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A Moment of Peace
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Battle Hardened Chris
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The Wrong Crowd
Going Naners
The Wrong Crowd
Going Naners
So this is my half of a trade done with farsek
Their half can be seen here: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/28315358/
Inkbunny: https://inkbunny.net/s/1676842

This story includes and mostly revolves around the OBJECT VORE of a vehicle so if you enjoy stuff like that this story is for you.

Auto No Mobile
By Typhlosionboy

Farsek thanked his friend, who had been kind enough to give him a ride to a local dealership. See he was looking for a new car, maybe a truck, but most likely a car, either way he needed a vehicle of some sort of get around; at least that was what he had told his friend. Of course that wasn't the case, as he had an older car that ran just fine that he kept hidden from everybody in his garage. No the true reason why he wanted a new car was to enjoy the smell for a few days, probably keep it hidden in his garage and give it a whiff every few hours, then when he planned to bring it back undamaged for a refund, he would take his money and buy a new car from a different dealership. The plan was to do this until he ran out of dealerships to go in the city, then hold off for a while as he would simply repeat the process again the following year.

It was a basic plan, nothing too overly complex, since he had good credit, and as for the money he had inherited quite a sum from an older great aunt who had passed away some time ago. He wasn't sure what he would do with the rest of the money, maybe save it to gain interest, but he knew that a small portion was going towards buying a new car. He still needed to plan a few days ahead in between each trade in so he would have a ride after returning each new vehicle. Oh well, Farsek thought to himself, figuring his new car smell schedule would have to be a bit flexible with the scheduling of his friends availability, and it really didn't bother him as long as he got to enjoy all the cars possible.

Watching his friend drive off, Farsek knew that if he didn't buy a vehicle here, that he would have to get a ride home from a different friend. However he also knew that he was going to buy a car here, even if it took him some time deciding, though that shouldn’t be too hard as he was not really looking for anything specific beyond looking good, and being brand new. The goat was soon greeted upon stepping into the dealership's waiting room, which thankfully for Farsek was nearly empty with only one other fur in there, probably singing for their new vehicle as well.

A female avian spoke to the goat upon Farsek sitting down, “Hello Mr?”

“Oh just call me Farsek, no need for formalities.”

“Alright Farsek, welcome to Flying Things Dealership, and before you ask yes the cars fly speed wise, but none of our vehicles actually fly.”


“Ah yes, sorry about that. That last part was for liability reasons, I'm sure you can guess but it is to prevent people as well as other furs from attempting lawsuits involving our vehicles actually being able to fly, which has saved us a many time before. So are you here looking for a new vehicle? Maybe to purchase a used one? Sell us an old clunker?”

“Ah yes, I’m looking for a new vehicle, something within the realms of thirty to thirty five thousand. I’m thinking preferably a car as well instead of any trucks Miss….?”

“Oh, well since we are on a first name basis just call me Aviary.”

“Got it.”

“Does it matter what size the car is, or just any of the cars we have in stock within that price range?”

“Any cars you have within that price range will do.”

“Hmm,” the avian lass stated, “follow me then Farsek. I got several brands to show you, just tell me if anything sticks out.”

Farsek followed Aviary as she lead them throughout the dealership until they eventually came across a section which had vehicles around or slightly around thirty thousand dollars.

“We have some Toyotas, Hondas, Suzukis, and of course so truck as well as van brand names like Ford, Chervelotte, but we also have some of the newer electric cars in stock too. They can be purely electric, but they also can use fuel getting around forty miles per gallon if you choose to go that route.”

Farsek looked around, though the cars did not new he didn't like either their odd shapes in the back, or the front, or the headlights looked weird, but when he started to look at the electric cars he couldn’t help but ask. “What is the brand names behind these electric hybrid cars?”

“Well, we have Nissan brands, the newer Telsa models, Chevy models though, those look like a car van hybrid so you may not want one of those. We also have Hyundai, Kias, as well as electric Bentleys, the key is figuring out what like range you are looking for, do you have one in mind perhaps?”

“Mile range? I don't think I understand what you mean by like range unless you are including the entire tank multiplied by miles per gallon?” The goat said in a slightly confused tone.

“Well some electric cars have fuel tanks, and some you can only charge. Like for example those twenty eighteen Bentley GTs, they can go fast like a sports car, they have the design of a sports car, but without a gas tank they can only be charged at a charging station, and requiring less parts to build because they cannot use gas, that significantly lowers their cost. However their range on average is about one hundred thirty miles on a full charge, so that makes your traveling plans different as you have to look up charging stations if you decide to go traveling further across the country.”

Farsek nodded as he spoke to the bird lady, “Okay, I think I know what you mean. In that case do you have a cheaper Tesla model by any chance? One that might be used, but still uses gas if need be?”

“We do, though we only have a few in stock of a used Tesla model S, and that being said they were Mark at thirty seven thousand, but I think we can knock off a few thousand for you to put it in your affordable car range.”

“Well that sounds like a lovely deal, how many thousand are we talking exactly?”

“Well, it depends on your credit, just let me check your ID, and we'll see what I can come up with based on your credit.”

“Well show me the car first just to see if I want it, then we can decide on the credit deal afterwards.”

“Of course,” the avian stated in a slightly flustered manner, “I definitely got to show the customer the car before I sell it. Sorry about that sir my mind is a bit everywhere today.”

“Not a problem Aviary.” Farsek said, following the blue bird throughout the dealership until they got to the used car section, and before he knew it he was standing in front several lots of used cars.”

“Right this way sir,” Aviary said, slowly leading the goat to the specific car he intended to see. “Here we are, some model S Tesla cars, we only have the three colors you see before you; blue, black, and red.”

Farsek looked over each car, checking out the leather interiors, the sporty look of the car, the overall look of the outside including the paint. Then he finally had to ask, “How new are these models, and can you give me the one with the lowest miles on it.”

“These models are twenty eighteen, most of them were returned and traded in for a different car within our return day policy, and so I can definitely give you one that has only fifty miles on it. All we got to do now is check your credit and you should be good to go.”

The next fifteen minutes Farsek spent his time in the dealership office as they reviewed his information, and somehow he was lucky enough to have credit good enough to knock off seven thousand dollars from the original price tag which brought the total to thirty thousand and so few hundred dollars. After he paid in full with cash, the goat was happy to be finally driving home in his brand new hybrid car, and while he did he wafted the air into his nose, indeed getting the still new car smell. As he had been promised there was indeed just under fifty miles on the car too. It was very invigorating as the smell of the leather interior started to creep into his nostrils, so much that it was starting to make his mouth salivate, though he wasn't sure why it did that.

Farsek started getting different smells as he got closer to his house, as it became the scent of the still fresh paint, the smell shortly changed to a more metallic smell of all the gears and piston moving. The goat barely made it home as multiple scents filled his brain all at once, leaving him behind in a confused stumble as he barely managed to turn off the vehicle fumbling with the door, and of course stumbling out of the car itself. Farsek almost face planted onto his driveway, but he managed to catch himself half way, then he simply would lay on the ground right beside the car, closing the door from the ground as he rested his senses from being overstimulated. The goat took a few breaths, got up, closed the garage door, and then proceeded to lay down within the car again, but this time he left the door open. Soon he could feel a tiredness in his eyes, but though he didn’t want to sleep just yet, his body decided it was best that he did anyways, and so sleep came swiftly for Farsek.
Just before Farsek completely passed out, he had made sure to close the door, and roll down the window as he didn’t want the battery to get drained, but after that quiet darkness followed shortly. The soft sounds of Farsek inhaling then exhaling was the only noise to come from to the garage for several hours, but after some time the young goat started to stir from his sleep. There was a ravenous gurgling coming from his stomach, but it seemed he had already prepared so food as he munched down on so a thing soft, fluffy, and chewy. It took Farsek a couple more minutes, after swallowing several times to figure out he should see what it was he was munching on. When the goat woke up completely, he found that he had been ingesting the leather interior of the car, and although he was upset at himself, he knew there was no getting a refund on this.

In his tired stupor, Farsek continued to munch on the chewy leather interior as he stomach rumbled with a hunger so massive that now only the taste of new car would satisfy him. Since Farsek had started munching on the passenger seat, he figured he might as well finish that up, and so he spent the next half hour just munching away at the seat until it was completely gone. The goat bad enjoyed every chewy leathery bite he had taken, luckily for him his stomach stopped grumbling at the moment. This would give Farsek some time to check how much a replace seat would cost, and as expected it was around five hundred dollars plus whatever the labor fees were for installation. However it wasn't long before he felt a familiar sensation come from his gut, as it rumble heavily demanding to be filled up even more, Farsek was started to feel a primal craving for junk; the first time ever since being a goat.
There was no way for him to know is this was normal or otherwise, but soon he found himself before his brand new car one again, this time chewing up the hood as he took several bites out of the metal topping that separated the engine from the harsh elements of the outside world. Over the course of several minutes Farsek took a sizeable chunk out of the hood, exposing the engine, and then felt momentary relief as he sat down only to let out another loud burp. The goat didn’t even have to look up the price for a new hood, he could already guess that it would be several hundred dollars.

The more the price went up to fix it, the hungrier it seemed to make him, for the goat felt his stomach vibrating in angry protest once more. This was a completely new experience for Farsek, and unfortunately for him he could not explain his sudden endless hunger for his metal vehicle. Trying to control himself, Farsek sat in the still untouched driver's seat, hoping the smell would remind him of how much he loved the car, but instead it did something completely opposite. The more of the scent Farsek took in, the more hungry he got, until finally he found himself chomping upon the dashboard. It took him a while to get at it, but after some time Farsek had cracked the plastic dashboard, and started chewing eagerly on it like some sort of farm animal.

Loud cracking mixed in with his crunching, and with each bite he took the tastier the car got. A couple bites from the dashboard itself would satisfy the young goat, but now he was craving something more metallic once again. The only thing he could think to chow down on metal wise would be car components under the hood, or the metal frame that was beside him that once held the leather frame to the passenger seat, that of which no longer existed of course. A primal urge drive Farsek out of the vehicle, and soon the ravenous goat already found himself chomping at the engine itself.

As he took a giant bite, a small bit of oil sprayed between his teeth, and around his gums, but it took a few more chomps to just get more of the metal shavings. Farsek quickly decided that this wasn’t going to work out well, as he would simply end up munching on it forever at this place. Once again he felt a primal urge, but this time it also came with some super goat strength, loud metal cracking and creaking followed shortly as Farsek had somehow managed to rip the engine completely out of his car. Somehow the young goat was holding the heavy six cylinder engine up just by sheer strength, but now came an even larger, and more unexpected feat as Farsek rotated it to be more vertically aligned with his own body. Shortly after that the engine slowly disappeared into the jaws of an insanely hungry goat, who managed to shove the whole thing down into his gullet while breathing through his nose as he did so.

The goat felt some of the greasy oil ooze out from multiple parts if the engine, not to mention the giant oil slick that had pooled at the bottom onto his garage floor. Even with such a setback Farsek felt satisfied, but he was also rather immobile as his stomach looked nearly like a rectangle. Feeling happy, as well as sleepy, Farsek would quickly doze off, the final sensations he would recognize before slumbering was his tummy gurgling in content. However, it would seem his deep sleep would be short lived, as after but a few hours Farsek woke up to the terrible sensation of feeling like he was starving again Thankfully not all was unlucky for the goat, as his stomach had already made decent work of the engine, seemingly melting half of it already which enabled Farsek to be slightly mobile yet again. The goat's stomach wasted no time as it started grumbling for its next course that it demanded to have filled as quickly as possible. Farsek could tell he had shrunk in size halfway back to normal upon mostly digesting the engine somehow, but now he was already back in the garage scanning underneath the mess of his hood that he could start to munch on.

However the steering wheel inside the car caught the goat’s attention instead of anything under the hood, so he jiggled on over a little bit towards the driver's side of the car. Grabbing the door handle, Farsek felt another primal urge descend upon him which caused him to accidentally rip off the driver's door. Before he could bother with the steering wheel Farsek was chomping down with a primal frenzy as bite after bite of metal ended up in the goat's gullet. However, it took but a few bites for him to lose interest in the metallic taste of the door, and once again the steering wheel caught his attention. It was rather easy for Farsek to rip the steering wheel completely out of socket, but it was even more amazing when he swallowed the thing in its entirety.

Now however it seemed like he needed a little bit of help getting out of the car's frame, but Farsek managed to forcefully shove his body out of the now too small door frame, or what was left of it. The goat wasted no time in his next movements as he chomped down hard on one of the tires, ripping it off the axle as he did so, and by the time he got it stuffed in his mouth it had severely deflated. Still it was a large mix of rubber with metal dimming, so Farsek spent some time chomping down on the tire until the metal had cracked off which he swallowed, leaving nothing left except for the chewy rubbery part. The hungry goat chomped, chewed, and made decent work of the rubbery remains in just under thirty minutes, and this is how it went for the other three tires. Farsek popped the tire, then he crunched off the metal from the tires, then he spent thirty minutes chewing the rubbery tire like it was fun until it flaked off enough that he could swallow it whole.

He felt nearly satisfied, but there was something else his stomach was telling him to try, but he wasn’t too sure what it was his stomach still demanded. Then a unique smell hit him, although it took Farsek a few minutes to figure out what the smell was, he soon realized it was the gasoline in the gas tank. Popping the tank open, he took a big whiff, then looked around as he located a hose nearby that he started shoving into the gas tank. Shortly after that Farsek began siphoning the fuel, directly into his stomach to quench his thirst, although he didn’t really taste the fuel, he could feel a bit of gas buildup start to occur. That however would have to be dealt with later as the goat’s belly steadily expanded with the liquid gasoline until finally the hose itself stop receiving gas from inside the tank which meant he had drunk most of the fuel.

A deep burp echoed from within Farsek, but being the only one around he didn’t really have to excuse himself to anyone, however it seemed his stomach still had enough room for something, the question was what was it though. Rolling around as his stomach sloshed side to side, the goat had noticed one of his windows was cracked. Farsek licked the still relatively clean window and decided this was also what he wanted to taste, and then quickly shattered the glass with a blow from his currently chubby hooves fist. As the window broke, Farsek spent the next hour picking up pieces, swallowing them whole, then working on another section of the window until finally the entire window had been devoured as small glass fragments. He did not chew them as Farsek didn't want to risk slicing his throat, gums, as well as his teeth, but as a final test after his finished the window itself he spat on the ground. His saliva was clear, which meant no blood, which meant he indeed did not slice anything on his mouth, and since his stomach wasn’t on fire he knew nothing got cut up on the inside either.

He was still concerned about how it would act when he looked it all out, but at this point he didn’t even fully understand his biology like he thought he did. What Farsek did know though was it was late, he was tired, and he couldn’t move, so he would spend the night resting in the garage as a goat blimp, until finally he dozed off a full and happy goat. The final thoughts he had as sleep overtook his body was how wonderfully full his stomach was, and how he never realized vehicles could be so delicious. With a final yawn, the immobile ball of goat passed out peacefully, and soon was awoken when a few early morning rays of light beamed through the small glass windows he had in his garage. Farsek awoke no longer a ball, but as a heavy loud echoing burp left his stomach, the urge to shit suddenly sprang up. Quickly making his way to the outside as he used one of the logs, he felt relief in his stomach as he walked back towards the garage several minutes later.

After returning to the garage, feeling much better, Farsek couldn’t help but feel a little bit of regret at having destroyed his vehicle by eating it. Maybe somebody at the dealership would believe him if he claimed a group of men vandalized his vehicle and it would be covered by insurance. However, chances are they would need pictures and well, with bite marks everywhere, and the large piles of fertilizer out back, chances are they would reject his claim. Either way he was out of thirty thousand dollars, but all Farsek could think about was how delicious that money had tasted. No longer having those cravings, he was back to using his old car for his standard life activities, maybe next time he won’t eat his car, but maybe he'll be smart and let the new car smell fade away next time too. The goat whistled to himself as he went back into his house to go rest up from his ordeal, even though his stomach was seemingly okay, he wasn't sure how his body would recover, debating if he needed to go to a clinic or not he ultimately decided he was fine for now.

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Published: 1 year, 11 months ago
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