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Luck and Misfortune - Part 1
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Luck and Misfortune - Part 2

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by SDCharm
Hello everyone. This is your pal, SDCharm here.

Even though the message here is primarily for people on my Deviantart page, you all should still read it if you're interested in finding out new possible projects coming up and rule changes to commissions. If that stuff interests you, read away and ignore the stuff that deals with just Deviantart.


At the time of me writing this I’ve just gotten back from a one-month suspension from Deviantart and a couple more of my pictures have been taken down. I’ve still been working on and uploading pictures on all of the other sites I’m on but if you only follow me on here, there’s a good chance you didn’t know that, which is fine. At the time of the initial suspension I probably would have been saddened by that but I’m actually not anymore. The initial feelings of fear, stress, and annoyance have gone away as I’ve come to the conclusion that this is totally for the best.

I’m grateful that I’ve had an entire month to think about this so that I could calmly rationalize what my position is and what I need to do going forward. Initially, I was just planning on saying that I didn’t know what I was going to do but I totally do now.

Inkbunny, tumblr, and Pixiv are going to function the same way they always have. All my stuff will remain uncensored on all of those sites for you all.

However, it’s come time for me to chill the hell out when it comes to Deviantart.

Now what does that mean? Does that mean I’m quitting Deviantart? No. Absolutely not. When I say “chill out” I mean it’s time this page got a huge overall so I can ensure its survival. I absolutely need this page to stay up and it’s clear that there’s a bit of a target and a spotlight on my back right now.

The purposes of this picture and what I’m about to outline below are to explain what the Deviantart page is going to function as from now on.

I’m going to make this clear from the get-go though; yes, I realize that my stuff, while still in the same vein as other fetishy material, was never really super hardcore or anything like that and as such a lot of the things that have been taken down on my page don’t really fit the criteria as something that broke a lot of their rules. However, some of my stuff absolutely did and I don’t wish for anyone to completely ignore that fact either.

Also, the fact that there are other pages that upload similar things to me that aren’t getting hit is irrelevant too. I know some people are going to point out that it’s unfair but it doesn’t really matter. This is reality and I’ve got to stop ignoring it and protesting it and actually start conforming to it. I’m just one person and I need this page to stick around so that I can utilize its resources still.

I don’t know if anyone realized this but I always found it uncomfortable whenever people talked about going on crusades and protests against Deviantart or things like that. I’m not really the kind of guy who likes to bother with controversy nor do I like getting into altercations with anyone. Comments about me being a voice to get into a call to arms against the site just kind of scare me.

I’m just a guy who likes drawing cartoons.

So with that out of the way, time to outline how I’ll be going forward with my stuff on Deviantart.

Original Characters and Two NEW Comics/Stories

Initially, it was hard to figure out what I should do. The fact of the matter is, nothing about the way Deviantart reacts to my stuff makes any sense and trying to work around it isn’t going to work outside of literally just doing pictures that are completely opposite of the content I usually do.

When a picture is deleted, always the message I’m given is that “This image was taken down because the characters depicted in a sexually compromising position or state of undress are under 18 years of age”. Now, I want to set the record straight that there were indeed instances at the beginning of my time here where I’ve broken the rules on accident but most of those instances were for showing bodily fluids. I’ve yet to draw something that I personally felt was an actual sexually compromising situation but that doesn’t really matter anymore.

I understand now what they consider that to be, even if it doesn’t make much sense, as such I’ll avoid doing it on here. The stuff with the Sonic characters still makes no sense as well but I’ll avoid that as well.

So, in order to not keep people high and dry on deviantart, here are more ideas I’m kicking around in my head to keep Deviantart relevant and safe.

1.       First, I’m planning a series of pictures or 3-panel comics based on a group of original characters I’ve created (with inspiration from my good friend Wotzael) to help calm down the people who got their fee-fees hurt over seeing their favorite characters they recognize humiliated for the purposes of comedy or witnessing something cute. The name for this series has already been decided but I’ll keep it under wraps in case it never comes to be. Which it might not.


2.       Second, the character in the picture above is a character of my own creation. He’s actually 19 years old so I feel like using him for the specific purpose of creating a series based on him would go well for serving a lot of things I’ve wanted to do for a while now. I’ve redesigned him a bit from his appearance in Survivor Island and I’m going to change his name so that he’s not a raccoon with the most generic name for a raccoon ever. Stripes the Raccoon is a terrible name. That’ll be like a nickname he has but his actual name needs to be something better. This new series (again IF it gets made) will help give me more clout on Furaffinity and Inkbunny for one, but it’ll also go a long way of allowing me to humiliate my own created fursona (I think that’s what they’re called…) in an attempt to get it through some people’s heads that a lot of these pictures and comics are humiliation fantasies. If someone actually put me in one of these drawn scenarios I wouldn’t be mad. I’d find that hilarious. After all, cartoon slapstick violence and diaper humiliation is my bread and butter. NOT realistic, bloody violence and sex.

The farthest I’ll probably ever go is maybe make someone feel aroused and draw a bit of a wet bulge in their pants… but that’s it. I don’t have any desire to draw cocks or “visible” orgasms or anything like that. I don’t have a problem with other people doing that but it’s just not my thing. At least when it comes to drawing pictures. It’s different when it comes to Roleplays and stories though. I’m cool with it there because I’m not physically drawing those. Circumstances change depending on the medium you’re working with after all. Of course, I’m talking about of-age characters here too. I feel that should go without saying but hey, some people need a little help.

Anyway, the name for this second series hasn’t been decided yet. All I know is that it’ll be about my character here failing and getting humiliated a lot. Like A LOT. I also want to see if I can get in touch with other people whose characters I enjoy and see if I can do collaborations or have some of their characters cameo in my stuff. Cj-the-Otter’s characters and Theliljdude have characters I’d love to crossover with.

Now, as a word of warning, one of the pictures that was deleted was one of the pages with Arryn Vs. Radio, where Arryn was judged to have been in a “sexually compromising” situation for a character who was underage in their “original context”. Now, the ages of those characters were never specified and there was nothing sexual about it. Arryn is a character that was originally created and belongs to Aladdin-Kun. How the hell they determined what he was like in his “original context” is beyond me. Now, the fact of the matter IS that he’s a young kid. However, that’s irrelevant considering the other issue being the “sexually compromising situation” part. He was in his underwear… but that’s it. Steven Universe and Gumball are shown in their underwear all the time. I doubt Cartoon Network would show that if that was considered inherently sexual but whatever. I don’t have any desire or intention of drawing any actual sexual situations and never have. I can work around this.

What I have a little more trouble with is the Sonic characters. Sonic characters don’t wear clothes in their original context on top of the pictures I draw never having anything sexual about them. This is a double whammy of confusion that’s hard to work around. Couple that with the fact that there are some pictures on here that are still around despite having similar things to ones that were deleted still confuses me.

Recently, all the diaper pictures with the Sonic characters have actually gotten to stay but all the underwear ones have been deleted… so… I guess diapers are okay but underwear isn’t? I mean sure… I can censor the underwear ones and keep the diaper ones… but that contradicts the fact that all the Tails the Babysitter, Tails the Babysitter II, Charmy the Prankster, and Tails and Charmy’s Daycare Daze comics have been deleted from Deviantart except for one or two pages. That was a while back…

So, the only thing I can think of doing is be selective of what I can and can’t post based on arbitrary guesses that may or may not be the truth. I have no idea how though. I know there’s a target on my back but I don’t know how deep it goes since my entire gallery isn’t gone or anything. After all, there were Amy the Babysitter pages that were deleted as well but those I can live with since the rules do say that they consider direct links to the pictures that they don’t want to be just as bad as posting it on their site. I think that’s ridiculous but I’ll concede defeat on that one too.

Due to the fact that all of this is random and hard to figure out, I’ve decided that stressing over it isn’t worth it. Instead, I’m going to be doing this…

Cropped Images and No Links for the stuff Deviantart Hates

The two comics/story series that I outlined above will be tame enough that Deviantart won’t have a problem with it (hopefully). They’ll star my own original characters. The human based one with the kids will be innocent enough while the one based on the raccoon character and whatever OCs I gather will keep a lot of what you love about this page but be based on characters who are all 18 and older.

As for all my other stuff? Since those are mostly things focusing on characters that aren’t my own, they’re a lot easier to crack down on. Even older versions of characters aren’t safe. So, those will all be relegated as messages that a new picture is up on one of my other sites.

I’ll post a cropped image from the latest image I’ve done showcasing the character it’s about and the title of the picture and the description will inform you all that the newest picture is up on inkbunny, pixiv, tumblr, or (if it’s a furry picture) Furaffinity. I can’t provide direct links to them anymore since they also delete pictures that have those too. It creates a needless extra step but it’s what I have to do.

It sucks but I gotta do it. To be honest, this is actually something that might benefit me a bit more. I can continue to do what I want but I can also have the added benefit of transforming my Deviantart page into something a little more cute oriented rather than JUST harsh humiliation.

I have a pretty sizeable audience and I’m not really hungering for a mountain more or anything like that. Fact of the matter is, the amount of money I get from commissions and patreon, while a huge help, isn’t enough to sustain me and I need to focus more on life outside of this in order to nab a job that’ll allow me to pay taxes and such. Having the Deviantart page just be a place where I can post cute things that only my small clique can enjoy sounds perfect. I may not get a ton more people but I won’t need to. It’s not about reaching a super high number of watches anymore.

If the pictures I post come with stories, I’ll post those however. There’s a chance it might be a risk considering they also crack down on stories too but not too huge of one. We’ll see I guess.

Rules Changing for Commissions

I’m changing some of my rules for the commissions. I’m in desperate need of a light work load and it’s something that’s been brewing for a long time. The gaps between uploads is too big for my tastes. The work load I have to do for my Patreon is already hard enough to keep up with so the ridiculous position I’ve put myself in with commissions is something that has needed some rebalancing for a LONG time.

If you guys haven’t noticed, it’s been a long time since I’ve reopened commissions and that’s for a few reasons. I’ll explain why here while I outline what I’m doing to fix this.

1.       I’m no longer offering Comics in the commissions. Comics were the bane of my existence for such a long time. They take too long and they’re A LOT of work. Because of this I ended up increasing the price for them, in the hopes that less people would be tempted to go for them as well as recognizing that the amount of work I was putting into them didn’t match how much money I was asking for them. That ended up not going well. Despite the increased price I ended up doing nothing but comics for commissions. It was great seeing the outcome of them all but the work done to reach that endpoint saw a lot of stress and a lot of time spent working on one person’s commission when I could have been working on someone else’s.

Even when it’s something that you love doing and want to see the finished form of, doing comics of them can fucking drain you. It got so stressful that for the last commission I did, I asked if I could do it in 12-part pictures instead of a 3-page comic. It’s just way easier for me to do it that way. I realized that not only was I not enjoying working on comics anymore but I was actively dealing with really, unhealthy stress trying to figure out how to get them done in ample amount of time to please the commissioner. I also realized that increasing the price was a measure I took while HOPING that no one went for the comics. When you’ve reached the point of hoping no one wants to buy your comics what’s the point of still offering them? So, commissioned comics are gone now. The only comics I feel I can work on are the ones I can do at my own pace without worrying about money or whose next in line. It can’t be a time sensitive thing anymore because that’s too stressful. From now on, it’s pictures, stories, or pictures with stories.


2.     I’m limiting the number of pictures a person can commission per slot to Two. This was already a rule I had in place but I never enforced it because I’m too soft. In fact, it says only 1 picture per person in the rules and here I am doing 10 per person half the time. Each person has a certain number of pictures they want to commission and it usually means more money the more pictures they want to buy… however, the efficiency of something like that is starting to rear its head a bit. I don’t think I can do 8 or 10 pictures per person anymore. That also takes up too much time and I want to keep rotating people out so I can get to everyone who wants a chance. Plus, it allows me more time to work on my own stuff too. So, the most you can get per slot will be two. Then, the next time we do business, you can do more.

The Charmy Pictures and the Comments

Often, I’ve thought about doing a journal post detailing what my personal favorite pictures I’ve done are and maybe one day I’ll do that. However, it won’t be something I get to do utilizing the links on Deviantart because, no joke, almost all of my TOP favorite pictures have been deleted. Like, there have been ones I don’t care about as much and wasn’t sad to see go that were deleted too, and there are still some that I consider to be a part of my mid-range favorites that are still up. However, the ones that make me feel the proudest and happiest, that I revisit all the time just so I can admire how much work I put into it and all the comments I got from them are pretty much gone. At least on Deviantart.

The Tails the Babysitter comics and all its sequels being gone is one thing but for me, the biggest loss, was witnessing all the Charmy pictures go away. I don’t even mean just the ones where he had the Charmy the Prankster comic. Literally, JUST the Sonic Survivor Island pages with Charmy that I liked the best were the ONLY ones taken down aside from one other baffling one with Silver and Amy which makes no sense.

Before they were taken down, the pictures I would revisit all the time were:

“Sonic Survivor Island – Pg. 16: Brony Bee”,

“Sonic Survivor Island – Pg. 29: It Cannot Stand” and

“Sonic Survivor Island – Pg. 41: Bubbles”.


Because I loved reading the comments.

The comments on those pictures filled me with such joy and delight upon seeing them when they were initially posted because when I put up pictures and comics centered on Charmy Bee, one of my favorite Sonic characters, I was worried I wouldn’t see much feedback from it because he’s not one of the more popular characters. However, to my delight and surprise I did. They were all great too! Everyone was making jokes and enjoying the humorous situations presented by all three of those pictures. They found them cute and adorable and wanted to see more.

I delighted in reading the comments for those pictures all the time. To this day some of my favorite things to do is to go back and revisit the initial responses I got for a lot of those Survivor Island pages…

However, I can’t do that anymore. Those pages were deleted. I didn’t lose the pictures because they’re up on other sites but that didn’t matter. The thing I cared about the most, the comments I loved revisiting, were gone. I can only draw upon vague memory now and my memory is nowhere near as reliable as quick access to a source where I can bask in the glow of being able to share something I like and receive positive feedback over it is.

Sure, those pictures are up on other sites but they don’t have anywhere near as many comments. Despite Inkbunny having pretty much all of my pictures, completely uncensored and in their original forms, the fact of the matter is that I’m still getting the most attention here. I still get the most comments here. I still have the most watchers here. It’s not because I was lucky here either. It’s because I’ve been here on Deviantart longer and Deviantart itself is a much bigger and broader picture sharing site than Inkbunny, Furaffinity, or Pixiv. I have all of my stuff up on Tumblr too but no one really comments there either. They fav and reblog a lot (and I’m grateful for it. Thank you SO much!) but Tumblr isn’t as convenient or easy a place to leave a comment, I’ve noticed.

This is definitely the biggest thing that hurts my heart about this whole situation. The interaction I have with you guys is hurting the most because of this nonsense. The happiness I felt scrolling through those comments and seeing the reactions to those Charmy pictures I was so worried about was wiped clean from the internet and I can’t even get them back through the Wayback Machine.

I don’t even give a shit about the few people who’ve called me names over these pictures of fictional cartoon characters wearing goofy looking underwear. I seriously couldn’t give a fuck about that.

Literally, the only thing I ever worry about on here is whether or not the people who like my work can interact with me and have easy access to it. In return, I love seeing the comments. It’s true, I don’t get as much as I used to but Deviantart is still, STILL, the place where I get the most DESPITE the censored pictures with the links.

That’s incredible.

Conclusion and One Last Request

Everytime I get over 300 pictures on this site, it goes back down to 290 something because of some random bullshit that happens. It feels like everything I’m outlining here is a complete mess and that’s because it is. Trying to find some internal logic to all this doesn’t work because there is no logic to what Deviantart is doing.

My Patreon is helping a bit but it’s hovering at around 300 to 400 per month and I’d like to hear from people what they’d like for it to do if they wish to contribute. Writing 30-page long chapters for a story that’s got like 19+ chapters for patrons who contribute a single 1-dollar bill is pretty draining but it’s clearly not enough. Advice there would help.

This is the third time I’ve had to rework the way I do things in order to appease Deviantart and I’ve reached the point where it’s mostly just going to be a haven for notifications that something is up different sites now.

However, there’s one last request I have for anyone who cares enough to indulge me. Those Charmy pictures that I talked about, Brony Bee, It Cannot Stand, Bubbles, and the stuff from the Prankster series… if anyone has anything they’d like to say about those, I’d appreciate you guys telling me in the comments for those pictures on my other sites. It’s an incredibly silly request but on the off chance there’s people who have any kind or funny words to spare about them, I’d like to hear them. If only in a vain attempt to recapture all those comments that were lost when the ones on Deviantart were deleted.

It always, always fills me with rage seeing them gone. If nothing else, I at least want you to go see these three pictures on Inkbunny and look at them and see how ridiculous the assertion that they at all deal with anything sexual is. ESPECIALLY the last one. That one was cute and humble and they accused it of being sexual. Fuck that noise.

That’s really all I care about honestly. I just like reading what you guys have to say about this stuff. The pictures being deleted is whatever but seeing those comments disappear is always the thing I fret over the most.

That’s it. That’s the State of SDCharm on Deviantart. Basically, I’m chilling the fuck out when it comes to Deviantart because trying to work within their rules has gotten too stressful. I don’t need any stress right now. I’ve got too much on my plate.

If anyone was wondering, I’m feeling pretty good.

So that’s it. Bye~!

Remember to support me on Patreon if you can. $1 equals extremely long chaptered stories every single week. $10 equals a full-colored picture every month. https://www.patreon.com/SDCharm

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1 year ago
best of good luck to you !
1 year ago
Hope you get things sorted out. Really sucks about the deviantart stuff. That whole site is a giant mess tho.
1 year ago
Its good to hear! DA can be butt hurt for sure
1 year ago
Thanks! And hopefully, those two series I plan on doing can come to fruition with all these measures I'm taking. And as I stated above, I'd love to finally collaborate or something with you too.
1 year ago
Well I am planning on geting back into drawing more art, so should be fun ^^
1 year ago
yeah better be safe
also i think thats the first i seen regular plain whities drawn by you o . o
1 year ago
Yeah. I'm starting to appreciate plain briefs a lot more. People see you wearing them in the locker room and they'll be like "Those are basically diapers!" and you'd be soooo embarrassed...!
1 year ago
sounds like a scenario
that should happen with my drawn me X'D
1 year ago
DA tends to be a pain so I wish ya luck.

Also really nice to see plain white briefs from ya. Best kind imo >///>
1 year ago
Best wishes on you dood
1 year ago
Oh Deviantart. Like you'd think just putting a mature rating on a pic would be enough but apparently not.
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