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Slippery Porn Slope Meme

Time for a big lump of unsubtle satire, I think.  How far down the slippery porn slope are you?  Add up your points and find out...

  [0] 0% porn in my gallery.
  [5] 25% porn in my gallery.
[10] 50% porn in my gallery.
[15] 75% porn in my gallery.
[20] 100% porn in my gallery.

  [0] I don't do porn commissions.
  [5] I do some porn commissions, but at a premium price.
[10] I do a roughly equal amount of porn and non-porn commissions, at no extra cost.
[15] I do mostly porn commissions, at no extra cost.
[20] I only do porn commissions, at no extra cost, and may even offer discounts for certain themes.

  [0] I don't do any fetishes at all.
  [5] I do non-sexual fetishes, and occasionally mild sexual ones.
[10] I do mild to moderate fetishes, but rarely if ever anything strong or really questionable.
[15] I do strong fetishes, but draw the line at the most extreme.
[20] I'll do any and every fetish you care to think of and combine them to boot.

Your Character Here
  [0] I don't do any sexual/fetish YCH auctions at all.
  [5] I'll sometimes do sexual/fetish YCHs, but rarely if ever with my own characters or fursona, and only vanilla material.
[10] I'll fairly often do sexual/fetish YCHs, but only use characters of mine specially made for the purpose, and only mild-to-moderate material.
[15] I'll very often do sexual/fetish YCHs, will often involve characters of my own with only really personal ones and my fursona excluded, and will do strong but not extreme material.
[20] I'm constantly doing sexual/fetish YCHs, will freely throw in any character of mine and my fursona as well as create characters especially for them, and do the most extreme material.

  [0] None of my characters or my fursona are available for any porn work.
  [5] A couple of my lesser characters are available for vanilla porn, but most and my fursona are completely off limits to all but the very best friends, and even then its tame stuff only.
[10] About half my characters are available for porn, some tame to moderate fetish stuff, and half, including my fursona, off limits to all but good friends.
[15] Most of my characters are available for porn, and many of the commoner fetishes, as well as my fursona, though some limits may apply to some characters.
[20] All my characters and my fursona are available for any level of porn and fetish work, no exceptions or limits.

  [0] I don't like porn, will say as much, but respect and leave alone those who do and make effort to stay away and not harrass or heckle them.  Live and let live.
  [5] I like porn, and aren't afraid to say as much, but don't do so aggressively or harrass or heckle those who don't.  Live and let live.
[10] I like porn, and like to say so, sometimes crassly and loudly, and will sometimes lightly harrass and heckle those who don't.
[15] I really like porn, and so say a lot, usually crassly, loudly and graphically, and often harrass and heckle those who don't; I also sometimes belittle other people's fetishes to big up my own.
[20] Porn is my entire life, and I don't stop saying it as loudly and explicitly as I can; I take great pleasure in harassing and heckling those who don't like it, and make frequent sport out of hating on fetishes I don't like to big up my own.

On viewing a nude piece of a character, you...
  [0] Think them beautiful, and appealing, but have no variety of sexual reaction to them.
  [5] Have a mild sexual reaction, but feel no need to mention it in the comments except in the very subtlest of terms, and can see other appeals as well, and mention them.
[10] Have a moderate sexual reaction, make oblique or mild mention of it in the comments, but can see other appeals as well, and may well mention them too.
[15] Have a strong sexual reaction, make blunt mention of it in the comments, and only vaguely acknowledge any other appeals, and see no need to mention them.
[20] Have a really strong sexual reaction, have got to say as much in crass, explicit terms in the comments, and see no other appeals to the piece at all.

      [0-30] You either don't do porn at all, or only dabble in the milder end on rare occasion; regardless, you consider there to be far more interesting and rewarding things to spend time on.
    [35-50] You do some porn, but stick mostly to the milder end, and its entirely on your own terms; you have principles and limits and you stick stolidly to them; it's merely one small facet of what you do.
    [55-80] You do a fair amount of porn, and sometimes pretty strong stuff, but mostly on your own terms, and you certainly have time for other things; you could go either way in future, but temptation to slide further down the slope is always beckoning.
  [85-110] You do a lot of porn, more than other stuff, and have few limits to it; non-porn stuff is little more than a token gesture; your characters are mostly regarded as a means to a sticky end; though not entirely a slave to porn you're not far away, and it likely won't take much of a push to finish the slide.
[115-140] You are a complete slave to porn, drawing little or nothing but, and have hardly any or no limits at all; your characters and fursona are just outlets for your likely grossly overdeveloped libido; you are a lost cause likely to end up in a vicious circle of quitting then restarting for months and years on end, before vanishing entirely.

Tot up your score and drop it in a comment - be fascinating to see what if any data results; also feel free to pass this meme on through journals, always linking back to me.
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Added: 5 years, 6 months ago
5 years, 6 months ago
55. Surprisingly low, but I guess that's because I'm not an artist, so no commissions or YCH's and such. Also, I've been littering my gallery with non-porn stuff lately, which pulls the numbers down.
5 years, 6 months ago
Maybe I should do a separate meme for watchers and commisioners.  Or redux this one with more sections.  This meme stuff is hard. =p

Interesting responses, though.
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