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[COM-11] Cold, Dark Night; Warm Cozy Mount
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[QC-052] Food Coma Consequences

Kaiju on Macro Action

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by runa216
Commissioner/GryphTir -

Artist/Foxifly -

Writing -

Cameos - [iconname]Laestir[/iconname] [iconname]Saethwr[/iconname]

In this story, an insect hybrid makes hir trek across the land to live hir dreams at The Vore House of Klyneth while also hoping beyond hope that shi will be fortunate enough to meet another insect hybrid: The co-owner Foxifly!

Disclaimer: Story includes a lot of vore, but it's all consensual and fun! As an aside, however, there's no smut! I think this is technically rated G. No mention of privates in any capacity! Darn!

Writer's note: For those who follow me, this is that story I mentioned in my recent journal; the one that incited my 'final straw' concerning herm pronouns.

I want it to be known that this story was a lot of fun. The character is fun, the setting is fun, all the crazy things I did in this was fun, the cameos were fun, and I loved being able to put patrons in this while also using it as an excuse to build on the lore of Vore House and Foxifly.

I just really hate herm pronouns. That's why this project took me 5 days instead of 2. Anyway, enjoy.


This is a quickie combo commission, a joint effort between Foxra and myself. The idea is that, for one price, you get both a flat coloured commission plus a short story to go with it.

There are two tiers of quickie combo at this time. 75 dollars gets you 1-2 hours of her time and 2000-3000 words from me; 125 dollars gets you 2-3 hours of her time and 4000-6000 words from me. If you are a patron, you get an extra hour and 1000 words! This is the $125 option!

Patreon Bonuses involve an extra hour of Foxra's time if you pledge to her page, and 1000 extra words if you pledge to mine! Plus, if you pledge to both of us, you get a discount on all quickie combos! For more details, check our pages out:



Food Coma Consequences

What a glorious and exotic foreign land for GryphTir the snake-mantis to explore! The hybrid insect-serpent had been exploring the many realms in hopes of finding other insect hybrids to connect with and perhaps even make friends. Hir goal at this point in life was to share hir passions while also enjoying a few hearty meals with friends. Or made up of friends, whichever came to be.

That was why, when shi was passing through the Vast Emerald Wood and heard about The Vore House of Klyneth, shi felt drawn to it in much the same way a moth would to flame.

In all of hir travels, shi'd not ever found hirself in a position to enjoy a meal that was happy to be preyed upon. Usually, shi had to go out of hir way to convince others to let hir eat them, since vore is often a one-way ride. However, at least according to the pamphlet shi read, the Vore House was known for their potions that allowed all forms of consumption without the slightest form of danger.

Sounded like GryphTir's sort of retreat. Furthermore, the more shi read on the leaflet, the more interested shi had become in one of the Vore House predators known as Foxifly; another insect hybrid.

At that point, the moment shi finished reading about Foxifly, shi knew that shi had to make a trip to North Klyneth to get in on the action. If nothing else, shi felt an intimate desire to get closer to another insect hybrid. Plus, the locale was run by serpents, so Shi felt like shi'd fit right in.

After leaving Cottonwood Crescent, shi scaled the mountains while heading east, hir many legs carrying hir across the lands while making great time. Only a little more than a full day passed before shi arrived in North Klyneth, meandering through the quaint village's few roads while frightening the locals. Shi was massive, after all – nearly the size of a full sized dragon. Of course, shi had to assure the others that shi wasn't any sort of threat while asking for further directions. That was how shi found that the Vore House itself was north of town, just off the Urto trade route.

With hir new bearings, shi headed north while following the northern route before coming across an orchard and stealing some delicious peaches. Shi didn't much care for the idea of stealing, so shi was sure to drop a few coins at the gateway before making hir way across the road to finally set foot upon the Vore House front yard. There, shi saw that others were coming and going from the front doors of the manor, which was an absolutely massive castle with ancient looking architecture mixed with modern gold accoutrements dotting its windows and doors.

Shi trekked hir way up the path, finding that the front doors were adorned with snake-shaped handles and engravings depicting snakes eating others, each burned in to highlight the juiciness. Shi pushed through and into the grand hall, where shi was almost immediately overwhelmed with information coming at hir from all angles.

On one side of the grand hall was the concierge desk manned by a rather petite little dragon with slick skin instead of scales. He was sitting behind a computer, typing away as best he could to keep up with all the reservations while the many mail slots behind him remained locked behind keys. This made GryphTir wonder if maybe this place also doubled as a hotel or something, since that was exactly the kind of thing one would see at a hotel front desk. Next to that was a sitting area with comfortable couches, posh pillows, and lots of reading material – presumably explaining the House.

On the other side of the grand hall was a large lounge area with even more chairs and places to sit, but the walls were covered with full sized artworks of the predators that worked at The Vore House, interspersed with plaques that described what sort of vore they liked the most, how to best meet with them, and the rules for time spent at The Vore House.

Above the main floor, a balcony wrapped around the upped level, with ornate ceiling fixtures forming a dome accenting the hanging, golden chandelier that had a muli-jointed metal snake wrapped around its chain. There were doors leading from the balcony to other rooms, but shi had no idea where those could lead without more information, so shi headed over to the concierge desk while others lounging around appeared to be actively avoiding hir, perhaps scared or intimidated due to hir size.

“It's fine, I'm not gonna eat you, unless you want me to. I mean, this is a Vore Houe, right?” Shi joked, mandibles curling in a smile while a gentle buzz escaped hir maw. Shi then leaned over the concierge desk and eyed up the tiny blue and red dragon behind the desk; little guy looked like a delicious little appetizer of a morsel.

“Hey there! I see you're a new face around these parts. Tell me, darlin', how may I help you?” He asked, happily hopping up on his chair so that he was closer with GryphTir's face. “My name's Theodit, pleasure to meet you!” He held out his hand, and GryphTir shook it with one of hir pincers.

“Pleasure's all mine, I hope. I think? Not sure if it applies. Anyway, I'm curious how all of this works; I've never seen such an establishment in all my travels and I'm very keen on learning more, then perhaps participating if you've got the room for a bug like me!” Shi smiled, eyes curling at the sides.

Theodit got a look on his face like he was being gifted an opportunity. “Oh, I love this part! Alright, so we have two halves to the Vore House itself. You're in the Vore House manor, which houses twenty-four unique rooms each with its own custom theme such as water, cave, jungle, classroom, or lab. You can actually rent these rooms out much like a hotel and spend the night as pred or prey!”

That was exactly what GryphTir had imagined, so shi smiled and nodded, eagerly awaiting more information. “Go on, this sounds fun.”

“We make you drink potions to ensure that you are safe, whether pred or prey.” He looked up and down Gryphtir's large form and nodded in approval. “Pretty sure you're exclusively pred. Leera could make you prey if shi wanted, but I doubt she's available. Anyway, once you've drank the Vore Potion, you can hang out here or in the courtyard while it takes effect, then you head up to the room to act out your scene.”

“Scene?” Gryphtir asked, cocking hir head to the side. “What do you mean?”

Theodit straightened out the frills along his back and continued. “Well, it's all roleplay, you know? You meet with your prey, concoct a plot of some sort, and live it out. Maybe one is chasing the other, maybe it's a sacrifice, maybe it's punishment. Who knows? It's up to you.”

That did make sense as well, so Shi nodded and encouraged Theodit to continue.

“That's for the manor itself. Part brothel, part hotel, part buffet.” He waited for hir to pick up on the joke before carrying on. “But that's only half the experience. Our big draw now is The Wilds, a safari-like theme park made up of hundreds of acres of land out back. The region has been cultivated to include many of the same themes found in the manor rooms, such as savannah, forest, jungle, swamp, mountains, tundra (high up in one of the mountains), a lake, tropical beaches, and all sorts of stuff in between. There are also cabins, temples, caves, hospitals, laboratories, and various other places to eat.”

A swell bubbled up in Gryphtir's abdomen as shi listened, hir excitement building the more shi heard about what awaited hir. This all sounded like so much fun that shi was beginning to get nervous that there was some sort of caveat involved, like it was all too good to be true. Still, shi waited to hear the rest of Theodit's explanation before bringing forth any questions.

“So that's basically it, really. Anyone in The Vore House Wilds has to consume that vore potion, so you can eat anyone you want or offer yourself to any predator if you so feel inclined. Oh, and in the courtyard you can find pamphlets about scheduled events such as roleplay ritual sacrifice or a blizzard in the cabin in the mountains that forces folks to cuddle and eat one another to 'survive'. Lots of cool stuff, and we're always thinking up new ways to make The Wilds a dynamic experience.” He then leaned in close to whisper, “And if you're lucky, you might even meet up with Foxra, the friendly kaiju who visits every now and again.”

“Foxra?” Gryphtir inquired as hir mandibles clicked. “I read about someone called Foxifly, are they related?” This was a point of curiosity for the hybrid, as shi really wanted to meet a fellow hybrid.

Theodit swayed from side to side, unsure of how to respond to that. “Sort of? It's hard to say. For now, just go ahead and explore The Wilds, have some fun, and don't be afraid to fill that belly of yours. Looks like it could use a few meals.” He winked at hir and sat back down at his desk. “If you are interested, cover fee is one gold, two silver. Not cheap, but you won't get an experience like it anywhere else. That's something I can guarantee you.”

“Oh, I have that, no problem.” Shi grabbed a few coins from their satchel and tossed the correct amount onto the desk. “So where do I go to get a potion? I'd quite like to explore.”

“Here, take this and go to the courtyard between those doors.” Theodit gave GryphTir a ticket and pointed to the massive twin gates opposite the front doors. “There, one of the first vendors you see on the left will dispense your potion, and you will have to wait for a while to enter The Wilds, but you can chat with other folks while there, make friends, formulate plans to meet up, whatever. Up to you. Bon Apetit!” He smiled happily, then returned to his computer, carrying on with work.

GryphTir struggled to hold the ticket in his pincher as he walked along the carpeted floor towards the back door, noting that many people were still paying quite close attention to hir. Again, shi felt the need to say something to the effect of not being scary, but figured it best to just keep hir mandibles shut and keep walking. If things went well, shi had a whole afternoon's worth of opportunity to enjoy a buffet of willing prey items.

Shi slipped through the back doors to emerge in the courtyard, a perfectly square area lined on three walls by elevated pathways and dotted with various fruit trees and vendors selling various wares. Shi could buy tea, gems, trinkets, and all sorts of various memorabilia that one would expect to sell a tourist, but shi opted not to get too involved with all that, choosing instead to head to the potion shop to exchange hir ticket for the enchantment needed to allow hir in the Vore House.

While many in the courtyard were entranced by GryphTir's size and unique appearance, the mantis chose instead to simply bide hir time until shi was out in The Wilds. Shi got hir potion, drank it down with aplomb, and waited in the corner of the courtyard until the potion took its effect. A rather buff looking slate-gray stallion came over to guide hir to the draw bridge at the back of the courtyard before introducing hir to the Vore House Wilds.

“You've got the potion in you – as does everyone else – so feel free to have fun, but be back by midnight. The park closes at midnight.” With that, the stallion left GryphTir alone with the vast expanse of The Wilds laid out before hir.

Shi stood and reveled in the near-limitless possibilities that lay at hir many feet. Did shi want to go ahead and just gobble up the first person shi found, or did shi want to meet up with some of the random folks shi met while waiting for the potion to take effect while shi was in the courtyard? shi could scurry along to any quadrant shi wanted without issues, or shi could trawl around the pathways waiting for someone to foolishly step off the safe zones and into the wilderness.

One of the rules shi read in while waiting was that there were dedicated safe zones five meters to the side of any of the pathways or rest areas. This was a great way to ensure that prey who weren't ready could have a place where they composed themselves and adjusted to the scenario before being picked off by some hungry predator. This was a rule that GryphTir agreed with, since Vore was such a potentially violent fetish to indulge and it was very hard to say a safe word when one's entire head is buried in the gullet of a hungry dragon or mantis-naga.

Heeding this limitation, GryphTir made hir way down the rolling hills and into the depths of The Wilds, eager to have hir first meal en route to potentially meeting that Foxifly lass shi was so eager to see. From hir vantage point on the hills, shi could see pretty much everything The Vore House Wilds had to offer, from the tall northern mountains capped off with an icy plateau to the left, and the lush tropical jungle in the basin below the southern waterfall mountain to the right. Deep in that tropical basin, a series of temples and ruins with various artifacts related to vore, while the northern mountain range's woods were a bit less elaborate but dotted with cottages, log cabins, and ski resorts.

In between these two tall mountains was a valley marked and identified by the golden yellow grasses and trees. A savannah highlighted by the occasional scrub or boulder and rock formation. Between those three elements – the mountains showing the tropical and temperate forests and the plain in the valley between them – and GryphTir was a swamp region, hilly steppe, and a series of what looked like large buildings meant to either be a laboratory or a hospital, just like the pamphlets said.

There was a lot of different ways that Shi could go about hir next steps, so shi decided to let those legs of hirs take hir forward, the intention being that shi was going to let fate decide.

The first hour of hir time spent in The Wilds was rather uneventful, as shi only ran into one single person and that person was a rather large dragon that shi couldn't likely have enjoyed without a great struggle. From there, shi explored all of the regions one at a time, spending equal time in each of the four quadrants. The north, south, east, and west each had distinct sets of environments, at least according to the map. The North was the mountain with all the temperate forests and tundra; the east was a lake with a bunch of underwater stuff, tropical beaches, and cliffs; the south was the tropical region with the waterfalls and temple and hills; finally, the west was the flat lands or plains, including the savannah, meadow, swamp land, and the hills near the entrance.

After much time mulling over what to do next, GryphTir saw something that caught hir eye, a blue biped dragon flying around the northern cliffs of the temperate forest region. This gave hir an idea that drew hir to the foothills on hir many small insect feet.

The goal was simple, and it involved hunting that blue dragon in any way shi could! Of course, shi had to be careful, for it would be easy to clench too hard with hir pinchers, and shi didn't want to do any of that. Still, shi knew what shi had to do.

Up the cliffs shi climbed, using the tiny hooks at the end of each foot to get a grip on any tiny crack or crevasse furrowed into the rock wall. Shi climbed and climbed until shi was at the same level as the circling dragon while managing to stay mostly hidden against the grassy outcroppings, mossy rocks, and jutting out shrubs that were the same color as hir exoskeleton.

Despite how long it took for hir to climb the mountains – and shi only made it half way when it was all said and done – the blue dragon just kept circling in the skies around the mountains and cliffs, using the thermals billowing off the stone to keep him afloat in the skies. He could have veered off or left the relative danger near where GryphTir was hiding, but seemed to insist upon gliding closer and closer every lap, eventually brushing wingtip along the rocky cliffs.

It was almost as if he wanted to be eaten. Of course, given the fact that this was The Vore House and such things were not only commonplace but encouraged, the likely explanation was that this blue dragon was actively trying to tempts predators to hunt him. Maybe he was waiting for a dragon to snatch him out of the sky or a gryphon to hunt him from above, GryphTir didn't know for sure and couldn't have, but it became clear that if the dragon was to be prey, GryphTir would have to be pred.

Shi slowly shifted hir body around the edge of the cliff to find the most comfortable slot to rest and prepare hirself, watching with a keen eye as the blue dragon made another circling motion in the skies above GryphTir's chosen crevasse in between the cliffs.

Then, once all the elements came together at once, shi made hir move! When the blue dragon glided past hir location, shi struck with the lightning speed of both a serpent and mantis, body reaching out and forelegs extending to pluck him out of the skies! Shi moved faster than the eye could see, and had the blue dragon in hir grip against the side of the cliff before he knew what hit him!

He shook his head off to  disperse the disorientation that had taken over his body in the wake of being so briskly snatched. When he came to, after blinking and rubbing his eyes on the parts of GryphTir that were closest, he looked up at the snake mantis and laughed, still gripped tight in the hybrid's front legs. “What took you so long? I was waiting for you to grab me but you just kept sitting there on the cliff!” He tried to wiggle, only to be squeezed tighter and to have his wings pinned to his back, completely incapacitating him aside from his feet dangling beneath he and GryphTir.

“I wasss trying to hunt you properly! I thought it would be better if I made it seem more real!” Shi explained, not blushing but a little embarrassed at being thrown off guard by hir prey.

“Well, if you're gonna eat me, then you might as well know who I am.” The blue dragon started. “My name is Tritus, and I'd shake your foreleg, but You've kinda got me at your mercy and I can't move. Plus, your spines are pretty sharp and it's a little uncomfortable, so the sooner the better, you know?” He tried to wiggle to illustrate his point before smiling back up at his predator, eager to see what sort of deliciously unique maw awaited him. This was somewhat uncharacteristic of him, as he was usually a bit more reserved. However, his excitement over seeing a new predator changed him.

In response to Tritus' cordial submission, GryphTir extended one of hir under-arms – the second row of limbs ended in hands instead of claws or spines for gripping – to grab at Tritus' hand, shaking it without ever letting go of him. The snake-mantis' front legs were both clamped tight around the drake's body, much like a mantis would have caught a bat or hummingbird. “And my name's Gryph, or more specifically GryphTir! Pleasure to meet you, my meal!”

Tritus struggled to move his hand in such a way that shook back, only able to move his wrist thanks to the mantis clamps around him. “You're pretty new to this, aren't you? I can tell, because you haven't yet eaten me! Go ahead, should be fun!”

“Yeah, this is my first time, I wasn't sure how important it was to set a scene or just go for it. Now I know, and I think I have all the information I need to go forward! If you don't mind, it's time for you to get in my abdomen!” Shi then leaned in close as hir tongue flicked over the dragon's snout, gently parting hir jaws while hir mandibles widened.

This resulted in giving Tritus an up close and intimate view of GryphTir's fleshy pink gullet. Copious amounts of saliva dripped down off hir many rows of teeth, bridging from flesh to mandible and back to flesh on the lower jaw. Hir gullet gaped open in anticipation while the mandibles widened as far as they could go, making the hybrid's maw wide enough in all directions to swallow the dragon up with relative ease. Tritus had no problem with this and happily leaned forward as he closed his eyes, nuzzling into the cradle of lower jaw flesh before having the snake-mantis' jaws clamp down on him.

The warmth of GryphTir's flesh smothering Tritus made him growl and smile, happy to be a first time prey to another predator. All the while, he wiggled and did his best to keep his stance narrow in order to allow his form to slide with ease down the hybrid's gullet.

GryphTir was enjoying the meal already, despite only the dragon's head and shoulders being in hir maw. Shi kept a tight grip on Tritus' shoulders and body with hir forearms as hir other arms wrapped around his waist and hoisted him up, prepping the drake above hir gaping maw in order to let gravity aid in his consumption. From there, shi widened hir mandibles enough to cradle both shoulders while hir upper snake maw extended forth and clamped down around Tritus' wings.

Convinced hir prey was past the point of no return, shi released hir foreleg grip on his upper body and instead used all four of hir front legs – two hands and two pinchers – to keep the dragon high above hir as both jaws and both mandibles inched their way forward a bit at a time, tugging Tritus into hir in a circular pattern ever so slowly as hir gullet gulped and swallowed in waves.

He did his best to remain as complacent as he could, happily extending his neck forward to nuzzle out against GryphTir's neck, forming a bulge every time even as his body slid through the loose canal of soft hybrid flesh. Before long, the powerful muscles of the insect mandibles and snake cheeks squeezed him from either side as the serpent jaws closed around his rump, leaving just his tail and legs sticking out in the cool mountain air. He could have kicked, he could have resisted, and he could have done anything other than comply but he was too eager to see what was ahead of him, so he relaxed.

It was very easy to tell that this was what was happening and GryphTir was finding shi was losing some of hir grip on the rock face, so shi reared back and jerked hir neck in a way that yanked Tritus down quickly and with ease, forcing the rest of his body to slither down hir gullet with one swift motion, hir snake neck clenching around the last of him – his feet and tail tip – to close him off to the rest of the world.

In an instant, the dragon's form slid and twisted about inside until he found himself in hir belly, a series of stubby tentacles tickling him and pleasuring him from all angles. This was not something Tritus had experienced before, but the hybrid's belly walls were coated in a series of slimy, dexterous tentacles all wrapping around his ankles, wrists, neck, arms, tail, and body to hold him against hir walls in such a way that ensured he couldn't move or escape. This was fine, since he wasn't planning on going anywhere any time soon; the rest of his day was already booked.

Content with hir first meal, GryphTir descended the cliffs to return to the foothills of the mountains, where shi began hunting for hir next meal. “What a wonderful appetizer.” shi said to hirself with a pleased hiss as shi scuttled back into the thick underbrush of the temperate woods that blanketed the foothills of the northern mountain. Above all else, shi was quite content and convinced of the safety of hir prey, who was so eager to be fed to hir.

From there, shi decided shi was going to continue exploring The Wilds not only to get a better feel of what the Vore House had to offer, but to see if shi could find herself yet another delectable morsel to call hir main course. Perhaps someone bigger and a bit more filling when compared to the relatively small dragon she'd already gobbled up.

The hybrid scuttled along incline of the temperate forest until shi emerged at the river that divided that region from the savannah region. There, shi met up with some vore tourists that took some pictures with hir, all Marveling at the sheer size of hir not yet fully distended abdomen. A large part of hir wanted to snatch up each of the tourists one by one like a buffet, but shi remembered the rules about no vore on the pathways. Those were the safe zones, and this group was not prepared to play prey. Yet.

Still, hir hunger was nowhere near satisfied, so shi continued south to the tropical basin where shi allowed hirself a bit of a break before scouting out hir next meal, or at least the next course of the meal that shi had already started.

As shi descended the mountain's foothills, shi came tot he lake area with the beaches and the islands. There, shi saw a red dragon basking on a large rock next to the shores. This one had a satchel off to the side, filled with what looked like haphazardly placed letters. He would be a perfect second course to hir meal, as long as he was as complacent and cooperative as the first, blue dragon.

In hir mind, shi joked about how the first one tasted like blueberries, and this one would taste like strawberries. Blue and red dragon scales, and all that. With that mentality in hir mind,s he slipped out from the woods with hir torso down near the sand, each of hir many legs pressing on the sand to propel hir forth. The red dragon didn't see hir until it was too late and shi was practically hovering over him, front mantis legs up and ready to strike.

“Well, this is a pleasant surprise.” He said in an excited tone before being snatched up by GryphTir. However, unlike the last morsel, this one struggled and resisted a bit by biting down on hir foreleg and running when he was dropped into the sand.

GryphTir's predatory instincts took over as shi saw hir prey escaping! In a brisk moment of clarity and hunger, shi whipped around to aim hir abdomen towards the fleeing dragon with the opening at the end gaping wide to release a series of four tendrils, each of them striking like a snake and wrapping around each of his ankles and wrists, holding him in place before letting him fall down onto his rump in the sand. Shi then rolled around so that each of the four tendrils remained wrapped around his limbs but he was now sitting on hir plump belly, rump pressed down against Tritus inside.

“Oh noooo, you got me!” The dragon cried with a dripping veneer of sarcasm, half smirking even as hir tendrils clenched him tight down against hir abdomen. “Whatever will you do to me?”

It was then that GryphTir realized who it was that shi was preying upon! “Saethwr?”

“Well, yeah, who else do you think it would be?” He joked. “I recognized you immediately, did you fail to recognize me before you pounced on me?” The dragon looked a little disappointed. The two had known each other for years, though they only met up every few months at most and hadn't seen each other since Saeth set up his Tea Time shop in the village of North Klyneth nearly a year prior.

Shi flicked hir tongue and nodded, ashamed. “Actually, yeah. The angle meant it was hard to tell at first, and it's not like 'red dragon' is that uncommon of a descriptor.” Shi explained, then went on to realize hir foolishness. “But the purple should have given it away. Anyway, I hope you're ready to be my meal! This is my first time here and I'm very, very hungry!”

Saethwr patted hir belly and felt the body of Tritus shifting about inside. “Still hungry? Who was your appetizer?” He couldn't help but joke with hir, even as hir tendrils remained tugging on him. Amidst all the introductions and sensuality, GryphTir started to hiss gently, hir tongue flicking as each of the tendrils started to tug with gradually increasing strength. When Saethwr noticed this, he tugged back and glanced up at hir eyes with a fake look of distress on his face. “I suppose it doesn't matter who came first, I'm next aren't I?”

“Indeed you are, my friend.” Shi declared as shi leaned back and splayed out in the sand, body ready for his. All the while, hir forelegs – the ones with the grips – were easing Saethwr down hir belly and closer to the opening at the end of hir abdomen. Before long, the two tentacles holding the dragons wrists gave a rough yank, forcing him onto his belly with his fingertips resting around the rim of hir opening. While shi watched, shi gave his rump a gentle poke with hir foreleg, easing him forth.

Though this might have been terrifying to some, Saethwr knew GryphTir quite well and knew what was awaiting him. Rather than flail about or struggle – not even in the sake of emphasizing the predator-prey dynamic – he leaned in and started rubbing and kneading at hir opening, parting the lips of the top and bottom half of hir carapace, prying it apart to expose the pink-fleshed, tentacled walls within. He could tell instantly that hir tail maw was salivating for him, so he leaned in and angled himself just right so that hir tendrils could pull him in with ease, wings flat to his back for added ease.

Shi could see that this was what Saethwr was doing, and thus tensed up hir abdominal muscles to give a proper and deep tug, forcing both his hands into hir supple depths with one powerful lurch. An audible squelch erupted from the folds of snake-mantis flesh as spatterings of saliva and other fluids burst out and soaked Saethwr all the way to his shoulders, prepping him for the journey before him. Though GryphTir felt that maybe it was best to let hir tendrils pull him in, shi found hir hunger was guiding hir in a way that urged hir to use hir forelegs to help push hir prey along.

With a gentle nudge, shi let Saethwr slid over hir abdomen, flipping upside down as hir tendrils tugged on him once more. Before he could touch the sand beneath him, the first pair of tentacles gave a yank to tug him in past the head, forcing his snout and neck and shoulders to disappear between hir carapace folds while more tendrils wrapped around him, getting an even better grip.

He was careful to not struggle too much while also straining to keep his wings as tight to his back as he could. GryphTir's carapace was wide enough to fit him and he knew from prior experience that shi stretched plenty, but that didn't change the fact that all vore was much easier when not forced to compete with the awkward shape of wings jutting out in all directions. At least, that was what he was worried about at first. The moment he felt his shoulders slide into hir fleshy depths, a set of a half dozen more tendrils all emerged and wrapped around his wing tips to streamline his form!

Most vore took at least a few minutes to complete from the insertion of head to that final gulp, but between the size difference of the two of them and the fact that a series of tendrils were doing much of the work, Saethwr disappeared into GryphTir within seconds, his form writhing and squirming against hir walls while being tickled and tugged by hir tentacles. He kept himself narrow as best he could, and that worked like a charm.

Hir abdomen swelled wide, inflating as it sucked in air and flesh all at once. The suction mixed with the dilation of hir passage and the tug of the tendrils to pull all of Saethwr's form up into hir like a noodle being slurped up by a ravenous maw! In he went, scales passing through hir opening with an audible squelch followed by a sputtering of hir tailmaw's saliva and a belch as the air escaped. At the same time, all the tendrils from hir abdominal walls wrapped tight around him to pin him to hir flesh opposite Tritus, and for that brisk moment before hir carapace closed itself and a ray of light punctured in, they could see each other and smile.

Then everything went dark, and GryphTir rolled over onto hir belly and hoisted hirself up on all of hir legs, stretching out and extending hir body. “That was delicious.” Shi said to herself as shi turned and reached back to pat hir abdomen. Shi still had a lot of room left in hir and the day was still quite young, so shi decided to continue on hir quest to find what shi could call a true main course. As it turned out, shi was having far too much fun and enjoying hir buffet too much to want to put an end to it all or leave early. No, shi still had a main course to enjoy.

Hir next meal, the one wherein shi was expected to cap off hir day, took a bit longer to figure out. There were many others around the property, some larger and some smaller than hir, but none of them felt quite right. If shi was going to finish this day off with a bang, shi needed something special to give hir that belly bulge shi needed. From there, shi went through the valley to return to the jungle area, passed by the swamp and marshlands, and then went back to the eastern shores of the lake region again where shi found Saethwr the first time.

There, shi climbed high atop a cliff and saw two more dragons that would serve to be a perfect 'plate' of meat for her. The first was a tiny little purple dragon that lacked wings. It took hir a moment to realize that this was VelGahrus, the one who ran the orchard across the road from The Vore House. shi had done hir homework on the way here. Furthermore, the other dragon was Spike, a local predator who spent a lot of his time in The Wilds formulating various scenes to enjoy with others who visited. Again, shi had done hir research. The two appeared to be planning something, like a scene.

This gave hir an idea. Rather than hunt just one or another, shi would race Spike to see if shi could catch Vel first! Once the smaller, purple dragon disappeared into the treeline, shi crawled down over the cliff and joined him, silently hunting him by keeping tabs on his behaviour and following him the further he got away from the safe zones.

Beyond all else, hir hunting methods needed to change. She'd already stricken a dragon from the skies with hir serpentine strike, gobbling Tritus up from the northern cliffs, while hir abdominal tendrils had aided hir consumption of a willing and affectionate Saethwr. Shi could have just chased VelGahrus through the thick underbrush of the jungles, but hir size ensured that such an attempt at hunting would be wasted, as hir form would be too large to be stealthy.

No, shi needed something more sneaky. More unique; something to ensure hir prey remembered hir the next day when this was all said and done and shi let them out. shi needed to use hir silk to snare up another morsel!

With that devious plot in mind, shi lowered hir body to the ground to blend in with the ferns of the jungle, effectively camouflaging hirself from any that would have come up on hir to give hir a frighten. From this position, shi could stealthily crawl through the underbrush, tagging many of the leaves with a strand of silk that connected to another, quickly creating a sprawling network of tripwires that would alert hir if anyone disturbed them in the slightest. Shi may not have had spider in hir, but shi still retained the ability to create silken webs.

Before long – less than half an hour – shi had created a wide net of these tripwires, each of them connected to one of hir many legs to show hir what direction was triggered. Given hir size and the dexterity of hir many legs, shi was able to not only create these web wires, but also ensure that each one was placed at an angle that would make it nigh invisible to the naked eye, exposed only when light broke through the canopy and hit it just right.

Far sooner than shi expected, shi felt a tug at one of the strands, followed by another one almost at the same location! Vel was running through the forest and activated two of hir wire traps in quick succession, which gave hir all the incentive needed to leap into action, barreling in the direction of the disturbances with two of hir legs outstretched with a series of webbing draped between them.

Shi loved the look shi got form Vel when shi burst from between two trees with a net of silk connecting four of hir front legs. His eyes had gone wide and he stopped dead in his tracks as he got a look at hir massive form, skidding on the dry dirt of the ground before trying to turn and run away from hir in a panic. However, shi had been expecting this, and quickly lowered two of hir hind legs, each with some silk bridging from one to the other that shi used to deftly wrap him up in, hogtying his legs and forcing him to fall on the ground.

Now in a position of power, shi hovered over his prone form with each of hir legs outstretched to a different tree as shi picked him up by the ankles and dangled him near hir abdominal opening – the same ravenous maw that had taken Saethwr earlier that day – and began using three other legs to dab at his body, spinning him in place while efficiently encapsulating his body in silken wrappings, all but his head.

From there, shi was about to flip him around and shove him face first into the slit between hir upper and lower carapace, but Vel stopped her. “H-hey, I don't know you, why are you doing this?”

“What?” shi countered as shi lowered herself to the ground and partially hid hirself in among the ferns. “I'm a predator, it's what I do.”

“But I had a scene planned out with that orange and yellow dragon, Spike. You're kind of taking that away, if you think about it.” He squirmed against hir grip, barely able to make a bend or a move in the silk that wrapped around him like a pod, covering all but his head, feet, and the tip of his tail. “I mean, this is definitely fun, but I kind of had plans with another, even if-” He trailed off as he got a good up-close look at the pink, drooling flesh of GryphTir's gaping, ravenous abdominal maw. It looked quite comfortable, so he halted his protest and happily submitted himself to hir.

By this point, Gryph Tir had not yet realized that he had submitted, so shi went on to make hir case, regardless. “Isn't the point of this place that anything can happen? The inherent chaos of it all mixed with the safety that comes from the potions means that this is sort of the point, right?” Shi was of course sure of this truth, but was still seeking Vel's approval. After all, shi was a compassionate pred who wanted to make hir prey comfortable even if that meant surprising them.

All Vel could do in response was happily nod his head and smile before stretching his neck out to get closer to hir abdominal maw, eager to feel the warmth of hir insect flesh smothering him.

Shi was as eager as he to feel him insider hir abdoment, so shi wrapped four of hir legs around his body and tugged him up, smashing his face right into hir abdominal opening. Shi was shocked to feel him nuzzling about inside hir, rubbing against hir walls and bobbing his head to better slip deeper into hir depths. He wanted to be hir prey, to fill hir belly alongside the other two dragons that were squirming about inside hir, a wish shi was happy to grant.

The more shi pulled on him and forced his head into hir, the more eager and willing he grew to help hir in hir vore themed endeavours. He wriggled and nuzzled, parting his maw to widen hir passage and make things easier for him to disappear. Given the wide berth of hir abdominal maw, it took very little effort to force the dragon's rather small form between the upper and lower lip of hir carapace, soft flesh enveloping him and passing over his shoulders with ease.

He continued to squirm with all his might, resisting the binds of the silken web that had formed a cocoon around him, noticing all too late that as hir saliva and other bodily fluids were melting the silk the deeper he went. Once his head and shoulders had been gulped up by the ravenous hole, he could feel that the silk had almost completely dissipated from his upper body, returning to the predator's body in the form of what he assumed was more lubricant and self-moisturizing mess. In fact, the deeper he went, the thicker and more viscous hir fluids appeared to grow.

Despite that rather peculiar observation, there seemed to be little to no tangible shift in how much effort shi was putting into both shoving him into hir while also using hir abdominal muscles to suck, squeeze, and gulp him down. Bit by bit, hir many abdominal segments moved like a caterpillar, extending every time to grab hold and tug down more of Vel's form until only his bound legs and tail were sticking out, with his tailtip flicking back and forth in delight.

It was then that a rousing disturbance could be heard in the distance, silencing the birds and bugs of the jungle. GryphTir didn't know for certain what it was, but shi had a few theories about it and all of them were quite pleasant. If it was what shi expected – a ravenous dragon by the name of Spike – then shi was ready for him and would make a meal out of that drake.

This meant that shi needed to hurry up with Vel, once again gobbling him up quickly before the other dragon arrived to claim his prey. Knowing this, shi wrapped all four of hir legs around his calves and started aggressively stuffing him into hir abdomen like hir mandibles would a lovely meal being crammed down hir maw. Before long, only his tail tip and feet were poking out.

That was when a rampaging Spike burst through the trees into the clearing, ready to take his meal for himself! However, when he arrived he saw that the last of Vel's body was nearly gone inside the gryphon-mantis' abdomen, and it didn't take long to decipher what had happened. He had been bested by a larger, hungrier predator who got to his meal before he did! Problem was, he knew there was no way to best this adversary; Shi was nearly thrice his size and had that look in hir eyes that said shi was still hungry, that Spike could be hir next meal.

Spike had not planned for such a twist to his pre-planned narrative, and didn't know what to do for a solid minute as the two predators stared each other down. Waiting for the other to make a move as GryphTir's abdomen sucked up the last of Vel's tail tip, forcing the little guy to end up tendril-tied to hir abdominal walls alongside Tritus and Saethwr.

Inside, Vel noticed a little too late that all of the silk had dissolved and he was free once more, for the moment he noticed this was the same time he felt fleshy tendrils coiling around his belly, his legs, and his arms, holding him down. This didn't bother him one bit, as it was shockingly comfortable to be properly cradled and supported in a hammock of flesh alongside two other dragon meals.

GryphTir then turned to look at spike, rotating hir whole body to stare down at him. “Well? What have you got in mind?” Shi asked, hissing happily as shi flicked hir serpentine tongue. Shi knew based solely on the way he'd widened his eyes in shock that he had no response. Rather than wait for him to come up with some sarcastic or witty retort, shi stood up tall and curled hir abdomen around beneath hir torso, squirting out a series of webs that caught Spike on the torso while also extending to nearby trees to snare him down.

He saw this happening and quickly turned to run, getting tangled up in silk and tripping in his attempt to escape. He bit at the strands to slice them before trying again, but found quickly that this minor delay was enough to give GryphTir enough time to shoot another series of web-snares at him, gumming up all his limbs and tagging him to each of the nearby trees.

Most predators in this situation would have begged for mercy or demanded some sort of leeway from the circumstances, but Spike worked for The Vore House and understood that in The Wilds, anything could happen. If that meant being hunted by a larger predator, then that's what would happen. Knowing this, he did maintain his struggling, keeping up the ruse for his predatory partner.

On the contrary, though, GryphTir was not yet familiar with the concept of a predator that would happily squirm and resist even when it was clear that they were not prey. This made hir halt and pause, unsure of what to do even as shi stepped up and hovered over his form, pinning him to the ground as shi glanced down at him. “Everything alright?”

This took Spike off balance as well, making him shake his head in surprise before answering. “What? Yes of course I'm alright; are you gonna eat me or not?”

“That was the plan, yes.” GryphTir confirmed. “But I didn't want to force myself on you if you weren't prepared. You're struggling an awful lot and I figured I may have gone over the line.”

Spike shook his head, laughing as he swayed his tail against the confines of the silk that had bound him. “Oh skies above, no. I just wanted to make you feel welcome, like the true predator that you are! I saw you were pretty ravenous, but wanted to make you work for me!” He nibbled and chewed at the silk but found it to be too strong to slice through. “And, uh, I know the rules. I do work here, after all. Everyone can be prey, anyone can be a predator if they so desire. You're bigger than me, so I suppose that makes you the predator; kinda makes me wish I'd have taken a growth potion to be bigger than you, because I bet you taste wonderful!” He reared his head back and gave hir a lick.

“You would think so, but now I've got you in my grasp! You will never escape me! Well, not until tonight when I let you all out!” Before Spike could give any sort of witty comeback, shi grabbed him by the shoulders with both of hir forelegs – the big grabby ones borne of hir mantis parts – and ripped him away from the silk to hold him in place as shi widened hir maw and wrapped it around his upper body. He was large – quite a bit bigger than the other dragons – but GryphTir had just been warming up with them and was now well stretched and dilated, allowing hir to enjoy larger meals.

Hir jaws spread wide and slid over Spike's form with ease, free hands pinning his wings and limbs to his side as shi gulped and swallowed him, bit by bit. Hir jaws extended as his body created a visible bulge in hir throat and torso, a bulge that constricted and tightened around him as he was forced deeper and deeper.

Despite his size and the fact that he was struggling every step of the way, GryphTir managed to get him down without much hassle. Hir greater size ensured shi remained the dominant of the two for the entire duration of hir meal and that even when Spike resisted he was no match for the pure strength of hir jaws working their way down his form.

It didn't take long at all for his hands to extend beyond hir torso and into hir abdomen where they met with the other three dragons, all of which were semi-lucid and content as they were squeezed by the tendrils inside. However, unlike most prey he didn't contentedly curl up in hir belly and call it a night, prepared to wait for his turn to be let out. No, instead he pulled the rest of his body in with him to the sound of a juicy squelch and guttural belch as he started nibbling and licking at the three dragons inside! He wrapped his jaws around one of their heads, ready to pluck them from the tendrils to make them a meal of his! Thus stealing them from GryphTir!

And yet, in spite of that rowdy mess that was happening in hir now-swollen and distended abdomen, GryphTir was taken by surprise once more as shi was given what shi wanted all along.

From high above the canopy, a soft and buzzy voice could be heard calling out. “Gryph, darling, I've been so excited to see you!” It was Foxifly, hovering high above the treetops as she looked down at GryphTir, smiling broadly as she did so. Slowly, she descended through the leaves of the jungle to rest on a thick branch above the snake-mantis hybrid, crouched down with her hand on the bark as her gossamer wings fluttered behind her. “I see you've been enjoying yourself.”

That was when GryphTir rolled onto hir back and splayed out, every one of their legs laying flat on the ground away from hir abdomen. “You can say that, yesss!” Shi smiled and hissed as hir torso pulled up and leaned against a nearby tree. “I must say, this place is just filled with so many delectable morsels! I could stay here until the break of dawn!”

“Well, I'm sorry to say but The Wilds close at midnight.” Foxifly then leapt off the tree branch and fluttered her way down so that she landed directly on GryphtTir's swollen, distended belly. “But I am sure you knew that already. My concierge told me that you spent quite a while reading the brochure, so I'm certain you know and understand all of the rules. So tell me, what brought you here?” She then squatted down, cross-legged on GryphTir's belly, antennae buzzing and wings folding up on her back.

After a brisk pause wherein the hybrid compiled hir thoughts, shi eventually flicked hir tongue and did hir best to explain. “Well, I've been travelling the lands in search of adventure, exploring the ruins of Arrenthen and the mountains of Yelfrit and everything in between. I'm a healer, you see, and I'm always looking for ways to share myself with others while indulging my hunger.”

“Very curious! Tell me more!” Foxifly insisted, nestling in while rubbing her tail along GryphTir's abdomen, her thighs and rump all feeling the struggles that were happening inside as Spike was still trying his best to find some prey to put in his belly. Neither GryphTir nor Foxifly paid him mind; as far as they were concerned, what happened in there was the business of the prey only.

GryphTir continued. “Well, I love to eat! I love having people inside my belly! I love testing my limits and sharing what I can with others. I've got a while lot of various unique features unseen in other predators, and I like to share that. Along with my healing abilities, I have tendrils lining my inner abdominal walls and I can make silk, as you've seen.” Shi clenched hei rump muscle to shoot a single strand of web out to the nearest tree trunk. “But it dissolves once I swallow it, turning it into lube.”

A sly smirk pulled at the corner of Foxifly's lips, which turned into an outright grin. She leaned back to pluck at her tail, unraveling a long strand of silk of her own coming from the corners of her tail maw. Like GryphTir, her tail was an abdomen of sorts, hosting prey in much the same manner the hybrid's abdomen did. “Mine doesn't do that, but it does make for some gorgeous and sticky traps!”

“Oh my! That's quite pretty!” Shi reached up and wrapped the tip of hir finger around the bow of Foxifly's silk, plucking at it to test its strength. “And it might even be stronger than mine! Though, to be honest, mine's more for its stickiness than its strength. I like capturing and wrapping people that way before swallowing them up.” A kick came from hir abdomen, showing that the tussle going on between spike and whichever dragon he chose as his prey hadn't yet concluded. The resulting struggle manifested as a series of fleshy squelches and shifting flesh below hir carapace.

Foxifly took notice of this and splayed out a bit, widening her stance and spreading her legs to rub her heels on the soft surface of GryphTir's belly, which felt more like velvet than she expected. As a fellow insect, she knew that the elements from the secondary creatures would have a significant impact on how one felt, physically, but it wasn't anything like a snake. She knew what snake scales felt like. She happily continued the conversation, eager to know more. “So you came here just to see me? I know I was happy to seek you out once I heard you were here, and I went out of my way to do so, but coming from across the world just at the chance to see another hybrid? That's ballsy.”

“Not as much as you might thing. I'm nomadic so I never stay in one place too long in the first place. This was just one of many stops on this quest of life. That said, the moment I first say an ad for your establishment when I was in Yelfrit, I shifted my direction a bit and made my way to Saff'Rald.” Shi smiled and buzzed, clicking hir mandibles as shi snake-yawned and blinked hir eyes. “But I can already tell that you're a wonderful person, you're warm to the soul.”

“Warm to the soul? Never heard that before but I like it!” foxifly concurred.

GryphTir then pawed at Foxifly's belly with hir forelegs, trying to be affectionate without being too strange. “So what brought you here? The buffet and fellow bug in you brought me here, but I don't see any other insect hybrids crawling around here.”

There was a moment of hesitation bubbling up in Foxifly before she felt confident responding truthfully. “Well, my past is a bit more complicated than you might think. I don't share that info very much, but my antennae are telling me that you're plenty trustworthy. Anyway, I've been around these parts for a very, very long time. The real me, not the me you see. This form is that of a drone, one of dozens spread out across the northern half of Saff'Rald. The real me is buried beneath the Cradle of Dalon, in the hollows of the Valley of the Gods.”

“I'm not sure I follow.” GryphTir admitted.

“Well, the real me stays in one place, with my drones under my control. One hive mind, as it were. Not much more to it than that, but once I heard about The Vore House and all they were doing, I had to check it out and see if I could lend my vast expertise to their endeavours! I love this sort of thing and wanted to be a part of it. When I finally did show up, their management was in disarray and they were in need of a restructuring. I hate the idea of taking over other people's work, but Leera was tired, Yetzer stopped caring, and the others were complacent, so I gave my heart, my soul, and my energy to helping to revive this place; look at it now!”

Both of them paused to glance beyond the trees and the ferns that surrounded them.

“Now, I can't imagine being in a better place! The people here love me, I love being pred from time to time, and if the mood calls for it I can even play prey! Not my preferred experience, but it has its place and the disposable nature of this husk of a body means I don't have to worry about safety, unlike the others.” She couldn't help but smile as she wiggled her way back down towards GryphTir's hind end, curling her tail up around the larger hybrid's abdominal maw.

GryphTir noticed this, but kept hir maw shut about it, instead focusing more on Foxifly's past. “And how did they take your presence, showing up and telling them what to do? More importantly, did they accept your insect half?” It was not uncommon for folks to demean insects, calling them bugs as a form of derogatory insult.

Foxifly was happy to extoll the virtues of Leera and the rest of the crew. “Oh no, nothing like that. The establishment focused on Vore, so it wasn't like they were the most mainstream group of folks in the offices of The Vore House Manor. They liked good ideas regardless of who they came from, and I-” She pulled her tail up, hugging it as the two-toned flesh parted to reveal the maw. “-have the right equipment to be a great predator.” She then released it and got down onto her hands and knees nearest GryphTir's far end, curling her tail as if it were an ovipositor and twisting the end so that it interlocked with GryphTir's abdominal maw, like a kiss.

“I'm not sure what you want me to do.” Shi admitted, unsure how to respond.”

“Let me have one of your prey, please! It seems there's a lot of undue fighting going on in thee and I figure one fewer prey item in you would help. Plus, I love to be predator for my buddies Vel and Saethwr.” She had no real reason to withhold that information, so she freely shared it.

With a nod, a hiss, and a flick of hir tongue, shi released her abdominal tendrils to release the smallest of the group – Vel'Gahrus – to squeeze him out the end of hir belly with a lurch of lubricant and even some of hir silk. “I suppose it makes sense, yeah. I hope this drake is enough!”

Foxifly kept her maw shut as she concentrated on the passing of Vel from GryphTir to her, clenching around the lips of her tail's maw, but relaxing down its length so that the tight passage didn't halt the dragon's motions. “I'm sure it'll be fine; Vore Potions work especially well on me since I'm only a tiny fraction of my real self, and I get unlimited access to all the cool, but weird stuff. Trust me, I could be inflated like a balloon if I felt the desire to do so. I don't, but I could, and that's pretty cool.”

This joke made GryphTir's eyes widen. “What? Inflation? Is that a thing here?”

“No, no. Nothing like that. Just an example, dear. I'm just gonna take Vel from ya and we can head back to the Manor to talk in a more private setting, mmkay?” She leaned into hir and used every muscle in her tail to form a seal around Vel's snout and suck, aiding him in his lurch from one tail maw to the other and beyond.

He hardly recognized that anything was happening at first, at least until he realized that he was no longer being apprehended or agitated by the claws or teeth of Spike, and that the many tendrils of flesh had no longer remained wrapped tight around his limbs. He did notice the subtlest of changes in the flesh that smothered him as he went from GryphTir to Foxra, as it went from velvety to silken. All pleasant, but not much of a difference between them.

With another tug matched by a squeeze of GryphTir's abdominal muscles, Vel lurched forth and burst deep into the fox-moth's tail gullet and beyond, eventually resting curled in a ball in her belly.

This sudden filling made her flop forwar and roll onto her back, tail tugging away from Gryph's with an audible pop followed by a visible leak of drool soaking the side of the hybrid's carapace. She sighed and laughed at herself and GryphTir did the same. “So, it's been a pleasure to meet you! My name's Foxifly. You?”

“GryphTir.” Shi responded, extending a foreleg to shake once more. “Pleasure to make your acquaintance.”

“Perfect. Now that we're friends, let's head back to my room in the Manor and we'll get to know each other a bit better.”

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