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Flo - K-9 Diaper-Check (Messy) by OverFlo207
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Flo - Flothina on the War-Horse (Messy) by OverFlo207

Flo-Nowi-Polly - Change Yer Dog (Messy) by OverFlo207

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(For some reason it took me much less time to draw this, than it does to draw my usual cartoony art style...maybe I should draw fantasy art more often XP)

Story of Flo and the War Horse (WARNING - Story is just as naughty as this picture)

*Crinkles* Stepping into the stable, Soldier Canine Unit, Flo, was to be tasked with a very important mission, with a War-horse Unit. I opened the gate, and saw a very large, heavily breathing figure in front of me. As my eyes adjust, the figure turned out to be a large horse's...posterior. The magnificent beast spoke to me, without turning to face me. "That crinkling I hear...you must be another service animal, come to take me on a mission, I suppose? A baby, more like it...wearing one of those crinkling things...hrrr-hrrrh." The horse shook his head, dusting off his mane. "Does it feel...comfortable?...-er, nevermind, forget I asked." I sat down beside the huge hooved beast, admiring his...hugeness. The muscular equine, was tense, as his body glittered with beads of sweat from battle, and pulling enormous loads of ammunition. Like every other service animal, the sight of a diapered canine unit should be enough to make any horse laugh like a jackass right about now, but the war horse stared directly at the diaper I wore, and seemed more curious than disgusted. I looked down at my purple diaper, as I pulled up my shirt. "Oh these things?" I asked. "Well, they do make them in your species' size too, if you ever felt like......."

The horse shuddered in surprise to my response, and snorted loudly... "Ugh...silly creature...I do not need to wear those...things. A proud War-horse would not disgrace himself by wearing something as wretched as a....diaper..." The horse then turned his back to me, facing his big ass in my direction. He nervously stared at the wall, as I shrugged, knowing that this was gonna be an awkward mission. I doubt he'd even let me ride him during the long day's walk. Working with another service animal, without the aid of a human, was going to prove to be a gargantuan task for a little dog boy escort. The war horsey was staring at the shelves, full of his horse supplies, food, gear, medicine...and a large pack of... "Horse diapers!" He said out loud. My ears folded back, as I didn't quite understand what he meant, but still I prepped him. I helped him out of his worn soldier equipment, unlatching his harness and belts, War-horse seemed much happier to be free of his uniform. Safe for his supply bag, the rest of his gear fell to the ground. He turned back to me and coyly asked. "Will there...be anybody with us, on this mission?...Will we be completely alone, little Canine Unit??"

I was uncertain were he was getting at, but I reassured him. "Yeah, this will be a completely isolated mission...-and you can call me Flo, by the way." War-horse neighed and gave a big dumb horsey smile. With his teeth, he grabbed the big plastic pack of the special horse brand Molicare diapers, and dropped them into his supply bag. He looked down at me. "Hrr hrrrr.....um....I'm uh...I'm just curious...This pack has was put here on my supply shelves by the doctor, when I was brought here years ago...I should at least try them out once, to assure that they work...I must give all my equipment a test try, you see?" I happily agreed, and led the big graceful animal out of his equipment stable. We walked off the soldier camp, still smoldering from the battle the night before. I was to transport this fine horse to the military base, a half a day's ride away from here. We walked side by side together for about a half a mile, before he spoke. "C'mon slow poke....I suppose you can ride me, if it'll make you go any faster." He clamped his teeth on my back carrying handle, and tossed me into the air, where I landed on his big muscly back. I instanly grabbed his mane for support, as he started trotting along faster, until he burst into a run. My diaper crinkled loudly, as my bottom bounced up and down on his back as he galloped through the wartorn fields of mud and metal. "Y-Yer diaper is clean, right, Flo!?" I smiled and eased his concerns. "Yeah, I'm dry, War-horse." Of course I was lying, but I'd say anything to keep on this horse's back. The wind in my face, my tongue stuck out as I breathed in the air, this day was turning out better than what I was hoping for. Once or twice we stopped for a snack, I could tell that horse-butt was thinking about the diaper the whole time, though he remained quiet.

Forty miles out, War-horse finally came to a complete stop. His belly was rumbling...He dropped his supply bag in front of him, as the pack of giant horse diapers fell from his mouth. He was trying to rip it open, but was struggling quite helplessly. He paused for a sec, as he heard me land beside him, his mane was in his face, his body sweated, his muscles flexed and relaxed. He breathed heavily, pulling at the plastic package, until he nervously asked..... "Hrrrrrrm....ummm...*sigh*....can you....hhh-e-l-p me out, F-Flo...?" I nodded and helped tear open the pack, as I reached in and pulled up a huge folded purple Molicare horse diaper. It was bigger than me, and very cushy. "I guess I'll be needing your assistance...I got no hands, afterall." War-horse then presented his large rear-end to me, as I laid the huge diaper onto his backside. I opened up the long wings, and wrapped them around not only his waist, but around his huge legs as well. Diapers built for quadrupeds were a bit more complicated that way. I did feel kinda good, as my own diaper pressed up against his, while I set his up, but I dreaded how this diaper was gonna function around a butt as big as War-horse's. At last I pulled the tapes tightly around him, and his diaper was set. I gave his big bum a pat, as he blushed and a sudden urge of pleasure filled his body, as he could feel his heart beating. He looked at me in my own stinky doggy diaper. "So, I'm ready, Flo??...Will it...contain it all, like yours does???" I laughed nervously, as he must've sniffed me out...but I reassured the big pony. "Yeah...y-you can let'r rip." I climbed on his back, as he took a few steps forward, slowly, downhill...then suddenly stopped...he got into a funny half-crouch pose. His head lowered, and his body tensed-up...he was ready. I waited nervously in the awkward silence, half curious...

Sitting on the giant beast's back, while his large rump stuck up in the air, I could feel his whole body vibrate like a powerful motor. His tail whipped and flagged, as his face began to flush deep red, to a point where he looked to be glowing. The mighty War-horse was at last, trying out his diaper, as he began pushing out what was within him. I hugged the spare diaper so tightly, as I sat my squishy diapey on the powerful animal beneath me, while he grunted and groaned. Though he seemed uncomfortable, I blushed as I looked down at his face, knowing that this big naughty hunk of beef and hooves, was experiencing much more pleasure than discomfort. He panted heavily, as he held his very embarrassing position firmly, to continue unloading. I did not dare disturb him during his loud and unpleasant-smelling ordeal, except for a few comforting pets across his mane. His horse diaper began to grow and expand to the limits of the plastic's threshold, it crinkled and tightened around his large and muscular rump. "Urrrrngfffff!..just gotta push...MOORRRRE!!!" It bulged out further, as beads of sweat dripped down from his head. The rocks cracked and crumbled underneath his hooves. It was a miracle his diaper could contain the large horse load. After one last deep grunt and one more loud earth-shattering fart, that nearly shook the ground, War-horse had finished his duty. With a great sigh of relief, he panted, and neighed. "Wow!...I can see why you...*huff puff* enjoy wearing these things...*pant*...it's a......excruciatingly and pleasant sensation....hah."

He enjoyed the rest of his long and awkward walk across the empty battlefields, wearing his dirty diaper the whole way...Through the hot summer evening, we rode, as my sweaty war beast crinkled loudly. I did not dare offer to change him, and prayed he didn't ask me too. Thankfully, we came across a huge broken water pipe, where I then pulled off the strong adhesive tapes around his heavy legs. The strong force of the water cleaned him off, and took his diaper from him. Once again, the War-horse was clean and running nude, with his beautifully strong ass proudly displayed for all to see. He no longer minded a stinky canine unit, riding his back. At long last, we had finally reached the base. The War-horse was successfully transported, and the mission was complete. As I set him up in his overnight stable, I was about to leave, to find a medic to change my own diaper, for service animals depended on humans for these things. War-horse called out to me before I left. "Umm..hey Flo..." I saw him staring at my stinky diaper again, he chuckled "Hrr hrr....the next time I have another transportation mission...um...maybe I'd want you to escort me again...." I crinkled as I came closer to pet him....he blushed. "And Flo.....maybe I'd really like to try out those......diaper things....again, yah?" I hugged around his big head, and caressed his big puffy cheeks. He bounced his head against my diaper once more, as I exited the stable. I giggled, and waved goodbye, as I walked back outside, to find my handlers, to get a nice changing, and start my next mission...hopefully it will be with another service animal. ^^

male 670,205, dog 88,527, horse 39,798, feral 38,547, diaper 32,522, blushing 19,704, riding 4,616, poop 3,632, mess 2,023, messy diaper 1,340, desperation 729, feces 620, tail raised 430, fantasy theme 222, need 182, straining 41, urge 29, effort 21, molicares 12
Type: Picture/Pinup
Published: 9 months, 1 week ago
Rating: Mature

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9 months, 1 week ago
I absolutely adore this story you wrote along with it! If you want, I could help you out with writing stories like these in the future, or if you want, I can write you a story for free!
9 months, 1 week ago
Glad u enjoyed it ^^
9 months, 1 week ago
This is awesome-looking.
9 months, 1 week ago
Thanx, I didn't know you liked big strong diaper horses? ^VV^
9 months, 1 week ago
I knew you liked diapered ferals, but not horses specificially.
Also, this is a cute story. uwu Horny story too.
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