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Character Sheet for Savat
Character Description
Feet and hands have become cloven and claw-like.  There is no hiding his fangs anymore, they are visible with every opening of his mouth.  A pair of bat-like wings protrude from his lower back.  His skin is actually very pale, bordering on a yellowish-white, but due to the filtered light from the smoke filled sky it can pass as normal.  Ears are slightly elongated and pointed, his hair is long and black even though his goatee is more dark brown.  Having worked with his hands most of his human life and becoming a 1000 year old vampire has made him very strong and cut.  He stands at almost 6 feet tall and can fly at speeds above 70 mph so far...
Savat seems to be a very black and white guy.  You are either with him or against him most times.  He can be quick to anger and vengeance but has learned quite a bit of strategy over the centuries.  His own priorities take precedence over anyone else's but currently feels like he must be the new leader for his clan, as he is the oldest Razielium left.
Hates the Sarafan, a radical group of humans set on killing all vampires in the name of God.  They almost succeeded once but Kain survived, bringing vampires back from the brink of extinction.

Hates Kain and the other clans for what they did to his Sire and probably wish to do to him.

Cares little for his clan but feels obligated to protect them.
Born in the land of Nosgoth.  I, Savat, worked as just a simple farmer in the Human Citadel to the north east of the Lake of the dead, also know as The Abyss due to the endless whirlpool at the heart of it.  The vampires had begun building a large smoke stack off to the east, blocking out the sunlight.  As a precaution I was "volunteered' by the Sarafan to help construct a moat around the Citadel to keep the vampires away.  The Sarafan, though one of the only forces equipped to fend off the vampires were by far not as noble as they tell everyone they are.  One night I had found my wife had been beaten and raped by three of them.  In my furry I sought them out.  I killed 2 of them by surprise, but the third called for reinforcements.  My rage allowed me to kill 4 more of them but the rest overpowered me and I died.  Raziel, first born lieutenant to Kain, awoke me from my death.  He had seen me attack the Sarafan guards and was impressed.  I became his first born there after and was charged with leading our clan's troops into battle and watch over the clan while he was away.  I was never able to return to my wife, as the moat was completed while I was dead.  Water burns us like acid.  Every decade that passed though I grew stronger.  Kain, the oldest living vampire left would enter a state of change, followed by his kin, and then myself and our kin.  With every change I hoped one day I would find a way to over come that barrier between me and my wife, but as decades turned to centuries and the sting of water only getting worse I knew I would never see her again.  A bit over 900 years since my turning there was a great commotion in our clan.  Word had gotten out that my sire had done the impossible and evolved before Kain.  I spoke with my Lord and found that he had grown wings.  I was both ecstatic and dismayed by this new form to come.  "Why not sooner" I thought. Raziel was also displeased by this new gift.  He, being a loyal servant to Kain for 1000 years was now about to go to him and reveal his transgression.  Despite my protest that he go to Kain alone, without support from his clan, that is exactly what he did.  He believed that Kain always seemed to look at him differently, almost as if waiting for something like this to happen.  I had not had many encounters with Kain myself, but forgiveness and understanding had never seemed to be in his vocabulary.  True to my thoughts, Kain had ripped the bones clean out of my Lords wings.  I watched from our territory as he was dragged to the swirling vortex of The Abyss and cast in.  A punishment for traitors in the vampire world, and one I was not about to share with him.  I knew my clan would not stand a chance against the clans of Turel, Dumah, Rahab, Zephon, and Melchiah, the remainder of Kain's loyal lieutenants.  I had little choice but to disband the clan and have them flee for safety.  Many stayed though, but I did not.  Not long after, I too had grown my own wings, though my sensitivity to water has increased to where even the lightest of snow scorches me. I have now left my clansmen in hiding behind to see what fate had come to those who stayed, and perhaps visit a home I had not seen since my death.  For what would I be without my past?
Mother and Father: Deceased without a doubt.
Wife/Esmeralda: After 1000 years is most likely deceased.
Sire/Raziel: Last seen being executed in the Lake of the Dead.
Clan/Razielium: In hiding far from where I am headed and perhaps some survivors still in our territory to the east of The Abyss.
Nosgoth is a world of magic and monsters.  It also has a hidden past that most humans and vampires only can guess at.  The only hint of this past is seen by everyone in The Pillars of Nosgoth.  They are 9 pillars that connect to the land of Nosgoth in an elemental way.  They have been there forever and at one point reached so far into the sky that there seemed to be no end to them.  At the time of my part in this story, the pillars are broken. 8 of the nine form a half circle with the 9th a bit closer to the center and a black-like marble, unlike the others which are white.  Kain has made these pillars into the Sanctum of the vampires, with his thrown at the base of the black one which at one time was the pillar of balance.  As the vampires continue to evolve newer (sometimes different) abilities and become less human, the remaining human race is starting to lose the fight against them.  Luckily for them, with newer strengths come more pronounced weaknesses.
Bat-like wings, muscular, long dark hair, near white skin, fangs, pointed ears, cloven hands and feet that seem 100% claw.
Normally would wear armor but now goes topless to make better use of his wings.  He still has black leather pants of the Vampiric Legion as well as his shin guards.
Carries a scimitar style sword that resembles the Razielium Clan symbol vaguely.
This Is something I did for a fan fiction of the Legacy of Kain series.  It is me as the Razielium vampire Savat.  Now even though the image started as a picture of me, my description and thought process is not the same as the character I created.  I was just making this character for use later in a story.  you are actually seeing him before his real purpose to the story starts.

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Type: Character Sheet
Published: 7 years, 6 months ago
Rating: General

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