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The beginning of new life pt.4
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My Love (Series 2 Pt.1)

Takumi-Kun (Series 1 Pt. 2)
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Warning: Kissing
Pairing: Kai ♥ Shun.
Rating: PG-13
Ages; Kai- 20 , Shun- 19.

Shun putting themselves ready, as was his and Kai wedding day, and they went to married today.
Suddenly, he heard a knock at the door.
Shun; Come on in!

He heard the familiar sound idea.
He looked back and saw Nagi and Sho.
Shun; Hey, long time no see.
Sho; Excited?
Shun; Well, yes I am.
Nagi; But you still happy?
Shun; Of course I am, Kai is the best thing that has ever happened to me.
Nagi; Good to hear.
Shun; What about you two?
Sho; What do you mean?
Nagi; Hes means nothing! right Shun?

He looked at Nagi strange and smiled.
Shun; Yup.

Shun, Sho and Nagi went towards the altar, everything seemed to be done.
Hikaru; Are you Shun?

Shun turned and saw Hikaru.
Shun; Yes I am.
Hikaru; Okay, I'm Hikaru. I am a good friend of Kai.
Shun; Oh, okay ... nice to meet you.
Hikaru; Same here, Shun.
Kai; Wow ... You look great.
Shun; Kai? .... Heh, so you do.

The two grabbed each other hand.
Then Sho coughed.
Sho; Sorry, but we are also here.
Kai; Heh, I'm sorry Sho.

Sho, Nagi and Hikaru sat on the bench the other wedding guests beside.
Wedding music is playing, and the pastor came Kai and Shun front.
Pastor; We are gathered here together to celebrate the wedding ... Now I ask you Kai do you want to  take Shun you husband and to love him with good and bad days, until death?
Kai; I want to.
Pastor; Good, now I want to ask you Shun do you want to take Kai you husband and to love him with good and bad days, until death?
Shun; I want to.
Pastor; If no one is against this union .... So proclaim you pairs! You can hand out rings and kiss.

All cheered and clapped for joy.
Kai and Shun left the church hand in hand.
All threw rice on them.

Kai and SHun walked over to Sho, Nagi and Hikaru.
Nagi; Congratulations.
Sho; Yeah, congratulations.
Hikaru; Congratulations to both.
Shun; Thank you.
Kai; Shun and I thought that this would you like to come over to our after-party?
Hikaru; Yeah, yes, we will.
Sho; Yup.
Nagi; Sure.
Shun; Okay, let's go.
Kai; Not yet.
Shun; Huh?

Shun looked in astonishment Kai, Sho, Nagi and Hikaru.
Hikaru, Sho and Nagi smiled.
Shun; You do not mean ...?!

Kai raised Shun his arms and carried her to the car.
Sho, Hikaru and Nagi laughed and coming along.

At home;

Shun; You can already count me down .. Kai really!
Kai; Heh, Okay okay.
Sho; Do you have anything to drink in the refrigerator?
Shun; Yes, there should be something.
Sho; Okay, let me'll get something for us.
Nagi; I come along, Sho.

Kai and Shun sat down on the bed.
Hikaru sat on the floor and leaning on the bed.
Sho; Here are the drinks!
Hikaru; It was about time.

They drank drinks and chatted, laughed and looked at the TV.
In the end, it was already 10 in the evening.
Sho; We should probably departure home.
Nagi; Yup.
Hikaru; So, I too must the departure.
Probably; Okay, sometimes taken as new.
Sho; Heh, of course.
Shun; Drive carefully!
Hikaru; Yeah we drive, bye!
Shun; Bye!
Kai; Bye!

Kai turned off the Tv.
Kai; Wow, what a day.
Shun; Yep, I'm so tired.
Kai; Should we begin to sleep already? or do you want to do something else?
Shun; How about sleeping?
Probably; Heh, sounds good.

Shun smiled.
Shun; Or then tickling!
Kai; No Shun! Hehehehe!!!! S-stop!!! Hehehehe!!!!

Shun suddenly cried out in pain.
Kai; Shun is everything all right?
Shun; I do not know, my stomach hurts ... Kai I think I...?!

Suddenly Shun ran to the bathroom and vomit.
Kai went after her.

When Shun was vomited Kai gave the paper, and wiped his mouth.
They both sat on the floor.
Kai; Are you okay?
Shun; I do not know.
Kai; Oh my God, you're hot.

Kai bore Shun back to bed.
He put the thermometer in the Shun mouth and took a while to get out.
Kai; You have a fever 38'C degrees.
Shun; I'm sorry that we wedding night went this way.
Kai; Shun it's not your fault ... Now try to sleep.
Shun; Where do you sleep?
Kai; I sleep on the couch ... Good night.
Shun; Good night.

The next morning;

Shun had gone to the pharmacy taking a pregnancy test and went to the bathroom to take the test. He knew that he could not conceive Tull, but everything is possible.
He walked restlessly to the toilet.
Until the meter beeped.
He looked at the meter ...

And heard a knock on the bathroom door.
Kai; Shun, is everything all right?
Shun; Yeah ... maybe.

Shun opened the door and went to sit on the bed.
Kai sat down beside him and saw the pregnancy meter.
Kai; Have you done a pregnancy test?
Shun; Yeah.
Kai; And what the meter showed?

Shun sighed and smiled.
Shun; I'm not pregnant.
Kai; Well from yesterday it was due to the bad state of affairs?
Shun; It was the allergy reaction.
Kai; For food?
Shun; No, It was pineapples.

Kai burst out laughing and kissed Shun.
Kai; Shun Oh my God, I got almost a heart attack.
Shun; I'm sorry, I it I almost got a heart attack here!
Kai; Oh, and you pah! I it was me!
Shun; No, you did not!
Kai; You have been a foregone conclusion!
Shun; Oh, really?! Do not, laugh against!

Both laughed and hugged each other.

To be continued... :)))

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Type: Comic
Published: 3 years ago
Rating: General

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