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A magical Idea

Well I was dubbing around and had a thought based on magic

When creating a new magic type just adds the word mancy to the end of something... I literally read a book that had magicians practicing Geekomancy, and Bromancy...

It's a trope.  you can check out Tv Tropes under Whatever Mancy just don't blame me when you wake up 3 hours later to find out that what you've lost to that time sink

Anyway I had a thought on a type of modern magic I might have to write a story about and I am going to use the Mancy name cause it sounds cool to do so.


Its something of an uncanny ability with machines.

It's lowest level will allow you to operate a broken machine.  This won't fix it,  in fact forcing it to keep going will cause more damage to it in the long run but.  you can make it work when it shouldn't.   Your cars engine seized up,  you can still drive it with a little magical force but that engine is gonna be nothing but slag once you stop.

Now it would also let you heal the machine,  this isn't the laying on of hands and everything becoming better healing.  its actual repair work like you'd get at a mechanic (hence why you might push it rather then healing in an emergency)  but you can make a repair even if you don't have the right parts...   Your laptops mother board is fried and needs replacing....  well hmm the circuit board  from that speak n spell at the pawn shop looks like it would fit.   one repair ritual later and you laptop is running as smoothly as ever.  basically if you have something that looks about right be it a little to big, alittle too small, no mater what the replacement parts original function the magic will make it the right part for the job.

you'd also be able to enhance machine to get performance out of them that should not be possible.   You stranded on a desert island with a single palm tree for shade and your cell phone shows zero bars....  with a little magical kick you've 4 g connectivity and a direct line to search and rescue services

Skilled practitioners can build things that should not work.  Want a robot,  build a man shaped object out of pistons and gears,  wire everything together with circuit boards and battery packs.   the magical ritual will fill in the gaps and turn it into a terminator.  as long as it looks like it could function the magic will make it function.

the best can literally summon the tech they need.  in need of weapon,  toss together a pile of scrap in a ritual space cast your spells and reach into the junk to pull out a fully functional laser gun.   What you can summon would depend on the type of scraps you have on hand.  for a laser you'd need electronics, wires diaods,  with a big enough pile of old tires and car parts you could summon a get away vehicle,  or hell if your stuck in a cave with a box of scraps you might even wind up with a suit of power armor...

what do you folks think.  might make for an interesting story character, or a game mechanic
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