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An Enlightened Bond - by Imperfectflame & Lucius
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[COMM] [FLASH] An Inside Job - by Xepher777 & Me

[COMM] An Inside Job (PNGs) - by Xepher777 & Me
by Charem
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(This is interactive! Use your mouse to reveal a new part of the scene! ^^)

(Alternatively, here are the individual image files, both OUTSIDE and INSIDE variations.)


Listen folks: Shadoxes are very capable doggies. Even if you've got just a little yippy Shadox pup under your care, it's not good to underestimate your young pet. Data the Guilmon learned this the hard way... Or is that the soft, slimy, and ultimately crinkly way? Hehe~

Don't get me wrong. Like with any feral puppy it IS important to house-train your Shadox. But proper direction, newspaper, and patience has always been the tried-and-true method; sure, it's a lot of work, but your Shadox is worth the effort! Data thought he was pretty ingenious, coming up with an easier solution: some big, poofy diapers! It would be far less effort for him to avoid messes with me THIS way. But, oh, goodness. Everybody knows that feral animals will generally only tolerate 'wearing' things at best; we just don't like something that impedes our four-legged movement. I'm no exception to the rule; I don't take well to a big, cumbersome diaper! And unfortunately for Data, unlike a normal puppy, I can do more than just yipe and bite in protest; in fact, I can do a whole lot MORE than just a bite!

*GULP*~ O-oof. Not to say eating an adult Digimon isn't quite a lot of effort, even with all the spunky puppy energy I've got! But my lil' belly can stretch a LOT, and soon I'd crammed the whole scaly down my throat! I...did...it!... Urrrp...ulk... Th-though, perhaps my young belly isn't quite up to the task of such a meal quite yet... To Data's fortune, my little body couldn't just gurgle him up right in there; he was too big, and it was giving me indigestion! Things moved a bit faster than intended, my slick, stretchy plumbing slowly dragging the big Digi through the rest of my digestive tract, before...

Ahhh~ Such relief! The Guilmon felt pretty great sliding out my bum, very slimy but otherwise unharmed. Though calling him 'free' wasn't so true; he'd bought a very good diaper brand indeed, and my poofy butt-covering stretched and sagged with the weight of his body, holding up admirably even to something his size!

As I felt Data wriggle and rub against my puppy-butt, I rurred and rumbled happily~ Having a wriggly-thing stuck rubbing my butt? Hehe~ Maybe these 'diaper' things weren't so bad after all!


This was a commission for datahazard64 (the poor Guilmon here!) that I did in joint with xepher777! Xepher did the fantastic linework, and I did the rest. Also, pippuri was awesome and helped splice the two images together into this x-ray flash! ^^

For the record, this isn't scat! It's full tour~ See the wrigglies at the end?~

I don't do a lot of diaper or cub stuff (the former because my interest is situational, and the latter because FA's...FA), but this was a good time for both~ ^^ Puppies are kind of wonderful after all! I've also always liked the idea of trapping people into diapers, so what's a better way than a safe ride through a digestive tract?

Yep. Even young Shadoxes are pretty tricksy doggies! Our spiritual powers come pretty early in life, so do treat us right or we'll use 'em! (Though...we might use them anyways; we don't have the best CONTROL over those abilities till we mature a bit. ^^; Hehe~!)

Xepher did a really great job with all of this. Everything is so emotive, and I've got some adorable poses here. <3 I tried to match his effort with my own, including carefully scaling the textures I used with the zooms in and out of frames. Originally the whole comic was just one image too, but I cut out Data's belly-internal frames and spliced them into their own version before coloring both. Hence the use of flash to splice the two back together. :3

I had a MASSIVE amount of trouble near the end of the project. The file size of sai grew too big, and it started glitching hard! I limped through the rest of my work (with it erroring constantly along the way). At the end, it wouldn't even let me save anything and nearly lost the whole project! I had to print-screen and copy out the images piece by piece over to MSPaint of all things just to save it. What a mess! But I salvaged it, I think.

Hope you guys like this too~!

male 757,043, fox 160,467, cub 152,662, canine 109,357, dog 100,856, cute 100,807, comic 45,484, feral 45,463, oral 42,018, diaper 38,409, young 29,622, collar 22,118, vore 17,802, digimon 16,336, belly 14,133, puppy 10,228, pet 5,876, ghost 5,368, internal 5,358, drool 5,310, flash 3,726, soft 3,394, stomach 2,304, full 1,809, guilmon 1,672, training 1,612, gut 1,600, house 1,493, oral vore 1,268, stuffed 1,114, revenge 774, xray 773, bulges 686, poofy 656, glomp 195, tour 187, oralvore 171, bulgy 104, charem 95, vorish 81, shadox 42, voracious 13
Type: Shockwave/Flash - Animation
Published: 2 years, 12 months ago
Rating: General

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2 years, 8 months ago
wish I could've seen him in a super poopy diap
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