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Sonya and Marcus~
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(Part 4) Bumps in the Night~

One Regular Morning~

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by Ketzio
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(Part 5) Phantoms~
Vera's having some... little cousin troubles.

Vera (c) Ketzio11 and Gothbunnyboy

Characters mentioned in this story:

Zara (far left) and Kas (far right) https://inkbunny.net/submissionview.php?id=1010591
Lana (mouse girl -- no references yet)
Hunter (right) https://inkbunny.net/submissionview.php?id=761166
Viola (left) and Ree (right) https://inkbunny.net/submissionview.php?id=960326

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The alarm beeped incessantly as it ripped Vera out of her sleep. She sat slowly in bed, struck the crud out of her eyes and blindly fumbled an exhausted hand on the table to silence her clock. Sleeping was always so tiring.

The chirp halted and she sat upward in her bed in the twilight of almost-consciousness. Every part of her still loathed the morning from that odd post-sleep depression and from the grotesque way her body seemed to permeate filth as she slept. Her pillow had a small wet stain from drool, even, as if to punctuate what a gross creature she was.

Outside her blankets she anticipated the room to be frigid (it always was) and she  fully expected her floor to be the very surface of the arctic itself. She loathed her discomfort with sleeping in socks because, whenever she would set bare foot on the ground, it felt like stepping on permafrost.

Not today... no cold floor yet... at least not for this coyote.

She sat further upright and folded her legs under the covers; letting out one slow squeaking yawn as she fished her mobile phone off the counter top. Her vision blurred badly as she held the phone and tried to focus in on it. Lately her colorblind eye was getting worse but she dreaded the optometrist in the same fashion most people would dread the dentist. She waited and gradually her sight balanced out as she slowly read her phone.

Several missed texts from over the night: most from her massive crush, Hunter. He had made a habit of texting her up to the very moment she passed out and sometimes a little longer. Though it was rarely anything of massive importance -- normally it was just the typical array of him trying to be humorous or slightly sweet. He was like a pet dog trying to get her attention... which was appropriate because he is a samoyed.

The only other text was from yet another canine friend of hers, Kas.

"Hey Sleepybutt - I know your sleeping cause you always sleep too much :D" That part was a lie, Vera slept so little it was maddening. She would usually lay in bed and stare at the ceiling as the hours crept by. "were all gonna meet up for breakfast at uHop in the morning - so get back to me and dont ignore my msges like you always do =3="

Huh - she checked Hunters last message from about an hour ago - "Hope I get to see you try to vainly eat pancakes tomorrow :P"

This was cause enough for Vera to make that journey into the bathroom to take a shower.

She stepped cautiously on tippy toes and toward her dresser to snatch up her trusty towel... and her trusty face towel and her trusty hair towel and her trusty tail towel. Many many towels.

On the dresser her tablet sat charging and, as she brushed against it, the screen turned on to reveal she had a new contact request on messenger. It was curious because her messenger had dwindled down ultimately to her immediate friends. 'Randos' and strangers tended to leave her alone. Against her better judgement she slid her finger across the screen to see who it was.

"BIGDIK-DYLAN": 27, male, single - image: a buff bovine male with either ironic or intentionally dumb sunglasses, no shirt to cover his defined abs, and his rather prominent package displayed articulately in the creases of his too-small-briefs. This was someone Vera might have thought to have been part of her high school's football team or something.

Either way, the consistent pack of meatheads that flocked towards her made her contemplate on what it was about her physical and mental standing that didn't attract more... artistic or scholarly boys. She assumed it had something to do with her hair but she'd never know.

This guy, with his weird semi-nude profile image staring back at Vera, even had the courtesy of providing an introductory message: "Hey there Stary-Eyes, I really wanted to tell you what a cute thing you are. I saw those pictures . You have a cute little body on you- Maybe a special thing like you would like to get together and I can show you how to really squirt that hot little pu-"

That was enough - she shuddered and slowly blocked him. Her stomach knotted. She forgot there were still a couple of images and videos somewhere out there being circulated of her in very vulnerable states -- nothing about the few that she found were flattering. She successfully found them a few months back on LiveFurs.com or whatever: the most prominent of the 4 cruddy images of her was a screenshot of one of the live streams she was a part of. She was a much more awkward-looking goth girl who was exploding in tears as what could only be described as way-too-much-male was being unceremoniously drilled into her... and yes; she was a firm believer that the motion of the ocean was clearly superior but also a firm believer that there was such a thing as too much penis.

She had successfully gotten them pulled from that site when she quickly pointed out how far underage she, at the time, was. This was not just the 'foggy 16' that was barely appropriate for her home country, Lavender Hill. Jeez, if it wasn't more evident by the little bit of snot in her nose -- it should have been even more evident when someone in the chat asked how old she was and the host just waved it off.

She was aware now that some dickhead was also trying to share her social media with the images somewhere and that made her cringe hard. Time for a new set of accounts.

As she walked away, she felt oddly disconnected from herself, that was the first time in months she actually thought about sex and she truthfully only remembered discomfort and pain - and even then it was a distant memory, not something reliable but rather an ephemeral concept. Stranger yet, it felt like the short memory of school had almost forgotten her past. She was now back to a loser and a misfit -- and not a whore. What, months ago, was the most crushing thing of her life was gone. Even her new friends had no concept of her past, as to them, they not only assumed she was a virgin but a prude.

A gross thought entered her head that made her smile in the most revolting way. She was curious if at this point sex would make her bleed again. Gross, Vera. She shuddered again.

As she began to walk out of her room, she heard the sound of the side yard gate outside of her window. It was being clunkily opened. Her heart thrummed and she quickly strode back into her room and to the window to peak out. What if big-dick Dylan or whatever had her address too?

What she saw, however, was worse then a sea of vile meat roads flummoxing and flopping about in ejaculate.

Her amorphous little cousin, Viola, stood out there in the side yard in her shirt and socks with that... girl, that weird little orange, spotty dog thing Vera had seen once or twice creeping about late at night.

Unrelated, but wow Vera knew a lot of dogs.

Vera never had a cause to raise too much of a stink about it and honestly didn't want to know - considering the things Vera did when she was close to Viola's age... she definitely didn't want to know. The only reason she even let that whole 'catching her little cousin licking fig newtons off a welsh springer spaniel's chest' thing go was because... well... she blocked it out of her memory.

She watched from the window with a face writhing of disgust and horror as her little cousin did... something to the dog girl's mouth. Was that supposed to be a kiss? Vera sure as fuck didn't know but it sure as fuck didn't look like one more than it looked like them reenacting their old canine instincts and going straight for the lopping licks all over their faces.

The dog girl, Ree was her name probably, then turned around and awkwardly stumbled away as Viola half-palm waved goodbye. Sick.

On top of the fact that Vera had to be constantly made aware that her little cousin was... probably sexually active in some weird way... why did it have to be lesbianism? Well, Vera was conflicted because she might have actually given more of a shit if it was a boy. If that were the case, Vera might have actually pulled up her big cousin pants and went in to warn Viola about the dangers of the penis but... clearly that wasn't the case. You know what? Strike that -- there is no way Viola is having sex and Vera certainly isn't going to think about it. Fuck that shit. Not literally.

Even having that thought creep into her mind for less than a minute gave Vera the push she needed to finally take that shower of hers. She needed to feel relatively clean again.


When she finally left her house, she was admittedly a little late. Her shower had drawn on for a while as she meticulously scrubbed every last little bit of fur in an attempt to, somehow, forget about big_dick_dylan and her gross little cousin. She was picked up by her friend, Zara, in her Toyota Corolla filled with her other friends mocking her about always being late to things. Hunter was, of course, the only sweetheart who didn't make fun of her.

She, of course, made it a big deal to sit next to him.

With their group finally completed, consisting of their resident sweetaholic, Kas, eating candy in the passenger seat even if the very place they were driving to was an all-you-can-eat pancake restaurant. You had the snarky opossum, Zara, blaring her music so loud that no one could speak without destroying their own vocal chords first. To Hunter's left was the quiet but mature mouse girl, Lana, who sat with her hands between her knees looking exhausted and to Hunter's right you had Vera. Just Vera. It was good that the music was loud because she couldn't quite put her discomfort about her little cousin's late-night-activities into coherent words... at least yet.

They drove off a few blocks south and got on the highway. Despite there being perfectly serviceable restaurants nearby -- their pre-planned destination was the restaurant that they could almost always get a large and comfy booth in. Besides, who else had all-you-can-eat pancakes on a Sunday? At least that was Kas' line of thought. Speaking of that sweets whore -- candy wrappers littered the floor so direly that they couldn't even see what color it was meant to be. He drove around with Zara the most and she never bothered to clean up so it was a nightmare, especially in the backseat as Hunter, Lana and Vera sat next to each other in shy silence the whole drive there.

Arriving at the parking lot, they were pleased to see that the area was relatively devoid of life. The less people occupying the restaurant meant the louder Zara could be when she said the word 'cunt' over and over.

To Kas, however, the best thing was just the fact that they got there without any delay. He hopped out of the car without even bothering to close his door and giddily skipped into the restaurant like a little fairy boy. Vera could have sworn that she could see glitter and stars flying off of him as he giggled like a school boy.

The rest of the gang set themselves up in their favorite booth and got comfortable with, of course, Vera making it a point to hip-fuck Hunter in their somewhat limited space. Lana groaned in obvious annoyance the more she saw how transparent Vera was being.

"You know," Kas started as he lifted his menu like an old newspaper. He hitched his thumb up to the large plastic marlin fish hanging on the wall behind them. "I've always wondered why you'd have a stupid fish u--"

"Up here in a pancake place, yeah." Zara patted Kas' head and pulled the menu out of his hand. "You know what you want to get and you say that every single time we come here."

"Rituals are nice, though." Kas sneered as he played along. "You know, like Vera always being late."

They all snickered as Vera sighed. "Not my fault this time. My little cousin was bothering me."

"Viola?" Kas bounced up and down in his seat. "I have no idea how she bothers you -- she is just the cutest thing!"

"I wouldn't call her more 'cute' than I would call her... ehhh..." Lana trailed off with a finger to her lip. "What did she have again? Cancer?"

"Wha? No." Vera furrowed her brow. "She has... something. Not cancer though. It has something to do with her brain and it's not very pleasant -- that's all I know."

"I dunno," Zara tapped her fingers on the wooden table in a barely melodic tune. "Her being a cyclops is also pretty cool. It's very 70s Bowie."

"Huh. What did--" Hunter started but was interrupted by the sudden appearance of a zebra waitress.

"Hello guys... and hey there, cutie." she narrowed in on Kas. She had this air of Annie Wilkes and Vera was close to imagining her with a butcher's knife in her hand instead of that harmless pen. But then again... pens were sharp.

"Err..." Kas was stuck in a never-ending battle with a one-toned vocal fry as he sunk deep in the leather seating. He was afraid that any form of coherent response would lead her to actually pursue him and... no. No, he didn't want that. Meanwhile, Zara's eyes bulged in disbelief. She thought Kas' girlyboy aura was like a repellent to women or something.

"What would you guys like to start with?" the waitress whipped out her notepad and swerved her hip to the side a bit.

Everyone stared at Kas who was, on ritual, meant to blurt out "PAAAANCAKES!" but remained frozen like he just stared at Medusa. He sheepishly cleared his throat after a few seconds of tension and eeked a very meager "...pancakes and coffee?"

"Sure thing, honey." she wrote it down and winked in a peculiar way as she moved on to the rest of them. They all ordered basically the same thing except for Lana who just wanted some water and the creepy waitress was off to do... whatever she did in the back. Sharpening her knives. Whatever.

Kas looked around in horror to his friends stifling giggles in a desperate attempt to remain calm. Zara, however, was the first to explode in a fit of laughter as she slapped his back as hard as she could. "She wants the Deeeeeeee!"

"I don't have the D to give to her..." Kas whined as if genuinely shaken up. "...is she going to roofie me? Or cum in my coffee?" he slowly fixed his eyes to Vera. "...Can girls do that?" he asked in horror.

"Uuuh... sometimes." Lana spoke for Vera with a straight face. "Depends on where the sun is a lot of the time."

Vera covered her face as she tried her best to not spit out a crying guffaw.

"I uh..." Kas shivered. "...don't think I'm going to eat."

"Yes you are." Zara calmly stated. "The world would end if you didn't."

"Kas, calm down." Hunter said in his soft tone but couldn't keep his perpetual stutter away for long. "Y-you can j-j-just have some of my p-pancakes because I'm sure she wouldn't cum in mine."

They all let out their chortles and even Kas couldn't help but crack a smile.

They started talking about their days at school and who did what or what teacher was caught throwing a P.E. student across the dodgeball storage room. They received their breakfast and, like Zara said, Kas immediately shoved all of his eating utensils into the flat discs. True to his paranoia, however, Kas shuffled the drinks around and Zara ended up getting the coffee that was meant for him.

She took a sip and immediately remarked about how gross zebra cum was.

As their laughter subsided, it was replaced with the sound of forks clanking on their plates and subtle chewing. It was finally Vera's time to get a little something off of her chest.

"Hey guys!" she took advantage of the lull. "So... back to my little cousin. Uhh. Weird question..."

"No, Vera, we don't think that you should lick your little cousin's asshole." Zara bluntly cut her off; cheeks stuffed with syrup-y goodness.

The look on Vera's face could only be described as the face she gave when she actually caught her cousin licking her weird friend's... nipples.

"Z. Please." Hunter waved his fork at her disapprovingly. "D-d-don't be mean. And that's d-d-disgusting."

"Hah. Sorry, dogboy." Zara was only made to feel bad when Hunter reprimanded her. It was just something about the very soothing and calm way he did it that made her feel like she should apologize in the first place.

"Well, what's the matter with her?" Kas asked; returning to Vera's original point. He looked like a chipmunk with his face stuffed with pancake but he did have a genuine look of concern which was nice.

"Ehhh." Vera thought about it for a bit and the thought of talking about her little cousin's lesbian tendencies suddenly didn't feel so appropriate. "I dunno. You guys probably wouldn't know what it's like to live with a--"

"Disabled person?" Lana interjected. "You're not the queen of disabilities, Vera. Remember Zaily?" she referred to her terminally ill little sister.

"Oh yeah! How is she?" Kas chimed in; trying to cut the tension that was building.

"She's fine, thanks for asking." Lana smiled.

"Ahh, sorry Lana. I didn't really mean that, though." Vera shyly backed down. "I meant... uh... living with a person who's a... lesbian?"

Despite how hard she tried to hide it, the way Vera said 'lesbian' came out a little vile and dirty. She could feel all of their eyes lock on her -- ready to fire missiles.

"What do youuuuu mean?" Kas coyly asked; waiting for her to say something else stupid. He placed both of his elbows on the table and rested his chin on his palms with a flick of his tail.

"W-well, speaking of t-that," Hunter entered. "I-I used to t-think my little sister L-Lumina was a lesbian too. A-actually m-m-my parents thought she was and they got really mad at her for it."

"Sorry, Hunter." Lana started. "I hate to tell you like this but uhh... the reason your parents thought Lumina was a lesbian was because when I was staying over at your house like... 6 years ago or something... in an act of passion, she showed me things that would forever color my world... rainbow-y. Our souls intertwined as our bodies pressed agai--"

"S-stop!" Hunter yelped in fright. It almost looked like his eyes were starting to water. "Y-y-y-you're lying!"

"No, no! I'm sorry!" Lana tried to hold back laughter still. It sounded as though she were in tears herself. "We were planning on waiting until you were a little older that, the reason she went to live somewhere else, was because of meeeee."

It was nice to have Lana joking around because the day started off with her in a rather dour mood. In fact, she had been rather dour for a few months now and Vera, Kas and Hunter, specifically, were happy to see her brighten up -- even if it was at Hunter's expense.

Lana doubled over on her seat giggling as she shook her head. "No, no, I didn't actually do that." she tried to calm Hunter down.

"Could've fooled me." Zara said as she took a sip of her coffee. Lana felt like throwing her glass of water in retaliation.

"Okay, okay guys." Vera tried to quiet everybody as she forced the last bits of laughter out of herself. "I'm being serious though. Viola is veeeery lesbian."

"So?" Kas immediately fired back and teased, "Is she already licking boobs or something?"

"Yeah." Vera scratched her head and Kas' mouth sewed up like he just ate something sour.

"Whoooa, for real?" Zara's open-mouthed smile could not be more wider. "That's fucking awesome! Go, Viola!"

"Nooooo. Come on." Vera pleaded. "That's gross!"

"Not... that it's any of my business but..." Lana wiped a remained tear off of her face from her previous fit of giggles and brushed a stock of her red hair back around her goggles. "...whose boob, exactly?"

"T-t-that is true. It's n-not one of her t-t-teachers, is it?" Hunter prodded with concern.

"No, not a teacher." Vera sighed. "Some girl that just shows up... sometimes... I don't even know. I think they're the same age though."

"Dang!" Zara was way too into this. "Do you know how cool that would've been if she was banging a teacher? Shit, if I was her age and I had that -- I would've been so all over it."

Kas snickered but remained silent.

"The fuck are you laughing about?" she snapped at the jackal.

"Oh, nothing." he shoved another mountain of pancakes in his gullet.

"Once again," Lana reiterated after she took a quick sip of her water. "If it's someone the same age as her then I don't really see the problem. Just let her experiment and maybe she won't like it or maybe she will. Who knows."

"Y-y-yeah." Hunter added as he leaned in to make full eye contact with Vera. "You're alright, right? I-I-I mean, if it's love t-then it's no big deal."

Vera gulped and thought about that for a bit -- Hunter's reasoning made sense to her and perhaps she could just focus on turning a blind eye to it for now... or even embracing the concept of her little cousin being in love with another girl.

"I was in love once!" Zara chirped like it was heartwarming news; raising her hand in the air a bit as if she were prepared to ask an instructor a question. "It was a guy who wanted me to move to some country called 'New Zealand' or something. Then my uncle got mad and it turned into a huuuuge thing." she stared at Vera deadpan and everybody remained silent not including the slight cough from Kas. "It's okay though. I couldn't leave you kids behind."

"Blech, either way," Kas chimed in to steer the conversation away from her. "I'll probably never find someone who really loves me. That's fine, though. Penises are fine the way they are." he sort of shrugged and smiled.

"Nah. I think love will find you." Lana took another sip of her water and subtly gestured for Kas to look behind him. He slowly obliged with caution just to see the creepy zebra waitress strutting back in their direction.

He turned back around with nary an expression on his face as he slowly slid under the table -- out of sight, out of mind. At least he hoped.

Despite the fact that Vera didn't bring it up again -- she felt like she probably didn't have to. She felt more at peace with it especially having her big crush say it to her. So she was fine for now. She was technically more stoked that he actually believed in the concept of love. For some reason she was worried about that.


Vera ended up spending the entire day with her friends. They went to the mall, sat around and chatted, normal teenage stuff. Throughout the entire day, the weather had gotten worse and worse. It wasn't the usual Lavender Hill mugginess she was accustomed to but rather it looked like a storm was brewing.

She was reluctant to go home because of how much fun she always had being around Hunter and the rest but there was always a time to go back home, sadly. Especially when the weather was getting so bad. Though, her talk with her friends at the restaurant gave her this desire to go and maybe talk to her little cousin a bit. While she strolled through her parent-less home up to her bedroom, she tried to think of tasteful ways to go about chatting the concept of lesbianism to her stupid cousin.

She put on her pajamas and a weird thought occurred to her: She stopped and stared at herself in the mirror all bra-less with her hips being tightly hugged by her bottoms. She was kind of afraid that Viola would get a girl-boner or something.

Vera decided to go to Viola's room before her mind had the chance to tell her to stop. She stood hesitantly at the door; afraid that the springer spaniel girl was already in there and they were in the middle of... doing whatever lesbians do. She placed her ear against the wooden door and tried to detect any foreign sounds or any activity. No. It sounded like Viola was just sitting on her bed and eating fig newtons.

Vera drew in a long breath, dusted herself off once, and opened the door with a loud creak. Her little cousin's ears perked as Vera entering her room without a fit of screaming was a rarity. The way Vera walked was also stranger than normal... it was so docile and it kind of looked like she was frozen or rigid or something. "Heeey... lil' cuz." she timidly said.

"¡Hola, mi prima!" Viola spoke with cheeks full of fig newtons. She quickly chewed and swallowed. "Did I do something bad?"

"Nooo, no." Vera rigidly walked forward and sat on Viola's bed... then immediately jumped off because she knew that... stuff must have happened on this bed. "You uuh... didn't do anything wrong. So. What'cha up to?"

"Just... uuuh... eating cookies." Viola nodded suspiciously. She must have been waiting for that gross dog g-- err-- her possible lover. "The storm es muy fuerte. El clima no es bueno -- it's cold too."

"Yeah, totally." there was an awkward moment of silence.

"Do we have anymore champurrado?" Viola asked with a hint of desperation.

"Ahh, sorry, I don't think we do." Vera looked to the bedroom's exit as she felt more and more uncomfortable. "Listen, Viola..." she paused. "...do you know what a lesbian is?" she felt it was better to be blunt. Viola did not respond. "...La lesbiana?"

"Oooooh!" Viola bounced. "That's what Auntie Donnovan is, right?"

"My mom is not a lesbi--" Vera almost took that as in insult before reminding herself that Viola obviously had no idea what she meant. "No. Not my mom. It means liking... other... girls?"

Viola tilted her head.

"I uh..." Vera poked her fingers together. "...Cuz, I know you've been seeing that one girl even after I caught you two."

Viola gulped and remained silent as her head lowered in shame.

"No, no, it's okay!" Vera lifted Viola's chin gently. "I didn't mean to make it sound bad. I just... I wanted to let you know that uhh..." she was doing so terribly at this. She could tell. "...I'm... okay... with it?"

"Huh?" Viola tilted her head further.

"Like... it's okay to be a lesbia-- like other girls." Vera felt disgusting saying that to her little cousin. "As long as... uuh... you're careful and uh... you love her... then I won't tell my parents, okay?"

"You were going to tell Auntie and Uncle?" Viola whimpered.

"No. No, I'm not, don't worry." she awkwardly patted Viola's head. "I just want you to know that I'm not judging you for your uh... choice in... mate? Just make sure you uh... have a... healthy... uuhh... you know what? Good night." Vera quickly jumped to her feet and, before darting out of the room with a trait of discomfort left behind, she turned around with her mouth agape prepared to spit out one more tidbit of unsupervised information. "Just... don't... take any pictures and don't go out with too many girls... or guys... or whatever. You may regret it!" she shot for the door but stopped once more. "You know what? Uuuh... just... talk to me before you do anything super stupid. How about that?"

Viola wagged her tail and nodded her head cheerfully. "Mi amor is going to visit me tonight. That's what I was waiting for. I'm sorry for being dishonest." her ears drooped. "Is that okay with you?"

Every voice in Vera's mind screamed in unison "NO FUCKING WAY" but what ended up coming out was "...suuuuuuure." she rubbed her forehead. "Just... don't stay up too late, okay?"

As Vera grabbed the door handle with a shivery and loose grip, Viola shot her hand out and called to her, "Wait, wait! Ehh... ¿quieres conocerla?"


"Would you like to meet her?"

"NOPE!" Vera could only think to nervously chortle in response. "Maybe next tiiime! I'm like... wooo! I'm super wiped out. Gotta go to bed!"

"No, no, wait, Vera!" Viola called out again. "Is it okay that she sees me... uuuhm... desnudo...?"

"HEY! YOU KNOW WHAT?" Vera didn't know much Spanish but she knew what that word meant. "HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT PIZZA FOR DINNER? PIZZA SOUND GOOD? I'M GONNA ORDER A PIZZA NOW!"

"Mi prima, why do you always order pizzas whenever we talk about this stuff?"


The storm raged viciously outside and, while resting in her bed, Vera could hear it repeatedly slamming the front gate into the brick wall among other things. The roof sounded like an orchestra of footsteps as courtesy of the downpour and the light from her bedroom window illuminated the shadows of falling rain.

She sat alone with her thoughts still recoiling from two strange events: Viola's... thing, and that message she got from that random guy earlier. Yuck. Those past ghosts rearing their ugly heads was definitely not a thing Vera wanted to get used to. She was starting to feel drained and depressed as she lazily picked up her phone and, for once, decided to initiate a text conversation with Hunter. He always made her feel better... so this shouldn't be any different.

Heck, she was already feeling a little better because she kept forgetting that her phone's background picture was a photo of Hunter looking all cute and shy.

Plus, despite how much she didn't want to focus on Viola and her 'friend', she felt like now she had to talk about it more. Viola talking about them being nude around each other, for some reason, kind of made her sick and also fascinated... which was definitely NOT a thing she wanted to feel.

Still, Hunter kept reiterating "It's love, you shouldn't try to stop it." his logic was very vanilla and she adored it. Though, she still felt like she should argue with him on that point.

"But she said they have been nude together! TwT COMPLETELY NUDE!" Vera texted.

"Even so :) That's just them experimenting. Don't worry about it so much, Vera ^^ Besides! The naked thing isn't that much of a problem. Even if they were friends and they saw each other nude, it might not even mean they're in a relationship."

"So you're saying you wouldn't mind seeing me naked? =3=" Vera gasped a little and giggled at how her fingers typed that before her brain told them to.  She felt so... clean flirting like this as opposed to having some guy talk about how he was going to make her squirt. Ew.

"; _ ;" was Hunter's only reply and boy did it come reaaally late. He was pretty good at texting at a reasonable pace but that tiny message came about 10 minutes later.

Vera felt kind of amazing being able to get a reaction like that -- even if it was in the form of text. "Just teasing, Hunter :D unless you wanna =w= We're friends, right?" she felt giddy and jovial as if this was the first time she had ever been witty with flirting.

As she curled on her side and pulled her blanket over her shoulders, she started to hear muffled talking from Viola's room. She felt like getting up and driving the dog girl out of Viola's room for a moment... but she decided to remain where she was. She was cool with it. At least, that's what she kept chanting to herself as she waited for Hunter's response to her very playful message.

She ended up getting a picture of Hunter's naked... forearm. "There. See? I'm naked ;w;"

Vera couldn't help but being immensely charmed. "Nope! Doesn't count! Show me more! >;) Friiiiiend." she rolled around in her bed; more and more wishing that she was having that sleepover with him again.

After a little interval of time, which felt like an eternity, she received a picture of Hunter showing everything above his bellybutton. Though, she could kind of see a bit of his hip and a tiiiiny bit of his (gulp) happy trail.

It kind of dawned on her just how much more impact the hint of playful nudity had than big_dick..._steve or whatever his name was' dumbass selfie. She got butterflies in her tummy as she decided to playfully reward him for giving her that much.

She hooked her thumb under her pajama pants, hiked them down ever-so-slightly, and lifted her shirt above her breasts (even if she didn't plan on actually showing him those... yet) to show off her bellybutton. She lied flat on her back, pushed the blanket off of her, lifted her phone over herself and snapped a photo. Then another one. Then another one.

17 tries later, she finally had one that looked good enough to send. The illusion was perfect -- at the angle she gave, her pajama pants were cropped out to the point where she looked bottomless and he could juuuuust see the bottom of her breasts.

Surely, this would send him into... some kind of tizzy, she hoped. She pressed the 'send' button and eagerly waited a reply.

5 minutes passed. Perhaps he had to go use the bathroom or something.

10 minutes passed, then 20, then 30. Though Vera didn't mind waiting, she, oddly enough, didn't feel like something bad had happened. In fact, she kind of assumed that maybe he was doing something (gasp) naughty with that picture. She squeed at the thought.

Either way, her shirt flopped back over her a bit and she remained on her back with the relative comfort of knowing that this picture would definitely not reach the internet. She sighed with content as she hoped that Hunter's reply would be something like "You're really cute ;w;" or "You're really beautiful ;w;" or something else with a ";w;" face attached to it.

If he replied like that then that definitely meant that he was using the picture for less than safe-for-work purposes. Woo!  But, instead, he responded with a "Eheh... I uh... gotta go to bed now. ; w ; <3 talk to you tomorrow!!!!!"

Vera nearly jumped for joy as she shot her arms and legs forward in joy. He totally thought she was hot! He wasn't going to bed. No sirree. He was gonna do bad things. (Fap fap) She gestured the male masturbatory hand position to herself with a sly grin.

She reeled from how excited that made her and she ended up feeling a little embarrassed by it. As much as she denied how much of a crush she had on Hunter to Zara and Kas, she was feeling it full force right now. She took her phone and took another glance at the picture Hunter sent her all half-naked and... cute and... adorable.

Jeez, girl, get a hold of yourself.

Vera returned to the home screen and set her phone down next to her as she half-shamefully and half-shyly began to creep her hand up her body.

Maybe a little bit of attention to her boobs right now wouldn't be such a bad th--

Her hand stopped midway up her shirt as she started to hear repetitive thumping noises coming from... Viola's room. Oh no. The thumping was now accompanied by the creakiness of Viola's bed and the muffled, vocal noises of intimacy occurring over there. God dammit. It seemed that they were doing more than just being 'desnudo'.

Vera now wanted to puke.

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Published: 3 years, 3 months ago
Rating: General

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3 years, 3 months ago
Love them ears hes got Ketzio. They look so soft and i wanna pet them. XD
3 years, 3 months ago
Vera might be apprehensive, She's super weird about them - it's bad enough Kas and Hunter have messed with them in previous images
3 years, 3 months ago
Heh got ya. Shes one awesome cutie. :)
3 years, 3 months ago
we need a picture of the other side of the wall...
3 years, 3 months ago
Obviously they're playing Wii Sports (or something along the lines of that).  ;   )
3 years, 3 months ago
*saw voice* There are 4 walls - one containing an image of undescribable pleasure and three containing absolute boredom - make a choice - live or die ~
3 years, 3 months ago
D'aw, poor Vera ^^
cute work and cool story brah =3
3 years, 3 months ago
Hehethose noises and moans seems to be inside my head insteed next door when I sleep.
3 years, 3 months ago
That face. Priceless. :-)

I feel her annoyance at the noise. I have neighbors that I could track way too easily with a seismograph.
3 years, 3 months ago
juxtapose neighbors with a young member of your family - and Vera's horror is absolute XD
3 years, 3 months ago
So what got her so weirded out about girl on girl action?
3 years, 3 months ago
Vera is a semi-close minded teenager who is weirdly uncomfortable with girl on girl affection ~ just kinda a weird a hang up she has
3 years, 3 months ago
Yet went to prude after being such a wild sex feind in her youth? ;3
3 years, 3 months ago
Probably how I'll be when I move to Maryland with a bunch of fur friends... lol
3 years, 3 months ago
Start singing, using the bedspring-squeaking as the backing rhythm.
3 years, 3 months ago
I like the shirt.   :)
3 years, 3 months ago
^^ We like when people catch the refs
3 years, 3 months ago
Pretty sure the title is an open invitation *nods*
3 years, 3 months ago
or the name of a short lived claymation show for kids in the early 90s - it's ambiguous :P
3 years, 3 months ago
The name was changed!  I've been cheated!
3 years, 3 months ago
As always an awesome story! Especially love this one cause of the mention of New Zealand! Yay for my homeland!
3 years, 3 months ago
~ Best kind of comment, thank you from both of us - Just randomly affirms that people read our work when a small detail is pointed out, thank you ^^
3 years, 3 months ago
I always read your stories and enjoy your artwork, I think I have almost your entire combined galleries in my favourites. My hope is to one day be able to commission you guys for some art and story.
3 years, 3 months ago
That's when you start to hit the wall back...I hear >.>
3 years, 3 months ago
I had neighbors like this once... they actually spoke in Spanish when they got really down with it. XD

This picture is freaking adorable. I feel Vera's frustration! Poor dear. :P

Amazing story to go with the image as well. You guys... stop being awesome. No, actually never mind - keep at it. <3
3 years, 3 months ago
3 years, 3 months ago
Me gusta que incluyan algo de español en sus personajes, es un lindo toque :D
La historia es larga y bien particionada, por curiosidad, lo que sea que ocurre en la otra habitacion no tiene nada que ver con alguna historia ya publicada, no? ^^
Sorry, not much on english from me.
3 years, 3 months ago
PLEASE tell me you and bunnyboy are gonna do a piece showing the other side of the wall? I (and probably most of your fans) would love it!
3 years, 3 months ago
What's up with an unbearably tl;dr description? O.o
3 years, 3 months ago
It's a story to go along with the picture. A few artists, both solo or teams, will include a story with their picture work. Typically, in Ketzio/Gothbunnyboy's case, they make a story of the events leading up to the moment depicted in the art.

I will admit though, that the stories have been getting long enough that they might want to think about uploading them in a file for the Inkbunny text reader to display. One can keep the submission type as Picture/Pinup if they are to upload it as an additional file, like a multipage submission.
3 years, 3 months ago
Well, already commented on this comment section, so might as well comment about the piece itself.

Wow, the awkwardness for Vera dealing with her little lesbian cousin reached a fever pitch. I was repeatedly unsure at each point she's about to bring it up throughout the story as to rather she'd chicken out. Pretty lame reward for doing so at the end... for her anyway. Just as she was about to finally relax and enjoy herself.

I do have quite the soft spot for seeing relationships of characters from different characters' perspectives, so this one was a fun one for me. Also, cutie Vivi didn't know how to handle Vera not being combative. Also also, was impressed with how much you managed to touch upon sexual matters while still probably rightfully earning the posted General rating. A few of the other stories ride the line between story content and rating a bit more ambiguously than this one.

" "Mi prima, why do you always order pizzas whenever we talk about this stuff?"

Nudity + Lesbianism = Awkwardness / Pizza, one of the best equations ever. {'''o^o'''}  
3 years, 3 months ago
i wanna know more about the 'creepy' zebra waitress and Kas
i'm headcanoning that she's TG and likes girlyboys ^^ maybe Kas would change his mind then :3
also, Vera's hang up is a bit odd/annoying, idk, its kinda disingenuous for her to tell Viola its okay for her to like girls when she is evidently NOT okay with it by her internal turmoil and restraint from tossing out the other girl
3 years, 3 months ago
I find it so funny how Viola has more of a sex life then Vera, and Vera now knows it. XD
3 years, 2 months ago
I honestly can't even begin to describe how much I adore this story. All of it is just so good and so cute and it makes me happy. Excellent work on both the art and the story. I hope to read more eventually. Keep up the excellent work c;
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