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Site Updates - Beta 62 - New Server Sponsors list

The Inkbunny site has been updated to Revision Beta 62.

The most noticeable change is the loss of Tweets from userpages. Due to policy and code changes by Twitter, it is no long practical for us to list individual user tweets.

If you have authenticated your Twitter account via the Inkbunny Account Settings page, then your Twitter account will automatically be added to your contacts lists which appears on the userpage.

A full history of site updates since we launched can always be found on the Inkbunny Wiki.

Sponsors who donated during August are now permanently listed on the wiki as a thank you for helping us afford the move to our amazing new server.


* Fixed: An XSS bug was detected after an unsuccessful attack tried to exploit an error in the way we were escaping page titles. Thankfully we have several layers of security so the exploit was rendered harmless before it was detected.

* Fixed: "Accept Friend Request" link now shows on userpages if a user has sent you a friend request but has "show friend request link on userpage" turned off. Previously it would stay hidden even if they sent you a friend request, which was confusing.

* Updated: We now use the new Twitter API 1.1 to automatically tweet about journal/submission/stream posts.

* Removed: User tweets no longer appear on the user page. Twitter has changed its API to make this virtually impossible. They didn't like sites reposting tweets that way without each user having to create their own custom widget, which is just impractical for us.

* Added: Because of the loss of the automatic tweet listing on the IB userpage, we now automatically list your Twitter contact under the "Contacts" section of the userpage if you have an authenticated Twitter account registered through the Inkbunny Accounts Settings page. If you already added Twitter to your contact types, it won't display it twice, but will show "(Authenticated)" after the contact type title to tell everyone we have verified that contact type.

* Changed: As a result of tweets no longer being listed on the userpage, it now always shows the latest three journals. Previously it would only show the latest two if you had tweets to show as well.

* Fixed: A bug was discovered shortly after the previous release that was causing the system to message past sponsors repeatedly about them being granted "past sponsor" status. This was fixed immediately as a hotfix before the actual release of Revision Beta 62.

* Fixed: Some older browsers were incorrectly reporting HTML5 Storage support. We improved our detection code to work around this.

* Fixed: The Unread Notices page now displays the correct sub-type of notices when clicking on a link in the Notices emails that should take you to view just one notice type.

* Removed: Some superfluous HTML was removed from the page header that was designed to assist with text HTML readers but wasn't actually helping them that much.

* Fixed: A bug on the userpage was causing journal summary text to appear blank sometimes because we were using a sub-string method that didn't support Unicode properly.

* Fixed: A bug on the Unread Notices page was causing unassigned Support Tickets count to vanish when moderators clicked on the "X incoming new notices" bar.

* Added/Changed: Improvements to the Inkbunny/Harmony webapp server install, security and maintenance documentation.

* Updated: Maintenance Mode page now has a new widget that supports Twitter API 1.1 to display the latest tweets from "inkbunny_news" on twitter.

* Optimised: The moderator tool to purge an account now handles the removal of keywords from purges submissions more efficiently, cutting down the time a purge takes for accounts with big galleries.

* Fixed: A bug in the temporary results table cleanup code mean that it was not checking if a temporary table exists before trying to remove it. This could mean the whole temporary results table cleanup process would abort if one table in the temp results list actually didn't exist during the cleanup phase.

* Fixed: A bunch of other little things like typos and page formatting issues.


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