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Mowgli becomes a pet

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Hello, as many people will surely do, I will rescue my stories posted on the previous host. Hoping to continue them over time. :)
At first I checked the translation, but I'm sure it still has flaws. Please, if you tell me some, I will correct it.

This story is SWF
Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

This is a story I wrote based on an image that I edited.
I hope you enjoy it.
The text was translated into English by Google Translate. I regret that the quality of the translation can't be very good.I would like you to say me any concrete failure in translation so that we can improve it.


That night Mowgli could not sleep ... sometimes it happens, is not so easy to get used to sleeping in a hammock when all your life you sleep on the branch of a tree, or on the floor of a cave; Nor is it easy to get used to sleep soundly without night stay alert to any danger, but the man in the village was a wall, and sentries who guarded so did not need to sleep with one eye open to danger. But years of habit not easily disappear, and the body of the strange situation Mowgli react to provoke a recurring insomnia.

When this happened, and it was hard to sleep, Mowgli came out of his cabin and took a little walk through the empty and silent streets. The cool night air against his skin; the dark of night, interrupted only occasionally by a torch; and the bright stars in the dark night sky, served to relax Mowgli helped him forget everything, and finally returned after a while you sleep.

Today was one of those nights, and Mowgli walked through the town giving his nightly walk that would help him sleep. Everything was silent, everyone had gone to sleep and only the distance could be heard the song of a cricket, and Mowgli could see in the distance the glow of a torch moved, probably was the guard that night.

It was strange, really the people the man had not displeased Mowgli, at least not as much as before imagined living in it for almost a year ago. In the village Mowgli man had felt comfortable, everyone was very friendly, and most of the people were like a big family, a large herd who took care of everyone. He had discovered human facets with which it had been able to get along well with other human of his age, so he had made friends, now had a little brother in the family who had adopted him (Ranjan) and ... and was Shanti. Really life in the village was not a bad man, especially because it is relatively easy by not having to be trying to survive all the time, here everything was easier and more stable. But I also felt the opposite ... as much as I appreciate the good things of the people of man, could not help but feel that really this was not his home, never quite fit and the place where his heart was in was the jungle. The jungle ... where, for very dangerous and unstable or life, felt that truly belonged; where he could be himself, to be free of social constraints and the tasks and work plaguing the people of man ... why do you need one strive to work and store a harvest when the fruit trees gave enough fruit to live without worry? Some human behaviors not understand them. Obviously the jungle was much more fun and exciting, though a strange bond had united to the people of man.

If I could be the best of both worlds ... said Mowgli in a whisper and continued to wander aimlessly.

Mowgli had actually used more than I thought the people of man, and that if he had not taken for granted security man people probably alert instinct had detected that he was being followed ... but Mowgli had defenses downs.

Mowgli turned a corner, this was a secluded location in the center of town, but there was a dimly lit torch outside a hut. While Mowgli walked slowly raised an arm to scratch and never gave a big yawn, finally he reached him sleep, maybe it was the time ... As Mowgli opened his eyes after his yawn saw something that lit all alarms, one huge shadow cast on the wall in front of him, and the torch was now right behind him. Thanks to your reflexes Mowgli turned on itself at lightning speed, to look at the origin of that shadow. But there was no one behind him, he found nothing but air and the crackling torch ... it'd imagined? It may be ... yes, you probably would have thought it, or that this was his own distorted shadow moving flames. Mowgli gave a little laugh, and thought, "Please Mowgli, this is the people's man, no dangers here you're just paranoid.."

Laughing at his mistake Mowgli decided it was going back to his cabin, so he turned and ... two large areas of color were waiting for him as he turned. The colors were moving at an extremely fast speed, while mistook who watched without notice, and that's what happened to Mowgli. Mowgli's mind froze, and therefore also your body. But the colors were it moving, like a kaleidoscope endless and beautiful ... Mowgli's jaw instead of screaming for help, gently loosened to be hung, Mowgli's arms remained in place and even began to relax .. . a sense of peace and tranquility was spreading through the body of Mowgli as he saw more and more those colors ...

What sounded those colors so beautiful? He'd seen before but ... where? Suddenly a voice shouted Mowgli's head that no matter where he had seen, there was something wrong with those colors, I remembered ... but did not know why. Mowgli feebly tried to look away, look away from those colors while his pupils were reduced to be nothing more than a few black spots. But something stopped Mowgli in his attempt to turn his head, something that felt like a kind of ... tail? Whatever it is, something set Mowgli's head so he could not move anymore. The only chance to escape had failed, now there was only looking at the colors.

-No, no, no, little man-cub. Do not move now, just relax. You do not want to look away, the colors you like too. said a hissing voice behind colors.

The teenager mind began a rapid nosedive when the first colored rings were reflected in their eyes. Think, almost impossible in that tired mind saturated colors became cumbersome task. But even so, with an enormous effort of resistance, Mowgli managed to recognize the origin of the beautiful colors in front of him.

-Kaaaaaaaaaa ... P ... pl ... ple ... please ... Mowgli's words were a mix between a yawn and a babbling fruit of his mouth not getting properly coordinated with the weak thoughts that tried to move it.

-Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Little man-cub. I'm glad to see you again, but now they need to keep silent like a good boy, no need to talk now. Just stay still and relaxed, enjoying the joy of seeing your best friend in the world, and let me handle everything. Kaa-the sibilant voice was barely a whisper but in the mind of Mowgli multicolor echoed strong and loud, plus authoritative and reliable. Kaa further their hypnotic power to devastate all resistance boy as soon as possible rings.

Unfortunately, Mowgli is not in the best condition to fight, and that plea was the best he could achieve with his weak mind. His futile resistance had exhausted him, and had not borne fruit. But look at the colors reward was assured, and it was much easier.

Every second he looked at those colors Mowgli realized how much I liked those colors. I had long not seen, and had almost forgotten how wonderful they were, how good it felt to watch them and trust them, did not want to lose sight ever.

Soon the colors were all I could see, had covered everything and now formed a tunnel of colors by Mowgli floating down, down and down and down.

Something told him at the bottom of that tunnel colors was what he had always wanted, absolute truth, which had always sought ... but did not know what.

* PING * Finally Mowgli resistance gave way, and in his mind a deep serenity was established. A huge and stupid smile expressed great happiness that Mowgli felt now. The world around Mowgli had been simplified, now everything was simple and easy. Any concern or distraction had disappeared. Mowgli's mind emptied, and no thought is passed through it, only the colors and what they told him. There was no need to think or decide, or anything ...

Kaa smiled at how the big, stupid grin settled on his face as Mowgli and colored rings in his eyes taking a constant speed. Kaa had won.

-Jejejejeje, no stupid mancub escapes me. - Kaa said. Mowgli did not respond, only remained in place, smiling, slightly arched forward back and arms hanging limply at the sides.

-Jujujuju Not know how long I've waited for this moment man-cub... Tell me, Mowgli, have you missed me? - Said the serpent whispering.

Although Kaa's voice was barely a whisper hissing in the minds of Mowgli his words were loud. -No. - Mowgli replied simply. The answer surprised Kaa, but not alarmed, in your state Mowgli could not even think about lying and responding with absolute honesty was not surprising that Mowgli respond as would awake, not that would offend Kaa .

Well, I'm sure that will change soon, mancub. But, are you happy to see me again? He asked the snake der teenager as he began a spin around him for examination.

-Yesss, Kaa, I am very happy to see you again. - Of course Mowgli was sincere, colors and happiness I felt ... Mowgli could only be happy to see Kaa.

-Uhuhuhuhu ... I'm glad to see you, especially with these changes. -Kaa It concerned the changes that Mowgli had suffered in their muscles during their stay in the village. They were not drastic changes, nor was the most muscular of people still boy. But the work in the village had toned slim body of Mowgli and had helped him work out, but for now were only incipient changes. Anyway Kaa was glad that his new toy must be healthy.

Mowgli said nothing, just watched Kaa, enjoying the presence of his old friend from the jungle.

I 'I see a season in the village has set you well, man-cub ... are you happy here? He asked curious to discover Kaa Mowgli thought of that place.

Thank you, Kaa. Mowgli replied to the first comment of Kaa. As for the question Kaa did it ... it was more complicated. -Yes and no. replied the confused mind of Mowgli, one of the disadvantages of being hypnotized is how much it costs to think and focus on something else other than the colors.

Mowgli…What do you mean? - Kaa said with an expression of surprise, sometimes hypnotized found it hard to find ways to express themselves coherently.

Well ... I really like the people of man, has many good things ... people are good, the food is good ... and the living is easy. But I can’t integrate at all ... Mowgli shared his innermost thoughts with a friend in the most trusted in the world, and did so with a big smile on the happy face to please Kaa.

Ohhh Mowgli, Mowgli, Mowgli ... I understand perfectly what happens to you. Said Kaa as Mowgli around his neck with his tail and brought his face close to Mowgli as he activated a soft colorful spirals to strengthen his words to the boy. 'What happens is that really this is not your home, this is not your place in the world. And you know it ... the jungle is the only place where you can be happy. It is where they really belong.

Mowgli was glad that understand how he felt Kaa, Kaa knew him better than he knew it, Kaa could see inside his soul with those beautiful colors. Mowgli was lucky to have Kaa by friend.

Oh, but it's sad ... because now you can’t return to the jungle. You have lived too far from the jungle time, too long between humans ... are no longer a wild jungle boy ... now you're a guy domesticated. You have lost the ability to come back for you just to the jungle. If you did helpless, powerless and possibly would end up being eaten by a predator ... not you be, you are definitely not ready. -Kaa Mowgli knew how to respond to that.

Mowgli's smile was reduced by the words of Kaa ... he was right; it was clear that Kaa was right. He could not return to the jungle though it was his true home, because he had lost his instincts, he had ... he had ... domesticated ... tears filled the eyes multicolored Mowgli. Mowgli could go from the purest happiness, the more desperate and just sadness was what was happening. Kaa's harsh words pierced in the depths of the heart of Mowgli. Not only survive in the jungle ...

Ohhhh, Mowgli do not cry. Shhhhh, do not cry. Kaa said stroking the soft hair black and Mowgli. Kaa had caused that sadness, but could also solve it. Do not cry Mowgli, I think I can help ... I have a solution to your problems. But first you must calm down and give me your best smile. -Kaa Potentiated hypnotic spirals in his eyes, to help Mowgli calmed down as soon as possible, and because I wanted to burn deep into the mind of Mowgli what was to come ...

Mowgli heard the words of Kaa and although it was deeply affected, in his hypnotic state could not ignore even the slightest suggestion of Kaa. Luckily Kaa helped him calm down with their beautiful colors and telling him that could help him ... he had a solution. That immediately filled the heart of Mowgli joy! Kaa could help, really Kaa was a friend. Mowgli brought his hands to his eyes rubbed to wipe the tears that wanted Kaa eliminated; although I was careful not to interfere with his vision of colors Kaa. Once the tears disappeared from the eyes of Mowgli, the teenager smiled stupidly, leading to painful smile limits. Kaa wanted a big smile, and be happy Mowgli Kaa.

Good little mancub, fine. Now listen, I have an idea. Kaa said Mowgli beginning to wrap from his ankles. It's true that you can’t go back on your own jungle because you have tamed, but ... what if you become my pet? That way you could return to the jungle with me without problems do not you think? Many humans have pets who can’t return to nature for having been domesticated, so do you, but if you have a master, a master who take care of you things change. You could live in the jungle, as you wish, without risk because I take care of you. I take your responsibility. Jujujujujuju -Kaa laughed, knowing that humiliating proposition would seem to Mowgli a wonderful idea.

And so it was, Mowgli was thrilled to hear the plan Kaa. Mascot Kaa be sounded wonderful ... it was a good plan, logical and convincing. Thus Mowgli could return to his true home was the forest, and could also live with his dearest friend, that yes it was killing two birds with one stone. Kaa-yes! I want to be your pet, please take me to the jungle as your pet. Mowgli was as excited as a child who gave him a puppy, with the difference that this time he was the puppy. Kaa was so generous to him and offer sacrifices for this opportunity ... for your pet being Kaa would be responsible for the care and protection of him, and in part will be a burden to the snake. And yet ... Kaa Kaa it offered was so good ... It was a good deal.

Kaa finally completed the cocoon in which Mowgli was rolled. Only the feet and the boy's head protruded from the lump that formed the tail of Kaa Mowgli around the body.

-Shhhhhh Mowgli, do not shout. We do not want to wake anyone. Kaa whispered Mowgli (who apologized). Well, I decided. From now on you are my pet and I will be your master, and the first thing you have to learn is that obedience and submission to your master must be absolute. Your owner is in charge of you, so you must always respect obeying him understand? Kaa said.

Mowgli understood, and would have consented if it was not because his head was firmly held by the tail of Kaa. I understand, master. Mowgli replied meekly.

Well, and you learn more about being a good pet later. Now it's time to return to the jungle. -Kaa Slipped through the alleys of the village to reach the timber wall around him. Mowgli simply enjoyed the trip excited Kaa led him, enjoyed feeling again Kaa tail firmly grasping his body, and especially ... enjoyed finally came home.

Kaa raised the cocoon in carrying Mowgli and passed it over the wall. Slowly he went down and had to unroll the teenager leaving him standing out from the underbrush surrounding the outside wall. Mowgli simply stood there, staring into space. He did not see the forest before him, only the colors. Nothing but Kaa penetrated hypnotic colors barrier. In fact Mowgli not even realized what happened around him in those seconds that he stood there.

Kaa Mowgli had to leave out to leave him, so he did. But fate willed that just then the guard on duty that night, he came around the corner the corner of the wall making his rounds on the outside. At first I did not see Mowgli clearly, but according saw the shadows came Mowgli standing there. Hey! Mowgli, what are you doing standing there? He asked the guard surprised to see him there at that time. The dim light of the torch lit by the dancing firelight environment and Mowgli. The teen did not answer, not even heard the question. So the surprised watchman closer.

Can you hear me? -according the guard came closer and closer to Mowgli could see that his body was straight and motionless, a big, stupid grin dominated his face in an excessive way, and strangest of all were his eyes ... the guard had never seen anything similar. Mowgli 'Are you okay? What's wrong with ...? But the question Watchman was interrupted by a voice coming from the top and said, 'You mean this?

The guard instinctively looked up and was captured by hypnosis Kaa. The guard was no match for the power of Kaa be and soon began to fall into trance. Mowgli, holding his torch. Kaa said when he saw the guard began to lose arm strength in carrying the torch, which had fallen to the ground would have burned the undergrowth where they were. Kaa Mowgli obeyed as a good pet supposed to do, and held the torch Kaa told him.

Soon Kaa had ended with the guard. Kaa instructed him to continue the round when we left there, and did not remember having seen us, or anything related to us. Of course the guard understood the importance of obeying Kaa.

To save time, this time not wrapped Kaa Mowgli with his tail, but simply ordered he to follow him and they did. Kaa and Mowgli soon disappeared into the jungle vegetation and steps began to hear less and less. The last that was heard was the voice of Kaa say, 'You know Mowgli? Now I realize, a pet need not wear clothes. -and after that Kaa and Mowgli finally disappeared from the village of man.

The guard, awoke from his trance within minutes, and continued as if nothing his round of surveillance. It was still a good night.

END... For the moment.

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