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Omni give EricSkunk Belly-rubs by Omni-Aura
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sirkain's Gallery (1231)

(My) Black Eevee's Storyboard, by Omni-Aura

A Strange Encounter by Omni-Aura
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by sirkain
Intangible - By TkDye
A Strange Encounter by Omni-Aura
I commissioned omni-aura to have my eevee morph encounter his trainer and eevee (and eventually got a name for the guy besides Eric Eevee).

From the artist:

(Page 1)
"As the young trainer; Ru and his eevee; V, continue on their journey through the Kalos Region, lil did they know that they were about to have a very unique encounter, as up ahead was resting another eevee but black in color, wears glasses and is able to walk and talk like a human, but has always evaded detection from humans.

Seems the black eevee's luck has run out as he is spotted by Ru and V, the black eevee uses 'Sand Attack' to blind them and begins to escape, but V was able to get past and give chase, the black eevee didn't want to be caught by a human and ran into the caverns as he turned to face V and attacks w/ 'Swift Atk' but V quickly dodges the attack.

Black Eevee/EricEevee © SirKain
PoKe'MoN Trainer: Ru, Special Eevee: V, Drawn and Story © omni-Aura"

(Page 2)

"ut the attack seems to have done more damage as the ground crack open under the black eevee and V, Ru shout as the 2 eevees fell into the lower caverns tumbling down to the ground, they both wake up moments later as the black eevee was ready to attack again, but V said talked about a truce and work together until they go out.

The black eevee didn't want a truce but to get away from slaves like him, V sighed then turned away to leave the black eevee alone but suggested that this was the way out, but the black eevee didn't believe him and went the opposite direction.

But as the black eevee continued through the cavern he was thinking why V didn't attack him before but then didn't care as he evaded the trainer and his slave, the black eevee was getting hungry and found some food but it belongs to a Meditite that had just returned and thus attacked the black eevee w/ 'Force Palm'.

The black eevee tries to fight back w/ 'Swift Atk' but the Meditite appeared to be stronger than it appeared as he was hit by many attacks until he was on his back looking at the Meditite about to strike one more time, but then the Meditite was hit by a 'Shadowball', he looked back to see V walking up towards him."

(Page 3)

" "You?! What are you doing here?" he asked, "I came to help you." V said, "Why?" "I don't desert those that need help. Now battle w/ me or run." V said getting ready as the Meditite got up again, the black eevee grunts and sighs to then take a stance, ready to fight.

After the battle the 2 were resting as V licked his wounds some, the black eevee looked at V and spoke, "This still doesn't change anything, you pet, once we're out of here I'm gone." V then spoke that he is not a pet to his trainer, they were friends, sometimes almost like brothers, they had the same birthday and been together forever, share each others pains, joys and dreams, it was their bond that would lead them out of the caverns, if he'll just trust him.

The black eevee sighed and followed V through the caverns as he then asked if it was his trainer that made him so strong, V replied that it was training and their bond that has brought out his potential, then V's ears perked as they then see Ru, he ran towards him and jumped in his arms as they embraced one another happy to see, the black eevee looked to see that their bond did lead them together and heard from Ru that he's located the way out and was offered to be shown the way out."

(Page 4)

"Once they were outside Ru patched up the black eevee and V, just as the black eevee was about to leave but Ru offered him to join them to have something to eat, the black eevee about to decline but his stomach said otherwise and so Ru prepared a meal for them to eat, Ru and V begin to eat as the black eevee smelled the food then took a bite and instantly smiled and began to shed a tear, Ru and V smiled at each other seeing that the black eevee was enjoying the meal and offered 2nds if he wanted.

After the meal Ru was cleaning and packing up, the black eevee asked V why they chased him, V said that they were going to invite him to eat but you ran before they got the chance, once done Ru bid good bye to the black eevee and wished him well but the black eevee spoke, "Just a moment kid... come here." Ru kneeled to get closer as the black eevee looked away for a moment and thanked them for the helping and feeding him, which Ru said it was no trouble at all as V agreed, then the black eevee lifted his paw to Ru.

Ru looked at his paw for a moment then asked if his paw was hurting as the black eevee replied "No, I... believe you are worthy to be my t-t-trainer." he said as V then spoke about him disliking trainers and not wanting to be a 'slave' and that he isn't worth training him, Ru agreed as the black eevee then faced them saying he is worth training if given the chance and was going to prove it to them, he then stopped as they both were laughing then apologized after showing the same attitude he was giving them, the black eevee then joined in the laugh saying he knew they were having fun but Ru and V felt otherwise.

Ru then took out a PoKe'Ball as the black eevee looked at it then Ru and V to smile before touching the ball to then flash inside it as the PoKe'Ball wobbles then clicks to confirm the catch, but just as Ru and V smiled at each other the black eevee came out saying that he prefers being outside then looked to Ru asking what he was going to call him since he already has V, Ru thought for a moment and cause he'd call him 'Coban', he thought for a moment then smiled agreeing to the name, then after a formal greet and welcome the 3 then began to travel on to the next town.


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Type: Picture/Pinup
Published: 2 years, 7 months ago
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