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Duskfang's Feral and Anthro Reference Sheets
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Character Sheet for Kagehikari
Kage, Hikari
Umbreon, the Moonlight Pokémon
Between 25 months (about 2 years) and 5 years old, evolved from Eevee at 25 months old.
Character Description
This is my Umbreon Pokésona, Kagehikari.  He is different from the other Umbreons.

His name is Japanese romanji for "Shadowlight" and can be written in katakana as カゲヒカリ, in hiragana as かげひかり, and in kanji as 影光.

He hatch as a Shiny Eevee with different appearance than most Eevees, due to his strange dark markings on his ears, tail, and paws, as well as his blue eyes.  He later evolved into Umbreon, but under different conditions than the normal way, which further change his appearance to make him unique among Umbreons.  He's also smaller than the average Umbreon, but larger than the average Eevee.  He also has traits that an Umbreon wasn't supposed to have, such as being part Fairy-type, not to mention that he learned Umbreon's signature Fairy-type healing status move Moonlight when he was still just an Eevee, days before he evolved.
Back when he was an Eevee, Kagehikari had been uncertain what he will evolve into, and he's often very cautious, to make sure he doesn't get captured by trainers, due to his small size and strange coloration.  He often feels insecure since he struggled to learn Swift Attack, and was far behind his peers.

Kagehikari, as an Umbreon, is usually very calm and reserved, but he's also friendly, not to mention cunning and smart as well as wise.  He is loyal to his friends and family, and very assertive and confident.  He has great courage, and will do what is right.  For a Dark-type Pokémon, he has a pure and loving heart, gentle, kind, and compassionate.  Yet he'll do everything in his power to protect those he love and care about, even going so far as to sacrifice his own life for the lives of others to buy them more time to do what must be done.  He's also cautious, but not as overly cautious as before he evolved.  He can be bold when needed, but always with a good strategy in mind.
Kagehikari likes taking strolls in the night, especially when the moon is full.  His nocturnal eyes allow him to see the hidden beauty of the vast world of night, for there are things that one cannot see during the daytime.  Kagehikari also loves his friends and family, especially the Sylveon Miryokuhana, his mate and friend from back when they were both Eevees still.  Kagehikari enjoys rare berries, since they remind him of the positives in how unique he is.

What Kagehikari doesn't like is bullies like the spiteful Umbreon Kuraihono, who had always picked on Kagehikari for being so different, up until Kagehikari evolved, and then Kuraihono attacked out of fear and anger.  Kagehikari also doesn't like it when people threaten to hurt his family and friends.  He especially dislike greedy human trainers who try to capture him just because he's different.
The white color to his rings, the different spiral shape to the ring on the head, and the addition of the white swoosh cheek marks under his eyes, all were the results of him learning a move prematurely.  Eevees/Umbreons normally learn the healing status move Moonlight after evolving, not before, and of the Eeveelutions, only Umbreon can learn this move.  But Kagehikari learned it when he was still an Eevee, although it had a different effect on him.

Several nights after learning the move, Kagehikari found himself in a chaotic battle under a full moon between a Sylveon named Miryokuhana ("Charmblossom"), a rouge Umbreon named Kuraihono ("Darkfire"), and three other Pokémon (a Spinda, a Teddiursa, and a Poochyena).

During battle, however, the Poochyena had been sent flying into Kagehikari while he was preparing his Swift Attack, shattering his concentration, and ended up hitting his friend Miryokuhana by accident, causing her to turn on him in anger at what she thought was betrayal.  While Kagehikari was healing himself using Moonlight, the Sylveon Miryokuhana and rouge Umbreon Kuraihono attacked him with Moonblast and Dark Pulse.  The energies he absorbed from those attacks, combined with those he used to heal himself with while using Moonlight, triggered his evolution.

However, his evolution was altered, further changing his appearance.  Additionally, Kagehikari acquired another typing, or at least gained the elemental properties of that type.  Due to the Moonblast attack while he was using Moonlight, triggering his evolution, Kagehikari became an Umbreon who is also part Fairy-type, making him more resistant to Fairy-type attacks, while also making his own Fairy-type moves stronger.

After evolving, Kagehikari finally defeated Kuraihono and the battle dissipated, but he was forever changed as his evolution was far from normal.  Yet he made up with his Sylveon friend Miryokuhana, explaining what really happened and apologizing for hitting her with his Swift by accident.  Since then, Kagehikari and Miryokuhana became mates.

The story about Kagehikari's evolution can be found here.
Kagehikari's father is a Jolteon named Kaminarikin (Japanese for "Thundergold").  He's kind of laid back, playful at times, with a relaxed atmosphere about him.  He's often at ease, knowing that he can outrun most of his enemies at a moment's notice.  He often prefers to call his son "Kage" or "Hikari" because he believes the full name is too long and tiring to say all the time, and switch between the two nicknames depending on his mood and sometimes even the time of day.

His mother is a Leafeon called Jeidohana ("Jadeflower").  She's a little more strict, since she disliked having been at a disadvantage when a human trainer nearly captured Kagehikari back when he was still a young Eevee.  She made it prudent to train herself hard each day and get stronger, and ensured that Kagehikari also did the same upon becoming old enough to train.  She still love him very much, however, and worries about his safety because of it.  That's the only reason she was more strict on her son.
The world of Pokémon, in Eevee Territory, location unknown as it's not registered on any maps.  If it was on a map, the Eeveelutions that live there in the area will no longer be safe and had to relocate to find a safe haven away from humankind.  It's a mix of forests, pastures, rocky mountains with access to lava as well as snow and glaciers, a lake and some rivers and streams, caves, and flower gardens.  There are also places where lots of Firestones and Thunderstones and Waterstones could be found, so that Eevees ready to evolve can become Flareons and Jolteons and Vaporeons.  Also, there are Mossy Rocks in special places deep within the forests, where Eevees can evolve into Leafeons, and Icy Rocks in the glaciers for Eevees to become Glaceons.  There are many dens, and some clearings used for practicing moves.
When he hatched as an Eevee, he had light-grey/silvery-white fur (like a normal Shiny Eevee) but his paws and the tips of his ears and tail were black/dark-grey.  He also had dark-blue eyes.

The colors of his fur inverted as soon as he evolved into an Umbreon, with white/light-grey at the paws and the tips of his ears and tail, and luminescent electric-blue eyes.

During his evolution, the color of Kagehikari's rings became white ranther than blue, and the unusual black secondary fur color and markings and blue eyes of his Eevee form carried over, the fur colors inverted to white-on-black instead.  Then his head ring was changed into a spiral shape rather than the normal ring shape, and on his cheeks appeared mirrored white swoosh markings, starting from his lower eyelids, back, down, and forward before tapering/fading.  His cheek markings now glow as his rings do.  He's also smaller than the average Umbreon, since it wasn't a normal evolution.
Most of the time, Kagehikari is feral, and so doesn't need clothing, but mainly he likes to wear his favorite long wrap-around blue scarf of high-quality shimmering silk.  It's also his accessory of choice in the Mystery Dungeons RP called Explorers of Evolution, where Kagehikari is one of the highest-ranking elite explorers of the Research Guild.

Sometimes he feels in the mood to wear a diaper when by himself.  The kind of diaper he likes is a custom design that is black with white tapes and bands, and white spiral patterns, like the spiral on his head, that also glows when his rings do.

If he were anthro, he'd wear much the same clothing as Duskfang does in anthro form:
~ A black short-brimmed fedora hat, the kind with the front brim turned downward, with custom earholes for his ears, and a silver/white band around it.
~ A white button-down shirt, fastened up except for the top two buttons, long sleeves rolled up past the elbows.
~ A black v-neck sweater vest worn over the white shirt.
~ Fine black pants tailored to accommodate his digitegrade legs.
~ A nice modern black fabric belt with silver buckle.
~ A silver-accented black wristwatch on his left wrist.
~ A black leather three-strand mystery-braid bracelet on his right wrist.
This is my Umbreon Pokésona.  I designed him with resemblances to my winged wolf fursona, Duskfang.  Though I came up with the design, I didn't draw these artworks, but I did have permissions from the artists to upload them here.

Pokésona Character Copyright © to me, Duskfang
Images #1 and #2 are both Artwork Copyright © to my sister on DA, xXOath-KeeperXx
Image #3 is Artwork Copyright © to my friend on DA and FeralHeart, Mewmewcat12
Image #4 is Artwork Copyright © to Ya_King ( Ya-King )
Image #5 is Artwork Copyright © to Bordomwithfriends, cropped by me.

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Published: 3 years, 1 month ago
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