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Luck and Misfortune - Part 2
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The Rise and Fall of the Seventh Hokage - Part 1 of 6

The Rise and Fall of the Seventh Hokage - Part 2 of 6

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by SDCharm
Commission #21, Picture 3
For Anonymous

Boruto Uzumaki wasn’t in a particularly good mood today.

His playful attitude had shined a lot more back when he was pulling pranks on the village by messing up the Hokage faces and setting up random pranks for people to get annoyed with. It was fun.

However, he’d cut all that out long ago when he realized how little satisfaction it truly gave him. The root of the problem had always been his father. The guy who sat in that office all day and delighted in that crappy title of Hokage was his dad and it filled him with such an immense amount of disdain.

As he wandered towards his house, with his hands in his pockets, he found himself smiling to himself though. It had taken several months but he had finally spun together a little solution for his issue. Everything had taken forever to set up and it was a lot more work than even he could have anticipated but he knew that in the end it would have all been well worth it.

Just the thought of it made him giggle even.

“That crappy old man is going down…” Boruto muttered under his breath. The instant he said that though, thoughts of his sister Himawari and his mother Hinata passed through his mind. In that split second, he wondered if what he was about to do would cause them any real grief, despite the fact that this largely was to ensure his father paid for all the trouble he was causing their family by being so tied up with boring paper-work in a time of peace.

By the time Boruto reached the door and opened it up, he was half-way through contemplating reversing his plan or modifying it a bit so that it wasn’t as extreme… that was until he actually came inside and got the shock of his life.

“Hello, son.” Naruto stood with his arms crossed, staring down at Boruto with an intensely calm glare. It was so clam in fact, that it was frightening. Boruto’s eyes widened a bit with fear as his father having this kind of reaction towards him was such a rare thing. Even when he scolded him he did it in such a business-like way. It was often like he didn’t even care. Looks like he did now… but why?

Boruto grinned like a sly bastard, “Hello Fake-Dad. Nice of you to come at my father’s orders. May I offer you a piece of dirty, smashed birthday cake?” Boruto said this, going for the low blow of when his father sent a shadow clone to be with Himawari during her birthday party. When he had explained that incident to some of the others in the village a few of them chuckled as it sounded almost comical that anyone could be that neglectful.

Naruto winced at that. Clearly, he had struck another nerve with his dad. Good. He deserved it as far as Boruto was concerned.

“I’m not fake. It’s really me and you’re in a load of trouble.” Naruto snapped, pointing down at him. Boruto pouted and looked to the side. His mother was there, looking downtrodden. She seemed as though she had been having a bit of a rough day. Himawari was over to the left, not looking especially happy either but her face lit up when she heard that her older brother was in trouble.

Though, she did noticeably look a bit ashamed when Boruto brought up an incident that was meant to stand up to his father on her behalf.

“Right. Of course, you are.” Boruto spoke again, not believing it for a second. He tried to push past what he thought was a clone but was stopped when Naruto grabbed his ear and yanked on it rather hard. “YEEEEEEP!”

“I’m REAL.” Naruto said, staring down at his son’s face when he yanked his head over so that they could see eye to eye. Boruto had a tear forming in his eye due to the pain but as he looked into the clear eyes of his father, he could tell that he was telling the truth. “Like I said, you’re in trouble. Take off your shoes.”

“T-Take off my…? Wait what are you doing?” Boruto stammered, feeling the beating of his heart increase. His father had never really acted quite like this before.

Naruto yanked on Boruto’s ear again, making him yelp.

“OW! Okay, okay! I’m taking them off!” Boruto snapped as his father let his ear go. Boruto reached down and took them off, setting them off to the side and standing in his socks. “NOW what, you weirdo.”

Hinata sighed and turned, heading over to the other room. That was strange. Boruto wasn’t sure what it was that would cause her to leave like that. Did she not want to see how this was going to unfold? Did she know what was about to happen?

Himawari gladly took a seat, almost anticipating this with a small smile on her face. What was going on?

Naruto sat down and patted his lap suddenly. For a split second Boruto got the hint but then dismissed it as the wonderment of a fleeting imagination. There was no way in hell it was actually going to be…

“You’re getting a spanking.” Naruto said plainly.


The room got silent for a second.

Then Boruto snorted and began to laugh. “Snrk. AHAHAHAHA! Oh yeah. Right. Sure, good one ‘Dad’. You really got me there.”

“I’m being serious. Get over my lap son.” Naruto was calm and collected. He certainly sounded serious. “Don’t worry. I won’t do this bare bottom. I’ll just take your pants down and do it over your underwear.”

Himawari giggled at the word ‘underwear’ and Boruto blushed when he heard it.

“H-Hold on! First of all, my… underwear isn’t going to provide much of a shield compared to my… my butt…” Boruto pointed this out mostly to get one over on his dad in terms of intelligent decisions but it still embarrassed him talking about his booty. “Second of all, WHAT FOR?!”

“I’ve been getting a ton of reports all over the town that you’ve been sneaking into a ton of people’s houses for the past couple of months.” Naruto said flatly.

“Guh…!” Boruto froze, a stupid nervous open-mouthed smile on his face. He immediately began sweating all over. “O-Oh…? W-Wow… That’s… interesting… wh-what did they say I did…?’

“They told me you were most likely setting up some sort of prank.” Naruto stated.

“So… there’s no proof of anything? Right?” Boruto hoped there wasn’t. There was a reason he had been sneaking into every single home in Konoha for the past couple of months. He had to set up the recording devices. Not so he could record them but so he could play the devices when they were manually set to go off in the middle of the night. The highly advanced technology of the day made so much possible now.

“There’s no proof of you DOING anything but the fact of the matter is that you WERE sneaking into people’s houses.” Naruto snapped. “I, as Hokage, cannot condone that kind of behavior, especially from my son. You’re getting taught a lesson, even if it means treating you like a toddler.”

Boruto stared at Naruto wide eyed… then his face went red with anger.

“OH!? I see. So, you’re here because of your duty as the HOKAGE and not my FATHER? Might as well have one of your cronies come over and spank me in their place instead then, right?” Boruto snapped as he stomped over to his dad and got in his face. “You can’t even discipline me as my dad. It’s always gotta be under the Hokage umbrella huh? What a crappy excuse. If you’re ashamed of having a family just let us know, I’m sure we’ll move on just fine without you.”

“You’re acting like a baby.” Naruto said calmly.

“YOU’RE acting like a baby!” Boruto snapped, pointing at Naruto’s face. His finger was inches away from his dad’s nose. “You’re just doing it by pretending to be a super important adult. But you’re not. You’re just a-!”

Boruto didn’t get to finish as Naruto had immediately grabbed him and yanked him over his lap! Boruto laid over his dad’s knees, astonished. “Wh-What the-?!”

Suddenly, a breeze hit him when his pants were lowered! Boruto blushed and Himawari went from intrigued to delighted. She even pointed and laughed when she saw Boruto’s undies!

They were cute little Hello Kitty briefs for boys!

“St-Stop! Stop that!” Boruto looked over at his sister. “Quit laughing! He’s not on your side! A-And these are still briefs! They just have Hello Kitty on them! There’s nothing wrong with-AAAH!” Boruto yelped suddenly. His father had shut him up by landing the first spank.

“This is your own fault. No one else’s.” Naruto said.

“AAH!” Boruto screamed out again when the second hit landed and his butt wiggled. He already couldn’t take it. The artificial hand hurt quite a lot on his backside. “Crappy old man! Wait until I-EEEP! I’ll make you pay for-EEEEK! Th-This is stup-AAAGHOOOOHH!” Boruto yelped and cried and made weird goofy faces as the spanking increased its pace!

Naruto was in full spanking mode as he continued raining down smacks against Boruto’s backside, making the poor boy yelp and scream and jerk about as hit after hit just kept coming. His butt was fuming red through his briefs even, proofing that indeed, wearing his underwear meant very little considering how thin they were.

“EEEEEYOOOWWWWWIEEEEEEE!” Boruto began crying, spewing tears everywhere as his father kept disciplining him. “STOP! I’M AIEEEEE SOWWWIEEEE~!” His voice got more high pitched as it kept going. He, of course, wasn’t really sorry. The humiliation of being spanked by this man was just too much! His sister was watching and laughing. He couldn’t take it!

Eventually, his squirming stopped and he went limp, jerking with each hit and yelping in pain as it kept on going!

In Boruto’s head, he had dialed back the doubts he previously had about his plan.

‘No… he definitely deserves what’s coming to him! The hypnosis tapes have been set up everywhere, including in his office and the room he never seems to sleep in. He’ll get his…! I’m gonna prove it to him and the whole world. HE’S the baby!’

With one last smack, Boruto let out a loud wail to finalize his painful punishment.


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Type: Picture/Pinup
Published: 1 year ago
Rating: Mature

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1 year ago
Well those are some embarrassing undies. XD
1 year ago
I know right? They're great.
1 year ago
Yeah. XD
1 year ago
Hope his pants don’t fall down when he’s out and about lol. People might see those undies.
1 year ago
They might one day. For now, he'll take comfort in the fact that underwear usually isn't meant to be seen... intentionally.
1 year ago
Lol, well no doubt it’ll happen if his pants are a bit loose and he forgets to wear a belt.. those clothes don’t have any belt holes, i’m guessing he’s reliant on elastic for them to stay up...
1 year ago
Awwwww those undies fit Boruto so perfectly ;.;

I really love these two and can't wait to see Boruto's attempted prank in the next parts :)
1 year ago
I'm glad. It's gonna be a life-changer.
1 year ago
this Surely backfire on Boruto!
1 year ago
Hello Kitty bum!
Something tells me that things could be reversed! :3
1 year ago
Whaaa,haaa!This is funny and great!^^
1 year ago
He deserves this for sure. Glad I'm not the only one who thinks Boruto likes briefs.
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