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[COMM] A Most-Fleshy Crib for a Sleepy Cub - by IF & Me
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Mama Kanga's Special Storage - by Hopfel

A Kitty's Introduction to Vore - by FlintXD

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by Charem
Charem the Charmeleon and Tot the Totodile stepped slowly into Treasure Town, exhausted from another day of missions. Between finding a Raticate's lost son in Treeshroud Forest, seeking out a Yellow Gummi on Amp Plains for an unusually-picky Munchlax, and stopping a small-time outlaw at the Lush Prairie, the two Pokemon had hoofed it much more extensively than most Explorer Teams would in a day. Originally they had only intended to go to Mt. Bristle, but it was reasoned by Tot that the other missions were 'on the way' and thus 'easily done as well'. While their route did take them right next to the other locales, the amount of work of pushing through three wilds areas in a single day was a decision both of them immediately regretted. The two Pokes had managed it, somehow, but now wanted no more than to return to Wigglytuff's Guild and collapse on a couple straw beds.

"Wait...Charem..." Tot spoke softly as the Charmeleon took a beeline up guild steps. "We should put all these items away first..."

Charem looked back to his partner, seeing the Totodile was struggling to carry their rather-heavy item satchel. Going through 3 areas in one day did have some benefits, such as running into plenty and plenty of items to collect, and they have pruned and picked only the best gummis, apples, scarves, TMs, and more. But with all the valuables they had, it did make sense to store it safely away, rather than to carry it through the guild and rest with it unprotected in their room. The guild bedrooms had no lockable doors or the like, and while most guild members were good sorts of Poke, there was occasionally visitors and those members who lacked a conscience, and would be happy to pilfer a useful item from other guild-mates.

"Good point..." Charem answered the Totodile, nodding and turning towards Treasure Town's main street with Tot, noticing how low the sun was in the evening sky. "Though we better hurry...Mama Kangaskhan closes up shop soon."

Tot nodded in hearty agreement, and two Pokes walked at a quick pace to the other side of town, even as their tired legs complained about the exertion. It wasn't that they were intimidated by Mama Kangaskhan, really... She was a jovial, caring Pokemon, always friendly to her customers. But she was also well-known for her appetite, her shop hours quite stringent due to it; 4 hours of work in the morning, an hour break, then 5 in the evening. It's not unusual for a business to have regular hours, but everyone knew Mama Kanga's main motivation was so she could enjoy a big breakfast before work, a bigger lunch midday, and an extra-big dinner right after work. Nobody quite knew HOW bad it was to interrupt her schedule, strangely, as nobody had ever seemed to have done it...

The duo approached Kanga's shop soon enough, and saw that she was fortunately still there, sweeping the service area behind the counter. Her little baby was tucked away in her pouch, already napping as it knew it was the end of the business day and that things were winding down. Charem padded up to the counter first, smiling to Mama Kanga and catching her attention.

"Why, if it isn't the two lil' lizards!" Mama exclaimed softly, grinning a grin on her wide snout as she set her broom to one side and faced the two Explorers. "You dears have been out for a while, haven't you? I remember you stopping by right when I opened up earlier to grab some items."

"Hello Mama. It's been a long day, that's for sure..." Tot panted, dragging the satchel the final few feet to the counter. "We got a lot of valuable stuff though. Y-you're still open, right?"

"Well, sweeties..." Mama Kanga yawned widely, leaning on her counter. "I've been closed for a good 15 minutes, in fact. I put dinner on to cook in the back and decided to just sweep a bit while I waited. You could call it a special occasion...saves me the trouble in the morning. Though, I don't normally like doing much work when my mind's on cookin'...and even less when my mind's on eatin', you know?"

"O-oh... W-we're sorry about that, ma'am... We can come back in the morning instead..." Charem spoke nervously, patting Tot's shoulder in a hurried gesture that they should get going; he knew they had just tread on exactly the thin ice they had wanted to avoid.

Mama Kanga laughed heartily as she saw the Charmeleon grow nervous. "Oh, dearie, relax. I can still help you two cute little fellas out..." The Kangaskhan held her smile widely, as if about to say something else, but only looked at the two reptiles expectantly.

"Oh! Well... Th-thank you ma'am!" Tot exclaimed with a sigh of relief, before beginning to leaf through the satchel's contents. "Umm... Let's see, we would like to store... No, not that... Maybe that... Hmm..."

Too focused was Tot in slowly picking out what to store that he did not notice the dagger-like stare Charem was shooting him. The Charmeleon saw Mama Kanga was simply standing there and waiting on the little crocodile, tapping her claws against the countertop, and knew that this was taking way too long. But there was an easy solution to the tension.

"I want to store everything we have!" Charem injected into Tot's indecisive mumblings, startling the Totodile as the fire-type snatched the bag away from him and tossed it onto the counter. Mama Kanga nodded approvingly, but pushed the bag to one side of the counter, leaning over it more.

"...Everything?" Mama Kanga's smile only grew wider at the mention of the word, before she suddenly licked her lips with her thick tongue, looking down at her big belly. The two smaller Pokes looked at it as well as it suddenly groaned out a starving rumble, loud enough to shake and awaken Mama's little cub, who popped about the pouch lip in sleepy confusion.

The large Kangaskhan reached over the counter with her paws as the two smaller Pokemon were too confused to react, scooping under their legs and hoisting them up powerfully into the air. Charem squirmed uselessly as the storage-keeper gripped his fatty belly firmly, awkwardly trying to get down. Tot was much more still, growing dumbly transfixed on the drooling, fleshy pit that soon loomed in front of him. It took the croc a moment to even realize that it was Mama Kanga's maw he was looking into, her lips parted amazingly-far!

The Kanga-baby held its maw open as well, though in a large and cute yawn. It seemed surprisingly relaxed about the situation, almost as if its mother's hungry appetite was nothing new...!

Tot grunted as Mama Kanga's jaws clamped against his middle, the damp and hot environment dizzying his already-fatigued head. The Kangaskhan's large tongue felt...nice...to the crocodile, as she lathered the powerful muscle all over his body, tasting him thoroughly. Her paw squeezed at his Toto-tush as she shoved him further into her cavernous mouth, a motion that could've been considered rough given her strength. But to Tot, being pressed into the soft flesh was like being shoved against a pillow filled with soft Ducklett down feathers. The slick flesh only grew softer as he sank deeper and deeper into the Kangaskhan's deep throat soothing the tired Toto much more than he should be, given the circumstances! Yet, he just couldn't resist relaxing to it all...

Charem was still flabbergasted as Mama Kanga repositioned him, his legs and arms dangling uselessly in the air as she draped the Charmeleon over her arm. He looked up to see Tot's blue butt sticking from the large Kanga's lips, yet could barely register what was going on. She was...eating the Totodile?! The Fire-type's brain misfired on the thought, partly due to another distraction. Charem twitched his back leg as he noticed the little Kanga-cub had grabbed his toe, and now was chomping its toothless gums eagerly down on it. The cub seemed to be playfully emulating its mother, and the Charmeleon couldn't help but giggle -- despite himself -- as his sensitive sole was licked by the cub's little tongue.

The chubby fire Pokemon's mind eventually sorted itself out, giving him a couple key words: "Get away!" But 'eventually' proved much too slow. He was hoisted upwards suddenly, the quick motion blurring his head for a moment longer -- before he felt warmth...softness...dampness...and a scaly body bumping against his own. Charem looked down and gasped; his lower body was being fed easily past Mama Kanga's lips, but Tot's lower body was still in her mouth as well. The greedy marsupial was too hungry to eat her meals one at a time!

The Charmeleon tried to grab against the Kangaskhan's chin, planning to use leverage and hoist himself out... But Mama Kanga needed only to casually brush his paws away and swallow once more, sinking nearly all of the Totodile into her gullet and pulling Charem into an even more hapless position, deeper into her maw. The fiery Pokemon tried to claw forward, but the sheer amount of drool slickened his scales to near-uselessness. Not to mention Mama Kanga's tongue, which lazily cupped against his belly and drew him backward.

Finally, resignation hit Charem, his overworked body drooping in defeat. The heat and softness of the surroundings were starting to loosen his body up just as it had for Tot. And Tot... The Charmeleon realized that the Totodile's feet and toes were flexing against his rump, slooooowly... It was obvious; the little water-type was stretching in enjoyment; his blue little toes almost trying to grab at his partner...and encourage him to 'come along'.

Not that he had a choice, of course. Charem blinked, wiping the growing amount of drool from his eyes and clutching tentatively against the Kangaskan's tongue as he sunk deeper. Glurk, glurp, gulp... The wet swallows rang through the Charmeleon's hearing, and only grew deeper and more encompassing as his body was pulled into her throat...

He didn't even notice that he had closed his eyes in incidental enjoyment. Not until he heard a clack of teeth coming together, and opened his eyes to see what had happened. But seeing...was nigh-impossible. The environment had grown almost entirely dark, save for a jagged line of dim light coming from the front of the maw cavity. Mama Kanga had closed her mouth shut, her two Pokemeals nearly entirely into throat by this point... She mooooaned deeply before lifting her head back a bit father and giving one last, hard guuuuulllllllp!

Charem's last view of dim light soon angled up and disappeared as he slipped behind the Kangaskhan's meaty tongue, a pressure being felt over his face, then nose, as the storage-keeper's throat entrance shut possessively as the Charmeleon's head passed through it. The fire-type's tail, though kept dim from all the drool, allowed a faint look at the dark-red flesh surrounding Charem and his partner. The Charmeleon was entranced by how tight and close the flesh would push in a swallow, before spreading softly and greatly apart between swallows. It was almost unnecessary for the large gal to even gulp them down; her expansive throat was so slick that they slid down quite easily even without the extra 'pushes'.

The heat and dampness only grew more intense as they sunk down, down, down. The environment was becoming a natural sauna, only rubberizing the two tired Pokemon's bodies even further. They were helpless, not only to the Kangaskan's hungry whims, but also to their own exhausted bodies finding the situation to be...utterly relaxing...! Mentally, they knew this was wasn't the best of situations, but...fighting the enjoyment was...impossible...

Splash! Sploosh! The two partners had lost track of their own descent, and were surprised as they were plopped unceremoniously into the Kangaskhan's gut. The chamber was notably expansive, even compared to the gal's wide throat and deep maw; the explorers had more than enough room to move about the slimy chamber as it pulsed and rumbled around them. That is, if they had the energy for such activity. Instead, the fire and water types simply sprawled out against the 'floor' of the belly, laying unconcernedly in puddles of thick slime. Even as the belly shook and gurgled, they sighed in relaxed tandem... Mama Kanga's belly flesh was even softer than her mouth or throat, and the two Pokes sank slightly into the fleshy folds as it all vibrated and snugged around them. It was like getting a massage from a gooey Gastrodon...

And the two of them...LOVED it. It felt so nice to their tired bodies... So...so very nice...

Mama Kanga slowly rubbed her belly, feeling over the bulges of the Totodile and Charmeleon. Her rumbling gut soon grew a new pair of sounds; snores. Deep, slow, snores. The storage-keeper chuckled lightly to herself; those two tasty little dears were very tired indeed, it seemed. Simply adorable, they were!

"Hmm... Stored away..." the Kangaskhan spoke playfully, letting out a burp. "You can count on me, sweeties!"

And with that, Mama Kanga pulled out a 'CLOSED' sign from behind the counter, setting it up atop it. That was certainly enough storage work for one day, after all! She glanced to the bag still sitting on one side of the counter, picking it up carefully and moving to the back of the storeroom. It took her no time to find her two meals' personal box, marked "Team Steam"; she kept track of these things for her nicer customers, and those two sweeties certainly counted.

The storekeeper dropped the bag into their box, patting her belly once more. "Don't worry. It'll all be waiting for you when I let you two out... Whenever I decide to do that, anyways." Mama Kanga chuckled at her own indecisiveness, pondering how hard it would be to forge a couple mission paper for the two explorers, stating that they would be away for a long mission. "Hmm...a 3-day mission, perhaps? No...maybe a week...?"

The Kangaskhan was suddenly interrupted in thought as she felt a bit of kicking against his belly, realizing the two Pokes were stirring cutely in dreams. She blushed, awwww'ing at the incidental cuteness and pleasant sensations it caused.

"Yes... Definitely two weeks!" Mama Kanga grinned, more toothily than ever, as she came to a decision. She swayed happily in her step as she remembered to go check on her cooking dinner, drool returning to her lips as she thought about the meal. The two sweet sweeties were delicious, of course, but a big, active gal like her always loved more food...in any form!


<3 <3 <3 <3

I adore this comic. n..n So very, very much!

This was drawn by Hopfel as a request. He's a really wonderful guy who's always gettin' better with his art. I loved the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon vore he'd done in the past, those being my favorite Pokemon games, and being that it's so rare to find vore involving them! So, I asked him if he could draw a couple of my characters in the Mystery Dungeon world, and...well, this happened. *^^*

Tot the Totodile is the partner I always chose for the entire PMD series, and that's what I always named him. I grew quite fond of him during all my adventures, so it's awesome to have him drawn here in this comic. ^^ As for Mama Kanga, well, she was always my favorite NPC in both PMD series. And really, having a rather large, big-bellied Kangaskhan who is skilled at storing lots of things... Well, she always was so friendly and maternal and always set off my vorish vibes every single time I stored items with her. x3 So I'm really happy to get this idea finally drawn out after it being trapped in my head for years! n..n

I hope the story is enjoyed. This is the first time I've written a PMD-themed story, and I have to say it was a ton of fun! ^^ I love that universe so much, hehe~

Thank you again Hopfel! ^..^ (And seriously, guys, if you like vore/scalies/cool artwork, go watch him! He's criminally-underappreciated considering all the awesome stuff he puts out. <3)

(As a side note: "Stored away! You can count on me, sweeties!" is a line directly from Mama Kanga in PMD2 -- and PMD1 too, I believe. <3)

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