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Warming Up

Just a little one page attempt to see how much my writing has decayed in the years since I last wrote anything...


knock, knock

The German Shepherd winced and recoiled lightly from the taps delivered to his head “What was that for?” he snorted, turning to regard the otter walking beside him.

Flashing a smile, the aquatic furre replied, “You looked lost in your thoughts again, thought I’d bring you back to reality.”

The canid developed a frown and sat in an empty seat in the theater, sighing lightly as he popped a kernel into his muzzle. Sighing, he replied, “Just been a lot on my mind is all.”

“Oh?” the otter asked, tail coming about to nudge the shepherd’s leg. “Anything I can do to help?”

“Nothing more than what you’re doing now,” he shrugged. “I kinda need to be alone, but at the same time have someone next to me or else I feel abandoned.”

Sensing the discomfort in the shepherd’s voice, the otter raised a paw to gently stroke his digits across the canine’s chest, earning a hushed snicker in response. With a grin, the paw moved lower to scritch his belly. In turn the GSD started to snicker louder as a blush brightened his muzzle.

“Quit it,” he whispered, nudging his friend’s paws away with the bucket of popcorn.

“You liked it,” the otter snorted before turning back to regard the movie, “It did cheer you up anyway pouty puppy”

Relaxing his frown, the shepherd leaned back and slouched in his seat, popcorn resting firmly between his legs with a tinge of warmth on his muzzle.

Yeah, yeah you did,” he thought before turning his muzzle to kiss his friend.
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