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Collab I did with le http://monkey-scientist.deviantart.com/
Was super fun and has lizard guy in it.
Art is by meself, Story is by him. (tis a lovely story of TF yes!)


Chapter 1: The Cold-Blooded Archaeologist

In the deepest reaches of space exist many different planets and many races occupying said planets. It's a common understanding that the galaxy houses an untold vast cosmos of things we may never see or understand. One such occurrence was happening right now on the far off distant planet of Lizellia. This planet was home to a multitude of races, including a group of lizard-like aliens known as the "Lizellians". These lizard-people were one of the highest forms of life on their planet.

Of course, their planet was large and not all of it had been mapped out, so it was entirely possible to the lizard-folk that they were not the highest form of intellect on the planet. Due to a lot of the planet being known, one of the hottest and most prolific jobs on the planet was archaeology. While the Lizellians specialized in a number trades, archaeology was the most popular due to the many undiscovered parts of the planet that still remain unknown.

One set of ruins that was untouched by lizard-kind was located in an abandoned vacation facility. Few know why the area was actually abandoned, some speculate it was somehow due to the ruins themselves. However, one reptilian archeologist was also curious about this phenomenon, and also curious as to what the ruins hold. This Lizzelian archeologist went by the name of "Lucertola" and was a renowned researcher of his planet's history.

The lizard was about 23, at least in terms of his own species life-cycle. The anthropomorphic space lizard stood at 7 foot 5 inches tall, which was the common size of his species. Members of Lucertola's species came in a variety of sizes, sometimes depending upon the particular part of the planet they were born in. On other parts of the planet, Lizellians could grow to be at least 20 feet tall!

Lucertola's scales were ruby-red in color, the color of a Lizellian's scales often showed their age. For example, children often had yellow-colored scales while the scales of elderly Lizellians were often teal. Lucertola also had three digits on each hand, two fingers and one thumb. At the end of each digit was a sharp pointed claw that was white in color. Lucertola's eyes were green and reptilian in appearance. At the top of his head were a row of horn, two horns on each side of his head which were spaced evenly apart. Lucertola had a long muzzle with a pair of nostril slits seated at the end of it.

Similar to actual lizards, Lucertola lacked visible ears, but was still perfectly able to hear everything with immense clarity. Lucertola's body was muscular, the lizard was known for exercising quite often. He was quite proud of his body, especially his bulky arms. Lucertola was a bit vain in terms of the way he looked, he's often bragged to other archaelogists that he was too handsome for this particular occupation. Despite this, he was so important to the archaeology community that he couldn't leave even if he wanted to. Besides, Lucertola found that archaeologists were more well-dressed than the highest paid of models!

Lizellian archaeologists were known for what they wore during their archaeological tours, which was a high-tech "Archaeology-Robe". This robe was colored chrome-silver and had a red line running down the middle of it. This robe was specially designed for optimization in mind, as the robe was enhanced with Lizellian technology. The robe could shift and change for a variety of different situations. This includes changing into more stereotypical archaeology gear, or into suits designed for extreme situations such as volcanic eruptions or freezing temperatures.

Lucertola felt like he was prepared to take on the world in his robe, not knowing of the lurking horrors housed within the ruins. Lucertola made his way towards the ruin his "Gyro-Jeep", a hovering all-terrain vehicle that could travel at insane speeds. Lucertola stopped his Gyro-Geep near the entrance to the ruins. The front of it was covered with orange bricks that were covered in overgrown moss from the nearby jungle.

Lucertola grinned as he approached the ruins. "It's a fine day for exploration!" The lizard exclaimed out loud to himself. "I wonder what kind of finds I'll drag in today? Hopefully some that will net a fair bit of Ardo, now that would be my kind of find!" Ardo was the common currency used by Lizellians. As Lucertola continued to grin to himself, he heard the rustling of nearby leaves. Lucertola turned abruptly, but saw nothing.

Lucertola thought it was his imagination and made his way to the ruins inside. Lucertola had no idea who or what was rustling with those leaves, but if we had then he would have turned and ran away. For within those bushes was a bizarre living mass of green slime that seemed to pulsate and move as if it had a mind of its own. The slime turned into a liquid form and flowed through the blades of grass, making sure the lizard didn't hear it again. Lucertola walked down the orange-bricked stairs as the puddle of slime crept behind him, always staying at least 10 feet away from the lizard to avoid detection.

Lucertola walked across the floor of the ruins on his scaly bare feet. Some may think this as a hazard, but Lizellians are known for their durable and nearly unbreakable scales. As a result, Lizellians are known for walking on their bare-feet. Shoes don't exist on this planet, as the Lizellians feel that they don't need them. Lucertola wandered through the ruins as the slime crept up the walls while still following him.

These ruins were giving Lucertola a bad feeling. Normally, older ruins such as this have traps set up for any would-be interlopers. However, Lucertola hadn't encountered a single trap thus far. It was odd, almost out of place in a way. It certainly made his job easier, but at the same time it gave Lucertola a strange chill that ran down his back. Regardless, the lizard trudged forward.

Lucertola eventually came to a large wall situated at the back of the ruins. The lizard stared up at the large stone wall, which seemed imposing due to the lack of light in the ruins. Lucertola pressed a button on his robe, causing light to erupt from it. The light filled the large room the lizard was standing in. Upon inspection of the now illuminated wall, Lucertola discovered that it was some sort of obelisk! Etched upon the obelisk were words written in "Hissin", which was the ancient tongue of the Lizellian race.

Lucertola made his way towards the large obelisk as the puddle of slime wormed its way towards him. The slime moved close enough to be within range, but not too close as to be noticed. Lucertola bent over to read the writing on the obelisk, as the reptilian archaeologist was well-versed in the Hissin written language. Lucertola started reading the writing out-loud as the puddle of slime crept closer and closer.

"Long ago, the Slime-People took to living underground in order to hide from the beings that lived above them..." Lucertola said as he read through the inscriptions the best he could. "...For they knew that the various races that dwelled in the above-ground would look upon them with distaste. The Slime-People knew that if they were to once again rule the surface, they must convert the beings above. Once these beings had transformed all that lived above, they would be able to take on their own forms once more! As such, they dwelled inside waiting for foolhardy adventurers such as..."

Lucertola's cold-blood started to boil as he read through the names listed there. They were all archaeologists that had gone missing in the past couple years! At the very bottom of the list was something that made his scales tingle with fear: It was his own name! He thought this was some sort mistake, this ruin was much older than he was. How could they have possibly known about his existence back then? Yet, despite this, it was there and written in stone. Lucertola wasn't a common name either, it was technically an off-world name that was given to him by a mysterious space-travelling reptilian known only as "Modo".

Lucertola breathed heavily, his normally brave exterior had melted away only to reveal the coward hiding underneath. The ruins felt like they were expanding and growing, but it was only Lucertola's own imagination. Fear was the driving force in Lucertola's body right now, but soon something else would be taking the wheels. The slime noticed Lucertola tumbling and flailing about and decided to leap into action.

The puddle of slime crept along the wrong as it slid through the rocks and dirt on the ground. It made its way to Lucertola's leg and quickly latched onto it, sliding up his body. Lucertola could feel it moving across his scales, but was unsure if it was just a figment of his fear-addled mind or something real! The slime was ready to change the body of the hapless lizard-man, but wanted to start by getting rid of this troublesome archaeology robe.

The slime crept into the inner-workings of the robe, and slid its slimy tendrils into various bits of metal and wiring. Within moments, the slime-creature had deactivated the various working parts of the mechanical outfit. The machine powered down as the light faded from the ruins. The robe detached itself from Lucertola's body, much to his dismay. The robe then rolled up into a silver-colored box and fell onto the ground. Lucertola panicked and covered his reptilian unmentionables from sight.

The slime then decided to get to work. It slid itself in-between the spots in his scales and seeped into his body as the naked lizard-man flailed about. The slime completely disappeared into the reptile's body as he panicked even more than he already was. He then felt a strange tingle run through his body. His stomach turned as he felt a change take hold of him, a change that would soon rock his world!

Chapter 2: Not Up To Scales

The red-scaled reptile-man flailed about as the slime that seeped into his scales started to work its magic. His body shifted and morphed as it slowly transformed. Lucertola's abdominals began to sink back into his stomach, leaving his stomach smooth and without muscle definition. In place of his disappear abdominals, his stomach started to push forward. His stomach grew rounder and fatter, turning into a rather flabby gut. Lucertola stared down at his fat out-of-shape gut in astonishment. "Eep, my beautiful muscles!"

Lucertola stared at his red-scaly gut, which continued to expand. His body grew wider as his arms and legs lost their muscle definition. Flab pooled in his arms and legs, giving him a rather chunky physique. His hands became bloated and large, while his fingers became flabby like big pudgy sausages. Lucertola's changes weren't finished yet though, as the reptile soon found his fingers starting to merge together. Lucertola's fingers shifted and morphed into what appeared to be claw-like appendages! Lucertola clacked his new claws together as he gazed in fear at his new crab-like appendages. These claws changed color from red to green, clashing horribly against Lucertola's normal colorization.

In fact, all of Lucertola's scales started to change color. Like an apple beginning to ripen,  all of Lucertola's scales slowly altered color from red to green. The lizard panicked, he was known for his luxurious red scales! Not only that, but his scales seemed to exude a strange slimy  substance. His scales started to soften, losing their rough texture and morphing into something that resembled the flesh of a slug. Lucertola shuddered as his skin literally and figuratively crawled. Lucertola's scales melted into each other, forming into one continuous layer of slimy flesh.

Just then, Lucertola felt a strange sensation in his legs, it was if they were being magically drawn together. Lucertola's bare legs moved next to each other and slowly started to fuse together. This caused Lucertola to lose his balance and fall onto the floor, landing on his fat gut in the process! The lizard's legs fused completely with each other, leaving one slimy tail-like appendage in its place. Lucertola's toes, feet, and knees were completely absorbed by this new appendage. This featureless tail appeared to similar to a slug's rear-end, which is something that Lucertona definitely didn't want!

Lucertola found it difficult to move with his fat slimy slug-butt! It dragged along the ground and due to Lucertola's immense weight, he found that it was difficult to get it to move. Lucertola found his sides starting to ache, as two strange growths started to emerge from them. There was one growth on each side, they appeared to be made of both flesh and bone alike. The growths grow larger as the flesh and bone expanded and formed into a second set of arms. These arms were situated underneath the first set of arms, and were much skinnier in comparison. These arms were immensely thin and almost looked like insect appendages when compared to the much fatter arms that were situated above them.

These thinner arms grew much longer than the other set of arms. From these thin arms emerged another set of crab-like claws. Lucertola looked down at his four odd-looking arms and clacked his claws together in utter dismay. Lucertola missed his muscular arms and beefy scaly hands! Unfortunately for him, his changes in body shape were about to get a lot worse!

Lucertola then felt his head start to tingle as if scalp was on fire. Lucertola then felt his horns begin to recede back into his head. His horns sunk into his head and disappeared inside his slimy skin, never to be seen again. The shape of Lucertola's head and neck started to change as his neck large and fatter. His ever-growing neck fused with the shape of his head, making them one and the same. His fat neck grew wider, merging with his flabby shoulders in the process.

Lucertola's muzzle then began to sink into his face, flattening itself into complete nothingness. Lucertola's muzzle had thinned and completely disappeared, leaving only a mouth and a pair of reptilian nostrils on his face. The transforming lizard was surprised to find his slimy lips drawing closer to each other. His mouth clamped shut as his lips seemed to evaporate into each other, sealing his mouth shut in the process. Lucertola let out some muffled yelps, panicked by the fact that he no longer possessed a mouth!

Lucertola was more like a slug than a lizard now, a fact that he couldn't quite accept yet! Lucertola flared his nostrils up and down, taking deep breaths in and out trying to calm himself. Unfortunately for him, the deep-breathing only accelerated his transformation. As the former lizard flared his nostrils, they started to grow larger. With each deep inhalation and exhalation, the nostrils grew bigger and bigger. The nostrils lost their thin reptilian appearance, and took on a more alien-like appearance complete with ridiculously large nostril holes. With Lucertola's new massive hole-shaped nostrils, his sense of smell had been enhanced greatly.

Lucertola's eyes began to water, as if salt had been poured into them. The texture of makeup of the former lizard's eyes changed drastically, as both of his eyes turned pitch-black with small white pupils in the middle of them. The flesh around Lucertola's eyes expanded, jutting out from his face and taking his eyes with them! The flesh formed into eyestalks with Lucertola's new beady black eyes at the ends, similar to the eyes of a common slug.

Lucertola's physical transformation was now complete, and he did not like what he was seeing! His skin was green and seemed to exude slime from every pour. His body was immensely fat, to the point of disgust for the once-muscular creature. The slug-like alien reached his four arms inwardly and gripped his flab using his crab claws. His upper set of arms were flabby and rather large, while his lower set of arms were skinny in a cartoonish way. The slug awkwardly stared at his overtly flabby stomach as his crab-claws gripped his bulbous flab. Lucertola wiggled his eyestalks around, trying to get a good look at his new body. It was difficult to look clearly at his new body, as Lucertola found it difficult to control his eyestalks. His eyes seemed to jiggle all about randomly and he found it fairly hard to control. With enough focus, Lucertola eventually the hang of his controlling his new eyes.

Lucertola wanted to scream out loud, but lacked the mouth to do so! Instead, whenever he tried to talk his nostrils would emit strange sounds. It was almost as if he was talking through his nose. Lucertola tried to move in his new body, though he still found it rather difficult to do so. His new slug-like tail comprised the lower half of his body, and he found that he needed to exert all his will to get it to move. He found that it functioned like tank-treads and that he needed to build up speed first. The bumps along his slimy slug-bottom moved slowly across the dirty floors of the ruins as Lucertola slowly drifted across the dark ruins. As Lucertola drifted across the floor, he left a trail of slime in his way.

The slime Lucertola left behind had a mind of its own and immediately started to shift and move, reforming itself into the puddle of slime that had grabbed a hold of Lucertola's form earlier. Once the slime had reformed, it looked over Lucertola, who's back was turned away from the puddle. After witnessing its work, the slime skirted off into the darkness. The slime puddle was able to convert another Lizellian into another member of his race! While this would take many years, the puddle knew that one day everyone would be converted in that the slime puddles that hide in the darkness will once again be able to take their slug-like forms.

While the slime puddle celebrated, Lucertola was still glaring at his new repulsive slug-like form. As disgusting as it was, Lucertola was curious as to what this body could do. After all, he wasn't the only one transformed! He figured that the others were still somewhere in the ruins, in perhaps some sort of underground city. While Lucertola couldn't exactly tell the outside world of his discoveries, he could still explore the inner-sanctum and discover more about what he's become, as well as try to hit on some hot slug babes. After all, even though he was unattractive, he was probably still fetching to those that have been transformed like himself!

While Lucertola was still annoyed by his transformation, he wasn't one to say no to alien-babes. Even if the aliens were unattractive fat slugs like himself, he would still be unlikely to keep away. Lucertola took his hand and slicked back his eyestalks with his upper-left claw, while using his lower claws to hike up his fat as the slug-man journeyed deeper into the ruin. The slime puddle reverberated and splashed about, laughing in its own unique way at the hapless lizard-turned-slug. It was obvious Lucertola was trying too hard to make the best of a good situation, the slime puddle knew that the lizard-man would eventually fall into complete sorrow like so many others. Then again, once all races were all part of the Slime-People race, the world would be unified under the banner of the slug.

Once Lucertola had left, the slime puddle crept up to the discarded mechanical box, the one that held Lucertola's archaeology gear. The slime worked it's way into the machine's technology in order to activate the robe's "Tele-Communicator" function. The puddle then activated the robe's emergency beacon function. Soon, many archaeologists would flood the ruins and meet the same fate. With many slime puddles residing in the ruin, they would be ready. Not only that, but the more people they transformed, the stronger they would get. Soon, the Slime-People would rise again!

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