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Rex Overboard - Dia Soda Bubble

Not Quite Calorie-Free

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by Bartan
JinxMontalgo (https://www.furaffinity.net/user/jinxmontalgo) Is spoiling me, I swear.

Another gift by Jin that I am incredibly thankful for <3 He wanted to do another piece for me, and so I asked him what his favorite scenes out of my stories were. He gave me three examples, and this one seemed to be the easiest to do, in my opinion. So we went from there.

This is out of a story I did earlier this year called Rex Overboard, specifically Act 4: Tongue Tied. A scene where Dia'vidd, a living pooltoy in this series, ended up getting into... *Reads paper and sighs a bit* Dragon Drive Soda and then some breathmints. Resulting into... Well...

Though I do know that this type of thing wouldn't actually happen with Mentos and Diet Coke, it was a fun little idea I put into the story (one you can read the scene down below, censored for those who don't wish to read a more mature form of it. But the main story is indeed mature rated). If you want to check out the story at it's roots, you can find all four acts in it within my gallery somewhere.

But until then, thank you once again Jin for this wonderful gift :heart: And I ask all of you: if you're going to favorite it, favorite the original here: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/28648081/
He's a really great aritst and deserves so much for the work he does, let alone the effort put into pieces, even just the little things. If you want to see more of Dia'vidd, I've made a small list of everything he's in below, though Rex Overboard is the only time he's ever a pooltoy (for now, that might change in the future... Maaaaaybe. If he gets enough encouragement, that is). Still, I hope you enjoyed this piece of 'fanart' as I have, and perhaps might even look into one of these stories I've written :heart:

-Wrong Side of Heaven Act 4 - False Freedom (very young)
-Destruction Preventer (entire series)
-Holiday, part 1 and 2 (though, only in scene 7 of part 2)
-Counting Stars (entire series)
-Rex Overboard (entire series)
-On The Wing (Clean short)
And likely others in the future. He is a returning character of mine, one I do really enjoy. Keep an eye out from time to time, but show Jin some love first! Until then, as promised...

The truck eventually turned off the main road, going on a much older one for several minutes. Seeing the last house pass by them quite a ways down before a rather opened area. Taking another dirt road up a very faint hill towards a large cabin, one overlooking a body of water that could barely be called a lake. Stretching out across the field of view and only lined with the hills in the horizon. "Water seems a bit high, but it should be alright."
"Your..." Zarrel trailed off, almost stunned by the rather gorgeous sight. "Your parents own...?"
"Yep. But you can't ask me how." A puzzled look from the rex only got another smirk, as if the noodle was teasing him again... He thought, anyway. It was difficult to tell with his blue friend from time to time, holding too many secrets about his family's past. Regardless, he put the vehicle in park and got out. "Alright, I'm going to check up on the generator, can you dragged the bags in?"
"S-sure..." The theropod mumbled shyly, still trying to get out of the side doors without breaking the truck. Hearing the wyrm chirp loudly once the door opened and scampered out to explore the area. Especially the docks and the lake. "Wait! Dia!"
"Don't mind him, there shouldn't be a current in the water-" A small splush! was heard soon after, putting a smile on Loqe's face as he adjusted some of the solar panels. "Just don't go out too far, okay buddy?" A chirp in response, and the rex sighed a bit. Taking a few of the larger bags out and overlooking the camp-ground area just near the water. A well-built bonfire resting a ways off from the lake, trails leading into the wilderness could be seen. A small place for some wood that definitely needed to be replaced soon, then the large cabin. Looking like it had two floors to it, as well as a cellar in the back somewhere. "That's something we'll have to get while we still have daylight."
A double take from the dinosaur. "What?"
"The wood. We'll have to do it the old fashioned way." A bit of a worried look from Zarr. "Don't tell me you're not somehow excited about going to town on a tree."
"I can't say that axes were made for my... Structure in mind."
"Then you can push the tree down, and carry the wood back." Those frilled ears went flat against the brown one's head, but he didn't argue. "We'll be back in a bit, Dia. Going to get more firewood. And don't get into the soda while we're gone, understood?" A chirp in response as the blue dragon went off into the cabin for a moment, coming out with an axe and a couple of heavy duty bags. "Alright, let's head out." A sigh, and the rex followed.

Of course he wasn't going to listen to them, paddling out of the water and onto the docks before perking up those black frilled ears. Attempting to catch any sort of sound, barely hearing the two chuckle way out into the woods. Painting a devious grin over that black muzzle as Dia trotted over towards the pile of bags, looking over for that plastic one and grumbling when he couldn't find it. Perhaps still in the truck?
That head shot up and those ears perked again, purring in curiosity as he moved towards the rear and climbing up the downed tailgate. Spotting the cheap bag almost immediately, and nearly tasting that delicious beverage as he trotted over. Slowly getting that cap off before latching his muzzle on its spout and taking a big drink out of the large bottle. Noticing several more resting near the finding point...
Several long gulps, and the black wyrm belched a bit. Nearly feeling most of his insides become more liquid than gas. Well, gas within liquid does count, but regardless. He was getting quite chubby by the third bottle, but he could fit more easily. Even if it meant that his form had to round out a bit. Taking another fresh bottle and breaking the seal in the cap before beginning to down it, already starting to feel his belly start to morph to accommodate such a thing, but the flavored drink was so addictive. The wyrm just needed to have more...

With a few groans, and several hisses from the gas inside, the last bottle was down. Granted, so was that black belly. Morphed completely over the floor, with Dia's paws barely being able to reach the ground enough to drag himself closer into the bags. Almost disappointed that all the soda was gone. But a sudden burp rewarded him with that very taste, nearly making that tongue loll out. Browsing through the bags just in case, he could still feel something hard within them, making the wyrm purr in curiosity.
Just the breath mints that the rex wanted. One package already opened and poorly 're-sealed' together. Well, while the dragon was here, he might as well bring them with the other bags. Grabbing a hold of the plastic with his muzzle and pulling on his now heavy, awkward weight, the small dragon attempted to head towards the tailgate once again.
But the bag ripped within his maw, making the black one grumble loudly at the cheap plastic. Even spotting a few tears in it from the inside. Getting a snort from that black muzzle that fizzed in response due to the sudden moment, Dia pondered what he could do. The round shape wouldn't stay put on his back, however... He did have a way to carry them, just like the very liquids that were inside his body.
They can't be harmful in any way when mixed with the beverage, could they? Naw. Taking the long packages one by one, the black wyrm devoured them. Feeling the strange tubes make themselves at home within his chubby form before moving towards the rear of the vehicle once again.

The wyrm cautiously moved towards the end of the vehicle, swearing his belly was getting a bit tighter in the process. Overlooking the small drop that was still about twice his size, Dia wondered how exactly was he going to get down safely. Though the branches of his wings were nearly filled tightly with air, they would not be able to carry such weight. Really, there wasn't that much of a risk, was there? He might lose a few drops of that precious drink, but that's about it.
With a shrug of those inflated wings, the dragon adjusted his bloated belly a bit, attempting to carefully roll off but misjudging the edge of the tailgate. Hitting the gravel driveway and making the liquids hiss inside his hollow form before thickening it up quickly. Landing on his side, his back towards the downhill driveway, the dragon's underside grew drastically. Over a matter of seconds, he was unable to reach the grounds under that ballooned underside.
The tightness made Dia whimper loudly as the soda continued to release a pressure within his form. Expanding that belly under and over the tailgate as it slowly rolled the toy wyrm backwards. Even though his limbs and backside were bubbling out, his belly was taking most of the punishment.
Within a few moments and songs of pleasure, the expansion pushed the wyrm away from the truck enough to start rolling him down the hill. Every sudden movement and bob was enough it create more and more fizz, more pressure into his rounding form. Hearing it groan as he started to balloon outwards quickly, and his body attempting to fight the change.
Yet, it soon gave in, and the toy's strange body overflowed into the larger wyrm. The liquids and gasses pushing into his paws and limbs while inflating them enough to start reaching the ground again. Allowing him to slow his speed to a stop towards the bottom of the hill, quite far aways from the house. Regardless, Dia could at least walk again normally. Life lesson about sodas, he supposed... Not that he minded.
Rubbing his already chubby belly a bit was nearly enough to cause that muzzle to constantly grin. Though now wondering how he was going to fit inside the cabin at this size. A few ideas came to mind, however he didn't want to lose a drop of the precious drink. But a strange fizzing got his attention, making the black wyrm look down at his body as he felt the pressure begin once again.
A moment of study, and Dia pondered if the hissing was leftover gasses from the soda. Yet, the noise was slowly rising within him. Making him purr in question before feeling a jolt of pressure, causing the dragon to be stunned for a moment and actually brace his taut form. Panting a bit before feeling his form begin to dense up again, that belly starting to reach down towards the ground under his paws.
Then a sudden increase of force within as his body started to fill with a thick foam. Pushing that underside and chest to the ground quickly before forcing it to round out. Another set of appendages that were taking in the pressure as those hips and shoulders started to bloat out drastically. That foam leaking out of that black muzzle a bit as his neck swelled up and closed it shut, yet the noise suddenly started to grow within his form...
A loud groan omitted as Dia's body attempted to fight off the pressure, feeling it slowly lose as his body bubbled out into one large sphere. One nearly the size of a small house. Whimpering a bit before getting another overflow, but there was so much pressure that his paws never touched the ground. That large black, thinning out belly immediately outgrew his new size, his vinyl body struggling to contain all the foam that was being created within him.
It took no time to once again become a large round balloon as the dragon attempted another stalemate. Losing it very quickly, but recovering with another overflow. Then a second-third-fourth! As his bloated form spanned across the field, covering acres as the pressure continued to expand the living toy to drastic limits. Moving more towards the downhill away from the house that was growing smaller and smaller in comparison. The foamy brown bubble growing several dozen sizes over it before finally reaching the cabin.
But the inflation slowed to a crawl, as the large balloon groaned loudly. Constantly steamrolling everything in its path, already taking out trees and roads before lightly touching the building. Pressing against the cabin as its dangerously thin form struggled to contain so much white and brown foam within. Creeks morphed into high pitched whines as Dia's back continued to arc upwards. Losing stalemate after stalemate before bursting in a large shower of strange snow.

...Don't worry. He's fine. But I hope you enjoyed that little clip <3

dragon 87,571, belly 12,240, latex 9,869, inflation 8,794, western 3,669, massive 2,030, vinyl 1,152, pooltoy 957, pop 617, soda 522, popping 444, bursting 265, wyrm 95, dia 47, soft popping 12, mentos 10, diavidd 1
Type: Picture/Pinup
Published: 9 months, 2 weeks ago
Rating: General

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