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So, today i decided to go shopping for some new clothes to cheer myself up sad I've been kinda cranky lately due to person matters and the entire day was just ruined when the manager of one of the stores decided to be a bitch.
I started out by going to breakfaster at Cracker Barrel. Despite them being packed as fuck I still got a table in about thirty minutes and all of my noms were hot and Yummy. I tipped them nicely because the service was great and the noms were fabulous.
I then headed over to Kohls and got a couple of shirts, but I wasn't quite satisfied with my pickings so I decided to buy those but also head over to Palais Royal.
This is where things turned sour.
I had found a super cute shirt that I really liked but I couldn't reach it so I asked one of the women at the customer service counter to help. Please note that there was no one else there at the time.
So, she said okay and said she'd have to look for one of those hook thingies to get it down with.
I said okay and waited.
fourty five minutes later she still hadn't returned so I went over to the counter again and she was checking out a long line of other customers.
I politely asked why i hadn't been helped and she sneered at me and spat a very rude response of "Well excuse me for helping other people."
Like, really, lady? Just because you're the manager doesn't give you the right to be rude to me.
So, I bought what i needed and left.
That woman ruined my day.
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Added: 5 years, 4 months ago
5 years, 4 months ago
That sucks, stuff like that is why I don't ask employees for help most of the time, that and they're never around, even if she was busy that's no reason to be rude to someone who she'd been helping before.  Granted she might have had some bad customers before you and she just snapped a little, I had days I wanted to at my old job.
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