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Zetta and the Paintress' Palace
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Glossi Attire

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by lipucd
Zetta and the Paintress' Palace
Glossi Attire
Zetta and the Paintress' Palace
Glossi Attire
Me and painfulelegy sat down together and got to talking about their OC 'Froffi' . A Nanogel rubbery frog 'Boi' who has quite a few powers up his tongue. In a hope to help them world-build them more ( and for my own fetish desires ) we sat down and worked out a kinky ordeal between them, Q-Bee, and my own OC Zetta.


It seemed that everything had gone wrong for Zetta. Her job sounded simple enough on paper: pull some data out from a mainframe, and deliver the collected data. Unfortunately for her, if it wasn’t one problem, it was another. In addition to being a prime research facility, the place seemed to be a large collection space for exotic species, all wild and dangerous. One of them, a large insectoid monster that seemed to have been designated “Q-Bee”, had ended up free from her containment.

"Such ripe fruit~! time to feed~!" The creature announced, making Zetta instinctively backstep to keep away from it. She knew that if this thing was a denizen of this facility, there was no way she’d be able to take it in a fight. Instead, she opted to attempt to bargain with it, banking on its intelligence being just enough to bely gullibility. “Look, I’m really anything BUT food! I’m gamey and definitely not worth the consumption. Look, you're stuck...Lost, right~?” She gestured, “You could get out of this facility and be able to get an unlimited supply of food. But to do that, you’d need a guide..." The bee took no heed in her words, instead opting to lunge at the cat, forcing her to dash over to the other side of the room. "A good meal will rot if not devoured quickly~." The bee noted, seemingly unmoved by any of Zetta’s bartering. It took a lot out of her just to dodge that first attack, and she doubted she could pull off another. However, as Q-bee was turning around for a second pass....

*SPLAT* A large blur surged by Zetta, smacking ‘Q-Bee’ in the back, it thick glorpy sounds echoing in the room as it gummed up her wings, forcing her to the ground. The substance continued to rush around her body reflexively, seemingly spreading faster than she could react to, dampening her fuzz and hair, pulling all of her extremities towards her body. She attempted to struggle against it, but its adhesive strength and stretchiness did little but let her expand it out before watching it snap back into place. Within short order the poor Bee was encased from head to toe in the greenish, translucent substance, incapable of moving from the spot on the ground she was now glued to. She buzzed and struggled, but she was as helpless as a fly in a web. Yell as she might, only the most muffled of sounds came from her, accompanied only by a large bubble formed from the exhaled air just outside her mouth.

"Mmm…” The spry voice ululated from the shadows. “I was getting really famished looking for that ‘sweet treat’ I had heard about… But now my lunch has finally been served!" a loud Ribbit followed, putting Zetta at unease. Before she could even make out the small shape in the distance… *SPLAT!* her breasts stung as the strong impact of the gel forced it to spread across her body. She tried to move in a manner that would mitigate its wrapping, but it seemed to have a mind of its own, continuing to wrap around her, glorping up and sticking to every single fur in her body, leaving irritating clumping. Soon she had succumbed to the same fate that Q-Bee had, the gel’s pressure on her encased form overwhelming. "NGGGHHH~!! Wh-what the...HELL~!....A-Ahhhh~!" Zetta continued to string expletives as she squirmed further, but unlike the single-minded and aggressive Q-Bee, the tight and sticky sensations were quickly getting to her. Now bound fully, the pressure around her breasts, the tightness in her crotch and rear, the almost hug-like cocconing made her own latex clothing compress against her tightly, leaving her only to stammer and breathe heavily.

"I’m guessing you’re the sweet treat, aren’t you buzzy!” The figure continuing to slowly approach. “I can smell that delicious honey from here… As for you…” The figure’s attention now turned to the cat. “How did you know I love some fuzzy food? You’re the best second helping I could ask for! I'll bet you'll even make great collectiballs to boot!" The odd voice’s cadence staggered further, the gel coating diffusing the sound, making it feel like it was approaching from every angle. Just as she finally made out the shape, it dropped from the ceiling and begun its approach. The froglike shape approached with a spry step, long stretchy tongue hanging anticipatingly from its mouth, a glowing red eye piercing Zetta’s form. She could do little more but shudder. "I...Nggh...I...ahh....ahhhhhh......"The more she struggled, the more stimulating it became, driving her between fear and pleasure as the sharp tongue quickly zipped around her form, enhancing the tightness...

The next moments were a pure blur to the cat and bee as they could feel themselves wash over with more stickiness; followed a brightness blinding them before what felt of an eternity of darkness eating at their short period of consciousness. As Zetta came to, she could still feel the cool stickiness of the gel all over her body, squeezing every surface evenly. She glanced around, her sight seemingly unhindered by the goo that had trapped her. Her assailants were nowhere to be found, so now was her opportunity to break free from her adhesive prison. She attempted to buckle and bend, but was met by the resistance of the slime her bound just the same, incapable of moving from her seemingly rigid position... "Le-Let Me go!...I-I'm not...Ahh..Food...I'm not FOOD!" She tried to shout, but little more than muffled murmurs came forth as she found her jaw now similarly locked, something the slime had not done before... "Heheheh, it seems you're a feisty meal, aren't you?" A voice echoed around her, the same one that had claimed her as meal before, yet feeling her mouth move as it spoke. "The sweety compressed nice and easy; but you seem like the one who'll be more fun to digest~" Before zetta could respond, she suddenly felt her body move, as if unrestricted by the slime, yet not of her own will ether. The movements were not of her own nature ether, as she witnessed herself leaping onto a wall and bounding across it.

Only then did it dawn on Zetta, it wasn't 'Her' body moving, but her captor’s. She was trapped inside of it, enveloped around her figure like a suit. Zetta would try to squrm and resist, yet the more she did, the more the tight constricting pressure would spread over her. It did not take long for its pressure to force her to relax, incapable of resisting its motions, accentuating the frog’s thoughts as they seemingly whispered into her ears on its continued voracious hunt for food. ‘Hunt, consume, convert.’ It continued to pound and resonate as each motion pushed her further and further into the throes of pleasure. Soon enough, Zetta begun to succumb towards the pressures about her, their caressing seemingly amplifying even as her mind fell further into a daze from the sensation. Her sense of self washed and eroded as those three words continued to flow back and forth in her mind. Soon she could no longer feel the frog’s motions across her figure, instead a temporary blinding pressure overwhelming her before a sudden drop, finally settling the light contact of what felt to be many spheres pressing against her, shifting and rubbing across her body as her mantra continued to flush through her head.

Not long after, Froffii stopped to rest. With a resounding *UUURP*, the amphibian spat out a pair of balls, no larger than baseballs. One was a mild black and dark purple, decorated with little but a slight lavender. The other had a yellow and purple striped pattern, accentuated by lavender accents on top. the one element the two shared in common was a small golden bolt in the front center of each. With a slight shift, the amphibian's finger produced a screwdriver extension, shifting both bolts on the balls. A teal glow begun to overtake each as lines similar in sheen to his own gellike substance seemed to rush through them, calling the bolt increasing in size, figures ballooning from the shape. As the expansion continued, features begun to form, defined eyes and tails growing, accentuated with an amphibian demeanor much like those of the one who spewed them out. As their bodies solidified, heavy bands of rubber and gold begun to rush over their bodies, forming tight, shiny outfits, much reminiscent of the outfits of a pair the frog had eaten much earlier. Soon the expansion completed as the two took to stretching, ready to act once again. "Hooray!" The frog shouted, looking over the two, "Now I've got two new lunchmates! How are you both?" he asked, completely disregarding the nature of how they came to be in this situation. The beelike entity simply smacked its lips as it put its hand to its mouth "...Hungry~...Need to eat~", Its growling stomach was audible, as it excitedly proclaimed its hunger. The more feline one instead took to reflexively feeling out its body, seemingly looking to stimulate itself "...So...Hot....Tight...I-I...Need to feel tighter~ Tighter...Around...Someone tasty...Sexy~" . Before he could do much else the two dashed off, looking to fulfill their amplified desires, leaving the frog alone… and unaware as the pangs of hunger were quick to distract him once more.


female 574,289, feline 82,880, transformation 17,832, latex 9,974, frog 4,017, slime 3,729, bee 1,680, boi 1,421, latex suit 677, encasement 367, darkstalkers 357, living sex doll 289, living latex 147, living rubber 66, zetta zepto 24, q-bee 19, hoffi 2, froffi 1
Type: Picture Series
Published: 2 years, 2 months ago
Rating: General

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