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Pokemon - Tale of the Guardian Master - A Grand Finale
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Pokemon - TOTGM - Harem of the Guardian Master

Pokemon - TOTGM - Harem of the Guardian Master - FULL IMAGE
Serenity the Gardevoir - Strutting
Pokemon - TOTGM - Harem of the Guardian Master - FULL IMAGE
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This is the tale of a man, born accursed into a life of wealth and power he'd never wanted, a merciless path set for him that would test his mettle with every step he takes. As he fights to survive this fate, he comes to accept his role in the world, and over time, molds himself to endure all the responsibilities and consequences that come with it.

Along his journey through his treacherous existence, this man comes across others born with their own curses atop their shoulders. Abandoned, corrupted, each warped by their past in their own ways, those who would follow his footsteps were akin to birds of a feather, all born into an existence they never wanted, but the same as he, would come to accept as they take inspiration from him and fight to grow and earn their right for a future.

The man who would bring these mental misfits together and conquer their hardened hearts would endure countless battles for his sake and their own, from falling off the highest cliffs, sinking into the cruelest oceans, treks through the most frigid of tundras, onslaughts from relentless hunters, each day would bring with it new struggles, each giving him a chance to further earn the respect, the loyalty, and even the passion of those he stood for when no other would.

Just as he would claim victory over every hardship forced his way, so too would this man claim victory over each of his followers, as with each conquest over them he savored, his power and influence would only grow as time ticked onward, with his followers growing intoxicated by the influence he had on those around him and the world itself.

Eventually, death itself would try to claim this man as it does all others, but even that natural part of life turned out to be out of his reach as he would find himself brought back, forced to continue enduring what would be an assumed eternity as he went on, walking the Earth as a resurrected man who'd more than earned his right to rest, only to have it denied.

And yet, this man continues to accept his fate and follows the path set for him, further hardening himself as needed to protect those taken under his wing who continued growing in number. So strong is his will to protect and fight, when it comes to those following him he'll even throw his moral code aside and become a beast like no other, one that would have demons bowing in respect and caution alike.

These ominous women lurking around him... Who are they...? What are their stories...?

Serenity the Gardevoir...
One of the most genocidal women you'd find, all it would take is a simple order and she would wipe most humans from the Earth. After she was born she was captured by a human who then tried to kill her for being blind, deemed useless and tossed off a cliff in the cold of night. The man called the Guardian rescued her, taught her how to hone her remaining senses, and eventually was able to grant her the gift of sight by sacrificing the vision in his left eye so that she could see through her right eye via a machine he helped create, called the Celebi Project, and it is purely by his order alone she lets humans live. It should be noted there was a time when she put the very Earth itself at risk upon losing control, only to be stopped by the Guardian using his own power against her, so above all others by his side, avoid her first and foremost if possible, as to this day even he struggles to keep her tame.

Rose the Lopunny...
A traumatized masochist beaten by another human many times and hurled in front of a tow truck to be hit, this neglect was caused by her refusal to battle and inability to evolve unless she liked/loved who she was with. It was upon nearly being run over that the Guardian rescued her and had said human imprisoned, stealing her Pokeball in the process to claim both, her and her heart as his own. She now seeks abuse from him when passions are high to replace her dark memories with those of the Guardian. To her it's better to remember his power and authority over her than the evils of another, twisted as this may be. Her timidity is a mask that covers how terrifyingly powerful she really is, having stood on level ground with both a Dragonite and a Golurk simultaneously in both speed and strength in the past for the sake of her friends.

Alicia the Serperior...
A self-righteous megalomaniac, she was once abused as well by a human, ignored and nearly starved to death because of her own trauma caused by fighting a Serperior as a Snivy, an experience that left her incapable of evolving for some time. It was only after the Guardian took her in after she was abandoned that she was able to overcome her trauma thanks to his support, and eventually became a Superior for the sake of saving his life when he fell into the sea during an attack on a ship he was trying to save full of thousands. At one point they ran into the human who'd neglected her and the Guardian nearly beat him to death, only to be stopped by her. It was after this that she vowed her loyalty and life to him in a totality sense and see's everything, and everyone, but him as trash, having never seen a man nor' Pokemon sacrifice and persevere as he does, for himself and others alike...

Seraphina the Braixen
An orphan who was nearly killed by her own clan several times, her mother was the leader of said clan and sacrificed herself to save her as an egg, giving custody of her to the Guardian upon their meeting. Now raised as his own daughter, she has come to have feelings for him that are far beyond that which is normal for someone in their positions after witnessing his acts of heroism and his power first-hand, and though the Guardian see's her purely as his daughter and nothing more, his feats have in turn caused the same intoxication within her as all the others as he not only displays his might repeatedly, but pampers her like the most coddled of princesses. Inheriting her mother's power, she too isn't one to be trifled with, as even with her youth, she's far above most of her fully evolved kin, and shows no mercy to those who would attempt to harm her precious "Papa" figure. Though small, hers is a fire that could effortlessly scorch the largest forest to ashes, a feat one would expect no less of from the beloved daughter of the Guardian, adopted or not...

Calypso the Primarina
A formerly suicidal hermaphrodite, her species has a 50-50 chance of being born this way, yet despite how frequently it happens, they're cast out by their kin as impure, left to fend for themselves, or die, abandoned even by their parents. Often humans come across her kind, and upon capture, force them into procedures to suit the gender of their tastes, a fate she nearly endured yet managed to escape. While on the run, she nearly died until the Guardian came across her and accepted her despite what she is. Thrown away by her kind and nearly butchered by humans, he became her reason not to end it all and evolved both for his sake and satisfaction. It's thanks to her suffrage at the hands of others and the compassion from him that her songs, and likewise power, are unmatched. There's no tsunami larger than that formed by a scorned woman's heart, so it's best not to give her reason to make one, as much like the first Pokemon in this list, she'd have no qualms washing away man, nor' Pokemon...

Britney the Goodra
A once slime-less defect, as a Goomy she was constantly near death due to lacking the ability to retain moisture, unable to produce a coating to keep her skin safe. She was abandoned by another human due to the cost of keeping her healthy, after which the Guardian took her in and carried the financial burden of her care himself, tending to her constantly with his own hands to keep her coated in a layer of ointment at all times and supplying her with consistent water. Eventually evolving, her body corrected itself to a degree, allowing her to produce slime albeit a lesser amount than others of her kind. Past the need for medicine, she lives normally as any other, though due to the cost and time put into saving her life, she now devotes it to the man who rescued her of her own volition.

Valora the Tsareena
An arrogant perfectionist once the most cowardly and self-loathing of all, she was kidnapped by a flock of migrating birds from Alola as a Bounsweet and dropped in the Guardian's region by accident, after which he took action to save her from said flock as they tried to reclaim their meal. Keeping her tucked under his cloak for some time, he had to fight against predators 24/7 to prevent her from being devoured as her scent attracted them in droves. It was a day and night task until she finally evolved, inspired by his tireless efforts for her sake and others he'd crossed. Upon doing so, she vowed to never show weakness nor' fear again, and has built upon her pride and power alike ever since, both for her own sake and to prove to the Guardian she was worth being kept alive...

Zemorah the Zoroark
A faultless realist who relentlessly analyzes and judges any and everything she can, she's a tactical type that has a balance of both brain and brawn, often finding victory with the former, though not afraid to use offense when needed. Many times she has manipulated others for the sheer amusement of it, and it's rare to see her doing much else than scoffing at those around her. Not one to shy away from demeaning even the Guardian himself, she often toys with him on a psychological level to see which buttons make what work. Though there is a mutual respect under it all, with most of their banter being more for fun than legitimate ire, she's one willing more-so than others to steer him right when she feels he's wasting time/effort on nonsensical situations and/or topics. In their own unique way, these two have formed a reliance on one another that's different than the link he shares with the other women by his side. He saved her from bleeding to death by using his power to seal what's left of her left arm after another human lobbed it off with a cleaver...

Never forget, to all who read this series and come to know this cast, power doesn't come from numbers, so much as it comes from bringing together the strongest of the strong, the hardest of the hardened, and earning the respect, the loyalty, and the devotion of such beings. Once a man is able to bring together a team, a family like this, even an army of thousands would be no different than flies on a wall, and it's this knowledge what separates true leaders from mere dreamers and the blindly ambitious.

Though the Guardian himself demands respect from nobody, and really couldn't care less for the attention nor' opinion of others, the girls that surround him are quite a different case, and should any approach them, especially the Guardian they protect in a way that doesn't suit their liking, one would be wise to quickly correct themselves, lest they meet with an unfortunate response from the women who fought so hard to earn their current forms and status, and who owe much of that to the only man capable of not only saving all their lives, but giving them an existence worth living and fighting for.

To all who step into the chamber shown here, know that you are in the very heart of the land the Guardian claimed as his own upon his resurrection. Where you stand is the place he and his clan gaze upon all who seek sanctuary and citizenship within the mighty mountains that surround his realm, a valley proudly called Guardinia and a place that takes all who enter back in time to a period when man and mon' truly are equals.

With the banner the Guardian designed to represent the sovereignty of his land proudly lining the walls of his castle-like mansion and waving defiantly in the breeze throughout his valley, it's a sign and likewise a warning that here lies a place of power, a place that stands for life big and small and exists not only to protect those who need it, but to deter and eliminate any and all evil that would dare approach. With the golden insignia of the Ninetales which originally cursed the Guardian shining within the crimson red of each, it stands as a testament that those who have sinned against others will in turn be cursed themselves, facing the wrath of justice by the hands of he who founded Guardinia.

Here sits he who heals the hurt and guides the lost, here gazes upon you he who conquers the wicked and humbles the arrogant, and around him are those who vow to aid in his quests, those who live purely to protect and to serve he who made them one and show no mercy to those who would spit on him and his name.

Beware evil, and welcome friends, for before you is the Nakazaki clan, the mighty Guardian family!

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Published: 2 months ago
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2 months ago
That is amazing! I wish I was the part of this world as a servant or a friendly rival with my own empire.
2 months ago
Ha ha, thank you.

This piece featuring the cast from my story took over a month once
the artist began to complete it but the wait was certainly worth it
and my expectations were far surpassed.
2 months ago
2 months ago
for the first 3 i was wondering when will serenity rose and alicia give birth to there young ones as i so cant wait to see them become loving mothers
2 months ago

That will happen during the End Game saga.

I'm currently finishing up on the events revolving the Yule Temple and
after that, there's one more saga called World of Law, once that's done
Eng Game begins and the finale of the whole series will arrive.
2 months ago
Impressive. i really need to catch up with the series.
2 months ago
If you've fallen behind you've missed out on many great things.
2 months ago
no kidding.
2 months ago
WOW  okay, that was epic and so was the music as well what song was that?
2 months ago
The music is a fan made orchestration of a song
called March of the Giants and it's a tune from the
game Zelda - Majora's Mask.

The name of the song itself fits in well with the image.
2 months ago
cool thanks for the info and congrats on the video  so awesome
1 month, 4 weeks ago
This 'trailer' is quite possibly one of the best things I have ever seen.
1 month, 4 weeks ago
Thanks much
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