her head. "Would you like a snack?"

"Well, uh... I don't know." Nova balked, "Do I have the sophisticated taste for caviair, patty and... 'foy grass'?"

"Caviar, pâté and foie gras aren't really... snacks," Vivica stepped into the kitchen and opened a cupboard. "I was thinking uhh... chips and cookies. Plus we don't have anyone to cook all the stuff you said right now. Can you cook?"

"Obviously not that stuff," Nova patted Vivica on the back. "I can make a supreme mac n cheese though."

"Ooh, I love macaroni and cheese! When I go to your house, you gotta make some for me." Vivica hopped a little before changing face. "If... I could come over some time."

"Uhh... maybe, yeah. My place is super busy most of the time so it wouldn't be great, I bet." Nova said as her body slumped a bit; her face slightly twisted with disgust. "My sister is a real boob-twister."

"Oh, I see." Vivica nodded and slowly took some of the snacks out of the cupboard. "Nova?"


"I've never had another girl in my room before." Vivica stated. "Do you... want to get on the bed with me?"

"Huh..." Nova stifled a smile. "Was that you trying to flirt back at me?"

"...I don't know." Vivica scurried with the snacks towards her room. Nova followed briskly.

Nova walked into Vivica's room and is immediately overtaken by how personable and... purple it was. Before being able to make a remark about said room, Nova's phone went off in her pocket. She let it ring.

"Aren't you going to pick it up?" Vivica asked and looked visibly saddened. "It's okay if you have to go or something."

"Whaaat? And miss out 'being on the bed' with you?" Nova replied with a goofy tone. "That was a pretty good flirt you did earlier, by the way! Just too many words, Viv -- kinda awkward."


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5 days, 19 hrs ago
Very cute, nice work :3
4 days, 23 hrs ago
Thank you ^^ We appreciate that
5 days, 18 hrs ago
A golden penis that cums chocolate.  I am so using that.  xD
4 days, 23 hrs ago
100% success rate on that sales pitch. I guarantee
4 days, 23 hrs ago
Yeah, and even after they find out you don't actually cum chocolate....well who cares, you already came.  :D
5 days, 18 hrs ago
Good snack choices.
4 days, 23 hrs ago
chips for the crunch and cookies for the munch
5 days, 18 hrs ago
Was wandering when yall would bless us with another piece of art! This shall give me enough sustenance to last through the winter.

Also. I love accents. When I first created Roxy I wanted to give her a cockney accent, but never actually perfected the 'speach patterns' on paper.

Also, I love the generic names yall come up with, 'chunks ahoy'. Dunno if your old enough, or have good enough memory to remember the chips ahoy commercial where the two cookies and the filling were on a bus, and were singing 'Squeesed, in the middle, smack dab in the middle'. So tempting to reenact that scene, jump between them, and in a goofy drunken silliness, singing that song, awfully while being told to go to bed cus She's drunk. Lol
4 days, 23 hrs ago
Hey Chunks A'hoy! is a reputable cookie manufacturer... now I am going to enjoy a cold Pupsi and maybe stop by WacDonaldo's for lunch to get me a big-mat
4 days, 10 hrs ago
5 days, 18 hrs ago
That fuckin tail.
4 days, 23 hrs ago
Bards will sing songs of the tail
4 days, 22 hrs ago
I love that squirrel. She's so adorable!!!
5 days, 17 hrs ago
Oh boy, that's a hell of a wakeup call. Hung over, can't remember a damn thing from last night, and one of the first things you see in your barely-awake hung over stupor is what you think is a gun. Alarming, to say the least!

Vivica and Nova's dynamic is pretty dang adorable. Also Vivica could probably act as a blanket for both of them with that tail, wow.
4 days, 23 hrs ago
At least she didn't stop at a halloween store and buy a bunch of fake severed limbs too... that's the only thing worse to wake up to in a drunken stupor
5 days, 17 hrs ago
owo  Very nice.
4 days, 23 hrs ago
Thank you : D
5 days, 16 hrs ago
Well this is freakin adorable! I'm super lookin forward to seein them get closer. ;D <3
4 days, 23 hrs ago
Aw ^_^ we hope to keep up their progression
5 days, 15 hrs ago
Woohoo! Finally they hang out again <3 Good to see Vivica is receptive to Nova's firting :3
4 days, 23 hrs ago
and trying to lay down the flirts back even
3 days, 23 hrs ago
Yes! She is doing her best <3
5 days, 15 hrs ago
aww vivica's adorable. I feel like I missed a lot of this sorta storyline, but it's adorable <3 story was humorous too~
4 days, 23 hrs ago
We appreciate that and we hope to keep the candle lit on this sort of story line for a bit!
5 days, 14 hrs ago
Welp congrats to Ketzio and GBB, they have finally achieved the ultimate goal: To kill someone with cuteness. My poor heart just cannot take the high levels of cute from this story and image, especially those tails tucked under the other in a rather intimate yet innocent way. Goodbye fair world, the last thing to be seen by me is this post.

Seriously though, this is amazing and I can't wait to see more of these two and their cute yet awkward progressive romance.
4 days, 23 hrs ago
RIP though your last words were very sweet and considerate
5 days, 14 hrs ago
little squirrelly has such a sweet smile, I think the crush is both ways with Nova fearing she's projecting.
4 days, 23 hrs ago
maybe the crush might-sorta slightly be a tiny bit both ways... maybe
5 days, 13 hrs ago
They look so cute together ^^
4 days, 23 hrs ago
ah, we are glad that they work well together
5 days, 9 hrs ago
Oh my gosh this is precious~!
4 days, 23 hrs ago
^^ thank you, we appreciate that
5 days, 7 hrs ago
I am uncertain which I like more, the cute art or the story. Both are wonderful! I do so love reading your stories.
4 days, 23 hrs ago
The fact that either one is appreciated makes us very grateful, so an extra thank you for enjoying both
5 days, 1 hr ago
there is only one way to express what the story makes me feel..... "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" Love it so much
4 days, 23 hrs ago
AAAAA- we really appreciate that ^^
5 days ago
Been following Devi's story for a while but never really looked at Nova's til now. She didn't seem as much the kind of character I was into, but I have been pleasantly surprised (though I do like Vivica more). I kinda like how it's less "Nova corrupting the innocent Vivica" and almost more of "Vivica making Nova self-conscious of her 'badness' to the point of making her more innocent". Like reverse corruption. And I hope this continues on that trend. XD
4 days, 23 hrs ago
"reverse corruption" that is a great way to put it!
4 days, 18 hrs ago
Gosh darn it FINALLY! XD
They're so stinkin' ADORABLE together, I can't even get ahold of myself, I simply wanna dive into that tail~ <3
4 days, 17 hrs ago
More stories ;D
1 day, 13 hrs ago
So many words! But cute nonetheless.
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