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So about that cure for cancer...

Lately, an article has been spreading around the internet claiming that we have cured cancer, but pharmaceutical companies don't care because they just want money. This article is old and poorly written, but people love to hate on big pharma, so it's spread like wildfire.  I just wish people would apply a little critical thinking to the article before passing it on. Cancer is not a single disease. That is a fact that cannot be emphasized enough. Claiming to have cured all cancers is something like claiming to have a single cure for every single viral disease. (A clumsy analogy, I admit, but it works.) It is true that DCA has some potential to help fight some cancers, but it is not going to be effective on all cancers, nor has it been studied enough to use as an anti-cancer drug at this time. That is the grain of truth on which this article is built.

If you're really interested in this topic, and I hope a lot of people are, biologist PZ Myers and pseudonymous surgical oncologist Orac have both written good articles for their blogs explaining how DCA could help, but also why we shouldn't be too excited yet.

PZ Myers' article
Orac's articles
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