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Sonic Survivor Island - Pg. 55: Dignification-ing
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Pony Jesters (Commission)

Sonic Survivor Island - Pg. 56: Diary

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by SDCharm
Commission #25
For NekoNekoDiamata


“HAHA! We’re here! Do you like what you see?” Iba, the excited cerulean blue pony exclaimed with sparkles in his eyes as he pointed at the giant game studio before his two female friends.

Opal, the brown pony with the glare in her glasses and a stronger one in her eyes, looked far less than impressed. In fact, she looked downright stone faced.

“I’ve no idea what about this is supposed to be impressive.” Opal spoke honestly.

“It’s a real game show studio with a real game show studio audience! We’re gonna be the stars of our own episode of a TV show today guys!” Iba said excitedly, grinning like a wild boy. “Come on, how can you not be excited about that?”

Opal blinked. “Fairly easily it turns out.”

Chie, the optimistic yellow pony, spoke up now, feeling this was where she should stick up for her excited friend here.

“Don’t be like that Opal. I think this could be fun.” Chie grinned, turning to face her as she did so. “We already signed up on Iba’s behalf. Let’s go in and have some fun! I’m excited!”

“… Hmmgh. Fine, but I want it known that I’m not convinced this is a good idea.” Opal decided to step forth and follow Iba inside. Chie smiled brightly and went in after her.

The three of them made their way through the lobby of the building and reached the main counter. Once there, they spotted the usher, or what looked like a pony hidden under a cloak, who calming informed the rather bubbly Iba and his friends that their outfits were in the dressing room off to the side.

When they reached the room and found what was for them, the reactions were… mixed.

“A jester’s outfit?!” Opal looked practically offended. She held it up and looked it over with her eye brow raised. “It’s got the colors of one of my best outfits too. Wearing this would make me look like a freaking cow. A clown-cow.”

Chie giggled a bit. “It’s not so bad. I like the colors. Mine has a nice star pattern on it. Oh, and there seems to be three tassels instead of two.”

“Haha! Mine isn’t even a full-body suit. It’s like stocking and a top. Guess I gotta wear shorts or something…?” Iba guessed.

“Ugh. I’m not wearing this.” Opal muttered, almost tossing it aside before Iba walked over and grinned at her.

“Come on Opal! Wearing a jester’s outfit doesn’t literally make you a clown! Everyone knows you’re the smartest person around.” Iba chided, grinning cheekily.

“Yes… everyone around where we live does. The rules are bit different when it comes to a first impression on national television.” Opal grumbled but conceded when she was met with Iba’s still hopeful looking face. This boy was crazy but she figured she must be too if she was in this studio at all.

Eventually, the three of them were dressed in their specially designed jester outfits. Opal messed with her tassels, feeling extremely self-conscious about this ridiculous get up. The tassels on her outfit were easily the biggest, almost like her own ears.

“Everyone on the set!” An announcer called out.

“WOOT! Come along fellow jesters! Time we made our grand entrance!” Iba shouted and rushed along towards the stage.

Opal sighed and Chie chuckled. Iba’s enthusiasm was a show all its own. The two girls were about to follow behind him but stopped and glanced at a very strange object that was being moved past them by the cloaked pony behind the stage. It looked like a weirdly huge package of… diapers…? Why would a game show need those?

“… Uhm… hey, Opal, did we ever ask Iba what kind of game show this was?” Chie asked, getting slightly concerned suddenly.

Opal fixed her glasses and grumbled. “He said it was a trivia show with some obstacle course challenges or something of the like. I’m not sure what they’d need… those items for though…”

“Hmm. Maybe we should check and-” Chie began before the announcer started to shout once again.

“All contestants to the stage! We begin in 2 minutes!”

“Ugh. There’s no time.” Opal muttered.

“Well… come on. We’ll try it out and maybe ask them some stuff during the intermission.” Chie suggested, heading forward with her friend, slightly on edge now.

The two of them head out to rejoin their friend, spotting Iba standing on a red carpet and looking about the place. It was odd. They could hear the voice of an announcer and the cries of a studio audience but they couldn’t see anything.

“Is anyone here?” Chie asked.

“Welcome contestants!” The voice spoke again. The roar of an audience was heard and it caused the three of them to look around again. “Look behind you!” The voice commanded.

Iba, Opal, and Chie spun and gazed in surprise at the giant wheel standing behind them.

“That is the Wheel of Fortune!” The voice stated. “Your challenge begins when you three work together as a team to spin it and gain your prizes!”

Chie looked it over and smiled. “Wow. There’s a lot of really good options on this wheel. Actually, there only seems to be one bad one.” Chie grinned and pointed at the stray bad option.


Opal’s eyes narrowed. She clearly wasn’t convinced this was a good thing. Something was really off about all of this.

“Oh boy! These are some awesome options! And we get to work together as a team! I hope we land on the Ring Toss Game!” Iba chuckled. “What about you Chie?”

“Uh… I think the option to win a free toaster sounds neat.” Chie looked over at Opal. “What about you? Eh?”

Opal didn’t say anything. She just stared at the wheel like it owed her money.

“Well, whatever. It’s time to spin! Let’s do this baby!” Iba grinned, rushing up to the wheel and spinning it. The wheel went about, zooming through all the wonderful options posted and going past the one bad choice comfortably well. It was so small on the wheel in fact that it might as well not even be there.

The wheel was about to land on the Ring Toss game that Iba wanted and it made his eyes sparkle with excitement. However, the instant it was about to stop, the wheel jittered and cranked itself around. Opal, who was glaring hard at the wheel, had her eyes go wide with surprise when he saw the arrow jet over to the Diapering option and click there as though some mechanism forced its hand!

“D-Diapering?!” Chie gasped.

“Huh…?” Iba looked worried.

Opal winced. “That wasn’t a normal spin. Something happened!”

All of a sudden, a Robo-Pony came up before them. The cloak it had on was discarded beside it. It shocked the three of them in unison and made their jaws drop in awe. Before they could even register that they were staring at a robot, their gaze shifted to the huge diapers it had in the claw tentacles coming out of its back.

“What the-?!” Opal began before she was grabbed and lifted up. Iba and Chie were grabbed as well. They all gasped in surprise and felt the flaps in their jester outfits get opened up. In a split second, the three of them found themselves laid out and diapered. Opal shuffled about and winced in distraught anger as this happened, catching the options of the wheel start to peel off completely!

All of a sudden, the options on the wheel were all bad. The ring toss and the option to win a toaster were gone. In its place were horrible options like hypnosis, a mallet to the head, and a spanking! One of the robot’s tentacles went over and taped a piece of paper that said “Mis-” at the front of the word “Fortune” on the wheel. It was the Wheel of Misfortune.

“AGH! GET OFF!” Opal shouts and tries to swipe at the Robo-Pony when it tried to pat her diapered rump for security’s sake. “UGH! I KNEW SOMETHING WAS UP!” She shouted.

Chie looked over herself and blushed a tiny bit, finding it hard to believe that she was in a diaper. She looked over at Iba and choked out a question, “D-Do you know what’s going on here?”

Iba was confused. He blinked and stammered with his mouth hanging open. “I… uh…?”

“That’s enough! I’m out of here!” Opal snapped and turned to walk away. This apparently was hilarious to the still invisible studio audience as an uproar of laughter was heard. “What’s so funny?”

The chuckling voice of the announcer rang out before them. “Sorry but we can’t let you do that. Your friend there signed your names to a contract. You can’t bail on us when we’re in the middle of recording a televised show.”

Opal gasped, blushing herself when she realized that this was going on television. She snarled and turned to go even faster.

“Don’t care! I’m not subjecting myself to this nonsense!” Opal was positively livid. The robotic claws of the Robo-Pony immediately jittered out and grasped her by her legs though. It didn’t care how mad she was. She fell over and grunted as the audience laughed yet again.  “OW! I SAID GET OFF! I’m leaving!”

The robot lets Opal go and steps back. Not because it was giving into her demands, but because the wheel was spinning again, this time without anyone’s input.

It landed on HYPER MESS!

Immediately, the three of them felt their bodies shake! It was like a strange magic was being pumped into them and expelled through their stomach and bowels at an extreme rate!

They all began to feel it and knew what was about to happen, blushing with extreme embarrassment as they heard the deafening laughter kick up.

Then, it happened! The hyper mess began and the three of them started to loudly blart out a big smelly mess into their diapers that caused it to expand to rather extreme proportions!

“Remind me… WHY are we playing this again?!” Chie asked, her eyes crossing and her mouth ebbing drool as she filled her diaper.

Iba was in denial. This couldn’t be what they were here for. In a desperate yelp he responded, “You have to play this to get onto the regular show!”

Opal was the smartest and therefore knew better. She grunted in anger as she fell over and loudly messed her diaper before them both, with hers being the biggest and most expansive of the three!

“OR we’ve been set up by one of those PRANK SHOWS!” Her humiliation was being well documented before the audience that wasn’t there physically. Instead, they were watching from afar, in their own stands and laughing at them as the three of them had been tricked into coming onto a set up stage.

It was indeed a prank show. Iba had fallen for it hook, line, and sinker. Too bad for them, this was going to be quite a ratings killer.

The three of them continued messing and then glanced at the wheel in shock and horror as it began to spin again, dreading what it would land on next!


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Published: 9 months ago
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9 months ago
Well that is funny to see happen.
9 months ago
well that is messed up if that is how you get in the show count me out XD
9 months ago
the 'mallet to the head' option seems intense
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