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Tails and His Brand New Egg-Phones! (Commission)
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Arryn Vs Radio: Beat the Bully Beater - Pt. 1/12

Arryn Vs Radio: Beat the Bully Beater - Pt. 2/12

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by SDCharm
Commission #20
For Aladdin-Kun

You are all aware of Arryn by this point correct. He was the one who bullied Killua, poured ice-cream down his undies, got him sent to a daycare, and shoved into a locker with Gabe. Well, Arryn did all that because he perceived Killua to be a bully. He's a Bully Beater. Now, he's run a foul with Radio. After accidentally bumping into this kid on a boardwalk and getting the ice-cream in his hands splattered on his shirt, instead of apologizing, he got mad. The instant Arryn put his hand on Radio's shoulder to intimidate him, the reverse happened. Radio's powers reverse the intimidation and got Arryn to do what he says instead out of fear. It's time to Beat the Bully Beater!


"Oh wow. This is quite a huge boardwalk." Manzo oogled the area with his wide eyes of excitement as he and his new best friend Arryn traversed down the area . It was quite a wonderous and fun looking place. No wonder Arryn had been urging him to come here so often. Manzo was new to a lot of the stuff around these parts so it didn't take much to wow him. They were so out of touch with their surroundings that they didn't even notice that they were coming up on a small little tyke up ahead. This little boy's name was Radio and he was quite the child. He was alone right now but, despite his age, that was actually okay. He had been born with quite an interesting power and, while he still needed guidance, it often lent him to being out on his own without much to worry about from his peers at the very least. Right now, Radio was eating some fries out of his fry box and trying to count and see how many bits of them he could gather into his palm at once and shove down his gullet. "Hmm... maybe just a few more will fit in my hand... oh! Maybe if I mix it with my ice cream...?" He said, holding up the small cup of chocolate ice cream in his hand. "Hmm..."

With such beautiful weather, it was impossible to not take a leisurely walk down his favorite boardwalk. It was a bit of a tourist trap, but that didn't matter to Arryn. This place had food, games, and most important of all..people!

The smiling boy still found himself getting taken away by all of the fun things going on around him. This day he was out looking for some more 'evil-doers' to use his last reserves of his borrowed powers on. His favorite and most recent plaything supplied him with the biggest jolt of power he had ever acquired, which he of course proceeded to turn right back on him.

Still riding the high, Arryn walked confidently and took a stance that showed the world 'not to mess with him'. This lead of course to an unfortunate event. What caught Arryn off guard was that whatever he bumped into fell over rather easy. Normally it was he who was being knocked down! This new feeling though didn't last him long, as a cup of chocolate ice cream flew through the air and landed on Arryn's shirt, slowly sliding down before plopping to the ground. "Huh!? Yuck! My shirt is a mess...what did I even hit!?" Looking down he stared confused at a much smaller boy with violet hair.

Manzo stopped on a dime as well. He was also confused as this wasn't usual scenario he had heard Arryn describe to him in his exploits before. Walking down the boardwalk where the legendary story of his latest takedown of an evil-doer happened was supposed to be a nice escape into a wonderful realm of discovering all the cool stuff his friend did and seeing the place where it all happened. And yet, he had just knocked over a kid and got ice cream on his shirt. What a small thing but it was enough to ruin the moment a bit. Radio, the kid who was on the ground, winced and grumbled a bit. He stood up and dusted himself off... before turning around and revealing that his fries had fallen as well. Both his food items were gone and it was all the fault of this dumb jerky bigger kid in front of him. "Dummy! Watch where you're going?! You just knocked over my ice-cream AND my fries! Say you're sorry!" Radio snapped, fighting back a tear or two. He was looking forward to indulging in both of those things so much.

Arryn winced a bit when the younger boy stood up and revealed the spilled fries and the quickly melting pile of ice cream now decorating the boardwalk. He had every intention of apologizing to this boy, seeing as he saw himself as a 'protector' of kids his age and younger. It seemed there was no short supply of older jerks to put in place, though in this case others might gauge Arryn as the 'older jerk'. He looked back to smile at Manzo, trying to show that this was nothing major. Just as he opened his mouth to apologize the young boy spoke and scolded him first!

"Wha?! Dummy! Listen here you twerp, it's not my fault you were just standing in the middle of the boardwalk aloof! Now I got ice-cream all over my shirt! Who are you anyhow?" Arryn scowled and reached an arm forward to place on the boy's shoulder. If anything he could 'jolt' him with an invisible show of force and power to intimidate him. That would get the brat afraid enough to listen to him.

His reaction instantly changed when his hand made contact. It took him too long to realize, but it felt as if Arryn's borrowed strength was being reversed! Instead of making this kid scared, Arryn felt his legs go shaky and his head spin. What exactly was going on!? "I--gotta t-take off my messy shirt now...you gimme yours or..no wait..huh? Why am I..."

The boy peered right into Arryn's eyes with a very angry glare of obvious disdain and even disgust. He saw the way he turned to look at Manzo as though he was about to wave this situation off like it was no big deal but then get mad when he was called out on being a dummy! Well Radio certainly wasn't going to hold back on him. He didn't know who this kid was but it didn't matter. Radio's power was a very special one that all jerks should be wary of. Arryn's powers, in fact, were the absolute worst counter balance to his. Arryn's power to take other's powers was being reversed. The intimidation was going the other way as well. Radio wasn't affected by anyone's attempts to humiliate him with their mind games or nen.

He took on their power and reversed it, sometimes even involuntarily without even having to try. Most of the time when he didn't have to try, it meant the person he was facing was subject to being treated like... well, a baby in his mind. "Me? I'm not gonna give you my shirt. If anything you should give me yours. It's actually a lot less messy then mine stupid-head. You know what? Gimmie those saggy shorts of yours too! You obviously don't know how to put on shorts since they're hanging so long they look like they're gonna fall down and go boom. Or maybe you're showing off your undies because you're proud you get to walk around without diapers for a day? Is that it?" Radio got closer to Arryn, peering right at him with his angry gaze and reaching forward to poke his front. Manzo looked on in astonishment. He'd never seen nen control like this before.This kid that Arryn was facing down wasn't even really doing much of anything.

Looking obviously woozy and confused, Arryn shrunk down and cowered when he realized the boy was staring into his soul with a piercing glare. Despite feeling drained, he realized something about this boy was different. Very different! What concerned Arryn the most was that his body and mind felt as if they were still being leeched, at least at a slower rate. Thankfully he removed his hand eventually, but felt the damage was done. He also felt a horrible will to simply do what this kid asked, no ordered him to do. If the feeling alone didn't do it, the commands the boy gave next were certainly going to ensure this. "Huhh? I give you m-my shirt? Stupid...hea...my sh-shorts? I can dress myself you...uhhh" His thoughts were becoming harder to put to words, especially to sound threatening. At this point he sounded completely ridiculous.

"I don't sh..show my undies, cuz I wear diapees? N-no...stay back...I'll take my clothes...ooof.." Arryn clumsily stepped back and started to try and remove his shirt at the same time. His shorts in their usual state were sliding down even further. At this point almost all of his briefs were showing to the rest of the world. It didn't take long for him to fall back on his bottom and sit there with his shirt pulled up just at his head, obstructing his view.

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Type: Comic
Published: 10 months ago
Rating: General

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10 months ago
I see those PopDuds undies!
10 months ago
I'm glad people know what kind of undies they are.
10 months ago
I know my undies ;3
10 months ago
I can not wait for the next! :D
10 months ago
Awesome! I can't wait to show you more.
9 months, 3 weeks ago
9 months, 4 weeks ago
Nice. Can’t wait for the other pages. :D
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