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Copper Tail Character Sheet

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Character Sheet for Copper Tail
He's an adult but exactly when he was born is a mystery. He was definitely an adult before 100,000BC which makes him probably one of the oldest characters in Albion lore.
Character Description
Copper is Chuck Woodley's loyal apprentice, Chuck being the world renowned smith that appears in every Albion game since RPM in 1996. Copper himself has a lengthy history in the Albion games. They've appeared in numerous Albion related genre since 2001. Copper is a living doll made of a single solid piece of copper metal, which is orange by default but rusts green. His massive tail is as big as himself if not larger and he can attack enemies by bashing them with it whilst turning. His hair is surprisingly sharp and for some reason he has eating, sleeping and toilet habits just like that of normal people though notably doesn't need to breathe. He's extremely heavy and strong, not just in his resistance to physical force but also in his ability to lift weight.
In Albion, Copper rarely steps foot outside the smithery and also travel a lot with Chuck so doesn't tend to form friendships with others. However that doesn't mean he can't be civil and he often has a good manner when talking to people, after all they are potential customers. However it does mean that he's reluctant to get too deep into other people's lives and only takes part in missions when he's certain about them. This can make it difficult to get close to him or understand him as he always seems to have a barrier between his own clique and the rest of the world. Often however his personality shines through and it seems that he's a nice person overall even though he can be a bit arrogant about his own skills. Never afraid of anyone Copper often chooses to walk away from a fight believing it's beneath him and being always calm and controlled nothing seems to upset him. However Copper will often act where he can or if he's in the right place and time.

Other adaptations are similar.
likes smithing, reading books and being practical, dislikes people getting hurt, being called a kid, people who don't respect art.
In Albion, Copper travels around the Albion universe as Chuck Woodley's loyal apprentice. Chuck has a nasty habit of turning up in the right place at the right time and often Copper is with him. Nobody knows when the two of them met as it seems Copper has known Chuck as long as history goes back to. However Copper has rarely taken part in major events directly and has merely supplied the right people with the right gear, as has Chuck. There's theories that Copper is the product of one of Chuck's smithing experiments that went wrong or that it is his son who died and their soul was placed into a metal statue. However it came to be Copper and Chuck have seen plenty of historical events together but have only rarely taken part in them. Satisfied with each others company and happily entertained enough with normal life their history is far from colorful. They have simple pleasures and a simple life and could barely ask for more.

Other adaptations of his backstory are specific to the thing he is doing a cameo in.
In Albion the nearest thing Copper has is Chuck Woodley, who is his mentor but is also the nearest thing to a father figure Copper has. Copper is reluctant to discuss his real family and wont explain why. In reality he has many siblings which are each recolors of Tails from the Sonic the Hedgehog series.
Copper has appeared in many places. This box isn't big enough for them all.
Copper is a fox made of one solid piece of copper. He's orange with green rust on his mussel, chest, hands, feet, tail tip, ears and green on the whites of his eyes. He has a tail equal in size to his entire body, which he can hit enemies with by spinning around. Being a solid lump of metal means he's extremely heavy and resistant to physical damage. He's also super-humanly strong. Despite being a metal statue he also seems to have normal eating, sleeping and toilet habits though has no need to breathe.
Copper only wears clothes sometimes depending on which thing he cameos in. In Albion he usually wears a blacksmith's apron and leather gloves and boots.
His accessories differ depending on the place he cameos in. In Albion, Copper can produce tools seemingly out of nowhere to perform instant smithing. Often his crafting hammer or anvils are used as weapons, when he's not hitting enemies with his massive tail. Copper seems to be able to produce many item out of thin air so he rarely needs to carry any accessories on his person.
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Originally Copper was created by ArcticTheFox for his game named Tails Game back in the 90's. Since then the ownership of the design has been handed to a close friend of his who took the character and their name as their persona. Since then the character has appeared in numerous places and several other games where Arc has been involved with the careful supervision of the member named Copper. Copper the character has had a cameo in numerous Albion based games including WoTA, Monsterville and the 2016 adaptation of the Albion RPG as well as a bonus card in the Albion Card Game. Although it's heavily redundant to even ask if I Jay'98 have permission to use the character, those who are unaware of the history I've had with Arc and his crew might need some literal clarification. Yes, I got permission, not me directly but I asked Arc who in turn asked the member named Copper and he said he'd be really interested to see how it turned out. Copper as he appears in his Albion adaptation wears a Blacksmith's apron and leather gloves and boots. He's the apprentice of Chuck Woodley who, for those of you who don't know, is a smith that turns up in every Albion game since RPM back in 1996. Oddly though he's absent in Monsterville as it's not an official Albion game and Copper, who is often his helper is seen for the first time going out on his own as the smith that features in Monsterville. He's often referred to as a kid which he hates as in fact he's been an adult in every game he's appeared in.

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Published: 3 years, 3 months ago
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