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Early Flash Vector Test For Kokonotsu Game

Jo to Yogurt Vore Scene (From Rubbers Do No Harm Second)
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Having a little difficulty with the skeleton algorithm. Flash is terribly inaccurate and the characters keep reflexing to hard into a page of scribble.

male 966,313, dog 130,848, feral 65,245, vector 1,508
Type: Picture/Pinup
Published: 5 years, 2 months ago
Rating: General

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5 years, 2 months ago
Wait. It's in vector? Not pre-rendered?
5 years, 1 month ago
who the hell is that?
5 years, 1 month ago
all real-like anwer
5 years, 1 month ago
5 years, 1 month ago
let's hope the swelling goes down
5 years ago
glad it's working now. goes a bit weird in tight spaces though.
4 years, 11 months ago
this game was surprisingly good
4 years, 10 months ago
how it looked before it looked like paw patrol
4 years, 10 months ago
post the art
4 years, 10 months ago
You may wish to try using the new Unity 2017 addition. It should have been called Unity 6, but it is not. With the right assets it is suppose to work with SVG vector data.

Out of the box Unity has some very nice capabilities to help make 2D games, and it is fee to use, unless you make over a certain amount with it, then you have to pay for the pro version. If you are not making any money with it, no prob, it is as free to use as Blender for personal use and to make free content with it.

You should look over the how to use manuals, and videos found on YouTube about it. And it will require one to learn some C# for scripting, or Java.
4 years, 10 months ago
This is an old post. I finished the game ages ago. Thanks anyway i'll look into that for future stuff.
4 years, 10 months ago
Any links to it, or extra info? I know not this game, but it seems to me a few here does know of it, and one of them thinks it is good.
4 years, 10 months ago
well right now I'm working on an RPG Maker style game but I'll post the stuff about this game later. It's on a private website at the moment and uses some of the website's coding so I'm going to have to mess around with the code and copy over the relevant parts and edit them so it's a stand alone game. It's not something i can be bothered to do right now but the new game I've promised to share here so I'm making that one as a stand alone thing from the start. The game above uses some vector-morphing code which is a pain to program yourself and the version that comes free with the development software is broken as heck. But there's some in development stills and animations I can share in the meantime. I'm kinda worried about copyright though since my character actually belongs to someone else. It's okay to share a fan game around your friends but sharing it publicly might be bad.
4 years, 10 months ago
I see, I have tried a few games made with the many RPG makers out there. One of them was very old, and requires a downloadable fix patch for the game in order to read the text. Odd I thought. 0.o

It it is a game made by a user on this site. I don't have a link to him anymore(I simply lost my links), nor any info about his game such as a name. I can remember his avatar is of a bunny with a star on his head, and the game he made is of a cat that escaped from a life working for another as a slave, and started his own life in a new town run by a dragon. He got to working a farm, not unlike in Harvest Moon, but with a bit more RPG fighting in it.

It is not necessary to win the game, but you have the option to rape four cubs in the game near the end of it. You have to gain the trust of them during the game. If you don't do things just right wile trying to do that, the Dragon running the town will eat you if he finds out about it. I had no interest in that part of the game.

As a player fighting off monsters, the cat you play as may get killed and/or raped by the monsters outside of town as you adventure. So it is definitely an NSFW RPG. 0.o

That is most of what I can remember about it. Far form the best RPG I have played, but interesting just the same.
I kind of like the copy laws. There is a reason for having them, even though they don't always work.

As an MLP FIM fan, I have seen my share of MLP fan made games, some of them quite good in fact. Hasbro could have put up a big stink about most of them but hasn't. Not even one real creepy horror game called Containment Is Magic, based off of the game Containment Breach.

Hasbro did put a stop to one game called Fighting Is Magic though, and upset many MLP fans in the process. Including the one who made the new TV show possible. Lauren Faust herself. She liked the game, and did not like Hasbro putting a stop to it, even though it was entirely within their rights to do so.

Ever since she broke away from Hasbro, she has been helping the group of game developers calling themselves the Mane Six to make a new game with a new vision. The game Them's Fightin' Herds.

So yes, sharing copied content publicly might be bad. Even though much fan made content is made such as stories, art, animations, and games that copy others work is usually not bothered with. There is always that risk.

I like fan made work myself, and wish to do much of my own, but I too don't wish to see what I may make stopped for coping.

Hasbro is not above copying from others themselves if they see fit to, and the fans sometimes like it when they do. But not always.

One guy made an unfinished animation Hasbro had copied the idea off it for the show. He was quite upset Hasbro copied him before he could finish, and near made him not wish to finish what he started by them doing that to him.

Funny though, I found the guy and told him not to give up on it.

I told him Hasbro may not have given him any credit for what they had copied, but his work is recognizable enough for most to know he was working on it first and Hasbro liked it enough to make it part of the show, and Hasbro had not told him not to finish his work after. If Hasbro liked it enough to do that, then he should think of it as a complement by them, and he should finish it. And in time he did. His finished animation is called Lullaby For A Princess.

Hell, if any put any thought to it who did read it, some very few might think Hasbro had copied something off of me. I made a story with a big killer monster rabbit in it. Shortly after I made the sequel to it, where one pony was having nightmares of it, while it was also running around town killing ponies, Fluttershy being one of them it killed in my story, Hasbro made an episode for TV about a few months after my sequel was out, with a monster killer rabbit trying to attack Fluttershy in a dream of hers in the show. Kooky. 0.o
4 years, 10 months ago
Oh Hasbro has done a lot worse than that. Pinkie Pie was modeled on the persona of someone online called Ribbon and she sued them big time for it almost immediately after the pilot aired on TV.

Fluttershy was the result of a competition Hasbro made to design a pony character for the show however they weren't allowed to claim ownership of the character by default and the Trump family, them being family of the child who won the competition, (no relation to Donald Trump) sued Hasbro for using their character without their permission. Although that's a bit of a dick move since they knew they were designing a character for the show so..

Hasbro has on more than a few occasions stolen whole stories from MLP fan sites and used them to make the plot of episodes. Especially Lauren Faust and in MLP Series 3 in particular. They were even sued like a lot about it because one character art they thought was made up by a person online turned out to be a leaked image of a character in an upcoming Sega game and if you know anything about Sega they love to sue people for ridiculous amounts of money.

And the trouble caused when they used the Miasma idea from someone's fan comic. That's still causing arguments today.

I think I know the game you mean. If I'm not mistaken it was posted to Eka's Portal's forums a while back. I'm not a fan of cub though. I just remember somebody saying they're making their own version of it at some point. I think
game Domesticated 400 is a copy of it but it's got goats instead of cubs. Might ask him where he found it.
4 years, 10 months ago
Funny: One thing that made me feel someone at Hasbro may have been watching my stories is another story of mine seemed to be copied from within the cartoon. I made up what I thought the changelings where like in it, how they lived, that they hatched from eggs, and what their castle looked like, even how uninviting and empty their plot of land looked where the castle sat. And again a few months after I posted that story, a new episode about the changelings was made showing much of what I described they be like within the cartoon. This well before the episode would have been made. 0.o

I would think that would be a little more than just coincidence, two ideas I cam up with showing up on the show from two different stories, and this one a much more close of a copy than the other, but vary likely still is just coincidence. ^.^

I don't care if they did copy from me. I don't even care if they didn't credit me for it either. If they did, I feel it to be funny. Just wish I knew if they did.

But I can see why others could be upset about the other stuff, mostly the creation of Fluttershy. I thought Lauren Faust came up with her. I do know she did copy the six main ponies of the cartoon for the new game she is helping to make, though they are not ponies. Even a blind person could tell how similar with what she came up with for the game are to the ponies on the show.

Yea, the 100th episode was a nod by Hasbro of the fan made content they saw and copped. It was a way for them to say to the fans, "We are watching you, what you create, and we will use what you come up with." ^.^

Much about Derpy on the show is mostly fan created, even her obsession with muffins. That to me is quite funny. More so with what the new Dragon Lord Ember did to one of Derpy's muffins. Oh' that sure got a laugh out of me. ^.^

As far as what Hasbro may copy from the fans, I enjoy the idea of it personally. Helps make the fans seem involved with the development of the show in a way, even if not directly.

There is more I wish to say on another subject you brought up, but got to go for now.
4 years, 10 months ago
Oh' I had just found who I was talking about while browsing over the comment section in NomyNoms' Vore Personalities chart. It is MystBunny who made the Harvest Moon: Omega Edition, Version 1.3 game. The cat that joins a new town run by a dragon.

Errr, for some reason I had thought somehow MystBunny's avatar or fursona had a star on his head. Must have been someone else. At least I got right that he uses a bunny.

Funny how browsing the pages of someone you just gave me a link to, helped me to find another I was in contact with a wile back. And I left NomyNoms a little comment for him there as well. ^.^
4 years, 10 months ago
just give them the working one with the ginormous penis glitch
4 years, 10 months ago
it's so sad it wont work elsewhere.
but i aha when 4chan fails to repost it.
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