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My Stories (Reference)

I received a few questions and comments that implied to me that some people might not know that I do a few different kinds of stories, and since I just found out I don't have the time to respond to all of these comments (god dammit, I need a day off this week! *cries*) I decided to do this little reference. I'll link to this in the future at the bottom of each story, as a sort of index that's more structured than my gallery or pools. And I'll remove this explanatory paragraph eventually too.

New to my stuff?

What follows is an index of my stories by size and structure, with a loose genre classification, description, and outlining of major erotic themes if any. My stories are typically very sex positive, and usually involve young males, detailed plots & coming-of-age themes.
In terms of erotic themes, mild bondage, consensual domination, romance, tickling, and multiple/dry/overstimulating orgasms are pretty common.

If you've read and liked one, you'll probably like most of the others!

Quick Index:
*Tai's Story
--- Years In The Making
--- Hitting The Shower
*Astray -- unfinished
*Space Rats -- unfinished
*Salon du Yiff -- unfinished
*The Soulflower Festival
Short Stories:
*Polishing Wood
*Read The Fine Print
*Not Much Happens
*Family Therapy
*Neon Shadows
*The Dreamcatchers Castle - Preview
*Warmth In The Trenches
--- (Human version.)
*Undertale Vignettes
(Note: it's a sort of running joke that I suck at titles.)

Main Novels And Related Short-Stories

Tai's Story
Coming of age drama/action, erotica.
A young, lonely fox boy is deeply unhappy when forced to move from the picturesque hinterlands of Alaska where he grew up to bustling, cramped New York City, until he makes a new friend with an outgoing, mature and... somewhat naughty older boy. Together, they forge an intimate friendship and provide one another with the emotional support they both desperately needed. But the shadows of a dark and sordid past, truths their parents had never shared with them, threaten to destroy everything.

Features: light bondage, romance & affection, tickling, oral, masturbation, mutual masturbation, mild overstimulation, mild submission/domination. Dry orgasm, multiple orgasms.
Boy on boy, consensual (8, 10). Foxes. My first finished novel.
Trope list by Tumelo! >> Click HERE! << (Spoilers!!)

--- Years In The Making
After the main story, the "missing scene" with Tai, Mike, and teenage sitter Jake is found here...
A fun, but thoroughly naughty, novella-size romp with the boys, where Jake finally gets his 'revenge' on the - all too willing! - duo.

Features: rope bondage, teenager on cubs, tickling, overstimulation, swimming-trunks (speedos), mild sexual torture, wand massager, mild submission/domination. Dry orgasm. Multiple orgasms.
Teen on boys (17, 9, 10). Alsatian, foxes.

--- Hitting The Shower
Another short with Tai and Mike, exploring their casual kinkiness and intimacy. Did you know the fun things you can do with those movable showerheads? Just a light-hearted quick story.

Features: mild submission/domination, over-stimulation, hands-free orgasm, dry orgasm, shower.
Boy on boy (9, 11). Foxes.

--- The Homework Shuffle
The lost story... Dun-dun-duuuuun!! >:3

Astray -- unfinished
Coming of age. Character drama. Occasional erotica. Criticism of troubled-teen industry...
Nick is a troubled young cheetah. Throughout his life he has been betrayed, neglected and hurt by the very ones who were supposed to be looking after him.
In a last ditch attempt to get his ruined life back on track, his counselor convinces him to participate in a controversial experiment. The only problem is, the experiment requires him to face his deepest fear, and expose his most painful scars. But worst of all, he has to defeat his own worst enemy: himself.

Trigger Warning (seriously): this story discusses child abuse, homelessness, incarceration and institutionalized abuse in a behavior modification facility -- aka, "troubled teen ranch/residential treatment center." Including depictions of restraint, attack therapy, etc.

Features: minimal erotic content. Masturbation, implied consensual activity. Later on: consensual oral, anal, intergenerational romance and respect.
Briefly described boy on boy, (10, 13 - cheetah/snowleopard). Later, boy on adult male (12, 28 - cheetahs). Somber story at points, but is not intended to be a pure depression fest!

Space Rats -- unfinished
Hard sci-fi action-drama, erotica.
Mikael lost everything when Terra's brutal astro-military crushed the revolution in the outer solar system.
Young orphans like him, however, are greatly valued on spacecraft for their minimal weight and supply requirements... and the ability to fit where others cannot - often called "space rats", for their diminutive size, scruffy appearances, and ubiquity in the poor regions of the outer system.
Mika calls the Oberon, one of the fastest and most powerful interplanetary cargo freighters in operation, his home, and his crew-members are his family now.
But a mysterious passenger threatens all of that, forcing Mika to choose what matters most to him: his compassion, or his hatred of the Terrans that took everything away from him.
And to choose between his own life... and those of the ones he cares about.

Features: oral, anal, consensual, mild submission/dominance, intergenerational relationship, romance.
Boy (13, cat) and adult male (~29, dingo) and... ???? [spoilers! Story in progress!]

Salon du Yiff -- unfinished
Coming of age drama, erotica. Shelved until further notice.
In the future, when sexuality is beginning to be viewed in a more tolerant fashion, there exists a small business in the suburbs of San Francisco. Known for its cheesy name, local charity work, and, of course, it's fantastic service as a BDSM dungeon catering to youths, Salon du Yiff is much more than just a kinky rec-center to its young clients. Every day, it faces both praise and backlash in the community, and continues to operate - as both a safe place for cubs to explore potentially dangerous kinks and process their sexuality, and a haven from genuinely abusive environments for many of them.
Until one monstrous excuse of a parent decides to destroy it; and they don't care how many kits they hurt in the process.
(Shelved story, though not totally cancelled, this was one of my earlier projects. It allowed me to engage in some seriously kinky scenes while also exploring several coming-of-age and young-love stories. In many ways, it was both a little silly and also extraordinarily dark at times. It has some fans who liked it specifically for that reason... sorry guys.)

Features: bondage (complex, light, all sorts!), dominance/submission, romance, masturbation, machines, oral, anal, tickling, overstimulation, orgasm control, multiple orgasms, sex positivity (GASP!).
Boys & Girls! (Fox, raccoon, mouse, 10-11, plus various minor characters.)


The Soulflower Festival
Dub-con erotica.
11-year-old Lachlan is upset. It's the holidays and only a few days before his eleventh birthday, but instead of going where he wanted, his parents have dragged him to a weird island off the coast of Wales. Expecting a boring few weeks in this strange place, Lachlan certainly didn't expect to find himself dancing naked in front of the natives. Or to suddenly lose his virginity. Or to be confronted by a grand destinity...
Loosely (naturally) inspired by The Wickerman. Perhaps the most morally dubious of my stories, though that isn't saying much by online erotica standards.

Features: mind-control & hypnotism themes, drugging & aphrodisiacs, mild bondage, dubious consent/eventual consent, non-consent, anal, oral, masturbation, no pain, no major distress, nudism & naturism.
Boy (11, arctic fox) and two boys (10, 12, foxes), and one girl (11, cat).

Short Stories

Polishing Wood
Dub-con erotica.
A young fox-boy thought he'd get some private time by sneaking onto a neighbor's property. Instead, he finds himself cuffed to a workshop table and introduced to the business end of a homemade sex machine. You know what they say. The best laid plans of mice and foxes... end with multiple orgasms. Even if you don't want 'em.

Features: pseudo rape, domination, dubious/non-consent, eventual consent, overstimulation, multiple orgasms, dry orgasm, machine, masturbation.
Boy (11, fox) and male (30+, badger).

Read The Fine Print
Short story, erotica.
A young surfer gets a chance to help advance "medical" science, and discovers that there can be too much of a good thing. And why you should always read the fine print!
(Similar to the above story, involves a machine that elicits plenty of unstoppable, potent climaxes!)

Features: overstimulation, multiple orgasms, dry orgasm, forced orgasm, machine, milking, mild bondage & squirmin'.
Boy (11, leopard.)

Not Much Happens
Young love erotica.
Young Taylor Kirkland isn't one to write diary entries - after all, it isn't like anything happens where he lives. But this one hot, stormy summer night, camping out with his best friend, Jayden, well, rather a lot happened... and his life changed forever.
Australian English and setting. One of my favorite stories, honestly. I think it's sweet~

Features: camping, nudity/nudism, wrestling, tickling, oral, masturbation.

Family Therapy
Brother on brother erotica.
A pair of dysfunctional husky brothers get some unusual relationship therapy one lonely, candle-lit night. A little relaxed hypnotism goes a long way.
My first & only not-really-a-commission, features a few themes I do not normally do, but it's easily one of my more popular stories. Turns out those themes are kind of popular...

Features: (realistically depicted) hypnotism, mind-control, incest, oral, anal, masturbation, puppy play, crossdressing, humiliation.
Boys (10, 13, huskies.)

Neon Shadows
Short story erotica.
A fun glimpse into the exciting and erotic lives of a small band of unusual thieves.
Mostly done as a writing exercise, it was still a lot of fun to write, and is the only story I've published on furry websites that DOESN'T involve cubs. So, there's that.

Features: oral, anal, incidental tickling, mild bondage.
Teen boy (16, silver fox) and male (24, white tiger).


The Dreamcatchers Castle - Preview
Choose your own adventure, interactive Twine adventure! With humans!.
"Dreamcatcher's Castle is an erotic, choose your own adventure story constructed in Twine1/2, with moderate elements of surreal horror. You follow and direct a young (human) boy trying to survive the mysterious, dark unreality of the Dreamcatcher's Castle, struggling to find a way back home, to wake up in his own bed once again.

The Castle is shaped and powered by the thoughts of its captives. The product of the desires, fantasies and secrets, and nascent attractions of the countless young minds it holds enthralled. You will test your wit and will against all kinds of monstrosities and bizarre products of unfettered imaginations. And some true horrors as well... the power of youthful dreams should never be underestimated."

This project contains erotic and sexually explicit content. It does not contain aversive themes such as scat or gore, nor is this project sexually crass. Instead I try to play on subtle fetishes, psychology, and both sexual and erotic elements drawn from my own fantasies and dreams when I was younger. Likewise, I call upon fears and threats from childhood and nightmares.
[Preview/proof of concept only so far.]

Features: mild psychological and surreal horror, variety of kinks especially in finished project (tentacles, machines, 'monsters', tickling), non-consensual, restraining, mind-control, hypnosis, semi-interactive.
Boys and girls (8-14, HUMANS, be warned!), main player/reader character is a boy (11).

Warmth In The Trenches
(Human version.)
Descriptive writing exercise, short story.
The story of Jaeger, a "trench-runner" boy living a dangerous life on the front lines of a wasteful war of attrition, as he comes to grip with the truly pointless nature of the senseless slaughter that had become his entire world. Short story conceived of and written up in roughly fifteen minutes.
Note: believe it or not, inspired by watching fucking Blackadder's fourth season. Don't ask.

Features: N/A.

Undertale Vignettes
Tribute to one of the best games I've ever played - seriously.
My take on narrating key moments in the hit video game Undertale by Toby Fox. Just letting my imagination run free and interpret these events. The few who actually read this seemed to like it a lot, so I ain't taking it down.

"Thank you, Toby Fox, and all who contributed to the creation of the game that has captured my imagination, the imagination of my young nephew, and thousands around the globe."

Features: hopes and dreams, bad times, etc.

I'm not done yet...
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Added: 1 year, 12 months ago
1 year, 12 months ago
Thank you SO MUCH for 'The Homework Shuffle! Is has been awhile since I read through Tai's story again, plus I'm extremely eager for the next major story (whenever that'll be). Reading about my two favorite furry boys growing up even a little makes me so very happy. I had to dust off my FA account, but it was absolutely worth it! Please keep up the amazing work.
1 year, 11 months ago
Hee! You know, that's the one story that I've mostly forgotten about. I don't consider it "canon" and so I haven't read it myself in years; I wrote it, but if you read it recently then you probably know it better than I do.

I'll keep going with those two, though. I have a lot of ideas to work through with them, and that's not even counting the sequel I wanna do.
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